She lived in the shadows 

Away from all eyes

Too scared to step into the light

It suits her just fine

Living away from all eyes

Nobody told her that she 

was here for a purpose 

Born to have the Father’s 

heart beating through her

To carry His presence 

wherever she tread

Born to lead wounded daughters back to the 

Fathers heart

Voices kept her in chains

Fear wrote her life story

There was no one she 

could turn to

No one to rescue her

Just the sound of people

judging her

Years went by

Religion her lifeline…yet she 

stayed bound

A yearning to taste freedom 

awaken in her

She was born for relationship

Born to encounter her God

Yet dreadfulness clinged to her

Generational tombs held 

her hostage

She couldn’t fathom the love 

of her Creator

She could not believe that 

Love was always here

Begging her to step out of 

the shadows

Would He love her enough 

to linger for a moment?

Gather her tears in a bottle?

Would He really waste His 

time to sing over her?

He found her in the shadows

Not a trace of the woman

He knew she could be

The glory of His presence enveloped her whole being

His presence shattered the tombs she was chained to

She stood there… alone

Yet free for the first time

While He sang His identity 

over her!

She became desperate for 

His presence

Every moment she could 

she spent with Him

And every time she left 

His presence

She carried a part of Papa’s 

heart with her 

It took a journey of pain 

and betrayal

To discover her worth

A journey of uncommon faith 

To know the depths of the Father’s heart for her

He washed her with His 

costly blood

Anointed her with 

fragrant oils

Entered into a covenant 

with her

She no longer visits the shadows

Unless she must help a wounded daughter into His marvellous Light!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey


Warrior Daughters

My warrior daughters are 

arising all over the earth

Clothed in dignity and strength

They are armed and dangerous

These daughters are fearless

and brave

The enemy unknowingly helped them to this place of birthing

He placed them in tiring

and raging battles

His plan was for them to quit

To turn their backs on their callings and giftings

Instead he catapulted many into their destinies

I could still see how they started their journeys 

Broken and hurt

Bruised and battered 

The battlefield became their habitation

I used their adversity to train them

It was part of My strategy

To silence the voice of every enemy invading and taking out My children

Tired to the core

Attacks on their frail bodies

More scars then they could count

Making their way through

painful processes

Keeping their eyes

focused on Me

I would never initiate

unwinnable battles!

They never gave up!

When caught in the middle 

of fiery furnaces

When painful challenges 

threw them in the lions den

And the lies of the enemy 

tried to numb them

They kept their focus!

They stood their ground!

An exclusive company of warrior woman were born

Trained under My watchful eyes

They didn’t have time for 

coffee or tea!

Not even for pitty parties!

Love carried them through

every fire and storm

Love was their hiding place during many attacks

Love healed their bruised hearts and warriors were born!

Knocked to ground

Left to fend for themselves

I trained them daily

To move in My power

They ran to the frontlines

They dug new wells

They never retreated

Trained by My Spirit

They war on the sound of 

My voice

Taking back territory left unattended

They are bold and brave

Moving with My Spirit they 

will set many ablaze 

No longer silenced by their circumstances

They decree and declare 

Every enemy from the pit 

of hell, will have to flee!

Generations are healing

Because these warriors 

trained in secret know 

Whose they are!

They will invade the earth unapologetically

They will take their place in every sphere of society

Taking back what was stolen for generations

They won’t back down

Till My hand becomes alive 

in their lives!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Warrior Daughters

The Journey

A Chosen Generation

Many dead dreams and promises are awakening

At the battlefields of our 

deepest challenges 

Out of our ashes His 

glory is arising over

His sons and daughters

Papa is releasing strategies and more clarity to His bride 

to invade the spheres they 

are called to invade

Many people’s healing and deliverance are locked up 

in your obedience to seek 

His face

Many think they know Me, 

that they have paid the price

Gone through the endless purification processes of character building and training

