Never Too Late

A life wasted

Chasing after sin

Pride swallowed me in

To places I never thought

I would visit

I had places to go

Money to make

Success winked at me

I could not ignore the tug

on my heart

Success and worldly riches

more important

Then leaving a legacy of a

changed life

I guess the price was too

high to pay

The dreams Papa had for me

I chucked out by the door

Together with everyone

who spoke life over me

Blinded to my short comings

I prefer to never confront

my fears

Walked with many scars

Hid behind different masks

Like a puppet on a string

I danced to the enemy’s lies

Mesmerised by sin

I made it my habitation

Chased empty dreams

Instead of eliminating my fears

For it was all about me and

my selfish needs

I have places to go

I have money to chase

I couldn’t care less of the

trail of a life wasted

I left behind

Please don’t ask me to pause

for a while

To take a look at the ashes

I leave behind

There’s no time to deal with

the pain of my past

The world is waiting

I don’t care about the hearts

I trample on

There was a time,

not too long ago

Though it seems so distant now

When Papa’s dreams was

still my dreams

His plans and purposes

important to Me

Till the enemy came in and

he painted his pictures

Of what a significant life

looks like

Looking through his eyes

I fell; hook, line and sinker

for his lies

I embraced it,

I made it mine

The pictures of wealth, success and sin, blew my mind

Oh, but he never showed me

the end

The costly price I had to pay

I sold my soul

I believed all his lies

He studied me for years

He knew all my voids

He knew my fears

The pain from the past

I never dealt with

He lured me in and I followed

him blindly

He pressed all the right buttons

The pain I chose to ignore

He used as bait to explore

My dreams turned into ashes

It slipped through my fingers

As I drifted further and further away from His presence

The One who loves me through all my wondering

Is still waiting for me

to die to self

Papa’s love for me,

still as vast as the ocean

He will never let go of me

I was the reason He hung

on a cross

It’s never to late

To return to His heart.

Mark 8:36  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

~ Ebigale Wilson

Never Too Late

The Journey



All of a sudden life as she knew it was out by the door

Her heart torn to pieces

Sobs racing through her body

From a place deep within

agony screams

Why Father does it have to be

this way?

One attack after the other

Seems like she is on the radar

of the enemy daily

So many lessons to learn!

So many battles to fight!

She didn’t know, Papa was training her how to war

At that moment all she could see was her pain

Strength from deep within arose

Pain won’t rule her life

She knows who her anchor is

The enemy will never win

In the background she can hear the lyrics of ‘I remember’

She softly joins in ‘I remember You have always been faithful to me…’

It’s like she has been injected with a supernatural dose of faith

Worship does have this effect

on her

She dances before her King

Till joy fills her being and she can see clearly again

Faith means movement

To see Papa’s promises and dreams come to life

She has battles to win

Demons to eliminate

One foot in front of the other

She will hold fast and not

believe the enemies lies

Warriors retaliate they don’t retreat

Born in times of adversity

They do not focus on challenges

They focus on growth and expanding the Kingdom of God

Taking back daily what the enemy stole

Losing not an option

They were born to win

Processes necessary to bring them in line with the heart

of the King

No demon in hell will stop her

She will be a battle axe and weapon of war in the hands of her King

She was known to be weak

Always in the background

Papa used adversity and trials to train her

He knew the strength she unknowingly possessed

She was called to be His warrior bride

Her and many others were handpicked by the Father

Adversity and trials didn’t break her

She discovered her calling while bleeding

Now she is ready to be used, wherever the need may be

She won’t allow those that are

still bound

To be ruined, destroyed

She will take up her sword

Stand in the gap

Decree and declare

Do what Papa expects of her

Shackles will fall and bondages will break

When she dances on the sound of Papa’s heart beating through her

Challenges in whatever direction

Father will use her

She embraced her journey

Not moved by other’s opinions of her

He is her peace in the midst of turmoil

He trained her when to fight and when to be still

Her confidence in His love for her made her fearless and bold

Distracted by no one

She focuses on the assignment’s

of her King

She learned to hold on to hope in the midst of trials

Her faith has grown immensely

Many have given up along the way

That won’t be her legacy

When one day she stands in the presence of her King

She wants to hear “Good and faithful daughter, you have done well!”

