My Turning Point

When we as women do not know who we are in Christ, it leaves a void and a deep hunger within.

If this unaddressed area is not dealt with, it makes it easy for the enemy and every unhealed person we come into contact with to decide who we are and give us a false identity. That in itself is a dangerous place to find ourselves as godly women, when we allow unhealed people to be at the steer of our lives.

I remember many years ago, one Sunday morning going to the altar for prayer. Prophet Hennie prayed over me and God showed him a mirror and me standing in front of the mirror. He said that God wanted me to see myself the way He sees me. I remember sobbing uncontrollably, my heart torn to pieces and my face telling the story of a daughter who loved her heavenly dad with every fibre of her being, but also a daughter so deeply wounded and broken.

Looking back at that morning it was a turning point in my life. If only we know the heart of Papa God for the rejected, the wounded, the betrayed, the prodigal, the outcast, the ones still in their graves clothes. It is beyond human understanding how He never gives up on us, never lets go of our hands, even in our deepest sin, His love chases us down and draw us back to Him.

Some times we make the DECISION to change and then there are times that a DECISION is made on our behalf. Mine was a mixture of the two. After finding out about the infidelity of my husband, I just knew that there had to be something more to the mediocre life that I was living. It was only when I went through my personal wilderness journey with God, that I began to understand the heart of Papa God for the wounded and hurting ones. 

Alone, away from all eyes I began to see myself through His eyes, and what I saw and experienced would change the course of my life forever. It was like a light bulb has been switched on over me and for the first time in my life I saw what Papa God saw and knew all along, that I was precious in His sight, altogether lovely and beautiful and that God was madly in love with me, a daughter in pain. 

What a journey it was, painful but so worth it!!! I would not trade my wilderness for anything. The challenges and dying to self daily were tiresome and many times my past begged me to turn around, but I pressed through into Papa’s new for me. 

I had to do it for myself, my children and for every wounded person that would cross my path.

I want to encourage Papa’s beautiful daughters to step out into the unknown with Him. I always tell women that if I could make this brave decision, in my deepest pain, with no self confidence and identity they can too. Today I am mentoring and cheering other women on in their healing journeys and I love to share my testimony of how God transformed my life with His wild, untamed love. I did not deserve it, but still He thought I did.

It would never have happened had I clung to my past and pain. I love how Papa chose the weak and foolish things to confound the wise. How He looks for the one with the most issues to show His greatness. I love how Papa God always leaves the ninety nine to go after the one lost soul that happened to be me a few years ago.

— Ebigale Wilson

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Run Into Love

“And then I came by. I saw you all miserable and bloody. Yes, I said to you, lying there helpless and filthy, “Live! Grow up like a plant in the field!” And you did. You grew up. You grew tall and matured as a woman, full-breasted, with flowing hair. But you were naked and vulnerable, fragile and exposed.” —Ezekiel 16- 6,7

Not too long ago I was the woman who was helpless and filthy, broken beyond repair, rejected and scorned, tossed away like a filthy rag. No confidence and years of emotional and verbal abuse left deep, open, wounds that affected myself and everyone I came into contact with negatively. The absence of scars, a sign that I never took the time to heal.

A Christian for years, but I did not know Jesus intimately. I heard hundreds of “love” messages, but I never had an encounter with the ONE called LOVE. Till the day I ran into LOVE and came across Ezekiel 16:6~14. This passage became my life line during my journey of healing.

The days my pain would become unbearable, and I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, I would submerge myself in this passage, till Jesus’s love and presence would encircle me from every angle.

My hurting heart was unknowingly waiting to run into LOVE. Nothing other then His love can fill our empty places, our voids are reserved for only JESUS.

This beautiful passage, became my ANTHEM, my OASIS, my MEETING PLACE with Papa God. The place and space where He would fill me to the brim with His love and His kindness. His tender voice would seep into every crevice of my hurting heart, transforming me daily into the daughter He created me to be before the foundations of the earth.

Today you will notice a few scars yes, but each scar has a powerful testimony of an AMAZING FATHER who was true to His word, and who has the supernatural capacity to LOVE broken sons and daughters back to LIFE.

