She is His darling daughter 

Her beauty was perfected in the wilderness 

Living a surrendered life

Obedience even unto death 

Papa asked of her

She couldn’t refuse the desires of her King

Material things are not important to her

She is lost to this world 

and what it has to offer

His Kingdom her focus

His presence her pursuit

His voice blows on her heart 

Every second of the day

Preparing her

Perfecting her

Equipping her

For her highest calling

She had to go on this journey 

with Her Bridegroom

They visited the wilderness

She was weak

but He is strong

When she wanted to give up

He held her up

He wouldn’t let her run back to her past

Screaming, hurt, angry at times

She persevered

Till she came to that place 

of complete surrender

She was stronger than

her past haunting her

She couldn’t give up

She could never give in

He was preparing her to slay giants

Preparing her to find her identity 

forever hidden in Him

She couldn’t let him down

She went all in

Found her purpose in her mess

Her strength on the battleground

Eliminating giant’s one by one

She could do what He said

Weak or strong

He held her hand

He wiped her tears

He was strong

when she couldn’t go on

He purifies us

in the worst of conditions

Till we come to that place 

of radical obedience

Where it is only about 

the desires and requests 

of our King

We dissappear in the background

Humbly, stripped of our flesh

To only His will

We know that as His bondservants 

we have no rights

We have no will

His Kingdom our focus

We speak

We move

We live

Only in agreement 

with our King

Whatever sacrifices, He ask of us we will bring

Kicking and screaming, but we will be obedient

We have to look like our King

to experience His glory

He invaded our lives

He moved in

Coming up out of the wilderness

We lean on Him

Stripped of our old nature

Perfected in the wilderness

We represent our King

We have no rights

We have no will

We gladly surrender to this 

faith walk with our King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 


 The Journey 


Endless Love 

I have never known You

I heard about You, yes

I now know there’s a big difference 

in knowing someone and 

hearing about someone

I heard that You raised the dead

That You healed the sick

That You died for my sin on a cross

You did this all for the sake of love

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this

Maybe for the fact that I grew up 

without a dad

Not just physically, 

but mentally and emotionaly

I needed a dad desperately

To show and tell me my worth

I guess that is why I tried to fill the void 

in my heart with “stuff” at first

I thought that the ‘cutting’ would 

calm the raging demons within

Then I thought that a ‘tattoo’ would 

make people notice me

Yet no one took the time to know me

I felt so worthless

Like I didn’t belong 

My dreams buried under 

my pain and my shame

I am someone’s daughter

I am someone’s sister

Someone’s friend

My self worth was zero

The void in my heart pushed 

me further into the dark

Clinging to dead things

To numb the pain

Then I got involved with the ‘wrong crowd’

We all were in a search to fit in

With our different masks

We could happily play the part

Then I started to experiment with ‘drugs’ 

To patch up this deep dark hole within

I drifted further and further away 

from the life I once knew

With demon’s convincing and alluring me

To unknown territories

I never thought I would visit

People noticed me now 

Yes, but it was for the wrong reasons

I was selling my soul for free

To numb the pain

To be known

Yet, no one took the time to

stop for a moment

To look past my outer appearance

To see the desperate, lonely soul within

After the drugs, the sex, the stuff

The void grew bigger

It took me too long to realize 

that no person or drug can fill this void

It was reserved for Jesus alone

I heard that this Jesus loved sinners

The woman at the well

The woman caught in adultery

Even Rehab the prostitute

knew that He had the power 

to set her free

Desperation brought me to my knees

When I felt so abandoned, rejected

Alone on the streets

No way of escape

My heart as cold as the frost on my face

His name I whispered in the darkest of nights

It was time to let go of the fight within

Though demons still tried to draw me in

You didn’t care how filthy I was

You didn’t care that I was dressed in rags

When my shame wanted me to run 

back to my past

You lifted my head 

looked into my dead eyes

And for the first time in my life

I saw what You knew all along

That I was deeply loved 

and beautiful in the eyes of my King

Your presence invaded my whole being

Every demon was set to flight

When You nursed my broken heart back to life

My heart was finally free

The moment when I encountered 

Your endless love for me

~ Ebigale Wilson

    Endless Love

    The Journey

She Still Has Hope

I look at her in amazement

I am familiar with her story

A journey filled with despair

betrayal and rejection

Once again her heart was shattered 

Tear-stains the only sign

she visited her past again

She smiles vaguely

Her eyes light up

When I ask her how she is doing

She softly whispered ‘I still believe’ 

‘That the God I serve will be true to His word’

‘I still have hope’

