Journey Of Becoming

Many started this journey of becoming

My set apart bride

Then gave up half way

Like Orpah you never heard

what they had to say

The Ruth’s didn’t back down

When pain knocked on their doors

They saw it as an invitation

to go higher and deeper with their King

They didn’t listen when the enemy

begged them to stay

Familiarity wanted to keep them in chains

They preferred to walk the path unknown

They had places to go

They had giants to slay

Territories to take in

Valuable lessons to learn

They held fast to Papa’s promises and dreams

Defended it with their lives

Gave birth to faith without boundaries

They weren’t moved by others

opinions of them

They were desperate to be

One with their King

Worked tirelessly

To gather the spoils

Now it is time to rejoice and to sing

In the background away

from all eyes

They were trained under

the watchful eye of their King

Beautified on the fields of despair

Don’t you dare keep them locked in

They are meant to be free

They have paid a high price

They walked through the wilderness

The blazing hot sun

Tasted defeat

Yet the calling on their lives

would not let them settle

For anything less than Papa’s best

This journey of purification and separation

stripped them to the core

They never allowed despair to move in

Old mindsets were broken

Hearts were set free

They stepped out to embrace

the unfamiliar

Became My bride

while still in mourning

They knew they had to move by My spirit

Greater things were waiting

outside of their comfort zone

A love story of becoming My set apart bride

A King and His endless love for His daughters

A covenant sealed with His blood

That will echo through eternity

Only because the Ruth’s chose to embrace

every dream their King had for them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Journey Of Becoming

The Journey


Hold On My Child

I know many of My son’s and daughter’s

are battle weary

Many are ready to throw in the towel

This has been a season of endless

challenges and trials for many

They feel defeated and drained

Everywhere they turn

the enemy is turning on the heat

And all they can do is watch

how their lives are spinning out of control

One moment everything still fine

The next moment everything falls apart

I see you standing with a finished puzzle

in your hand

The next moment it falls

to the ground

Pieces scattered everywhere

You fall to the ground trying

to collect the pieces

Then you realize that it’s going to take you

forever to put everything back together

You look up, defeated and lost

For its a reminder of your life

Spinning out of control

You hanging on by a thread

That’s how many feel at this moment

Your life feels scattered

All over the place

Your mind is racing

Trying to think of solutions

It feels like nothing will ever work out

Like there is no way out of all the challenges

That is choking the life out of you

Hold on to Me my child

I know you feel like hiding

You feel so alone

My voice has become quiet

You think I have left you

to fend for yourself

I am always with you

Even in your darkest hour

When your pain overtakes

every part of you

And you feel like your heart will never run free

I am working on your behalf behind the scenes

Making everything beautiful

in My time

I will come through for you

Like I always have

In this last stretch I would

want you to hide in Me

Focus on My plans and purposes for you

Focus on My dreams and promises

Know that I am true to My word

I will steady your heart and mind

As you seek My face

Don’t fight your battle’s in your flesh

Rest while I fight for you

For it’s not by might ,nor by power,

but by My Spirit

Let faith be your anchor

While I strengthen every

weak place in you

Look back over your life

I was always there to carry you through

every trying time

Why would I leave you now?

You are on My schedule and

We are right on time!

Soon you will marvel as every piece

of your puzzle will fall into place

You will taste My goodness

As it is payback time!

Every area of your life where the enemy

thought he had the upper hand

Will experience divine breakthrough

I am accelerating you into

every dream I have for you

Hold fast dear one

Let no one steal your focus

My anointing will destroy every yoke.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On My Child

The Journey

Sold Out

My child, you are sold out to Me

When everything that this world has to offer

Is of no value to you

When dying daily is your focus

To embrace every dream I have for you

My presence your oasis

Where we meet and you are filled to the brim

Ready to face the world

And what it has to offer

Even when you’re handed difficulty

You smile in the face of your adversaries

Knowing that I am your strong tower

You need only run to Me

When money and success are mere words

Compared to the satisfaction

you have found In Me

When the things of the world

fade in the background

And the refiners fire melts

our heart’s together

And heavenly realms are

your abiding place

No one and nothing

Can imitate this love affair we have

Everything that once held your gaze

Fades in the background

My love has disrupted your existence

You only exist, because I exist

You only are, because I am

I am your joy, your strength

My grace invaded every part of your heart

Every chain that confined you

Dropped to the ground

Your heart runs free

Few will come to this point

Where it’s all about Me

and what I want to do

through emptied out vessels

You cannot fill your hand’s

with the things of this world

And expect to walk in My power and might

It’s a journey of letting go

To find Me in the midst of your pain

In the midst of heartache and betrayal

In the midst of losses

Your hands now empty

Like Paul you count everything as rubbish

For you have found the One

Who has ravished your heart

The places you found Me

Other’s might see as loss and defeat

You look through different lenses

Your heart now beats to the drum

of a different beat

Luring you further away

to what once held your gaze.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Sold Out