EZEKIEL 16:6~14 (Message translation)

“‘I came by again and saw you, saw that you were ready for love and a lover. I took care of you, dressed you and protected you. I promised you my love and entered the covenant of marriage with you. I, God, the Master, gave my word. You became mine. I gave you a good bath, washing off all that old blood, and anointed you with aromatic oils. I dressed you in a colorful gown and put leather sandals on your feet. I gave you linen blouses and a fashionable wardrobe of expensive clothing. I adorned you with jewelry: I placed bracelets on your wrists, fitted you out with a necklace, emerald rings, sapphire earrings, and a diamond tiara. You were provided with everything precious and beautiful: with exquisite clothes and elegant food, garnished with honey and oil. You were absolutely stunning. You were a queen! You became world-famous, a legendary beauty brought to perfection by my adornments. Decree of God, the Master.


Run Into Love



The Birthright Of The Chosen

Sons and daughters from 

all nations, tongues and tribes

are finding their way

To this celestial space in You

Unknown to the masses 

Stumbled upon by the desperate ones

From this space earth and heaven 

will meet at any given moment

As the remnant fulfill their heavenly call

Moving in signs and wonders

Invading and occupying spheres 

left unattended for years

The birthright of the chosen

A sacrificial love birthed through 

endless fires will bind them 

No competition, no envy, no jealousy

LOVE and UNITY the sign of a new 

Era people 

Kingdom purposes our focus

Daily we lay our desires down

Ferociously clinging to Jesus

As blueprints and strategies are released 

New things You are declaring!!

We will receive our marching orders 

Step out in Your authority

Fearless and bold

Hurry back to hide in You…..

I in You

You in me

Our new normal…..

— Ebigale Wilson

My Hour Of Visitation

Look through My eyes, lean into Me, do not miss My hour of visitation.

My new and your new might differ, so be open for change, new paths, new directions, new connections and even new alignments.

This is a time of stretching, a time of My new and uncommon.

Many are finding themselves in this wide open space in Me. It is an unfamiliar place, not previously visited and known.

You have exited the wilderness and are in a place of “waiting”.

You shall hear My voice more clearly, as your future in me is unravelling in the secret place, through downloads, revelations and prophetic dreams. 

The intensity of the “wilderness” is starting to make sense. The pain, the dying to self, the stripping and the many losses, were so necessary, because in this new place absolutely nothing of the old can cling to you. 

Every “yes” you gave me during your “wilderness” season qualifies you for the new I am declaring over you now!

I am taking My set apart ones into uncharted territories, spaces and atmospheres never been visited.

In this place your desire will only be after Me, as we will move in unison, I in you and You in Me!

Our new normal! 

— Ebigale Wilson



Our New Normal

Stumbled upon this place in You

My journey through hills and 

valleys lead me here

Never knew this place existed

I am on holy ground 

I can hardly stand

I fall to the ground

Never felt this close to You

Everything is beginning to make sense 

In this wide, open place in You

Is this the path that leads to portals 

and realms and atmospheres 

No eye has seen?

No ear hear has heard?

Reserved for those who laid down 

their lives and hearts to be One with You?

Sobs race through my body

I feel unworthy to be with You

So much of the world still clings to me

You read my heart and remove the 

last debris that could potentially hurt our covenant with a burning flame

Your love gushes through my whole being

This uninhibited love new to me

I cannot get enough of Your presence 

In awe of Your meticulous hand at 

work in my life

I resign my life again

A living sacrifice to be used by You

Time stands still….

In our place of meeting 

You and me

I – in You

Our new normal…

— Ebigale Wilson

The Journey

Emerging From Desolate Places

You thought you could stop her

Derail Papa’s dreams for her

Her broken parts visible 

Her wounded heart too

Guided by fear 

Consumed by her pain

Desolate places her home 

You thought she would die here

That the challenges of valleys 

would make her fall apart 

That she would dwell around 

waste places forever 

That storms would overcome her

Wildernesses would scare her

She now knows your attacks are

instrumental in awakening wounded daughters to their birthright

Safe places and seasons do 

not challenge and develop us

Daughters awaken in narrow places

All your attacks fell to the ground 

Father’s blood never loses its power

Angels never left our side

Daughters step into their purposes

on the enemies ground

Our true identity brought forth 

when we faced hell

Prepared and fearless

Healed and restored

Weapons of war in Father’s hand

Daughters are emerging from 

desolate places

To take a hold of Father’s new!

