My Paradigm Shift

God is God Alone

And I am never on my own

My heart needs to know

He has called me as His own

I am unapologetically blessed

No need to know

what happens next

Trusting in His leading

And obeying His Call

Laughing at the future

Knowing Jesus did it all

Faith without borders

You are my rescue story

God uses your tears

to water your dreams

As impossible as it may seem

Believe as you triumph victoriously

Even if you have Faith as small

as a mustard seed

Faith, Love and Hope is All you need

You were created for much more can’t you see?

Lay down your life daily

So that you can be found acceptable in Me

All battles are won

because of Calvary

And every need is met

in His perfect timing

Keeping no account

of cancelled debt

The slate has been wiped clean

We have been redeemed!


No, My child it’s divine redirection

You will always be the object

of the Father’s affection

Like a child standing

on Daddy’s feet

In the dance of Love

Where He takes the lead

Lovingly guiding

As He dances to His own beat

Holding you close

never letting you go

Relentless pursuit

Forever in His Grip

I’m still in His hands

And a part of the Master’s Plan

Dance on disappointment

And watch how

your future unfolds in Me

You were purchased in full

And fully redeemed

The thought of His Love

A blissful retreat

Forgiveness abounding

At the Mercy seat

My Paradigm Shift

My place of Peace

God You are my everything

No greater Love can ever be found

Except in the Father’s loving arms

And where Grace still abounds

~ Melissa Sedick

My Paradigm Shift



Did You Ask?

Did you ask the Lord for patience?

Did you plead for it in prayer?

But when tribulation tried you,

Did you think He didn’t care?

Oh, my child, He heard and answered,

Answered full your earnest cry:

“Tribulation worketh patience!”

Now you know the reason why.

Did you ask Him for submission?

Did you ask for it in prayer?

But when suffering came upon you,

Did you think it wasn’t fair?

Oh, my dear, He heard and answered,

Though not how you wished, ‘tis clear;

For we only learn submission

By the things we suffer here.

‘Twas unselfishness you wanted?

Did you plead for it in prayer?

But the sacrifice He asked for,

Did it seem too great to bear?

Oh, He cared, He heard and answered,

Answered full your heart-felt prayer;

For we learn to be unselfish,

By the sacrifice we bear.

Did you ask the Lord for victory?

Well, He took you at your word!

Tho’ when the battle raged around you,

You wondered if He’d heard.

Oh, my child, He heard and answered,

And He gave you your request:

For how can you win a victory

If you never face a test?

Did you ask to be made humble?

Not to have self-righteous pride?

But then wonder when He published

All your failings far and wide?

Well, my child, that was His answer

To your prayer of desperation:

The surest way to be made humble,

Is to bear humiliation.

Judge not God with mortal’s judgement, When your prayers are answered so;

For the truest paths for Christians,

Often lead through vales of woe.

And the answers that He gives you,

Will be truly good and fair:

Though you may not understand them

Till you view from over there!

–Josephine Hope Westervelt

Poetically Prophetic

My Worship Belongs To You

I Worship to an audience of One

My heart leaps as I sense Your presence

Transcending all boundaries in tune we are One

Always pursuing always near

Your love calms my every fear

My Safe place, my everlasting Light

I behold your Glory knowing I’m always in Your sight

Hands lifted and heart rejoicing

My King, My Hero, My next Heart Beat

My breath comes from You and so does my tune

Lovingly coaxing my every move

The length of my days are written in You

No pain, no attack can stop the unfolding of my story

Always and in all things I give You the honour and the Glory

Hallelujah, Hallelujah I exalt Your Name

Above the noise and the sound of rain

I give You Daddy God All the Praise

Forever and ever all the length of my days

I will exalt Your Name

Never again believing I deserved the shame

Only basking in Your loving gaze

Hands lifted and heart surrendered

I worship to an audience of One


~ Melissa Sedick

My Worship Belongs To You

Amazingly Real

No matter what you’re going through, may you remember that your identity is secure in Christ; it’s not up for grabs or changeable with popular opinion.

