Just Do It

Just Do It!

A daunting challenge from Nike and many other voices of wisdom.  

But do what?  

And how?  

And why?

And with whom?  

And when?  

Maybe this admonition is for us to just live our lives to the fullest, but there is no little disagreement on what this looks like or feels like.  

It depends a lot on our philosophy, our opportunities, and our faith.

However, whether we are young or old, male or female, alien or native born, God is an equal opportunity employer. When we come to him with childlike faith, he enters into our hearts and begins shaping us and molding us to be champions in our world. No two will look alike, talk alike, or feel alike. We get to be ourselves. Jesus looks a little different in each person through whom he shines.

But winning may begin with losing: losing our self centered life and selfish ambitions. We ultimately win everything precious by giving up nothing of real value. One person’s pleasures and possessions cannot compare to the exchanged life of giving pleasure to the heart of God and untold blessings to his children.

 So, just do it!  Say “yes” to Jesus; say “yes” to abundant life; say “yes” to eternal life!  “All God’s promises are yes and amen in Christ!”

~ Brad Heilhecker