Few did, they know who 

they are

And will now come to the forefront 

Trained under the worst of conditions and pressure 

They have passed every test

They won’t have the blessing 

of the crowds, but they will 

have My blessing

Earmarked for greater things, 

because I can trust them 

with My anointing

To them it will always be 

about advancing My Kingdom and their love for Me

A love that was tried and forced to stand the tests 

of times

This fearless breed are not

distracted by their flesh 

any longer

They were restored by My love

They will be so focused on 

the tasks at hand

Many lives will be transformed when these glory carriers 

pick up their dreams and 

run with Me

They are My chosen generation

My royal priesthood

My holy nation

Uncommon journeys

Many roadblocks

Severe training

Deep surrendering

There has not been such an army of laid down lovers before

Who had to go through deep

waters to find their identity

My mark of grace will follow them everywhere

I am so in love with My bride

who has prepared herself 

There was purpose in the endless warfare

The enemy tried everything 

to distract, mislead and detour them

They stubbornly held on to 

My promises 

Not swayed by the enemy, the naysayers, the opposition 

You will soon understand why the training was so severe

The rejection, the humiliation, the pain

Will all be forgotten when 

My plans and purposes falls 

into place

Perseverance brought you to this place of occupying

Seek My face and everything will become clear to you

Lean into Me as we step over 

the threshold 

I’ll be your guide leading you into every purpose I have 

for you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Chosen Generation

The Journey

1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.

Dead Women Are Dangerous

The woman sitting in front 

of me

Is confident, fearless a container of Papas love

No too long ago she was a scared, shy, broken woman

Looking at her I am amazed 

at the transformation she 

went through

Can Papa’s love really invade 

a persons life?

Transforming it from darkness 

to light

From a life of fear to a peace found only in intimacy with 

her King

Bitterness and rejection to a masterpiece of portraying 

His love

All of her life she was trapped 

like a bird in a cage

The word freedom foreign 

to her

Her mind and heart always racing

Fear her compass

Leading her away from Papas voice

The emptiness in her eyes

She hid behind fake smiles 

While the hole in her heart 

grew bigger and bigger

No amount of things or people could fill the void in her heart

The glasshouse she so tightly controlled slipped through 

her hands

It fell to the ground in thousands of pieces

And satan smiled “I have her right where I always wanted 

her to be”

And Father beamed with pride

Because He had her right where

He needed her to be

Now He can put all her broken pieces back together and create a masterpiece out of 

the mess she found herself in

Papa waited patiently for 

her to let go

She was used to fighting her 

own battles

Letting go was hard for her

She paid a high price for the testimony on her life

He asked the old her to die

When all she wanted was 

to hold on to dead things

He asked her to walk a road few would ever walk

A road of deep betrayal and 

of coming face to face with 

the enemy daily

Witchcraft, False religions, Jezebel, you name it she battled them all

His once scared daughter 

He turned into His warrior daughter

He asked her to walk through fire in the midst of her enemies

Asked her to be quiet

To not defend herself

While everything in her kicked and screamed to be heard

Papa asked her to carry 

her cross with His heart beating through her

There’s something about 

women who were trained

under the watchful eyes of 

their King

They are known in heaven 

and feared in hell

They took up their swords 

to be warrior daughters

When their flesh wanted to 

run and hide

Who would have thought 

that His endtime army would 

by filled with broken, downtrodden, hurting women

Which He gently restores

into fearless women

They shine with His love

They found themselves 

The day they died

Dead women are dangerous women

In the hands of their Commander and Chief.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Dead Women Are Dangerous

