The Size Of Our Heart

We may be small in stature, limited in intellect, and have come from an impoverished background, but there are no limits to how large our heart can become, if we stay connected to Christ.

It is written, “May we be strengthened by his Spirit in our inner man that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith.”  

Imagine: Christ the Lord, Christ the heir of the Father wants to come and dwell powerfully in our individual hearts and to live his life through us. If we but allow him, he will take us to the heights and depths of his earthly and heavenly realms.  

Satan is the prince and power of the air, but Christ is The King of Hearts, and he wants to make us just like him.

What we embrace will determine the size and nature of our hearts.  

If we embrace this world’s system, our hearts will shrivel and become cold. If we embrace Christ, our hearts will expand and become warm and affectionate.  

The passage quoted above continues: “As we are rooted and grounded in love, we will have power along with all the saints to know the breadth, the length, the height and the depth of the love of Christ.”

This is a project worthy of our time and attention! The promise seems almost surreal: that we will know the intricacies of the heart of Christ!

However, the passage continues: “That we may be filled with the fullness of God.” Really? Our Father doesn’t want to keep us weak and needy? He wants us to be just like him? That is “an offer that we can’t refuse.” Or, should we say, we shouldn’t refuse.  

For our eternity is going to be spent beholding the face of God and knowing him intimately. It only stands to reason that we would want to start now becoming like him, for then we will be assured of a full and exalted reward when we stand face to face with Christ on judgement day.

~ Brad Heilhecker

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