The Journey

You Left Me Behind

Gasping for air

Everything a tailspin

It happened so suddenly

You were taken from me

Life didn’t give me time to prepare

Life didn’t give me time

to say goodbye

To reminisce about what you meant to me

Like a ton of bricks

I hit the floor

Trying to pick up the pieces

Through my deepest agony

I never knew that pain could run so deep

Sobs coming from an unknown place

deep within

A place I never knew existed

Why oh why God?

Do I have to carry this burden?

This agony is tearing

my body to pieces

Darkness moved in

Dreadfulness now my shadow

Pulling me deeper and deeper

to a place of no return

A place I sometimes wish

I could stay

The moment you left me behind

To fend for myself

That moment I lost my desire

to live and to love

Sadness now my daily bread

Oh how I wish for a brief moment with you

I would hold on to you and never let go

Tell you how greatly you were loved

The prints that you left

Will soon fade away

but the prints on my heart

Are carved in stone

Life will never be

as I knew it

In my darkest hour

I was reminded of Jesus’s darkest hour

When the One who never sinned died for me

The unfathomable pain

my Papa had to go through…

Only because of His great

love for me and you

He can relate to my agony and pain

He walked the parth

I chose to forego

He drank the bitter cup

I prefer to push away

Walking through the valley

of the shadow of death

Alone and away from His presence

With many questions on our lips

Only our pain to keep us company

One day we will understand, why!

Different seasons

A time to every purpose

under the heaven

Now a time to weep

Soon we will laugh again

Peace that surpasses all understanding

will be our portion

Papa will love us back to life

Back to His heart.

~ Ebigale Wilson

You Left Me Behind

The Journey

Darkness Had To Leave

How does it feel

Alone in your corner

Hiding your face

Away from the world

I know that your heart

hurts beyond words

Unbearable pain

choked the life out of you

It’s safer here

Away from all eyes

Will you ever find the pieces

of your broken heart

Amongst the vague glimpses

of a future that awaits

When pain ruled your life

You have decided to listen

to darkness within

Drifting further and further away

from your King

Why let darkness decide your destiny?

Holding on to pain

While you possess so much greatness within

So many gifts lay barren

You don’t even know they exist

Clinging to dead things

Dying little by little

Overcome by what life handed to you

Why give darkness

so much power?

Come out of the corner

My child

Step into My light

Let My presence infiltrate

every part of your heart

My glorious light will empower you

Your face will tell a new story

of hope and of mountain moving faith

Let your mouth sing of

My kindness and love

Let your feet dance

To the rhythm of only My voice

Together we will overcome every obstacle

Standing in your way

Mountains we will move

Oceans we will cross

Visit uncharted territories discovered by few

You will leap

You will dance

You will sing a new song

Of a God who turned around

every tragedy for your good

Step out My child

Many captives are waiting

Go to the outskirts

The ghettos

The cities

Be My container of love

Invade every weary soul

Bring healing to every torn heart

Till every prodigal will

be changed by My love

My identity now embedded in you

Gone the wounded child

I am your safe place

You have stepped out

Scared and alone

You did not back down

A warrior was born

Out of the ashes you rose

Your heart stubbornly free

Ready to move to the sound

of only My voice

A brave son and daughter

Darkness had to leave.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Darkness Had To Leave

The Journey

Deep Within Her

Darkness has moved in

It feels like it has become

her dwelling place

She feels so defeated

She does not know

if she can go on

Will her heart be able to take another knock?

