My Distinguished Ones

In this hour I am raising up

My distinguished one’s

They will be known as

the wilderness ones

Crushed and pressed

through adversity

Dark nights and tough times

birthed something in these blazing ones

that will be recognized by

My glory and love on their lives

Hidden ones come out

of the caves

Show yourself

For My glory will be like

midnight oil flowing

from the heads of these one’s

Different in speech

Different in the anointing

they carry

Produced under pressure

when all of hell tried to stop them

The enemy fears these glory carriers

which he could not stop

The mandate on their life

birthed in heaven

It will be like an explosion on earth

as these set apart

distinguished ones step out

and take a hold of their blueprint

birthed under the unction of My voice

The adversity and wilderness

was so necessary

You will thank Me for taking you

through these trials and tribulations

It birthed something of everlasting value

within you

It’s part of you and the blueprint

I called you to carry

As you hide in Me

you will hear My voice

Receive My direction

And follow suit

Ready to invade and overtake

To carry the sound of My heart

To run with My word in your mouth

Breaking of every limitation

and lie of the enemy

And as you declare ‘Let My people go’

My anointing will set people free

Restore them to their rightful place in Me

The time is now

Be ready at all times

To bring My presence

to every dead situation

My glory on your life

will do the uncommon

Hidden ones

take your place

You have been prepared

for such a time as this

Nothing you went through

was in vain

You will soon see

why the enemy tried

everything in his power

to stop you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

My Distinguished Ones

The Journey


Perfecting You Daily

Years have gone by

and you’re still waiting

Waiting for Papa

To fulfill His promises

You are on the edge

of giving up

When will the crushing

and pressing end?

When will there be light

at the end of this dark road?

You have always loved Papa

You cannot see your life without Him

Knowing Him makes

you hold on

Through the tears

Through the trials

Even through the sighs of those

Who don’t understand your journey

He has been with you every step of your way

His love directing your steps

His heart preparing your heart

His voice whispering to you

in the stillness of night

To never give up

He is working on your behalf

He is a God who is always

true to His word

His timing is always perfect

He won’t be a day too late

So trust Him

and hand Him the reigns

He knows what He is doing

Sit back and relax

He is fighting on your behalf

Soon you will be amazed

at the work He has done

He is working behind the scenes

where you cannot see

Your breakthrough will come

so suddenly

Many of you will feel unprepared

So swift it will happen

Go through the promises

I gave to you

Soon each one will unfold before you

I love My daughters dearly

I will never be able to

put it into words

How much I love you

I am forever before you

Walking with you

through many dark nights

Searching for you

when you want to hide

Hiding you under My wings

When your pain hurts too much

Till you are ready to face the world

with Me by your side

Cling to My promises

Do not be moved

by what you see

I am always true to My word

Every crooked place

I will make straight

Every dead dream I will awaken

Don’t you worry how I will do it

My anointing destroyes every yoke

Your enemies are mine to fight

You rest and trust in My word

I am a God of righteousness and judgement

Perfecting you daily through your trials

See it as a blessing

when you go through trials

and tribulations

You are growing immensely

while I am forming My heart

within you

I am coming for a holy bride

Blameless and spotless

before Me

Who went through the fiery furnace

Stripped of her old nature

To be able to stand

in My Holy presence

Unashamedly before Me

A bride who has been tried

and tested through adversity

Which produced a costly fragrance

That she will release in this hour

wherever her feet tread.