The Journey

Love Unexplainable

Hiding behind her mask

Darkness her habitation

A trail of pain always

followed her

The word freedom

foreign to her

Locked up in a cell

The keys thrown away

No sign of freedom

Just a life filled with misery

She received an invitation to

go on an unknown journey

with Papa

All of His daughters do

It’s our choice to take it

or leave it

She couldn’t say no to

a new beginning with Him

Though pain was still her portion

She couldn’t say no to visit hidden territories with her King

Territories that held her

healing and progress

She had nothing to lose

But everything to gain

Anticipation grew each day

As their journey made its way

All she knew was that He had

great plans for her

How this journey would

turn out

She couldn’t say

She surrendered to the One

who loved her most

They paused to deal with her

heart issues and she watched

as He gently did a heart transplant

The sight of her dark heart replaced with a new heart

Left her in awe of the

greatness of her King

They paused again as she

ran into fruitful fields finding her way

To His garden where she

stayed for a long while

She discovered a peace that surpassed all understanding

Discovered a love that covered every crack in her heart

A love so unexplainable

It has to be experienced

by each human being

His perfect love cast out

all her fears

She glistened with His glory

Spending every moment gleaning from Him

His love made her fearless

and bold

For the first time in her life

She experienced a love that had the ability to forever change her

They paused again and this time Papa revealed her

gifts and talents

Hidden for long under pain, unforgiveness, sin and regret

With faith like a child she received what was hers

She didn’t look back

Her past a vague memory

She embraced her journey

She now knew how deeply

she was loved

He does not look

for flawless vessels

He is looking for willing,

emptied out vessels

Broken vessels

Rejected vessels

Hurting vessels

Nameless vessels

Our Father does not care

He knows that once we

taste His love

We will be transformed into

the fearless daughters

He created us to be.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Love Unexplainable

The Journey

No Longer Empty Handed

Like the widow with the

two coins

She had nothing of worth

to offer anyone

Stripped to the depths of

her being

The card house she so firmly

controlled tumbled in

She lost all control

Nothing to hold onto

Only her shame and her pain

She retreated to the background

Scared that anyone would notice

the scars on her heart

There’s no one who

can free her from this

unbearable pain

He found her


Too scared to step out and

face her reality

The journey she travelled

left too many scars

She’s just a shadow of the person

Papa has called

her to be

Her face mirrored her journey

of betrayal and despair

Till that day He found her

Empty handed

Only her pain

Only her fears

A broken life, shattered

in hundreds of pieces

Desperation brought her

to the King

Broken and bruised

He spoke life over her

Till her lifeless heart

started to beat again

He took her on adventures

Restoring her heart

was a painful process

The severe shaking and burning

Left her breathless at times

She surrendered to the

process of purification

and dying daily

Every high place that stood

between her and her Father

had to come down

He unpacked her heart

Got rid of everything that

kept her in bondage

Under all the ashes

she discovered her worth

The bride of Christ are the one’s

who have prepared themselves

No matter the cost, or the price

they had to pay

No longer empty handed

She paid a high price

by laying down her life

Many soon to be brides

will now step out

They will go on this journey

of love with their King.

~ Ebigale Wilson

No Longer Empty Handed

The Journey


Who is this coming up from

the wilderness leaning on

her Beloved?

The wilderness was the last place she wanted to be

She did not want to trade

her home for a cave

She did not want to trade

the voice of the crowd

For the whispers of God

She did not want to take off

her mask and deal with her heart

Easier to hide behind

her mask

Easier to cling to her past

Easier to talk the talk, but

not walk the walk of a sold

out daughter

Living a life of double standards

Among the tombs of religion

Where growth was not

expected of her

Then the inevitable happens

And we are forced to take

the journey to the wilderness

Where deep calls unto deep

And He unpacks our heart

And we deal with our past

And Love beckons us to go deeper with Him

We surrender and embrace this journey of separation and seclusion

Away from all eyes

Where He burns out the old and forms His heart within us

Crying and praying we hold on

to Papa

Till we make our way through

As strongholds lose their power

Shackles of the past are broken

And every fear bows in the presence of One so great

The noises of the crowd

Our everyday challenges

The highs and lows of our lives

Keep us away from Papa’s best

Hidden in the wilderness our most fruitful season awaits

When we step out and embrace this season

We discover that no one can copy what only the wilderness produces in us

We discover our worth in caves

We discover how deep and unending Papa’s love is for us

He restores us to our rightful place in Him

And when He unpacks His dreams for us

We boldly step out and embrace this new journey He has for us

Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved?

Like a sword she shines

In the hand of her King

She glistens with His glory

She is forever changed by His love

Who would have thought that her identity was hidden in a wilderness?!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Set Apart By Grace

You specialize in mending

and restoring hearts

Your love searches for the broken

The downtrodden

The wounded ones

Rejoicing over one lost soul

You pick us up

You clean us up

You turn our hearts back

to Yours

You search the gutters

The backstreets

The places no one

chooses to go

Your love stronger

than the powers of darkness

Lure every heart

No matter how dark they

have become

Into Your marvellous light

The wayward ones

The prodigals

The misfits

The ones beyond repair

You don’t care

Your love can do the impossible

Shine through the darkest


You use our pasts

You use our pain

You use what the enemy

meant for our harm

To create the most beautiful

tapestries and work of art

In lives that were once consumed

by Darkness

Deep processes You put

Your set apart ones through

We huff and puff

We crawl and cry

We sometimes even dare

ask why?