On and on it goes

It never stops

The heat gets turned up

Higher and higher

The enemy always ready

with another blow

She is so tired

Her body aches

She wishes she could escape

Dissappear for a while

Warfare was worse this time around

How can she still stand

When around every corner

a demon stands

Ready to take her out

Her body tense

She has no fight left

Giving up looks so appealing

She closes her eyes

Transported to a place

she chose not to be at

It would be so easy to make

this place her resting place

To forget all her fears

The unending struggles

To just let go for once

Give darkness a chance

Papa’s voice deep within 

would not let her give up

You are stronger than you think dear one

Just breath, you know I believe in you

The enemy knows your future

That is why he will do everything

to keep you bound to your pain

Keep your eyes on My promises

The time of release is here

Hold on with all your might

Don’t retreat!

Stand your ground!

Soon you will look back

and understand why

the attacks were so severe

Deep within, her fight came forth

She opens her eyes

A gentle smile

now covers her face

For a mere moment the enemy

thought he had control

Papa always shows up

when she thinks she is alone

He takes us to oceans deep

Where He has full control

Where we have no option

but to let go

Out in the open seas

We lean into Him

While we face our fears

Till He becomes our rest

Our perfect peace

Warriors don’t give up

They don’t retreat

They hold on

with all their might

Bruised and battered

Crushed to the ground

They always get up!

Giving up…

Oh no they won’t!

Their strength is perfected

on the battlefield

Their faith gets wings

while they still bleed

Looking back

the growth is evident

Battles had its purposes

You are no longer weak

A warrior was birthed

She will take her place

Next to her King

She will rule

She will reign

It is time for the battlefield

to release every dream!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Deep Within Her

The Journey

Delicate You Are To Me

You are stronger than you think

Break loose from the chains

that want to keep you bound

Break loose from the voices

that want to silence you

Break free from the mind games

the enemy so bluntly plays

Don’t give anyone the power

to determine your future

Get your fight back!

You are not a victim to your circumstance

You are so much stronger than you think

You hold every key to your future in your hand

Your restoration and new beginning awaits

Within your surrender

You were created to taste joy

To embrace His dreams for you

Leave a legacy of faith

You are stronger than you think

For too long the enemy

played you like a puppet

Pulling the strings

While you danced to his tune

Cut the string!

Say goodbye to what was

With Papa next to you

you can face any enemy

Swim through rough seas

Face every fiery furnace

Daughter, you were born

to be free!

Shake the dust off your feet

Dance only to Papa’s heartbeat

You don’t have to face the future alone

He has been waiting

He is ready when you are

You are no longer a victim

He paid the price for His children

to taste freedom

You might feel like you don’t have strength

Too many battles already fought

Always losing

The enemy always ready

with blow after blow

You are stronger than you think

Papa believes in you

Everything you need

is found in Him

Don’t let pain determine your future

You are most fruitful

when you bleed

You have the power

to reverse every curse

Generations are bound and in pain

Because we have lost our will to fight

You’re not a quitter!

You were made to fight and to win

To take back everything stolen

We were created to rule and to reign

To walk in His favour

To swim in His oil

No demon can stop us

We won’t stop

till every promise

Is fulfilled by His hand

Change the direction of your life

It’s in your hand’s

Heaven’s already approved

your come back

You need to get up

Get your orders from Papa

For too long you dwelled in the desert

With no hope in sight

Acceleration to break forth

in every area of your life

is available

Lean into Papa

He holds the map of your breakthrough

and turnaround

He is ready to invade every broken heart

Every weak daughter

He will help to her feet

He will sing and dance over you

Till the only voice you hear

is Him leading you to waters of rest.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Delicate You Are To Me

“Stronger Than You Think”

The Journey

An Offering To Her King

There’s just something about a woman

who tasted defeat but refused to be a victim

Who rose above her pain

and turned it into glory

An offering to her King

She once was broken to the core

Excruciating pain knocked on her door

She could have made it her habitation

Lingered and dwelled

on what was handed to her

She preferred to rise above

what was sent to numb her

She had Papa right by her side

She couldn’t let pain

predict her life

She arose and she broke the barriers

sent to curb her

Broke down walls

that were sent to stop her

She had Papa right by her side

Lovingly leading and guiding her

Healing her heart and invading her life

With His consuming love

She could not stay the same

He taught her to look differently

at what was handed to her

Looking through His eyes

She saw an oasis of learning curves

Meant to elevate her

Never to harm her

She possessed the power to change

every setback into a come back

To turn what the enemy meant to harm her

Into a love song to her King

When you look at her

There’s no trace of her past

She resembles Papa’s heart

She is His warrior daughter

Ready to invade and to conquer

Uproot and to pull down

To decree and declare

the faithfulness of her King

She was created for this!

