During Jesus’s wilderness temptations, after he had conquered the fear of death with faith, and after he had conquered the temptation of foolishness with the fear of God, he faced the ultimate battle—the temptation of Falseness.  

Satan pulled out his big guns—he offered Jesus the whole world if he would bow down and serve him.

We get tempted by boats, cars, houses, titles, and million dollar lotteries; imagine how it must have felt when he was offered Everything—all riches, glory, and honor!

It was no small feat that he was able to respond: “Be gone, Satan, for it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord Thy God, and him only shall you serve!’”

He conquered Falseness with Faithfulness.  

It is the final battle in the heart of every believer—Will we stay true to the end?

In Revelation, it is written, “They overcame him with the blood of The Lamb, the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives unto death.” Make no mistake—it is a battle to the death; the enemy knows that he is doomed already, and he has nothing better to do than to “steal, kill, and destroy” what belongs to his arch nemesis, Jesus.  

The only way that he can hurt Jesus now is to hurt one of his followers.

We have Jesus living inside us to help us conquer the fear of death with faith, the temptation of foolishness with the fear of The Lord, and the temptation of falseness with faithfulness.

Will we surrender to his sovereignty and allow him the victory in our lives?

It is written: “He is able to save us completely, for he ever lives to intercede for us.”

He is with us in every temptation, every battle, and every victory.

He is with us in the morning, noontime, and night. He is with us in our weakness and in our strength. He is Emmanuel – God with us!

~ Brad Heilhecker