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

The Great Physician

I see the mask you hide behind

I see the pain you cover up

I look past your countenance

And see your heart filled with pain

I am the Great physician

I fill the empty places in your heart

with My presence

Your past I erase with My blood

And as you move closer to Me

My light fills every dark place

in your heart

I rejoice over you with gladness

I quiet you with My love

I rejoice over you with singing

You are the one I love

My grace covers you like a veil

I will heal your heart

and deepest pain

I will betroth you unto Me forever

Like a wife longs for the affection

and love of her husband

You will search for My presence

at any cost

Prepare yourself to be

One with Me

My end time bride,

I will come for you

You will no longer call Me

your Master

For you will know Me intimately

Move past the veil

There is so much more for

you to see!

Come drink from Me

Come dance with Me

Be One with Me

I hold the key to every

barren place in your life

In Me you will find everything

you need

I paid the price so that you

can be free

From everything entangling you

I long to hold you close

So that you will discover

My perfect rest

And never be in search

of temporary satisfaction

It’s time for you to remove

your mask

To embrace My love

To run with Me

Come sit at My feet

and drink from Me

Look in Me eyes

what do you see?

I am so in love with you!

Surrender everything to Me

Place it in My hands

Look deep into My eye’s

You will see your reflection

Your identity only found in Me

I am the Great physician

I specialize in birthing

new hearts and lives

And as you minister to Me

in the secret place

I will minister My heart for you

I have created you to be

in love with Me!

I rejoice over you with gladness

I quiet you with My love

I rejoice over you with singing

You are the one I love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Great Physician

The Journey


Before You were born

I already knew you

Every day fashioned for you

Was written in your book

My eyes behold the journey

set out for you

Still a blank canvas,

but soon it would be covered

By different colours

Some colours beautiful

Some dark and taking you to places

you wish you didn’t have to visit

Every day I am creating a Masterpiece

within the depths of your heart and your beautiful frame

That would impact and change not only yourself but every one you come into contact with

The bright pink and red of your heart

Giving each person a glimpse

of My heart filled with love for them

I use many different colours

to create your work of art

I don’t just choose the pastels and beautiful bright colours to create a work of art

I use the dark browns in your autumn seasons

The different shades of grey

and blacks in winter seasons

Many times in these trying seasons

you beg of me to choose the pastels

and bright colours

To bring just a glimpse of light

In the dark places you find yourself in

But many times in these trying times

I am silent and distant

And you yearn for a stroke of My love

to run through your work of art

To feel the warmth of My presence empowering you to withstand the heat of the fiery furnace you find yourself in

These times you long for Me

to pick up the orange, red and green paints

To show that My hand is still alive in your life

That I am still in control

of every stroke of paint

You don’t understand that every colour palette

is so necessary to create within you

a work of art

I see the end product and I know

that by using these dark colours

I am daily busy to build My heart within you

Though it’s not nice when the strokes

of dark paint touch your heart

Know that these trying times

will give birth to your most fruitful times

I do a deep work within you

Preparing you to have faith without borders

Trust beyond measure

Hope beyond every dark stroke

of paint that I might use

This day I want you to embrace

the dark greys and black

To come out from behind the veil

Face your fears

Visit the tombs of the past

Take off your mask

Reveal the dark parts of your heart

that have never tasted freedom

That is still in shackles

Still bound by a painful past

Our lifes were disrupted by strokes

of dark paint

It was better to hide away

Then to face your fears

Easier to put on your mask

Easier to play the role of a magnificent canvas

Yet behind the veil you cry

Longing for your heart to run free

Know that I hold every colour

in My hand

Waiting for you to let go

To embrace My journey

of restoration and love

Let go of all anger and pain

Let go of the dark colours

clouding your heart

Hand Me the brush

Masterpieces take time to create

Every one of my show piece’s

go through much training

They surrender to the process

Embrace the journey

set out for them

They know they can trust Me

That in time they will see

what I saw all along

My daughters restored back to My heart

filled with love for them

Bringing life to every dead place

They have placed in My hands

I choose each colour and you

surrender though you might not understand

In the end all the colours will be connected

to form a beautiful work of art

You will see how the dark seasons lead you to the future that I have planned for you