~ Ebigale Wilson

You Are One Of A Kind

No one will ever love you

more than I do

No one will ever be

who I am to you

You are My beloved

I have inscribed you

on the palms of My hands

We forever One

You will never fully comprehend

how much you mean to Me

I am longing and searching

for you

Always pursuing you

If you would just stop for a moment

You would see the future

I have planned for you

Full of adventure

We will slay many giants

Visit heavenly realms

My presence will fill

every void in your life

A love like ours only pursued

by the hungry ones

Who have tried many other routes

To escape from Me

Yet I am a jealous God

Leading them back to Me

Healing and transforming hearts

To be One with Me

So many possibilities

locked inside of you

You will never know

how strong you are

Till you step out

Hand Me the reigns

Rest and trust in Me

You will always be

in the centre of My will

Let go of your past

and your pain

Hand it to Me

I am the Potter

I will create a masterpiece

Out of the many detours

you had to take

Let your desire be only after Me

You will see how I make every

crooked place straight

in your life

If you’re ready for an adventure

to experience My heart

You will see that when

you search for Me

Your heart will beat in rhythm with Mine

We will speak the same language

You will only follow My voice

My gaze will lead you further

and further into the unfamiliar

You were made to be different

You were created to stand out

With Me as your anchor

Nothing will be able to lead you astray

I will lead you to places undiscovered by many

Our secret place encounters

will make you brave

You have tried many things

Which did not work

Your destiny hidden in Me

You are one of a kind

No eye has seen

what I have planned for us

Come away My bride

To drink from Me

I will be your guide

Taking you deeper with Me

Religion a distant memory

My presence a well

from where you live

Nothing will compare

when we explore

Miracles will happen

Fire will fall

Atmosphere’s will change

Joy will be your portion

When you long for Me

with your whole being.

~Ebigale Wilson

Your Are One Of A Kind

The Journey

Beauty For Ashes

There’s an army of women

coming out of hiding

all over the earth

They were trained in seclusion

The processes of life

birthed something irrevocable

within the ones

that chose to trust Papa

in the midst of painful journeys

It’s like looking into a mirror

when you meet these

set apart women

You see the similarities

between yourself and them

The scars that were turned into trophies

of battles won

The pain, losses, rejection and agony,

birthed a depth within them

that cannot be copied

or bought

It came with the pressure

crushing and breaking

of the process

Birthing something rare

and valuable within them

That could only exist

because  they said “yes”,

while still in a state of hopelessness

They speak from a well within

Touching and transforming lives without effort

because of the anointing

that now rest on their lives

They have paid a high price

for the costly fragrant oils

that now set them apart

Obedient to a call greater

than they imagined

Papa was their anchor

cheering them on

and building their faith

While they fade in the background

He is more evident in their lives

There is just something different

about a woman

who walked through hell

and survived

Who took possession

of her testimony

Eliminating demons

trying to infiltrate and sabotage her bloodline

She gives the enemy no foothold

because she knows her Father intimately

The fragrance she leaves

wherever she tread

Stirs a longing in others

to know the One she adores

Revelation flows from her lips

Birthed through relationship and intimacy

She wear her scars as badges of honour

Knowing that it brought her closer to her King

The anointing on her testimony

heals the broken hearted

and sets captives free

She had to walk through

the fire furnace herself

Not to glean of someone else’s testimony

but so that she would be able to carry

the weight of His glory

Her life became a testimony

of many battles won

A story of uncommon faith

She never gave ear to the whispers

trying to distract her

She never retreated

in the face of the enemy

Giving up?

No!! Never!!

Instead she took off her mask

And she took up her sword

Ready to conquer and win

Trained under the watchful eye of her King

She blossomed

She knows no fear

She only knows

how to war

and to win

Vulnerable and transparent

She shares the heart and faithfulness

of her Father

Her mouth drips with His oils

She walks in His anointing

Born through adversity, pain and many losses

The things of the world are meaningless to her

You will find her alone

In His presence

Seeking His face

Talking and laughing

and thanking her King

For taking her ashes

and giving her beauty.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Beauty For Ashes

The Journey

Out Of The Wilderness

Angry, tired, heartbroken, alone

You find yourself in the wilderness

The last place anyone would choose to visit

We like it when life is a breeze

No bumps in the road

No lessons learned

Why this detour Papa?

Why Papa does it have to be

this way?

No answers, just a cold silence

Why God, did I have to take

this journey?

