Running in circles

Straight into You

The One I avoided

I came face to face with

No way of escape

It was the due date

I had to look up

Confront all my fears

Let go of the anger and hurt

I held onto for so many years

I drew back for a moment

My heart racing

Pictures of sin flooding my mind

I wonder if it’s also flooding Your’s

How could I a mere sinner

stand in the presence of

One so grand

I looked up

into Your eyes

filled with love

Not a trace of the judgment

I had expected

Love flowed from the marvellous light

that surround You

It enveloped every fiber

of my being

For the first time in my life

I knew the true meaning of love

I had to run into the One

Whom I needed most

Without knowing it

You were wooing me in

I could not escape

from the embrace

in Your eyes

I could not escape

from Your nailed pierced hands

That were stretched out to me

a mere sinner in rags

For a mere moment I retreated

I have run for so long

to avoid this sacred moment

I could have lost my soul

End up in the pit of hell

Still Your love drew me

from places

I dare not remember

For Your presence is sacred

Your presence is holy

Your presence frees us

from darkness that enslaves us

Your love stronger than death

Will cross every border

Search through every pigpen

Through the enemies camp

You won’t back down

To be united with us

You will not rest

Till we come home

What greater love is there to experience

Then our Father’s heart towards us

He cleanses, heals, and restores us

We are no longer slaves

To our circumstances

We are enslaved

by the Father’s unrelenting love

towards us.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey



Deeper And Deeper

Deeper and deeper

I want go with You

Till there is no division

Till I am One with You

Till I am lost to the world

And we are never apart

Dying daily

Till I am no more

Stripped to the core

Till my life is a portrait

of Your kindness and mercy

Till my life resembles Your heart

to the broken and hurt

Till You have moved in

Making me Your habitation

Your blood washed daughter

whom You restored

Lost in Your love

Is where I want to be

Separated and abandoned only unto You

In You I have found everything I need

You healed my broken heart

Gave me a brand new start

I am nothing

If I don’t have You

You are my life

My reason for living

The air that I breath

The dawn of my every day

Not for a moment

Do I want to be away from You

You are my Knight

Dressed in robe’s of light

You have rescued me

You are the One with the glass slipper

I just could not see

I searched all over for You

While You were right here

Nothing satisfies me

Like You do

No one fills my voids

Like You do

When I was searching for answers

You were right beside me

Lovingly healing and leading me

When darkness tried to draw me in

You stepped in

I will forever be thankful

For the price You have paid

When I did not know You

You thought of me

You fought for me

While I was lost in sin

What love is this?

I question myself

That the One without sin died for me

I am overtaken by Your presence

You quiet me with Your love

Nothing and no one can keep us apart

For everything we long for

Is found in Your presence.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deeper And Deeper

The Journey


Uncommon Season

This is your season of release

Where everything is working

together for our good

Many have gone through

much training

Through agony and unbearable pain

The past seasons were trying ones

Where we were tested at many levels

The heat was turned up

higher and higher

The attacks were ongoing

and never ending

Now we look back

and we know it was training

as usual for Papa’s burning ones

He has done deep work in and through us

Our character can now sustain and keep us

in that place of overflow

where Papa is taking us.

Overflow will be our new normal

because Papa can now trust us

For the processes of life burned

out all the dross in our lives

It was so necessary

because we cannot occupy

that which we have not contend for.

I believe this is our time of stepping in

and occupying every promise

out of Papa’s hand.

Papa has been highlighting

the Breaker anointing to me

while in prayer a few weeks ago

And I believe that as our Breaker

He will go before us and break open

and tear down every trap

every door and wall that was

erected by the enemy

so that we can occupy

what is rightfully ours in this season.

While fasting and praying two weeks ago

He highlighted that this was a season of acceleration in every area of our lives.

Especially where the enemy thought

that he had the upper hand over us.

Things will shift and fall into place.

Papa will be our Breaker going before us

so that we can accelerate and occupy

what is ours.

Yesterday while I was busy cooking

I just felt a shift in my spirit and I knew

that something is about to change

for many of us.

Life as we knew it

will never be the same.

Papa has accomplished in our lives

that which was so necessary.

We cannot invade and overtake

with our old mindsets and ways

of doing things.

We are entering a season

of new beginnings for many

who have been through hell

but held on to Him

with everything in us.

