Awaken The Hidden Remnant

Father said to me just over two years ago that He is drawing a line in the church, separating the wheat from the tares, and the sheep from the goats. If we are awakening further into the deeper things of our Father’s heart- we would know that this has been happening, especially over the last two years.

The line is drawn and a severe shaking is happening inside the church at this time. I believe that before Father fully unveils His remnant bride, there will have to be an exposure of the harlot, including the sheep in wolves clothing.

Recently I had three dreams where Father exposed four well known prophets, who apparently are busy with sexual sin, and following the spirit of mammon. In all three of the dreams, I was in the background (observing) as these sins were exposed. Yesterday, He reminded me about dreams He gave me earlier about receiving “new spectacles, or glasses”. Whenever I would put them on, I could zoom in and see the picture behind the picture, the finer detail that is hidden, through the gifting of the lens of the Holy Spirit.

This is the most exciting time to be alive for those who know their God intimately, and who understand their oil for their lamps must be full. Conversely (and sadly!) the book of Matthew reminds that when the Bridegroom returns, there are 5 virgins without oil, unprepared! In earthly terms, this may indicate complacency or compromise, or the “Laodicean church condition” where they are neither hot or cold. Does the time draw close for the lukewarm to be spat out?

The shakings are intensifying and most of the church is in sleeping mode, with only a small percentage awakened to the schemes and plans of our enemy, the adversary. The living word speaks to the shaking and exposure of the ungodly (within “churchianity”) that will intensify to awaken the hidden remnant, so that they are positioned properly soon or just ahead, in this late hour.

This group will come to the forefront in unity and love, prepared and ready to invade and overthrow every ungodly mountain that has been erected. They will be fearless and bold in the midst of darkness arising.

I believe many young people will be used in this final move that the King of Glory is overseeing for and with our Father! They won’t look like “church” anymore, but they will have Fathers blessing to root out, pull down, destroy, and also to build and to plant. 

They will be a people of great character, in their humility as He alone remakes them; they will operate in love and in the fear of the Lord! They will be laborers in His great harvest, seeking glory for His name alone!

The time of revealing is at hand, but first judgment will begin in the house of God. The Bridegroom is coming for a spotless bride who has died to self, surrendered to His authority and are willing to be obedient unto death.

These are a people whom the Holy Spirit has worked on basic things like their character and “love walk”, increasing their closeness to our Father and the people in their lives seeing good fruit as a result of our intimacy with Him.

If our focus is on building our ministries, our followings and our image, we will be spat out in this time.

Father’s heart is about loving people and serving people. How do we treat those who can do nothing for us? Many ministries will crumble, because their foundation was never right to start with, I myself have to admit that I followed 2 of the 4 ministries that the Spirit of the Lord showed me in the 3 dreams I mentioned above.

The church has replaced the deep processes of the wilderness, and the anointing with our talents , with eloquent words, charisma, bright lights and a form of godliness among other things.

I remember when going through my deep processes, when I was in deep pain and brokenness, I would find myself frequently on my spiritual mentor’s “red mat”  when the Holy Spirit was showing me that my character was not right. We are Father’s ambassadors on the earth, the face of His bride is about to change to His original design or plan and transform into a warrior bride through an end-time army transformation.

The line is drawn, where do we find ourselves in this important season?

1 Peter 4~ 17 : For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God, and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Matthew 25~ 1&2 : Then the Kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins  who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

Luke 8~ 17 : For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

Revelation 19~7 : Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready.

Song of Solomon 2~ 15 : Catch us the  foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines.

Revelation 22~ 12 : And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.