This is your journey

Uniquely yours

Laid out for you to walk

There is much liberation locked up in the journey I have asked you to walk

No one can counterfeit the anointing that was birthed through your journey

You will share your testimony with many wounded souls

At the edge of giving up, wandering around

Darkness ready to move in, but I will use My faithful fireball’s to step into impossible situations and bring My light to every dark place and heart

Demonic forces won’t be able to stand in the presence of My branded one’s, coming forth in this hour

They have been tested and found faithful to come out of hiding and take their place

My presence will be around them like a wall of fire destroying every dark work of the enemy

They will be fearless, because the wilderness birthed tenacity within them, that can’t be copied by the one’s who despised the wilderness

Many don’t know that it’s possible

To walk through fire without smelling like smoke

Swim through wild storms without drowning

Your journey is there for

a reason

It will forever be your testimony

Of healing

Of restoration

Of breakthrough

Of unspeakable joy

You finding yourself in the centre of My heart

You walked this road with

so much boldness

Within you the heart of a lioness was birthed

You never would have known

The strength you possess

The mountains you can move

The demons you can stop

With Me by your side

Many lives will be impacted

Stories of hopelessness will

be rewritten

The hurt and rejected will

know their worth

The spiritualy blind will see

Captives will walk free

All because of the obedience

of a fearless generation

Who did not crumble under

the attacks of the enemy

They stood boldly through adversity

Through the onslaught of the enemy, they grew strong

The lessons you learned

The progress and growth

you made

The tests you passed

The vulnerability of your heart

The reckless faith that was born out of your journey

Will change the lives of many wandering souls out there

When you share how My love made a beautiful tapestry

Of your once messy life

Many bound up will run free

Freedom is locked up in a journey with Me

There is a new beginning for many broken lives in your journey

Be open, don’t hide anything for deliverance to a generation was locked up in your surrender

Healing can only start when you share your heart

You overcome him by the blood of the Lamb

And by the word of your testimony!

I am dancing and singing liberation songs over you

Thank you dear ones for standing strong

You will walk out of the wilderness

With a new song on your lips

Revelations 12:11

And they overcome him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death

Song of Solomon 8:5

Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved

~ Ebigale Wilson

Out Of The Wilderness

The Journey


For years she was locked up

in a prison of her past

The keys thrown away

Hopelessness keeping her

in bondage

No freedom in sight

The little girl still hiding

Behind her anger, pain and rejection

Freedom was waiting for her

but she did not know

Inviting her to step out and grab a hold

of what was her birthright

Papa is giving an invitation

to all of His daughter’s

Inviting them to go deeper

with Him

Past the hopelessness that clings to them

Past the voices that beg them to stay

Past fears keeping them in shackles

Rise up and take back

what the enemy took

Your voice!

Your future!

Your fight!

Go through the process of

deep healing

Surrender and give Him

your will

He knows what He is doing

You are dynamite waiting to

be set alight

The enemy fears the day

you send him to flight

In the wilderness

He will do a heart transplant

Every wall will have to crumble by His might

You don’t know just how

strong you are

This is the time for Papa’s daughters

to get their fight back

The enemy has stolen enough

While we sit back

He will restore His daughters

to their rightful place

They will walk in liberty

Experience breakthrough after breakthrough

Finding their purpose

locked in His heart

Nothing in your life

Would ever make sense

Till that moment when you see yourself through My eyes

Oh if you could get

just a glimpse of My heart

You will see how deeply

In love I am with you

My love will put all your broken pieces

back together again

It is available to you

Hand Me your heart

Surrender completely

To experience a fearless

life in Me

I will perfect you through

My splendour

Your life will be a testimony

of what I can do

He healed her heart

He erased her past

He set her free from every fear

that kept them apart

Her circumstances did not change

But she did

Her power was hidden in her surrender

On their journey of love

He spoke life over her and

She arose to take her place

His love gave her wings

Every yoke was broken

She could fly with Him

In His eyes

she saw what He knew all along

That she’s a demon slayer!

An atmosphere changer!

Rebuilder of ancient ruins!

A collector of spoils!

Generations turn to God

because of the legacy she leaves!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Step Out And Take Your Place

Many like her cross my path every day

Written all over their faces

The pain they hide away

They smile, but it never reaches their eyes

For isn’t the eyes the windows to the soul?