We brought every sacrifice

He asked of us.

Our obedience gives us access

to possess and take hold of

His promises and assignments for us.

Get ready for this uncommon season;

a season like none other.

Keep your focus for this last stretch

and do not let anything or anyone

keep you out of Papa’s will for your life.

Be ready dear ones

for what Papa wants to do through you

and for you in this time.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Uncommon Season

The Journey


Radiant Bride

You have been hiding too long

It’s time to be the light

I have called you to be

It is time to spread your wings

Take Me by My word

and fly with Me

You know the assignment on your life

I have trained you through many hardships

To take your place

in My end-time army

There was a reason for your pain

There was purpose in your trials

I birthed My heart within you

My love now burns through you

A new day has downed

You are My radiant bride

Dressed in fine linen

I see Myself in you

You are lost to the world

Separated only unto Me

Purified through many tests

You held fast to My hand

Through many painful seasons

I was your refuge

Bringing you back to life

Back to My heart

The only place where

you have discovered perfect peace

Many enemies and challenges

Many storms and fiery furnaces

You have faced

You now know that it was so necessary

You grew into My warrior daughter

Received your training

while you were bleeding

Trying to run away from

the calling on your life

I knew you were stronger

than you think

More capable than

you would ever comprehend

You were made to war

You were made to win

You were made to walk away

with trophies and the spoils

of the enemy

You clung with all your might

to My promises

When others turned away

you never did

Passing many tests

Finding yourself in My presence

Going higher and deeper

with Me

Boldness now your trademark

My love your anchor

My presence your protection

I think back and see you

scared and wounded

A rejected son and daughter

With no strength

Ready to give in to the enemy’s voice

I wooed you in

I lured you with My love

Till you followed Me willingly

You walked through many valley’s

Finding your way

through the dark

Falling and crawling

Tired with no strength

You held on to your faith

When fear stared you in the face

You clung to Me and never let go of Our love

Here you are now

Where you never thought you would be

Ready to invade and take over

Ready to reign with Me

I am extending My scepter

for you have done well!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Radiant Bride

The Journey


Away From Your Presence

I found myself alone

Away from Your presence

Sin drew me in

To places I never thought

I would visit

I did not listen

to Your still small voice

begging me to not go that way

Your warnings were many

I preferred not to listen

I could not pay the price

You asked of me

It was easier to have it my way

Like the prodigal son

I chose the things of the world

Yet he came to his senses

I never did

Here I am today

Alone and abandoned

from Your presence

Nothing to show

that is of worth

Empty handed

I know how feeble I was

It was my way or the high way

Pride ruled my life

It still does

The sad thing is

I clung to it

The one thing

that would be my downfall

became my idol unknowingly

Darkness has a way

of drawing you in

To places you never thought

you would visit

The enemy knows our weaknesses

He just presses our buttons

And off we go like a lamb

to be slaughtered


Very obedient

We all have a choice

I have to take the blame

for the choices I chose to make

His grace was always available

I chose not to make use of it

The stench of sin clings to me

But I don’t care

It’s all about me and what I want

I am the director of my life

Everyone will have to dance

to my tune

Selfishness my truth

Pride my safe place

Sin my habitation

And the longer I stayed

The tug on my heart went away

I did not care

about the trail of pain

I left behind

The meaningless life I have lived

No time for remorse

No time to think about wasted years

and ruined lives

I have lived my life

To the worst of my ability

For it’s all about me

It has always been

No time to listen

to that voice within

No time to think of the pain

I have caused

No time to think of God

Who had these beautiful dreams for me

No time to think how different my life

could have been

Had I listened

to His still small voice

I chose to chase after sin

the demon’s I was supposed to eliminate

Became my best playmates

Luring me further and further away

From Papa’s dreams for me

My life on display for all to see


No need for lies

Or a place to hide


I had a chance to fall on my knees

Ask for forgiveness

but I never did

It was all about me

and my need to impress

To chase after the things

of the world

Nothing of meaning

I leave behind

Only an empty life

With no positive impact

Many forgotten dreams

A generation bleeding

because pride was my god

I once knew God

but I made the choice

to turn my back on Him

Drifting further and further away

Sometimes for a mere moment

I reflect how life could have been

If I surrendered and died to self.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Away From Your Presence

