Rooted In Faith She Stood

Rooted in faith she stood

A banner of Father’s grace

Broken, scorned, rejected 

Kept her position during 

her most trying times

Dark clouds are lifting

She can see clearly

Everything is falling into place 

The time of manifestation is here

The enemy watched her every move

The mountains she invaded 

The gates she possessed 

The walls she guarded 

Father’s voice her roadmap 

His blood her armour

Leading her into her promise land

Throw whatever at her

She will know what to do

Trained, steadfast, focused 

A diadem in Father’s hands

She moves as He commands

Hell could not stop her 

Summoned from an everlasting Kingdom

Tried and tested through fires 

Now she is a flame

Storms do not scare her

She was trained to ride waves

In valleys He matured her

Amongst like minded dwellers 

She found her home 

Daughters are awakening to 

higher purposes

Moving into and occupying 

dimensions never experienced

Heavenly blueprints unravelling

Father is extending His sceptre

The manifestation of Father’s  

goodness a ripple effect

As daugters accept and embrace 

heavenly mandates

We are silent no more!

— Ebigale Wilson

Rooted In Faith She Stood

The Journey

Stumble Upon Grace

The shadows her safe place

Non stop chatter in her head

Anxiety and fear her daily bread

She would go down desperate 

roads to numb her pain

Only to wake up the same

Every open door she entered

To get rid of her pain

Looking for solace in imperfect people

Thinking they have the power 

to heal her

If breadcrumbs are all you know 

Hurting people are a feast

Yet she never fit

Never belonged

Her heart a dark hole

Mere moments light tried 

to break through

She could see a glimpse of a 

better tomorrow

Light finds His way to her heart

Through testimonies of the sons 

and the daughters Jesus freed

She saw something different in 

those He transformed

They had hope and peace even 

in the midst of challenges 

Her life a circle of fear

There is a God who sees us

Our brokenness does not scare Him

Not even our wrong choices

Our sin or our pasts

He guide’s us through our graves

The hard places we choose to ignore

Breaking down stone walls of 

guilt and regret

Till we stumble upon grace and

Father’s light breaks through places the enemy once ruled!

— Ebigale Wilson

Stumble Upon Grace

The Journey

Unmatched Legacy

On the edge of giving up

One battle after the other

Her body is bruised

Her ego even more

Seems like every demon is after her

A regular in the gates of hell

She is a worshiper

She is a warrior

Trained by the Best

Known in heaven and hell

She knows what to do…

Worship is how she fights

her battles

Instantly darkness leaves

Making way for Light

Doing what she knows best

Her worship brings heaven 

down to earth

She pours out her heart like 

an alabaster box

A costly perfume of a 

yielded life

Tears well up in her eyes

Overcome by the presence of Jesus

She remembers Holy Spirit words

“See your challenges as training”

Warriors are trained in the 

gates of hell

Discovering their identity and purpose while surrounded by enemies

He is taking you higher

Challenges, painful times are

Father’s methods of training us

Looking past the enemy

We see Jesus

The bigger picture

Warriors do not give up

We fight the good fight of faith

Bold and unashamedly

Leaving an unmatched legacy 

for generations to come.

— Ebigale Wilson

Unmatched Legacy

The Journey


On the threshold of a new beginning

Our inheritances called our names

Ruth beamed with joy

Excited for the new

I turned back to the familiar

My past pleaded with me to stay

I could not pay the price of a 

laid down life

Of dying to self

Of kissing the cross

My comfort zone my safe place

Growth was not expected

I could not embrace the new

Step into the unknown 

The path laid out for me

My ending would have been different

Had I embraced change

Invaded new territories

Built my faith in hills and valleys

Everyone forgot about me

I left nothing of worth

Only a legacy of regret and remorse

Please do not follow me

My steps lead nowhere

Make the wilderness your home

You are stronger then you realize

Braver then you will ever know

Write your future bold and bright

Leave legacies of wild faith

All of heaven backs you up!

Soon your journeys will be powerful testimonies

Reaching women near and far

Enlarge your territory!

Embrace new paths!

Walk through new doors!

Hold on to your Beloved!

The faint hearted will know that if you could, they can too!

— Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Many Times You Said No

Many times you said no

Closed doors in my face

Silence my only companion

As I walked through the valley

of the shadow of death

Hope up in flames

Dreams shattered

Questions on my lips

Your silence my only answer

Low places

Dark nights

Endless losses

Could not comprehend

The “no’s” of a loving God

You knew the end

I saw in part

I now understand

The importance of Your “no’s”

Of closed doors

Shattered dreams

Lonely pits

Endless Prisons

You train Your bride in the

face of their enemies

In the valleys their hope is renewed

In wild storms their faith is stirred

You burn “earth” out of them in

fiery furnaces

Till a bride stripped of her old

nature stands before You

Desperate and addicted to

abide in Your presence

Nothing in this world satisfies

her like Jesus does

The delicacies of the world

a distant memory

The bride only has eyes for her Beloved

The “no’s” made her fearless

In ways “yes’s” never would

The “no’s” built her character

In ways “yes’s” never could

The identity of the remnant bride

Was hidden in her Beloved’s “no’s”

The bride was trained and birthed through the “no’s” of her Beloved.