You will stand in amazement

When I am done with you

I am coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle

A bride who has dealt with

all the dark spots on her canvas

Who surrendered to the process

fully under My control

A bride who surrendered

to the dark seasons

and the lessons to be learned

She will look back and see how I used every colour to create a masterpiece within her

The dark season’s birth

My heart filled with compassion

and kindness within her

This is a time where I am doing

a quick work in My daughters

There’s no more time to waste

Deal with the dark spots

Stop hiding and take off your mask

I will walk you through every dark time

Generations are waiting

to taste freedom through you

I am breathing new life over you

A new season is dawning

Breakthrough in every dark place

Launching you

into the path

set out for you

There is no more time to waste

Get ready

Be ready to be My Masterpiece

colouring the world in with My heart

beating through you.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

I am Ready To Perform My Word

Recently I had a dream where I was in a elevator that was falling from high in the sky. It was dark outside and the elevator was falling at a fast pace. I was inside the lift and so scared because I knew I was going to die at any moment.

All of a sudden the scene changes, from one of darkness and death to a new scene where I was flying supernaturally over a magnificent turquoise, blue sea. I could feel Papa holding on to me loosely. He let me move at a supernatural pace over the beautiful sea and beautiful green grass and flower patches.

Every time these beautiful patches of grass and flowers would appear, Papa would lower me to slide through it. I was in awe and experienced so much joy at that moment, because I knew I was safe and that Papa came through for me, at the right time.

I know that many can relate to this dream and that Papa wanted me to share it with you.

Many felt like I did in the first part of the dream over the past year, but especially the last three months. The enemy really turned up the heat in our lives and the attacks were taken to new levels and at times many felt that they were left alone to fend for themselves. Many literally felt the enemy choking the life out of them.

Many are waiting on Papa to perform His word, but instead it felt like the enemy did everything in his power to keep us distracted and in a place of confusion and no movement.

Yet Papa would want you to know that although you felt like you were going backwards and stuck, He was and still is at work behind the scenes on your behalf.

Many took a position of rest because of all the confusion and delays and that is exactly where Papa wanted you to be. All the lessons learned during your wilderness, the ups and downs, birthed something within you of eternal value. Every trial and painful experience had its purpose and soon everything will fall into place.

You might feel like you are ready to give up on Papa and His promises for you, but that is what the enemy wants you to think, that is why the attacks were endless. He knows the plans and purposes Papa has for you, that is why he will do everything in his power to get you to give up. He knows that you are closer to your breakthrough then you could ever imagine.

All of a sudden, at the right time Papa will come through for you. It will be the perfect time. Everything will fall into place and you will be in awe of how He used every setback and trial to work for your good. Papa had to take all of us on different journeys, different battles, different challenges to birth that which He needed to put on display through us. Nothing we went through was in vain, we will look back and see that everything worked for our good.

You might find yourself still in the first scene of my dream, spiralling downwards fast, with no hope in sight, but know that Papa will be true to His word. Rest in Him while He does what we cannot do. There’s many angelic activities behind the scenes, working on your behalf.

Your breakthrough will come suddenly and you will experience deep joy, because of the goodness and faithfulness of Papa. Hold on to every promise and keep your focus, you have come too far to give up now. He only has good plans for you!

Jeremiah 1:11-12: Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see the branch of an almond tree”

Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word”

~ Ebigale Wilson

I am Ready To Perform My Word

The Journey

He Spoke Life Over Me

He walked passed me

and He saw me

When no one saw me

Alone, struggling in my own blood

Fighting my own fights

He spoke life over me

I was not even aware of His love for me

I was not even aware of my need of a Saviour

Living a life of compromise

No safe place or someone I could call home

Searching for anything and anyone

To fill this big hole in my heart

I tried to fill it with alcohol, tattoos, piercings, sex, you name it…I’ve probably done it

My way of dealing with

this nagging emptiness

Which I could never give a name

Avoid facing my fears

Too much effort to deal with it

Easier to go with the flow

The list of my ‘painkillers’

grew longer and longer

Don’t most of us have our own?