The Journey


Wondrous Love

As I ponder on Your

greatness and majesty

I am surrounded by Your presence

Enveloped in Your love

Overtaken by Your kindness

What more can I ask for

Then to experience the heights

of Your wondrous love

Your love invaded my whole existence

The day I surrendered completely to Your will

You took my heart of stone

blew on it

Till it came back to life

Back to Your unrelenting love

I was created to know You in measures

far above what I could ever think or imagine

My life is an adventure, now that I know

the depth of Your love

The different layers of Your love

Inspires me to take my place

in Your end time army

Every day I discover a different

facet of Your heart for Me

I am intertwined with Your love

I wouldn’t dare breaking away

You make life worth living

Storms like a breeze

Warfare a learning curve

I know Your love burning in me

Gives me the ability to override

every plan of the enemy

My life on earth will be too short

to experience the awesomeness

of Your majestic heart for me

You don’t care about our past

Or the mistakes we have made

You know that when we experience

Your grace

We come home

Your love hunts us down

You search for

The outcast

The lonely soul

The one wrapped in pain

The one bound by sin

Engulfed by darkness

Controlled by the enemy

Your love will reach through every barrier

Your love will bring every high place down

Every demon it will put to flight

For the power of love

is our greatest warfare weapon

For too long we were robbed

Generations left hopeless

While everything we longed for

is found in You

You heal our scars

You make us brave

May each longing soul experience

Your heart filled with love

We are atmosphere changers

A remnant bride who know

Who and Whose we are

We move in Your authority

Not backing down

An army of lovesick lover’s

whose identity is hidden in You

The fragrance of heaven clings to us

We are living examples of Your love

extended to a lost and dying world

It’s only when we come to the end of ourselves

Broken and transparent

Lost to the world

and what it has to offer

Where our focus is Papa

and what He needs

to do through us

that our lives really begin.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Wondrous Love

The Journey


Overwhelming Love

I don’t have to search for them

They are every where

Brokenness written all over their faces

Hiding their pain and shame

Living on the streets

Living next to me

Living even in my home

Sometimes sitting next to me in church

They smile and make small talk

Yet, if I know the One called love

If my heart really beats in rhythm with His

I would see the hurt many try to hide

Papa taught me long ago

That we all have our  “drugs”

Things we run to

when our pain gets too much

It is easy for me to live in denial

when I can point to someone

caught in the web of alcohol,

drugs or pornography

Yet at the end of the day

I run to mine to fill a void

Just like the one I like to judge

I was bound in shame and pain

not too long ago

Shackled to a painful journey

Hopelessness was my daily bread

Freedom a word I never knew

I knew Jesus yes, but I never had

an encounter with His heart

Running into Papa’s love made me new

To know that the King of the universe

is in love with me

Set me on a journey

of seeking His face

above all else

We look through different lenses

after we experience

Papa’s overwhelming love

Life as usual was over for me

I had to make it my mission

to spread the effects

of His redeeming love for me

He healed my torn apart heart

Showed me my value

I could not but want

each hurting soul

to experience what He so freely gives

Help us Papa to know

Your deep love for precious souls

Make us sensitive to Your voice

Not to just know Your word

but to be doers

Reaching out to the one’s

who don’t fit our molds

Your heart beating in and through us

Help us to reach out

to the downtrodden and broken

To see what You see

To hear what You hear

To speak life like You do

So that each wounded soul

will have an encounter

with Your amazing love

Help us to make a difference

wherever we find ourselves

To leave a print of Your heart

on each hurting soul

To do the uncomfortable

Take the weird stares

Love recklessly and fearlessly

Leaving our comfort-zones

To be Your hands and feet

Making an impact

One precious soul at a time

Your presence visible in our lives

Using every opportunity

to spread Your love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Overwhelming Love