Her pain introduced her

to her destiny

She is where Papa longed for her to be!

She is courageous and bold

His battle axe and weapon of war

Yet, she is kind and compassionate

She is drenched in Papa’s love

He has turned her mourning into dancing

Unspeakable joy is now her portion

Together they retrieve

what the enemy stole

There’s no time to waste

Mountain moving faith

has become her dwelling place

She is Papa’s daughter

She learned from the best!

~ Ebigale Wilson

An Offering To Her King

The Journey

Restored By His Love

She looks up

and I recognise her

A smile lit up her face

When she sees me

I can get lost

in her eyes filled with love

I can get lost in the hug that she gives me

I can get lost in the One who restored her

Does His love really have the ability

to restore a person back to His heart?

Set them free from fear and demonic oppression controlling them for years?

She told me that it was a revelation

of Papa’s love that forever changed her

A christian for years

Yet she was still bound in

fear and despair

Her mind always cluttered

Her body bowed low

For she didn’t know

Who she was in Christ

Papa took her on a journey

of discovering His love

Sometimes He separates us

from everyone we love

We go to our cave’s

For circumstances force us to visit there

We throw tantrums, because why would Papa lead us this way?

This was not on our to do list

Yet Papa knows that this detour

will forever change us

How long we stay here

Will be up to us

There is always something important to do

Yet the cave will be our place

of restoration and healing

Of dealing with everything under the mat

Papa will walk us through each painful step

Till we’re overcome by His joy

and we’re changed by His love

We go through relationship

and health challenges

Might lose our job, house or a loved one

There might be deep pain that

we never dealt with

We might struggle with insecurities, rejection, or deep pain

These things can keep us

in bondage and chains

Hindering us to discover

our position in Christ

The cave awakens our God given dreams

In the confinement we discover

our strength within

We discover that our challenges

are our training ground

It was never meant to

destroy us

Only to catapult us

into Papa’s will for us

Many times we want to give up

Not realising the strength we posses

Pressing through darkness

We worship

We pray

Then one day we wake up

and we are changed in His presence

Our hearts beat in rhythm

With the One called Love

Walking away from me

She leaves a trail of His amazing heart

She is a woman on a mission

Washed and restored by His blood

His love made her brave

She is running on waves with her King

Ready to bind up every broken

heart she encounters

To proclaim liberty to every captive daughter

To open every prison door

to them that are bound.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Restored By His Love

The Journey

The One Who Completes Me

You allured me into the wilderness

The last place I wanted to be

So many other choices I fancied

The front seat

A stage

Fame and fortune

Why did you have to take me this route?

I thought I was Your darling child

Handpicked for greatness

With my coat of many colours

Ready to show off my knowledge

My pride

My ego

Without realising…my downfall

You saw further than my head knowledge

Gleaning and talking of other’s testimonies

Making it my own

Though I never wore their shoes

When You called me away from the crowd

I saw it as punishment

Not knowing that my life would be

forever wrecked by Your heart

You knew I still needed to wait for a while

The stage and the front seat

Would be my downfall

My character did not portray Your heart

Oh I could sound very “christianese”

Yes!! I could even play the part

Yet, I could not copy

When deep calls unto deep

When she is overcome and undone

by a brush of His presence

When she worships without borders

and her heart is changed

In the presence of her King

I had to surrender to my wilderness period

Let go of my head knowledge

Fall on my face

Till I was wrecked by the power

of Papa’s love and

His kindness towards me

Till He became my closest companion

The One who completes me

Who would have thought that the wilderness held the key to every dream Papa had for us

Fruitfulness is waiting in the wilderness

The more I let go of my flesh

The more You unpacked greatness within me

Hiding all along under my pride

my ego, and my will

You are worth more than the scraps

I was willing to give

Chasing after fame and fortune

Was never Your dream for me

You want to hold my gaze

Your presence should be

my most prized possession

Where I am emptied

but filled to the brim by Your love

Today I am Your covenant daughter

Betrothed to You forever

Stripped of what I thought

was important

Emptied but filled to overflow

With grain

With new wine

With fresh oil.

~ Ebigale Wilson

The One Who Completes Me

The Journey