Yet, it could never remove my pain


Still I would never admit to it

Pride kept me bound

Darkness my norm and the standard I lived by

I never knew that a life of freedom

was available to me

Till He passed by me

and spoke life over me

He said ‘Live’ to the desperate me

The ‘me’ living a life of lies

One encounter that would forever

transform me

One word was all I needed

To open my eyes to the rags

I was dressed in

For the first time

I knew I was worthy

‘Live’ meant that someone saw me

That I was not a mistake

That I was worthy of a love so great

He passed by me again and

it was my time for love

He washed off my blood

together with my past

Anointed me with oil

Covered my nakedness

that was visible to all

My past and my pain

He erased it all

He swore an oath and entered into

a covenant with me

A wayward child whose

Life story was now rewritten

with His precious blood

A covenant that would stand the tests of time

The processes of the journey

Different seasons and times

Through the highs and lows

The valleys and mountains

because I knew Who was with me

Transforming me daily to be more like Him

I was clothed in fine linen and covered with silk

Sandals of badger skin were put on my feet

Adorned with silver and gold

Put on display for everyone to see

That no one is beyond

His amazing grace

Different journeys

He can use us all

He perfects us daily by His grace

Our limps

Our struggles

Our shortcomings

Turned into testimonies

Changing atmospheres wherever we go

Touching hearts as we journey on

Spreading the Good News

that started it all.

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Spoke Life Over Me

The Journey

A God So Amazing

You didn’t allow me to give up

To find myself out of Your will

You were determined to walk me through

my afflictions and trials

In the midst of every storm

You were there for me

Reminding me time after time

To only see Your dreams for me

Though pain followed me like a cloud

You never left my side

Holding my hand,

when I stood alone

Wiping my tears,

when I couldn’t go on

Interceding for me,

when I couldn’t pray

When I was too weak to fight,

You were on the frontlines

My warrior who never loses a fight

Day after day

Month after month

My faith grew wings

I am amazed by Your love

I am lost in Your will

Longing to go deeper still

Faith took me to places

I never knew existed in You

In trust without borders

I found perfect peace

In a God, I never saw

Yet, I saw His hand alive in My life

I know the fragrance of His presence

Saw how His love healed every part

of my broken heart

In my highs and my lows

My deepest pain and my joys

In times when giving up

Looked so appealing

He would not let me go

He held on to me

Leading me back to His light

I couldn’t but trust

in a God so amazing

Who showed Himself faithful

Time after time

The times when I am falling

to pieces and fear crept in

He picks me up

Cleans me up

Sings love songs over me

Reminding me of His covenant with me

I have encountered a love so strong


Calling me to deeper place’s in Him

I am the fortunate one

To know the One called Love intimately

To walked a journey of becoming

The best version of Me

Only because Papa never gave up on me

Supernatural peace birthed

in the trenches of life

Reckless trust my habitation

A place with no borders

Every stop sign erased

A heart awakened

Longing only after her One true Love

He takes me to places

I never thought I would visit

Higher and higher

I go with the One who holds

the whole world in His hand

Yet, He chose to chase after

every longing soul

What love is this?

I may never know,

but I know I was forever changed

and overtaken by a God so amazing.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A God So Amazing