— Ebigale Wilson




Arms Wide Open

Tears streaming down my face

At a dead end road

I always end up here

Time to open my hands again 

Let go of what is not of You

My heart in pieces

My mind a war zone

I always turn back to You

Arms wide open

You welcome me

A Prodigal

A Peter

A Mary Magdalene 

You treat me as royalty 

I do not deserve it

Overwhelmed by Your love

Conquered by Your heart

I let go of everything I placed above You

The cup of suffering my portion

The only way to share in Your glory

A set apart brides inheritance

To be One with You

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson




Never Ending Love

You see Me

You know Me 

I am never alone

You spoil me

Sing over me

You fight for me

When I do not even know

You are my Bridegroom 

I am Your bride

In this never ending love of Yours

I find myself 

You hold me

You know me

You quiet me with Your love

I am never alone

You surprise me

Dance over me

You fight for me

When I do not even know

In this never ending love of Yours

I find myself

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson




A New Exciting Season Ahead

For over a year Father has been speaking to me about His “new” that He is declaring over the church in this time. His “new” will look like nothing in our past. During her “wilderness season” the bride was stretched and trained beyond what she thought her capacity was to be able to contain the new wine Father’s pouring in this hour. Unknowingly a new breed was prepared in different areas to impact different spheres and mountains of influences.

We cannot cross over into the new if the old still holds our gaze. Fathers “new” will not be excepted by a rebellious and religious people stuck in the old ways of doing things. Therefore a people prepared in secret will now emerge and announce and walk in the new move of His Spirit. 

I went through a few months of frustration myself where it was a struggle for me to except Fathers “new”. I still yearned for the old ways in which Father used me. Then Father stopped downloading “The journey” poems and downloaded “Awakening the sons” and “Holy Spirit Chats” writings. For me personally it was a time of stretching to fully embrace His new, as I love my comfort zone.

When He declared His “new” everything that we would need to walk fully in the “no eye has seen, nor ear heard of” season was already in the DNA of His new breed. Many changes and birthings are happening simultaneously as we are on the threshold of His new. 

In this hour Father is preparing us mentally and spiritually for the new places, spaces and atmospheres He is taking us. He is handing out new assignments, blueprints and marching orders for the season ahead. He is taking His bride to new levels of holiness to be used mightily in this hour. The separation between the bride with the oil and the bride without the oil will become more visible and Father is doing heart transplants on His bride as love and unity will be the sign of a new era people.

It is important to come aside to hear from Him in the secret place. In the coming away with Father, His plans and dreams for His bride will become clearer. Father is inviting us back to that place where we first fell in love with Him. It will be a “love sick bride” who goes deeper and higher with Father who will have deep encounters of revelation, secrets and mysteries of the exciting season ahead. 

— Ebigale Wilson




Best Decision I Ever Made

Many times the closed doors, the end of a relationship, the cul- de- sacs, the path we fear most is Fathers way of inviting us to go higher with Him on paths where few dwell. In frustrating and painful seasons Father can do His greatest work in and through us, only if we allow Him to. 

Looking back it was my painful and challenging seasons that catapulted me into Fathers purposes for me. To the degree that we die to self, walk in total obedience and embrace His will for our lives, Father can trust us with bigger assignments in His kingdom.

Today I look back on my life and I no longer see wasted years, wrong choices and a marriage that had an expiration date. No, all I see is that what the enemy meant for my harm Father turned around for my good!!!

Without a doubt my wilderness was my most fruitful season and my enemies were only tools Father used to train me in different spheres for such a time as this!

When my life came to a screeching halt the best decision I had made was to go whole heartedly after Jesus. While walking through my wilderness season I was thrown into deep waters as Freemasonry, religion, witchcraft and Jezebel was my training ground. Father does not look at our credentials and He does not consult people to determine whether we are worthy to go higher with Him.

He specialises in choosing the “weak” and “foolish” things of this world, and then He takes us on healing journeys and mind blowing adventures with Him that superceed human understanding..only to show how great He is!

It is our choice when pain knocks on our door to embrace the paths less travelled or succumb to fear.

Life is about choices and may Father awaken His sons and daughters to go hard after Him. When we are at the end of ourselves, Fathers steps in and fills the voids in our lives, liberates us and makes us fearless and bold.

