Meet Our Bloggers

We have had many bloggers over the years and we love to find new writers/bloggers to reblog and share too.


Michelle Bollom 


Ebigale Wilson
The Journey
Heart Revelations



Brad Heilhecker author of Sterling Wisdom. In Loving Memory. 

8 thoughts on “Meet Our Bloggers

  1. Thank you for all your wonderful words. I count this an honor to be featured. If there’s ever a time I can fulfill an assignment or need please contact me. I want to learn how to be a Blogger I have such a fear, that I must overcome and if you can assist me to overcome this hindrance I’m asking for help!!!! I will be doing more TV and Radio 2015 if you would be interested on coming on my show let me know.

    1. Absolutely Sugar! I would be glad to help you with blogging and would love to be a guest on your show sometime. Love you and your amazing heart for restoration for all people! 😍 Hope to see you soon. Blessings Always!

  2. Michelle – I have always wanted to do the very thing you are doing…I’m so proud of how you have RUN FOR IT!! I always struggle with the how and by the time I figure it out….the window is closed because I fiddle farted around trying to figure it out instead of just starting to run…and figure it out on the way to where I am going… Perhaps the Lord will still allow me to do this…I’m not sure..I’m chewing on direction right now and pretty sure I have my next assignment…but we will see. Love love love you and love what you bring to the table… 🙂 d

    1. Thank you friend- I will join you in praying for direction. Our Daddy God is Faithful and He will provide it. I am just trying to follow His leading myself. I once was a fiddle farter too! 😍❤️😘 love you and look forward to catching up live soon.

  3. Michelle….we need a blogger’s gathering! I enjoy reading different perspectives from so many woman! I love it!!!!

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