The Journey

Journey Of Becoming

Many started this journey of becoming

My set apart bride

Then gave up half way

Like Orpah you never heard

what they had to say

The Ruth’s didn’t back down

When pain knocked on their doors

They saw it as an invitation

to go higher and deeper with their King

They didn’t listen when the enemy

begged them to stay

Familiarity wanted to keep them in chains

They preferred to walk the path unknown

They had places to go

They had giants to slay

Territories to take in

Valuable lessons to learn

They held fast to Papa’s promises and dreams

Defended it with their lives

Gave birth to faith without boundaries

They weren’t moved by others

opinions of them

They were desperate to be

One with their King

Worked tirelessly

To gather the spoils

Now it is time to rejoice and to sing

In the background away

from all eyes

They were trained under

the watchful eye of their King

Beautified on the fields of despair

Don’t you dare keep them locked in

They are meant to be free

They have paid a high price

They walked through the wilderness

The blazing hot sun

Tasted defeat

Yet the calling on their lives

would not let them settle

For anything less than Papa’s best

This journey of purification and separation

stripped them to the core

They never allowed despair to move in

Old mindsets were broken

Hearts were set free

They stepped out to embrace

the unfamiliar

Became My bride

while still in mourning

They knew they had to move by My spirit

Greater things were waiting

outside of their comfort zone

A love story of becoming My set apart bride

A King and His endless love for His daughters

A covenant sealed with His blood

That will echo through eternity

Only because the Ruth’s chose to embrace

every dream their King had for them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Journey Of Becoming

The Journey

Hold On My Child

I know many of My son’s and daughter’s

are battle weary

Many are ready to throw in the towel

This has been a season of endless

challenges and trials for many

They feel defeated and drained

Everywhere they turn

the enemy is turning on the heat

And all they can do is watch

how their lives are spinning out of control

One moment everything still fine

The next moment everything falls apart

I see you standing with a finished puzzle

in your hand

The next moment it falls

to the ground

Pieces scattered everywhere

You fall to the ground trying

to collect the pieces

Then you realize that it’s going to take you

forever to put everything back together

You look up, defeated and lost

For its a reminder of your life

Spinning out of control

You hanging on by a thread

That’s how many feel at this moment

Your life feels scattered

All over the place

Your mind is racing

Trying to think of solutions

It feels like nothing will ever work out

Like there is no way out of all the challenges

That is choking the life out of you

Hold on to Me my child

I know you feel like hiding

You feel so alone

My voice has become quiet

You think I have left you

to fend for yourself

I am always with you

Even in your darkest hour

When your pain overtakes

every part of you

And you feel like your heart will never run free

I am working on your behalf behind the scenes

Making everything beautiful

in My time

I will come through for you

Like I always have

In this last stretch I would

want you to hide in Me

Focus on My plans and purposes for you

Focus on My dreams and promises

Know that I am true to My word

I will steady your heart and mind

As you seek My face

Don’t fight your battle’s in your flesh

Rest while I fight for you

For it’s not by might ,nor by power,

but by My Spirit

Let faith be your anchor

While I strengthen every

weak place in you

Look back over your life

I was always there to carry you through

every trying time

Why would I leave you now?

You are on My schedule and

We are right on time!

Soon you will marvel as every piece

of your puzzle will fall into place

You will taste My goodness

As it is payback time!

Every area of your life where the enemy

thought he had the upper hand

Will experience divine breakthrough

I am accelerating you into

every dream I have for you

Hold fast dear one

Let no one steal your focus

My anointing will destroy every yoke.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On My Child

The Journey

Sold Out

My child, you are sold out to Me

When everything that this world has to offer

Is of no value to you

When dying daily is your focus

To embrace every dream I have for you

My presence your oasis

Where we meet and you are filled to the brim

Ready to face the world

And what it has to offer

Even when you’re handed difficulty

You smile in the face of your adversaries

Knowing that I am your strong tower

You need only run to Me

When money and success are mere words

Compared to the satisfaction

you have found In Me

When the things of the world

fade in the background

And the refiners fire melts

our heart’s together

And heavenly realms are

your abiding place

No one and nothing

Can imitate this love affair we have

Everything that once held your gaze

Fades in the background

My love has disrupted your existence

You only exist, because I exist

You only are, because I am

I am your joy, your strength

My grace invaded every part of your heart

Every chain that confined you

Dropped to the ground

Your heart runs free

Few will come to this point

Where it’s all about Me

and what I want to do

through emptied out vessels

You cannot fill your hand’s

with the things of this world

And expect to walk in My power and might

It’s a journey of letting go

To find Me in the midst of your pain

In the midst of heartache and betrayal

In the midst of losses

Your hands now empty

Like Paul you count everything as rubbish

For you have found the One

Who has ravished your heart

The places you found Me

Other’s might see as loss and defeat

You look through different lenses

Your heart now beats to the drum

of a different beat

Luring you further away

to what once held your gaze.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Sold Out

The Journey