New… As we approach the “New Year” of 2020 there is so much focus on new. This happens every year, but because we are entering a “new decade” there seems to be more of an emphasis on it this year.

I go back and forth about “new year” on the Gregorian calendar. Having an understanding of the Hebrew calendar sometimes makes it difficult to know how I want to celebrate. I know God has given us times and seasons to focus on His different attributes and look inward to reflect on what HE wants to do inside of us, but sometimes those moments get lost in the energy that is focused on what is happening externally in the world around us.

The work He wants to do within is lost because of all that we look for outside.

What I do know is that Christ said HE makes ALL things NEW! This doesn’t happen just at a “new year.” This can happen whenever we TRUST HIM with ALL our heart. NEW could happen in June, or August, or whenever we make a CHOICE to follow His leading in a fresh NEW way.

As you prepare your hearts for NEW, don’t become discouraged when it doesn’t look like what you thought. TRUST Him in a NEW way and follow HIS leading even when it might not make sense.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says: He has made everything suited to its time; also, he has given human beings an awareness of eternity; but in such a way that they can’t fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things God does.

God knows exactly what is going to happen and as we walk with Him, HE leads and guides us in paths of righteousness for HIS name sake. HE leads us beside still waters and RESTORES our souls.

Take time to REFRESH yourself with HIS WORDS as you continue to walk the path He places before you. HIS Word is a lamp to your feet and a LIGHT. When we walk in HIS TIME, we can KNOW that HE is in control and HE will truly make ALL things NEW.

Let HIM and HIS Words make you NEW.

Love and blessings,

Rose Horton




Keys To Advancing In 2020

Recently a friend asked me to do a teaching on some keys into Advancing into 2020 for a private group he leads.  The Lord spoke some pretty awesome things, so I figured I’d share a few keys with you, as well.  After all, who doesn’t want to advance WELL when going into a new year?

Key number one is, I believe the MOST important key for any season of life.  Let’s just call this the “master key.”  The master key is learning to lean into His Presence without coming out early.  I believe that most lovers of Jesus have become quite good at lingering in His Presence a little longer, but this key goes beyond lingering.  This key requires utter trust that God can bend time for you, should you need it.  A trust that Holy Spirit can teach your kids to either leave you to be with Him, or join you quietly while you wait upon the Lord.   I call it the master key because it draws you so deep into the Father’s heart that it opens every door you need (ie. affirmation, clarity, breakthrough, fear of the Lord, hunger, intercession, consecration, etc.).  

Instead of just getting “filled up” and coming out with a bit of an overflow, you are literally smeared with His Presence and don’t miss out on the fullness of what God wants to show you or say or do because of distractions or time.  

You get to minister to His heart, and He takes care of the rest (Matthew 6:33).  He is SO worthy.

Key number two is simply to lean into the tension, and don’t drop your arms.  I liken this to that of an archer who has pulled the arrow way back in the bow, ready to shoot at any moment.  The seconds before the arrow is released, there is a great tension in the archer’s arms. If the archer drops their arms for just a second, the arrow either launches in the wrong direction and way too early, falls flat, or hurts someone or something because it is off target.  

I felt the Lord say that some people will want to drop their arms because they are weary and/or tired of disappointment, while others will drop too soon and launch out into the wrong direction, catching the wrong winds because of their impatience.  Still others are ready to launch, they just need to lean back for just that little bit longer so that the target is exact and the arms are more steady.  

God CAN steady your arms, if you lean into key number one!  “But his bow remained taut, and his arms were strengthened by the hands of the Mighty One of Jacob, by the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel” (Genesis 49:24, NLT).

The last key for advancing well into 2020 is to prophesy over yourself and the next decade.  Job 22:28 says, “You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you…” (NASB).  2020 is the Hebrew year of “the mouth,” and while praying into this the Lord gave me the most amazing visual to explain it!  He whispered gently to me, “look at the fan.”  

Here’s the context:  I’m currently living in Brisbane, Australia, where it is the very hot beginning of an even hotter summer.  We have a little stationary fan near the bed, and it is almost always turned on these days.  This particular day when the Lord asked me to look at the fan, I saw that there was a small, white feather that had somehow come to be on the corner of my bed just in front of the fan.  As the fan blades turned with great momentum and force, this little feather was blown up into the air, and then flitted across the room where it gently landed on another piece of furniture near the window.  The Lord said that this is what our prophetic words do in the Spiritual.  Romans 10:17 says that faith comes by hearing, so when we prophesy over ourselves and we HEAR what the Lord is wanting to do in our lives, our faith is built (turn fan blade once).  

This faith that has been built in us then causes more faith to grow and greater declarations to come forth from our mouths (turn fan blade again, faster).  After a few more of these prophetic declarations, our faith is so high that our emotions engage with the faith, and things begin to shift in the natural as angels are released on our behalf (see the fan blade getting more momentum?).  

Soon, what’s happening in the Spiritual is that a great force and momentum from our very mouths has caused our little “feathers” to be lifted up and moved over – or advanced – into an entirely new location.  How amazing is God?!

The beautiful thing too is that if one of these other keys doesn’t work or seems to feel dull or flat, we can always go back to the MASTER KEY for everything we need.

I hope these keys bless you as they are blessing me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I pray that you advance well into 2020!

~ Mandy Woodhouse

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

Even if I know the most 

eloquent words

Have the pen of a ready writer

I will never be able to put 

into words

The extent of my Father’s 

love for His sons and daughters 

A love that can change

a life forever

A love of second, and third chances

That would go to the darkest places in search of one lost soul

You loved me through 

my many wandering

Searched for me, even when 

I didn’t want You to

Your love would always 

lure me back to You

Though the storms would 

rage around me

Your love would encircle me

Covering me from every angle

Till every storm would cease

And my heart would quiet 

down in the presence of the One whose name is Love

The girl in the shadows

The broken, rejected girl

You would follow her

No place she would visit

Would be excluded from 

Your fierce love

No one can escape from 

a love so great

Your love cut every cord 

holding me hostage

Every fear had to leave

You spoke life over me

Anointed me with fragrant oils

Till my heart started to beat

in rhythm with Yours

You took off my graves clothes

Clothed my in fine linen

A wounded daughter 

I am no more

I learned the true meaning 

of love at Your feet

A love that would give 

me wings

Give meaning to my life

Whatever You say I could 

be, I become

Looking through Your eyes every dead dream came alive

My life was transformed when 

I experienced the depths of Your great love

I unknowingly longed for 

this love

My whole being unknowingly desired to experience Your love

I unknowingly searched for 

this love in all the wrong places 

and people

While it was here all along

Thank you Jesus,

Your love filled every void

in My heart

Nothing satisfies me like You do.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

The Journey

Image by | Sonya Khegay Photography