— Ebigale Wilson

Emerging From Desolate Places

The Journey

Human Intervention Was Not Necessary

She never stopped to invite You 

into her messes and failures

Too busy to play “God”

She tried many things

At the end of herself 

She turned to You

While everything she held onto 

slipped away

There was something different 

in the atmosphere

An unusual urgency to go on 

an adventure with You

Your voice the sound of many waters

called her out into the deep

Announcing that it was her time of Love

You entered into a covenant with her

When no one would touch her

You covered her nakedness

When no eye pitied her

You called her Your beloved 

When she was betrayed

You swore an oath to her 

When everyone left her

You were the glory in her midst 

When she was alone

Daughters lured into the wilderness

Our pain

Our brokenness 

Our failures

Our sin 

Qualified us

In the letting go of everything 

A deep untangling took place

Jesus became our deepest need

Human intervention was not necessary 

Pappa’s love was all we need

There is a place in Father where our 

spirits are awaken to only His voice

A sacred place stumbled upon 

those who laid it all down 

A place where we trade our rags 

and Father clothes us in a peace that surpasses all understanding

We can spend all eternity here

The One who won our hearts dwells here!

It took painful wildernesses journeys 

Of separation and seclusion 

Of stripping and stretching

Of dying and letting go

To know Love in all His facets

Consecrated ones dwell in this place 

where there is no limit in Him!

— Ebigale Wilson

Human intervention was not necessary

Time To Revisit My Promises

You did not know Me child

The trying seasons 

The roadblocks 

The stop signs

Had you turn to me

When your heart was broken 

you searched for Me

In the shadows

Low places

Dark nights

You held on to Me 

You cried yourself to sleep 

many times

Brokenness written over 

your heart

I loved you to wholeness

When caves were your home

Tombs your dwelling place

The voices in your head 

announcing your end

I would not let go of you

Though there were times 

you begged me to

In the wilderness I trained you

In many furnaces I purified you

Storms I used to strengthen your faith

During your most trying season

My heart and character were 

birthed in you

Before our journey you knew 

Me in part

Now your eyes have seen Me!

You experienced the depths and 

heights of My love

I have awakened every dormant 

place in you

It is time to revisit My promises

You have found favor in My sight!

—Ebigale Wilson

Time To Revisit My Promises

The Journey

It Is The Time Of The Promise

You would have prefered soft paths

Father knew it would never do

You were created for purposes 

much bigger then your thoughts 

could ever comprehend

You would have wanted to walk on 

soft places

Father would not let you settle for less than

He created you to be

You were formed in hidden places 

to shift atmospheres 

Demons tremble when they hear your name 

God set you apart 

Trained you in the dark

At times you thought of giving up

Why would a loving Father lead you on paths many never tread?

He knew you would possess many mountains

Rule and reign with His heart and 

character beating through you

Everything you have been waiting 

for is unfolding before you

Hold fast to My hand

In Me you are safe

Darkness fears you

You dont have to fear

I will take you places to 

represent My heart

Influence, influence will be your 

middle name

A sword in My hand

Bringing division to darkness and light

The battle has been won

It is your time to shine bright

I love your heart more than anything 

I see so many glimpses of Me in you 

Hold out your hands

It is the time of the promise

The fullfilment is here

Forgive and forget

The world will see in you a life holy 

and set apart for My purposes 

You will set captives free

The race has been won

My joyous one

You have been faithful 

Come get your reward

I am wiping your tears

The old is gone

Step into My glory

Come get your crown!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

“It is the time of the promise”

The Journey

Rooted In Faith She Stood

Rooted in faith she stood

A banner of Father’s grace

Broken, scorned, rejected 

Kept her position during 

her most trying times

Dark clouds are lifting

She can see clearly

Everything is falling into place 

The time of manifestation is here

The enemy watched her every move

The mountains she invaded 

The gates she possessed 

The walls she guarded 

Father’s voice her roadmap 

His blood her armour

Leading her into her promise land

Throw whatever at her

She will know what to do

Trained, steadfast, focused 

A diadem in Father’s hands

She moves as He commands

Hell could not stop her 

Summoned from an everlasting Kingdom

Tried and tested through fires 

Now she is a flame

Storms do not scare her

She was trained to ride waves

In valleys He matured her

Amongst like minded dwellers 

She found her home 

Daughters are awakening to 

higher purposes

Moving into and occupying 

dimensions never experienced

Heavenly blueprints unravelling

Father is extending His sceptre

The manifestation of Father’s  

goodness a ripple effect

As daugters accept and embrace 

heavenly mandates

We are silent no more!

— Ebigale Wilson

Rooted In Faith She Stood

The Journey