— Ebigale Wilson

Many Times You Said No

The Journey

Embrace The Unknown

Everything is falling into place

The veil has been lifted

You can see clearly

The journey you have travelled

Now has a destination

The dark clouds have lifted

No need to wonder 

Or endless questions

The puzzle shows a picture you 

will understand

The processes were relentless 

So were the battles

You will now thank jezebel, 

witchcraft, religion and tradition 

For they have trained you well

The head and no longer the tail

You have paid a costly price

You have laid down your life

For the sake of the Kingdom

Said goodbye to this world

Enemies sent to harm you

I used to shape you

To shift you

To transform you 

My presence your addiction

My voice your compass

Time for Kingdom daughters 

to take their place

Widen your tent pegs

Embrace the unknown

You can do anything

Do not limit yourself 

Expand your horizons

Expect the unexpected

Think out of the box

The old won’t do it anymore

New discovered passions 

A glimpse of your future 

Seated in heavenly places

You have the mind of Christ 

You were born, trained and prepared 

for such a time as this!

— Ebigale Wilson

Embrace The Unknown

The Journey

The Past No Longer Their Home!

When her life was interrupted

Overcome by pain and shame

Desperation brought her to her knees

Tears streaming down her face

Jesus appeared on the scene

He was always there

Hiding in her shadow

Trying to get her attention

Blinded by her circumstances

Fear and anxiety held her hostage 

Dressed in graves clothes

Darkness was her holy place

Hiding in the background

She dared not dream of a better 


Where peace rules and

Pappa’s love is her safe place

Sometimes it takes a crisis

A roadblock

A detour

A decision 

To bring wounded daughters 

back to their first Love

The only One assigned to fill the 

voids in hurting hearts

Every pain He turns into a 

fountain of overflow

Daughters discover their worth

Their identity

Their purpose

The moment they hand Pappa the reign

He asked us to lay it all down

Our dreams

Our plans

Our deepest pain in exchange 

for wilderness journeys

Daughters wrecked and overtaken 

by the love of Pappa

From different backgrounds, tribes, 

nations and tongue will now make 

the supernatural their homes 

Weapons of war in Father’s hand

Darkness had to release them

Atmosphere shifters trained to 

invade and overtake will step into 

Kingdom assignments

The past no longer their home!

— Ebigale Wilson

The Journey

Kingdom Dwellers

You hang on a thread many times

Could not understand the arduous 

journey you’re on

Pappa trained His daughters 

during turbulent times

Betrayal, humiliation

Losses more then you can count

Attacks on our families 

Our futures

Our health

When will it stop?

We asked many times 

Walking through the wilderness

We saw many give up

The delicacies of an earthly 

mindset drawing them back

Daughters overcome by the 

love of the Father did not give up

They pressed past the confusion

The hopelessness

The endless questions

Something sacred happened

In the midst of a trying season

Brides awakened to higher calls

Trained by Holy Spirit how to rule 

and to reign

Restored daughters 

Hearts awakened

Minds renewed 

A new era of Kingdom Dwellers 

Who know who they are

Ready to invade and overtake

Spheres left unattended for years 

Excruciating processes for a reason

The humiliation, the stripping, the 

mockery were all part of the plan

Foreheads like a flint

Horns filled with oil

Ready to take dominion

Guard the gates of the cities

Invade and occupy every sphere 

of influence 

Will now take their place

We are silent no more

Uncharted territories are calling 

our names.

— Ebigale Wilson

Kingdom Dwellers

The Journey

Her And Jesus

Blinded by the lies of the enemy

On a road leading nowhere

Her face tells a story of hopelessness 

and despair

Stumbling through the ashes of 

many mistakes made

Locked in a cage of her past

Dead dreams

Raw scars

Endless pain

The voice of the enemy

Holding her captive

In circles she wanders

Eyes towards heaven

She falls to her knees

While tears of remorse and regret

run down her cheeks

She calls on the NAME

She chose for so long to forget

Instantly the presence of Love 

envelopes her whole being

He takes her face in His hands

While gently wiping away every tear

For the first time in her life she 

experienced grace

An exchange of underserved love 

so great

She couldn’t but surrender to the 

One called Love

With one touch of His hand

One glance of His eyes

His love fills her whole being

Erases every painful memory

Heals every hurt in her broken heart

It is only her and Jesus….

She is at the place, He always wanted her to be.

— Ebigale Wilson

Her And Jesus

The Journey

Image by Maria

A Bride Awaken

She always challenged the norm

The status quo

The graves of religion

The manipulation of jezebel

The devastation of witchcraft 


A trouble maker



Were the labels placed on her

She went hard after Jesus

Unmoved by trivial things

Her Kingdom assignment held 

her gaze

Trained in the outskirts of the city

Demons tormented her

Witchcraft tried to take her out

Religion tried to bridle her

Her battle-axe is sharp

A weapon of war in Father’s hand

Heaven held her attention

A cloud of witnesses cheered 

her on

Father’s presence was her home

In valleys low she was trained 

In the presence of her enemies 

she was stripped 

Hell cannot contain her

Demons cannot stop her

Armed and dangerous 

She is ready to root out and to pull down

To destroy and to throw down

To build and to plant

A new Era at hand

A bride awaken 

Never again will the bride retreat

Forget her inheritance 

Heaven has her back

She is ready to invade and occupy

every assignment given to her!

— Ebigale Wilson

A Bride Awaken

The Journey