The Journey


Contend For My Presence

Contend for My presence dear one’s

For the enemy would want to stop

what I want to do for and through you

It is important that you keep your focus

on Me and block out all other noises

The enemy is making it his mission

to distract My set apart one’s

For he knows that his days

are numbered in their lives

He is going big

trying to take you off course

He wants to blindside you

and then take you out

He will do anything to steal your focus

It is an all out war

to stop My plans and purposes

in your lives

You have gone through

many processes

Many levels of warfare

Many learning curves

This time you are battle ready

to stop his schemes

Seek My presence at any cost

Hide in Me

In My word

and let prayer become your wailing song

He is very strategic in his plans

To take you out if My presence

is not your dwelling place

He will take you out when you least expect it

You have come far dear ones

You have paid a high price

Bringing every sacrifice

I have asked of you

There were many days

when you wanted to give up

but you clung to Me with all your might

Prouder, I could not be

Of My army of love sick lovers

Yearning and going deeper with Me

So contend for My presence

I will restore you

and bring healing

to your weary soul

Do not look to your left and right

when challenges want to overwhelm you

Look to Me

the author and finisher of your faith

Your strength lies in your ability

to surrender and trust Me

I will reveal the strategies

and plans of the enemy

When you seek for Me

You do not have to run

and hide and fret

No dear one’s

I never lose a battle

Wait and see

For in My presence

darkness will have to flee

Be amazed by only My gaze

Soon everything will fall into place

and you will see clearly

where I led you all along.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Contend For My Presence

The Journey


My Distinguished Ones

In this hour I am raising up

My distinguished one’s

They will be known as

the wilderness ones

Crushed and pressed

through adversity

Dark nights and tough times

birthed something in these blazing ones

that will be recognized by

My glory and love on their lives

Hidden ones come out

of the caves

Show yourself

For My glory will be like

midnight oil flowing

from the heads of these one’s

Different in speech

Different in the anointing

they carry

Produced under pressure

when all of hell tried to stop them

The enemy fears these glory carriers

which he could not stop

The mandate on their life

birthed in heaven

It will be like an explosion on earth

as these set apart

distinguished ones step out

and take a hold of their blueprint

birthed under the unction of My voice

The adversity and wilderness

was so necessary

You will thank Me for taking you

through these trials and tribulations

It birthed something of everlasting value

within you

It’s part of you and the blueprint

I called you to carry

As you hide in Me

you will hear My voice

Receive My direction

And follow suit

Ready to invade and overtake

To carry the sound of My heart

To run with My word in your mouth

Breaking of every limitation

and lie of the enemy

And as you declare ‘Let My people go’

My anointing will set people free

Restore them to their rightful place in Me

The time is now

Be ready at all times

To bring My presence

to every dead situation

My glory on your life

will do the uncommon

Hidden ones

take your place

You have been prepared

for such a time as this

Nothing you went through

was in vain

You will soon see

why the enemy tried

everything in his power

to stop you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

My Distinguished Ones

The Journey

Perfecting You Daily

Years have gone by

and you’re still waiting

Waiting for Papa

To fulfill His promises

You are on the edge

of giving up

When will the crushing

and pressing end?

When will there be light

at the end of this dark road?

You have always loved Papa

You cannot see your life without Him

Knowing Him makes

you hold on

Through the tears

Through the trials

Even through the sighs of those

Who don’t understand your journey

He has been with you every step of your way

His love directing your steps

His heart preparing your heart

His voice whispering to you

in the stillness of night

To never give up

He is working on your behalf

He is a God who is always

true to His word

His timing is always perfect

He won’t be a day too late

So trust Him

and hand Him the reigns

He knows what He is doing

Sit back and relax

He is fighting on your behalf

Soon you will be amazed

at the work He has done

He is working behind the scenes

where you cannot see

Your breakthrough will come

so suddenly

Many of you will feel unprepared

So swift it will happen

Go through the promises

I gave to you

Soon each one will unfold before you

I love My daughters dearly

I will never be able to

put it into words

How much I love you

I am forever before you

Walking with you

through many dark nights

Searching for you

when you want to hide

Hiding you under My wings

When your pain hurts too much

Till you are ready to face the world

with Me by your side

Cling to My promises

Do not be moved

by what you see

I am always true to My word

Every crooked place

I will make straight

Every dead dream I will awaken

Don’t you worry how I will do it

My anointing destroyes every yoke

Your enemies are mine to fight

You rest and trust in My word

I am a God of righteousness and judgement

Perfecting you daily through your trials

See it as a blessing

when you go through trials

and tribulations

You are growing immensely

while I am forming My heart

within you

I am coming for a holy bride

Blameless and spotless

before Me

Who went through the fiery furnace

Stripped of her old nature

To be able to stand

in My Holy presence

Unashamedly before Me

A bride who has been tried

and tested through adversity

Which produced a costly fragrance

That she will release in this hour

wherever her feet tread.

~ Ebigale Wilson