Arms Wide Open

Tears streaming down my face

At a dead end road

I always end up here

Time to open my hands again 

Let go of what is not of You

My heart in pieces

My mind a war zone

I always turn back to You

Arms wide open

You welcome me

A Prodigal

A Peter

A Mary Magdalene 

You treat me as royalty 

I do not deserve it

Overwhelmed by Your love

Conquered by Your heart

I let go of everything I placed above You

The cup of suffering my portion

The only way to share in Your glory

A set apart brides inheritance

To be One with You

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson




The Pain Point

I have never been one to candy coat sin and I surely won’t start now however, when we preach hate and anger at someone in an identity crisis…we’ve missed the HEART of Jesus.

That’s what sin is – an identity crisis.

Gods creation…a broken people… who don’t know who they are, or what God created them to be.

It’s a beautiful Holy Spirit filled life – tragically interrupted.

Do we know the WHY behind their life choices?

When Jesus sat with the woman at the well – He understood. He told her EVERYTHING she had ever been through….and THEN HE HEALED HER.

He. Loved. Her

Do we understand demonic bondage and strongholds?

Do we dig in and find the brokenness, the rape, the molestation, the abuse, the addiction, the trauma, the abandonment, the hurt, the agony, the PTSD?

90% of what you see is CHILDHOOD TRAUMA.

A fractured mind, body, and spirit.

Would we treat an abused child that way?

Jesus found the shattered pieces.

Jesus healed THE PAIN POINT.


There’s so much judgement and preaching AT people and not enough love, healing and searching for the source of the pain.

Saved but not renewed.
Also tragic.

Jesus died for our salvation (eternity) but He also died for our RENEWAL – that’s here and now.

So many are unwilling to invest in people’s healing.
We want a quick fix.

But did I show you the gospel?
Did I love you well?
Did I come alongside you?
Did I teach you RENEWAL?

Go forth and HEAL with the gospel. 

So many miss THE HEART of Jesus.
It makes me wonder if they themselves have been renewed – HAS YOUR MIND BEEN MADE NEW. HAS YOUR HEART OF STONE BEEN TURNED TO FLESH?

I pray these people sit down and stop talking.
Please • Stop • Talking
Cleaning up “Christian casualties” is becoming a full-time job.

It’s the GOODNESS of God that brings people to repentance.


Heal the heart.
Show them Jesus.
Give them JESUS… and the rest will flow forth.

— Kingdom HD

April Snow

As much as I dislike the cold, there’s beauty in God saying “We’re not done yet.”

It’s like healing from a heart wound or trauma.

It could be a love wound, a childhood wound, a church wound, or a war wound.

Wounds are wounds – and they create open doors.

You thought you were healed.
You thought you were good.
You settled for “good enough”.

“I’m good God. I’m healed enough. Let’s just move on now”

But our Father knows.
He knows the secrets of our heart.
He knows where we’ve hidden the broken pieces.

He’s not satisfied with “good enough”.

So, He says “But my child…we’re not done yet”.

I don’t like the cold.
But our Father doesn’t like a heart that’s grown cold.
Unhealed heart wounds will always lead to bitterness.
It leaves doors open to oppression, future pain, and poor decisions.

So just when you think you’re “good enough”, or “healed enough”….

Abba says….

“We’re going to keep going. Take My hand. We’re not done yet – but trust Me. I will go with you.”

And He is good.
So very good.

Hello April snow.
Today’s a beautiful day to heal.

All of creation testifies to His glory.

— Kingdom HD

My Surrender

Placed in the fire

I wanted to run

The pressure 

The stripping 

The losses

A heavenly mandate

Your plans would reign 

I laid mine down 

My life a laid down offering 

Everything I held dear

Slipping through my fingers

You conquered my heart

Changed my path

Nothing to hold onto

In this place of separation

My eyes lock with Yours

Your fire burns up my desires

My brokenness buried

My past a vague memory 

You are my deepest need

Your love bursts through

I know who You are

I know who I am

Taking me beyond the veil

To experience Your wonders…

The pressure 

The stripping 

The losses

My surrender…positioned me

I am honoured to be known by You

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson