The Wilderness Is Calling Your Name

She does not know that there 

is a higher calling on her life

She is too busy with trivial things

The earth awaits her arrival

Pappa wants to show her off

Broken and hurting women

are waiting for her to step

into their lives 

My daughter the wilderness 

Is calling your name

All your hurt and pain you will 

have to leave there

Away from the noise I am

calling you

It is time to deal with your past

Wave it goodbye

You will exit the wilderness 

with a new heart

For too long you have delayed 

this important decision 

Hid in the dark

Walked around

the same mountains 

Attached to your hurt

It is time for me to strip you

You can only be fruitful when 

I mold you

Daughters it is time to live 

His character

Everywhere you go leave a 

glimpse of His heart

We can only do it when we meet 

Father in the wilderness

Here He will heal you

Train you to be His prepared bride

He is coming back for a bride who 

made herself ready

Whose lamp overflows with His oil

A bride without spot or wrinkle

who can release

His sound in the earth

Leave your hurt at Papa’s feet

He loves you more then you 

will ever know

You are stronger than you think

He believes in you

Lock eyes with Him

Rest in His glory

Enjoy your journey with Papa,

The wilderness is calling your name!

— Ebigale Wilson

The Wilderness Is Calling Your Name

The Journey

Wilderness Daughters Now Arise!

We visited many valleys

Were tossed around in 

many storms

Secluded to the wilderness

We had to embrace our training 


Kicking and screaming we 

begged to forego this season

Wounded hearts 

Crushed egos

Unstable emotions

Father would not let us go

He knew what He was doing

The crushing and the pruning was 

what we needed then

We weren’t trained in glamorous 


The wilderness dust became 

our home

Excruciating pain and loneliness 

Stripped from our pride and egos

Lost more then we could bare

The old man had to die

Wilderness seasons don’t 

scare us anymore 

We embrace it with both hands

Forced into His bride under the 

hot wilderness sun

Our scars now brightly shine

As powerful testimonies of 

many battles won

Our hearts run free at last

We boldly take our place

In obscurity a new breed was trained 

In hiddeness we came back to life

Amongst dry places we began to thrive 

Wilderness daughters now arise!

— Ebigale Wilson


At the end of your road

Nowhere to turn to

No hope in sight

You have never felt so alone, forgotten, unheard 

Could this just be the place 

Father summoned you to

Longed for you to be all along

He tried to lure you for years

You did not see Him

Too many distractions

Till your life came crashing down

A “crisis” launched Joseph, Job, 

Ruth, Esther and so many others into Father’s dreams for them

Could this be a setup?

Would this “crisis” finally capture 

your attention

Set you on a journey of becoming who Papa created you to be

Could this wilderness hold the key 

to your healing and transformation?

You had nothing to lose

Stripped to the core




You were the perfect candidate 

to go on a journey of becoming 

with Papa

Would you finally surrender

For Papa to have His way 

To heal your broken heart

Fine tune your character

Do a heart transplant

Enemies and challenges were 

sent to silence you

Papa used them to strip you

To train you

Till you were transformed into His bride without spot or wrinkle

Away from the crowd you 

faced your fears

Your deepest pain held the key 

to your freedom 

In isolation you find your voice

Your “crisis” awakened the 

lioness in you 

Orchestrated in heaven

Sons and daughters obeyed, surrendered and died to self.

— Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Uncharted Territories

She found herself in the middle 

of a battlefield

Sent to steal from her 

To silence her 

To take her out

Unbeknown to her she was 

part of a company of women 

Father was raising up in this season 

The battlefield was her 

training ground

Jezebel, religion, witchcraft 

some of her teachers

Sent to call forth the sleeping 

giant within her

Her mantle was buried deep 

under her pain

The scalpel went deep to 

heal her heart

Restore her to Father’s original design 

Only then could she take a hold 

of Father’s dreams for her

Many times she wanted to retreat

Her comfort zone was calling her 

The Lord mighty in battle,

never left her side

Her battles raised up the warrior 

in her

She now treads where others 

fear to dwell

Her unique anointed sound 

was stirred in her darkest days

Sword in the hand

Her mouth dripped with oil

She discovered her strength 

on the battlefield

She now rules over her fears 

and anxiety 

Her battles raised up the 

warrior in her

She is in awe of her King

She can take no credit of the 

daughter she is becoming

Jesus would not let her give up

When she wanted to surrender 

He fought for her

No greater Love was ever 

bestowed on her 

What was sent to take many daughters out awakened every dormant dream within 

Beautified on the battlefield 

Not a scar to show

Only the radiance of their King

Daughters are picking up 

mantles Father is handing them

Ready to invade different spheres

Uncharted territories are waiting 

on them!! 

— Ebigale Wilson

Uncharted Territories

Forever Wrecked

You could have left me 

in the dark

You didn’t have to 

pursue me

You knew me better 

than anyone

My sin was ever before You

Wild and endless journeys 

away from Your presence

Tasting everything forbidden

Dark places my habitation  

My mind a war zone

I never knew peace

Demons tormenting me

Night and day

Will this dark cloud ever lift?  

I tried to find myself in 

everything, but You

Visited places I choose to forget

Satisfied for a mere moment 

The void in my heart grew 

bigger still

Found myself at many 


Always taking the road 

leading nowhere 

Still Your love chased after me

Like a runaway fire

Consuming, never ending

Your love clung to me in

the darkest of places

You would not let go of me

What love is this that the 

One without sin would 

recklessly pursue me

Follow me to the ends of the 

earth to show me my worth

In my darkest hour

Your love burned through me

Brought me to my knees

Forever wrecked 

I surrendered.

— Ebigale Wilson

Forever Wrecked

The Journey

He Left The Ninety-Nine

She remembers how Papa

came to her rescue

When her world came 

crashing down 

Confused and shaken

Many unanswered questions 

A dead silence pulling her 

to a dark space

Every negative emotion 

flooded her mind





Overcome by feelings of unworthiness

Her heart shattered into a 

thousand of pieces

Her body bent low by deep anguish 

Her eyes reflected deep sorrow

Would she ever laugh again?

Father calmed her raging heart

He tamed her wild emotions

Poured His anointing oils into 

every crevice, every space of 

her broken heart

Till a light was ignited in 

her eyes

Papa restored her every hurt

She has awakened from her 

deep sleep

She glistens with His glory

She now knows who she is

Her identity engraved in Father

He left the ninety-nine to 

search and heal her heart

For too long she searched for 

her healing in all the wrong places 

Filled the void in her heart 

with stuff and people

She had to walk this lonely 

road to find herself 

Put her past behind her

Learn many lessons

To realize that her biggest need 

was always Jesus.

— Ebigale Wilson

He Left The Ninety-Nine

Priceless You Are To Me

I want to walk worthy of the 

Call on my life

I want to be so hidden in You

That no one sees me, but only You

I want to be sold out to You

My dreams on the shelf

Till I am no more

And it’s all about You

I am just a vessel

Transformed by the Potter

I want to resemble Jesus 

through everything I do

May my life be a song of 

pursuing You

Every angle of Your heart

I want to explore

Dying daily, till I resemble You

My life just a vapour, but in You 

I am new

May the sound I release declare Your glory

Everywhere I tread I want to 

leave footprints of Your heart

Stripped of my selfishness

Stripped of my ways

Stripped of my old nature

Till I am transformed by You 

Jesus my undeserved reward

My holy treasure 

The lover of my heart

I cannot boast of silver and gold

Of success and prestige

I can only boast that I have You

You are my life

My everything

There’s no price tag that I can 

place on You

Priceless You are to me Jesus

Thank you for pursuing me

Loving and healing me.

— Ebigale Wilson

Priceless You Are To Me

Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign

She can tell many stories 

of pain and betrayal

Rejection and lies

Humiliation and losses 

Yet she prefers to tell the 

story of a faithful Father who 

only has good plans for her

Oh how the enemy sent

attack after attack

Distractions and sidetracks 

Roadblocks and detours 

To steal her future hidden 

in Papa

She knew Papa only had 

good plans for her

All she had to do was 

follow His lead

Lean into Him through 

the highs and the lows

Cling to Him through the 

storms and the winds

Hide in Papa till the dark 

clouds passed 

Like Joseph she was thrown 

into a pit many times

Like David she tended to 

sheep away from the crowd

Like Ruth she was mentored 

to be faithful and obedient

In the midst of her pain

In the midst of her challenges Father required high character 

of her

The dry desert seasons 

were painful yet crucial

It stretched her

It broke her 

It forever changed her

The dry places prepared her 

to reign 

She is leaving the desert 


She was tested and found 


Dry places no longer her home.

—Ebigale Wilson

Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign

Your One Constant

When nothing makes sense

Your journey derailed 

yet again

A roadblock

A detour

Another setback

No hope in sight

Your emotions run wild

Look up

Lock eyes with Papa

Till His presence 

overwhelms you

Quiet your every 

negative emotion

You will find that a peace 

that surpasses all understanding really exists 

As Papa’s love flows like 

billows into your life

Taming your wild emotions 

Leaving you breathless 

Transporting you to heavenly 

places where the Prince of 

Peace lives

His hand was always at 

work in your life

Every setback 

Every disappointment 

Every roadblock

Led you to a beautiful place

You have grown and glean 

from desert places

Do not turn back now

You will again leap and dance 

Go into His perfect rest

He knows how to calm 

your raging heart 

He is in control

He knows what He is doing

In the midst of chaos

In the midst of unanswered prayers

In the midst of attacks

rest in Papa

Look around

Count your many blessings

You have so much to 

be thankful for

Hidden gems all around

Papa your One constant

Hold on to Him

When the time is right

Father will bring the victory!

—Ebigale Wilson

Your One Constant

Sound Of Peace

It’s quiet around her

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence

The sound of peace

She is finally home

Where she belongs

The voices in her head 

are no more

The beating of her heart 

has subsided

No more anxiety

No more fear

Papa healed her every 

soul wound

He removed every scar

His blood washed away the 

debris of her past

She is a new creation 

Deeply loved and restored 

by a King

She paid every price Papa 

asked of her

Through her pain and hurt

she remained faithful 

She visited many valleys 

Found herself in many storms

Papa remained faithful

He turned her mourning into dancing

She traded fear for faith

Anxiety for peace

She does not visit her past 


Jesus removed every painful memory

She paid her dues

She is free at last

Overcome by gratitude

More in love with her King

For long was the journey, 

but she is finally home

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence!

The sound of peace!

— Ebigale Wilson

 Sound Of Peace

The Journey