Jesus is sold on the idea of you and loves how He made you!

May you trust Him to guide, provide, correct, and redirect you along the way.

May you love people, but keep your hope in the Lord.

May you see with eyes of faith even when you can’t find a reason for hope.

Seasons come and seasons go, but God’s love for you is abundant, profound, and amazingly real, right here, right now.

Walk like you’re loved, because you are, beyond your wildest dreams.

Have a beautiful day!

~ Fenich Jerry

You Will Overcome

May you step back from the things that frustrate you and consider what God might be saying to you here.

Is He asking you to lay down your arms and entrust your soul to Him?

Or is He asking you to raise your shield and stand in faith?

Either way, you’re not at the mercy of your circumstances, you have His mercy and He’ll keep you steady and sturdy in your faith.

Don’t take the bait of offense.

Look up and do what Jesus tells you to do!

You will overcome!

Blessings on your day today.

~ Fenich Jerry


May the Lord Himself establish you in His highest and best purposes for you.

May He open doors, move mountains, and bring provision in the very near future.

May He confirm your faith steps and energize your prayers.

He is mighty, He is good, and He cares about every detail of your life.

Dare to obey Him and do what He says.

He’s making a way where there is no way.

He loves you truly and deeply.

Trust Him today.

~ Fenich Jerry

Above All Else

May you–above all else–see yourself as someone Jesus loves.

May His affection for you heal you in the deepest ways and inspire you like nothing else ever has.

May His saving grace and enabling power compel you to dream with Him, believe in Him, and take crazy-faith-steps because of Him.

May every lesser voice and every lying circumstance fall by the wayside so that all you hear is His voice in your ear saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’

Nobody’s opinion matters as much as God’s.

Nobody can save, heal, redeem, and refresh like Jesus.

Walk intimately with Him today.

His will for you is your best-case-scenario.

~ Fenich Jerry


Be here now

Be present to

What god inside of me would do :

Teach preach outreach >

Don’t just wish but

Get out there and

Catch the fish

And once they’re caught

They’re cleaned loved taught

To see they’re more than what they thought

To free their core

To see there’s more

Than just a key to heavens door

To do the stuff

Be smooth not rough

OR rough not smooth -?

(Depends on where you’re out of balance ) >

Create spiritual elegance

In an environment of risk

Yes that’s the womb : spiritual matrix –

A learning curve > not just a fix :

A Burning bush that calls you near

Unveils the reason you are here

Through daily scramble – navigate hours

A ramble through thorns – thistles -flowers

Ups and downs / success and failure

Equip you

to find your future

Uplifted view / upshifted gear

A brave new world and fresher air

Go >

See what’s really inside there

Battle past the outer layer

Find the child inside the man

Find the diamond in the mine

Find the pearl inside the shell

Ride the whirlwind transcend hell

Dance on demons waltz through seasons

Sing through rain

grow strong through pain

Find will (when down) to rise again

To persevere to stand. Endure >

To resist temptations allure

Create a structure so secure

That stormy skies /death /lies /heartaches

All failure folly and mistakes


The Snow White Christ emancipates

New worth awakes > scale TEN earthquakes :

The levee of your whole life breaks >

The snow globe shakes…..

~ Ben Daniels

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Standing Before My Face

“I breathe by the wound for the air is stale,

The heats sweat hasn’t been so sweet.

There is no room for anymore tears,

All ground is covered by past errs.

His mercy seems remote as I am teared by these vicious aches.

I toss and turn

positioning myself for another retreat.

I come forth to the temple

where silent affliction is heard.

I bow my head once more

and sought for the Hearts of hearts

For my hope was hopeless

And my faith faithless

without the color of peace

and the shape of insight.

As I die

I  find the meaning of Love

Standing before my face 

Painting my soul

with the brilliance of mercy.

Graced I stand again

and loved more deeper I sing much harder.”

– Mhlanga Sikhosana 

Image – Unsplash / Over App

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