Our pain turned into armour

Blinding the enemy as we

go higher

Our battle scars we wear

with honour

A reminder of our faithful Father

We reflect Papa’s heart in

all we do

We love Him more than life!

You marked us with

Your love

We are set apart by grace

Our lives a living sacrifice

To accomplish every dream

Papa has for us

You call us into Your

inner chambers

Where few chose to tread

For too long we were kept

in dungeons

Chained to painful pasts

The enemy held us hostage

He knew how courageous

we would be

When fear has lost its grip!

Too late, we know our worth!!

Death could not hold the One we

choose to adore!!

Death has lost his hold

on us!!

Emptied out

Dead to self

We chose to lay down

our lives!!

Love has won our hearts!

All for the Cause of Christ!!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Set Apart By Grace

The Journey

The Call

It is time for the set apart bride

to step out and show herself

Her season of hiding is over

Trained in obscurity

behind the veil

She has much to say!

She has much to do!

Much to impart!

Her mouth a container

of His oil!

The road she walked was

hard and alone

Many days spent on her knees

She could give up, but she never did

The wilderness created

for her demise

Papa used to train her to

be His skillful bride

She remember the shock

and gut-wrenching pain

When Papa summoned her

to the wilderness

Torn between her flesh and

the agonising pain

She could not say “no”

to His request

She could not settle for a

mediocre life

Religion could no longer

box her in

She wants to leave a legacy

of pleasing her King

Her love for Papa made

her hungry for more

She was made to go higher

and deeper with Him

In the shadow of Papa you

will find her

Drinking from the depths of

His heart

Many were summoned,

few answered the Call

She laid down her dreams

to follow His lead

It was never about her or

even her pain

It was about answering

the most important Call

The set apart ones who said yes

to the Call

Speak the same language

They mirror Papa’s heart

Dead to self, they no longer live

Forever ruined by Love

He knew beforehand the training

she needed to go through

Painful processes,

but she passed all the tests

Looking back over the journey

of becoming His bride

She is no longer the scared,

voiceless girl

The wilderness made her fearless

She discovered her purpose

in the midst of her mess

She discovered her strength

in the midst of every demon

coming for her

She discovered her identity

in Papa’s never ending

love for her

Different journeys we are on

One destination we will reach

In the middle of Papa’s heart

we will meet

We could and would never

say “no” to the Call.

~ Ebigale Wilson

“The Call”

The Journey

Ran Into Love

She was waiting

for someone

to save her

Walked around

with a nagging pain

in her heart

She was never free

to love or

be loved

A life of ups

and downs

Sinking deeper daily

to a place of

no return

She never tasted

the depth of

Papa’s love

Pain and despair

followed her everywhere

She tried to fill

the void in her heart

With whatever

the enemy sent

her way

No one saw

behind her smile

Though her eyes

told a story

of a life

drenched in pain

She gave away her power

to anyone who noticed her

Allowed broken people

to define her

Allowed the enemy

to write her life’s story

While she kept quiet

She disappeared in

the background




She never knew her worth

Surrounded by hurting people

She embraced the identity

they chose for her

She took all these negative labels

She made it hers

Walked with her scars

She played the part

Of a nameless, faceless, worthless daughter

Till she ran into Love


Love ran into her

Alone and rejected

Your love

drew her in

To places she never visited

Places where Your daughters

discover their worth

Where You heal our hearts

and erase our pain

Where we discover the depth

and width of Your love

Forever changed when we

encounter Your heart

We are forever changed

when we know how much

we are loved

Soaking in Your presence

was a life line to her

You healed her heart

Your love dispels all her fears

You showed her the gifts and

talents You graced her with

She blossomed before Your eyes

Into the fearless, set apart bride

You have marked her for

Oh! Papa is head over heels in

love with her!

The girl with the issues

The shy girl

hiding in the background

Is no more!

She is boldly taking her place

as His end time bride

Forever changed

The day she ran into Love


Love ran into her.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Ran Into Love

The Journey