Exposing their pain and hurt

To those who are inclined to His heart

Yet so many times we turn our backs

and walk away

Going through each day

as if it’s a blur

Smiling and laughing and making small talk

Please just don’t see the person

behind the smile that is hurt

There is no one

who stops and listens

To offer a kind word

We are all too busy with our own lives

We don’t see the ones bleeding

before our very eyes

Pain and agony the place they abide in

Not knowing that there is a God

who knows them by name

A God who sees past the mask

To the fearless woman

He has created her to be

Your voice was silenced

Your heart still bleeding

Many broken dreams

in need of resurrection

Papa needs His daughters to arise

and shake off their grave clothes

The enemy is terrified

that His daughters will awake

To take up their position

in every sphere of society

He is eagerly waiting for you

to take your place

To step out and hand Him

your broken heart

He will put every broken piece

back together again

Where is the Esther’s, the Deborah’s and Ruth’s?

Who knows how to fight


to win?

Has giving up became our norm?

Who will take their place

fight back and say

“Enough is enough!

I will take my place!”

Many hurting hearts are waiting

for you to greet your past

Take the mask of your face

and face every demon

that has been stealing your destiny for years

Papa wants His daughters to step out

into His dreams for them

Time is running out

We need to make Him our focus

and follow His lead

There are too many broken daughters

still fast asleep

There is no time to waste

People are in pain, hiding and dying

without knowing our Lord

Your day of healing is at hand

I have been waiting to step

into all the impossibilities in your life

The enemy blindsided you

By painting pictures of your demise

I am here to declare that My daughters

will arise and take their place

Boldly and unapologetically

They will step out

and be atmosphere changers

Bringing life to every dead situation

Healing to every broken heart

They will decree and declare

My oracle’s

They will know no fear

For intimacy with Me

will make them tenacious

They will be dead to self

and they will take me at My word

The dead will rise and

the blind will see

Breakthrough will happen wherever they tread

Restoration of broken families

Prodigals returning home

The time is at hand

take your place

and burn with My love

Step out dear ones

many are still captive

waiting for you to deliver

their breakthrough!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Step Out And Take Your Place

The Journey

Journey Conversations

It is not time to be scared

To run and hide away

I am always with you

Till the end of days

Lift your chin up

And face the world

Embrace your journey

You are stronger than you think

I know that you are tired

That your hurt shouts louder than My word

Your mind reciting your pain

Instead of My promises

It feels like darkness

has become your habitation

You long for the sound

of My voice

The warmth of My presence

Our hearts beating as One

I walked you through many detours

Through painful times

I was always there

I loved you through

every trying time

Don’t think for a moment

that I am not with you

I am with you always

I love it when you worship

and seek My face

In the midst of your pain

When you search for me

With your heart in your hand

Knowing that I will be true to my word

Though pain might try

to hinder you

Challenges come to shake

your faith

Lean into Me

I will be your strength

In the midst of every battle

I am your strong tower

Run into Me

I will do what you cannot do

You have come so far

With Me as your companion

Soon light will break through

and you will taste My grace

See My light spring up all around you

Believe that things will change

I am always true to My word

Shaky and unbalanced

Hanging on to a thread

I am with you dear one

Just like I always was

The previous seasons

were tough and tiring

Fire’s burning and oceans deep

You going through the motions

just to survive

Not knowing that there is growth

in every step you make

All of us walk

through tough times

Not knowing if we will see

the light of day

Going through losses

unbearable pain


and betrayal

Many questions on our lips

While God feels miles away

Silence keep us company

And hopelessness moves in

Do not linger too long

in the dark shadows

Papa has a plan

In the midst of your pain

Nothing you go through is a surprise to Him

You are stronger than you think

He believes in you

He will restore you

to His plans and purposes

Heal your heart

like it’s never been hurt

Fight for you

as if you are

His only child

You will see it all

He is a faithful God

I have experienced it all




unbearable pain

You name it

I have tasted it all

Papa used my journey

to train me to war

He turned this shy, timid woman

into His battle ax

And weapon of war

Looking back I know

that He used the trying times

To lure me back to His heart

When He gets the opportunity

to wreck our hearts

Life as usual will be no more

We will see ourself

the way He sees us



Deeply loved!

His heart will forever be

our dwelling place!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Journey Conversations

All Because She Does Not Know Her Worth

Sobs racing through her body

Alone on the bathroom floor

Tears streaming down her cheeks

She is hiding away

From all eyes

No one must know

about the enemy she is fighting

Alone in her own home

The one she thought would protect her

with his life

Chose to cause her much pain

All because she does not know her worth!

