Make No Mistake

There is a people coming to the forefront in this hour that were prepared in the “secret place”, away from all eyes. They won’t look like “church” in their appearance… But, make no mistake My blessing rests on them.

Just like David did not fit the “standards” set by religious people… These won’t fit in…I am the God of the unlikely ones, the God of second chances, the God of the forgotten and downtrodden.

These represent My heart in the earth, because they know what it is like to be rejected and pushed aside. Unknowingly that act of “you do not fit our standards”, pushed them closer to Me…They did not give up or give in when men rejected them.

They came to hide under My wings, and together we walked through strenuous journeys. I birthed My heart and character in a people desperate for My presence. They are coming out of hiding…trained and ready to take their places. 

I am positioning them to the forefront and I am anointing them to run boldly with Me…Call them the overlooked ones, the misfits, those that do not speak church lingo; oh but they know Me intimately, the Father says…The secret place is their dwelling place…Rough around the edges, but their hearts beat in rhythm with Mine…

Sons and daughters are stepping out of their personal wildernesses with the sound of heaven on their lips and the sound of the breaker anointing on their tongues.

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. ~ 1 Samuel 16 verse 7

But God chose what the world considers nonsense to put wise people to shame. God chose what the world considers weak to put what is strong to shame. ~ 1 Corinthians 1 verse 27

— Ebigale Wilson




Kiss The Cross

You have asked a high price of 

obedience on this journey

You lead many on

I see the cross

Everything dear to me

in a heap on the floor

Just when I thought I could 

finally move on

You would highlight another 

wilderness visit 

Paths of stripping 

A Gethsemane moment 

Excruciating pain

You were waiting for me 

to kiss the cross 

Rend my heart

Lay down my life

For You to move in

Everything I longed for

was hidden in my surrender 

A holy transference

to experience 

Your love for a sinner like me

Looking at the cross I only see Jesus…

The One my heart

unknowingly yearned for

Nothing of this world

holds my gaze anymore…

— Ebigale Wilson




The Only One I See

You were made to worship Me…

To loosen yourself from entanglements drawing you away from Me…

In a room full of people…May I be the only One you see…The only One you hear…I am jealous over you…will always be…

I only need You Jesus…You are my greatest treasure…In my darkest hours Your heart was revealed to me…I did not deserve the love You bestowed on me …Yet You thought I did…I was always welcome to sit with you…Everything about You exclaims love….

You dried my countless tears…Held me close when I could not breathe..Encounters with Your heart and love transformed me into the daughter You created me to be…

You have removed the chains holding me hostage…You are the reason that my heart is healed…My heart belongs to only You…

In a room full of people You are the only One I see…The only One I hear…The only One my heart longs for…

— Ebigale Wilson




The Journey Through

A journey through

hills and valleys

Many detours

Stop signs

Cul de sacs

Your hand in each of them

Painful seasons

Desperate days

Your light found its

Way through my confusion

My frustration

Endless questions

My constant pain

Your perfect love

resurrected my fractured heart

Chains fell to the ground

Free at last to be the daughter

You have created me to be

You paid a high price for my

heart to run free

I now tread on holy places

Beholding Your new

My Beloved

My only Constant

The Love of my life

The One my heart unknowingly yearned for

I am no longer a prodigal tied to my pain

Beloved came for me in my

midnight hour

Awakened my heart

Lit a fire in me

My identity

My joy

My fulfilment

I found in You…

— Ebigale Wilson





Burn through me 

Till You are seen in me

Untangle me

from everything that

can hurt our covenant 

Lead me into the secret place

Burn through me

Spread wide

Spread deep

Do a thorough work in me

Invade my life 

Take over

Light a flame in me

Till nothing of the old is seen

Come away with Me

The secret place awaits

your arrival 

Everything ready 


Enter boldly 

Ascend!!! Ascend!!!

My heart yearns for you

I created you for Myself 

My worship instrument

Perfect through My splendour 

My holy temple…

— Ebigale Wilson




Facets Of His Love

You saw me 

A daughter in pain

A prodigal 

An outcast 

I never belonged 

Dressed in all the labels

placed on me

No hope in sight

In a prison of my past

You said “Live!” 