Our broken lives and shortcomings makes us good candidates to be transformed and mightily used by God.

May we say “yes” to the invitation to go higher with Father in this trying season and make the path less travelled our place of awakening. He is waiting in deep waters to take us on exciting journeys with Him.

Soon you will run on waves with Father as His love will transform you into the son and daughter He created before the foundations of the earth for such a time as this!!

— Ebigale Wilson




The Limitless Place

For the past few months Father has been speaking to me about the LIMITLESS PLACE that many of us have already stepped into. The place we yearned for when we walked aimlessly through our trying wilderness season. Many are not aware that they have entered this place, because of the frustration of transitioning into FATHERS NEW.

Our minds are still trapped in the wilderness and need to go through a period of transformation to embrace the new. Hence the reason we were called ASIDE to REST and WAIT. The NEW that Father has declared won’t look like anything in our past…new spaces, atmospheres, paths, directions, connections, mantles and geographical areas. Be open for change even in the midst of frustration and uncertainty.

Father asks of His sons and daughters to lean into Him and to trust Him fully as He transforms our minds to get rid of the wilderness mentality. Push past the frustration, the doubt, the fog, the pain… you were made for this…the passing of your wilderness season is enough evidence that you are ready for FATHERS NEW….

Isaiah 42:9~ Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare, Before they spring forth I tell you of them

Psalm 126:1-3~ When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, We were like those who dream. 2) Then our mouth was filled with laughter, And our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”3) The Lord has done great things for us, And we were glad.


The Concealed

I am calling the concealed 

The ones in the background 

Announcing a new dispensation 

Release your peculiar sound

Come sing your brave song

In dry places you found your voice 

Time to take your place

You will be an oasis

Rescuing and preparing

My church of the days to come

You know the pain of dying

To your dreams

Your aspirations

Your connections

The ones you love

I asked much of You

You surrendered it all

The losses and the pain

Were part of My plans

Your death was worth awakening

To new atmospheres in Me

The spaces I am taking you

You need to travel light…

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson



Only One Choice

Only one choice

One brave decision

She had it in her

He said she did not

Anxiety ruled her life 

Numb of all the lies

The shadows of his demons

Unanswered questions

The pain of abuse

Not seen by the onlookers

It left deep scars

Her face exposed her journey

Of dreams of happily ever after

That went up in flames

Of two broken people…

One braver than the other

Who gave her heart permission

To explore what he feared most

Her sanity 

Her healing

To breathe and live again…

Alone with no direction

Her scariest adventure 

She chose to choose herself…

— Ebigale Wilson



An Era Of The Uncommon

In this celestial space in You that

Wilderness dwellers have stumbled upon 

Every battle has been won 

Every stronghold broken 

We have paid the price 

We have died to self 

Awaken to new spaces, 

spheres and atmospheres 

Reserved for now

No eye has seen 

No ear heard of

In this limitless place

Father is declaring His new

Dreams and visions are increasing 

Blueprints and mandates clear

Darkness is covering the earth

Fathers glory arising over an 

unknown breed

Trained in seclusion 

Unveiled for such a time as this 

Uninhabited places calls their names

An era of the uncommon 

The supernatural their dwelling place 

I in You 

You in Me

Our new normal…..

— Ebigale Wilson



Our New Normal

Do not be held captive

by trivial things

Be captivated by Me alone

Seasons are changing

Discern the times

The hour we live in

Come aside

Many will forfeit My invitation

Miss the new I declare 

My instructions 

My still voice 

In the morning hours

Lay aside every worry 

I am taking you places

No eye has seen

Hurry now to be One with me

Hidden things I reveal

Blueprints and strategies

Portals that lead you

to My new

I ready My sons

for the hour at hand

Explosions of My glory

across the earth

As dread champions

are taking their place

Darkness is increasing

So is My glory and power 

Over a set apart people 

Who have paid a costly price

I in You

You in Me

Our new normal….

— Ebigale Wilson