No one must see the deep wounds in her heart

No one must see the bruises she is covering

No one must know about the double life she lives

It is her little secret to live with

All because she does not know her worth!

She does not know what hurts more

Her bruised heart

or the scars on her body

No hope in sight

She is caught in his lies

Life goes on

or should she say

her nightmare continues

It is a small price to pay

for the happiness of her children

It is her job to keep her family together

To take the emotional, mental and physical abuse

And maybe, just maybe, it’s her fault anyway

All because she does not know her worth!

He makes it his daily task

to break down her soul

Little by little he lets everyone know

That she is worthless and deserves

what comes her way

The nightmare she lives out each day

Continues year after year

While the look in her eyes grows dim

Joy and hope now only words

she knew long ago

All because she does not her worth!

Where is all the promises he made to her?

Down the drain, like her self-worth and dreams

Instead to be treated like his queen

She had a taste of hell each day

All because she does not know her worth!

The woman she once was

won’t regocnize her now

She has lost her will to fight

It suits him just fine

Instead of facing his demons from long ago

It was easier to make her his scapegoat

and hide

While she whole heartedly agrees

Why would she allow him to do as he please?

Allow him the right to put a price tag to her worth?

All because she does not know her worth! 

The children grow up

Their smiles fading away

For no one really gave them a say

Dad did as he pleased

Mom silent as a grave

I am ready to explode

Suppressed anger

leading me down the same path

We, a dysfunctional family

who never knew our worth

No one thought of the effects

of this generational curse

Visiting me and robbing me

of my future in Christ

All because they never knew their worth!

No one was brave enough

to put an end to it

Mom thought she did what a godly wife

was supposed to do

Many times our eyes pleaded with her

To stand up to him

To show him our worth

To break free from this cycle of abuse

She was so caught up in the abuse

that she made it her truth

While darkness unnoticeably moved in

Through our silent voices

that were never heard

Yet the effects of his anger

and the effects of her silence

Gave the enemy an open door

to steal, kill and destroy

All because she did not know her worth!

~ Ebigale Wilson

All Because She Does Not Know Her Worth

The Journey

Deeply Loved

Looking back over my life

I can see a trail of Papas faithfulness to me

I have gone through different seasons

Different times of crying and laughter

Of mourning and dancing

Of stagnating and growing

Of hate and of love

Papa has been my Faithful through it all

I have come to love Him

more than life

In the dark times

He was my Light

In the trying times

He was my Anchor

The times I wanted to give up

He would not let go of my hand

He lifted me higher

When my vision was blurred

Restoring my hope

when I was at my lowest

Through the wilderness He guided me

Away from all eyes

I discovered His immense love for me

A love that would hunt me down

Look for me in the darkest places

Even if I would try to hide

His love would find a way

to be with me

He loved me through my mistakes

my sin and my bad choices

His kindness towards me

Inspires me to live a life

that is pleasing to Him

He set me free from my fears and my pain

The reflection of my future in His loving eyes

Invited me to go deeper with Him

Past the person I once was

To the person He knew I could be

Washed and redeemed by His precious blood

Once a sinner, but now accepted

through grace

A daughter deeply loved by her Messiah

He showed me the true meaning of love

A love never based on my accomplishments

A love never based on my perfection

and hard work

My identity deeply embedded

in Him alone

Only when I had a revelation

of Papas love

My life could really begin

I can love without fear

I can trust without boundaries

I can do the impossible

With Him next to me

In our deepest weaknesses

and painful times

In our low self esteem and guilt ridden times

In our downtrodden and betrayal times

His love flows like billows into our lives

Healing our wounds and scars

Till we get a glimpse

of who He says we are

Oh how Papa loves us!

The King of the universe

Knows each of His daughters by name

There is a place in His heart

reserved for each one of us

His love completes us

His love defines us

We were the reason

He hung on a cross

The void in our hearts

is reserved for Papa alone

We are perfected daily

When we explore His love

We are precious and irreplaceable

We are one of a kind

His darling daughters

Called for such a time as this

To live His dreams for us.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deeply Loved

The Journey