My heart skipped a beat

Beloved saw me

Your voice lit a fire in my frail body

It was my time of Love

You covered my nakedness 

Entered into a covenant

with me

Anointed me with oils

Clothed me in Your identity

Love in all its facets You bestowed on me

Sang and danced over me 

Till I saw myself in You

Your love a mystery 



The deeper I go

I do not want to return

Everything fades in comparison 

in knowing You Jesus…

—Ebigale Wilson




Wooing His Bride

We are in an Era like no other and never before was heaven as accessible as it is now.

We were always seated in heavenly places, only now many are willing to explore the mystery and truth behind it.

The veil between earth and heaven is separating and Father is inviting a people desperate for His presence to consecrate themselves to meet with Him. 

Many are experiencing Father in ways they did not before. Heaven is at attention to reveal Father’s end- time plans and mysteries. There is a surge in angelic visitations, revelatory dreams and visions and heavenly encounters.

Prophetically we see and hear on deeper and higher levels. 

Arduous wilderness journeys of stripping, dying to self and obedience even unto death catapulted the remnant bride on her journey home. In this space there is no room for flesh to reign. A sacred transference is taking place….a death and burial of our flesh…and a merging of spirit with Spirit…

A people captivated by Father’s presence is coming to the forefront. In this place there is a constant pull, desire and longing to be One with Father. Nothing of this world should keep our focus and we are to hold on loosely to anything this world has to offer us. 

Two months ago Father said to me “I am stripping you of every worldly system Ebigale”. Immediately I saw a vision of myself sitting on the floor, my gaze towards heaven and Father continued “It is about a vertical relationship between you and Me, Ebigale…Where I untangle you daily of everything that can come between us…I am bringing you to a place where you are captivated by My gaze alone and to be One with Me, your only desire.”

In this time the coming away with Father is of utmost importance. It will be the ones that put a demand on heaven through intimacy and worship that will step into a limitless space in Father and experience His new.

The wilderness of heart transformation birthed a people who only has eyes for Jesus. It will be the laid down lovers and worshippers overtaken and invaded by Father that will experience the “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard” season where the supernatural will be our norm.

Father is wooing His bride to meet with Him…

Proverbs 16: 1~ The preparation of the heart belong to man…

Acts 17: 28~ In Him we live and move and have our being.

1 Corinthians 2: 9~ What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived- the things God has prepared for those who love Him.

Psalm 45: 10 -11~ Now listen daughter, pay attention, and forget about your past. Put behind you every attachment to the familiar, even those who once were close to you!

For your royal Bridegroom is ravished by your beautiful brightness, Bow in reverence to Him, for He is your Lord! 

— Ebigale Wilson




Love Poured Out

I want to stay hidden in You

May everything I am

flow from this

deep place in You

Not a step without You

Everywhere I tread may

I represent You

Leave a glimpse of Your heart

To everyone I come

into contact with

Emptied of self

Your representative of Love

An oracle of Your heart

My life a prophetic 

poem of Love poured out.

— Ebigale Wilson





I had to test your heart…

Strenuous training to form My heart within you daughter…

You never gave up…You have pressed through the pain, the many questions, endless attacks…

You have stepped into an unknown space in Me, unknown to the masses….

Reserved for the lovers of My presence…the worshipers…the intimacy seekers…

I am so proud of you…You have passed the tests…I will now guide you home…

In the secret place 

Away from all eyes

I meet with You

I drink You in

I am One with You

Round and round 

You spin me

Joy unspeakably 

A moment in time

I am finally here

Tasting the heights and 

depth of Your love

Your dreams for me

A Shulamite daughter

You dress in Light

Many paths lead me here

An enigma

A living epistle

My scroll I am walking out

Dreams unfolding

Captured by the One I love

I finally belong…

— Ebigale Wilson




Your Majesty Unfolding

Daughter I created you to search and find this deep place in Me…I have waited so long for you to find Your way to the centre of My heart. 

I always told you that your wilderness will be your most fruitful place… Here you ran into Me when you had nowhere to turn.

I stripped you of earth…now your only focus is Me…Nothing of this world clings to you.

A battle over your heart…Deep calls unto deep…Spirit to spirit…Your wilderness your most fruitful place…In the wilderness I moved in…

Ascending to spaces unknown 

You lead the way

I follow suit

My natural…meets with Your Supernatural 

You taking me higher

Deeper…till there is no obstacles 


Depths unvisited 

Gasping for breath

Undone by the weight of Your glory

I tread lightly as atmospheres give way

To Your Majesty unfolding….

— Ebigale Wilson