I look at her in disbelief

Many questions flooding my mind

Words stalling on my lips

Holy Spirit won’t allow me 

To speak my mind

I am treading on holy ground

I can sense His presence all around

She still has hope

She still believes

Though her current situation looks hopeless

She chooses to believe 

In a God who became her safe place

Lovingly leading and guiding her into His rest

Assuring her that He will always 

come through for her

She clings to His words

It saved her from herself

Time after time

She wipes her face

His peace like a cloud covering her

The wisdom on her tongue

Tells me she knows Whose she is

She invites me into their sacred place

Where she escapes to

Whenever life tries to suck the life out of her

She knows that life is a journey

With ups and downs

Detours and rocky paths

Happy time’s and sad time’s

She is just a passenger passing through

How she deals with the bittersweet times

Should leave a legacy of His love 

And grace behind

Transforming her into His image

And not the other way around

In the background I hear the song

Thy will be done’

And I cringe inside

I am so far from where my heavenly Dad

would want me to be

I still struggle with the hardness of my heart

I judge so easily

I don’t look at people the way 

my Dad looked at me

When I was so deep in my sin

May Daddy brought me to the

place of surrendering

So that only His will

will be done in my life

She knows no fear

Even when life’s not 

treating her fairly 

She doesn’t look at the condition 

of her circumstances

How dreadful and hopeless it seems

She knows that if He came through for Job, Joseph, Naomi and Esther

He will definitely come through for her

He has invaded her life

Time after time

When the pain and betrayal 

was to much to bare

He was the One pulling her through

Singing lovesongs over her

Building her faith

Today she is His warrior daughter

She never looses a battle 

when He is by her side

She gets up

Switch’s on the kettle

Turning to me, smiling, saying:

‘It is not about my pain, it’s about what He needs to accomplish through my life’‘It’s all about His Kingdom, I am just a vessel’

She still has hope

She still believe that the God she serves 

will be true to His word.

~Ebigale Wilson


   The Journey 

You Are The One I Love 

I see the mask you’re hiding behind

I see the pain you’re covering up

I look past your countenance

And see your heart filled with pain

I am the Great Physician 

I fill the empty spaces in your heart 

with My presence

Your past I erase with My blood

And as you move closer to Me

My light fills every dark place

in your life

I rejoice over you with gladness

I quiet you with My love

I rejoice over you with singing

You are the one I love

My grace covers you like a veil

I will heal your heart and deepest pain

I will betroth you unto Me forever

Like a wife longs for the affection 

and love of her husband

You will desire Me with your whole being

You will search for My presence 

at any cost

Prepare yourself to be One with Me

My end time bride

I will come for you

You will no longer call Me your master

For you will know Me intimately

My presence will be your dwelling place

Your heart will beat 

in sync with Mine

I will be your Bridegroom

your closest companion

your best friend

The One who died 

so that you can be free 

From everything 

entangling you

I long to hold you 

close in My arms

So that you will find rest 

Against My chest

It’s time for you 

To embrace My love

Escape with Me

Come sit at My feet 

and drink from Me

Look in My eyes 

what do you see?

I am so in love with you my daughter

Loosen yourself from entanglements 

keeping you bound

It’s in My presence that healing is found

I rejoice over you with gladness

I quiet you with My love

I rejoice over you with singing

You are the one I love

~ Ebigale Wilson 



I know the storms are raging 

all around you My daughter

I would want you to keep 

your eyes focused on Me

You are on a threshold of 

A new beginning in Me

Steady your heart

Steady your mind

Know that I go before you 

through every storm 

You are never alone

Don’t look so confused

Don’t let your challenges 

rule your emotions

You should be so hidden in Me

Know that when the waves 

come crashing over you

I will protect you

I will hold you up 

When you feel like giving up

I will be the strong One

while you rest in Me

I will intercede for you

Nurse your shattered heart 

back to life

Building your faith

Restoring your hope

There is always a reason for storms

I see further than you

I want you to take back 

what the enemy has stolen

It can only happen when 

I am your focus

and not your storm

Trust Me completely 

to come through for you

Soon you will look back 

at every storm that was 

sent to break you

You will see the hidden treasures

You will experience deep growth

You will find that every storm

brought you closer to your purpose

It made you fearless

Totally dependent on Me

I will make everything beautiful 

in the fiercest storms

It’s in the unknown that I am found

The challenges that the enemy 

sends to destroy you

Will catapult you into your destiny

If you keep your focus on Me

And not the wind and waves

Trying to distract you

 I am doing a new thing

Give up your plans for Mine

I am coming for a Bride sold out to Me

Even if it means losing everything

to be One with Me

The hurts, losses and chalenges of this world 

is for a fleeting moment

To be with Me forevermore

will be your greatest gain

I test hearts

I turn up the heat in the furnace

You will find Me faithful

As you always did

A new beginning awaits you in your storm

I will be your rear guard

Holding you close when 

the tides break over you

Rewriting your story of 

hopelessness and despair 

To a story of a bride who trusted Me 

with her whole life

Lifting you up over the currents

Hiding you under My wings

when the winds and waves rage all around you

I will calm the storms within

And command them to be still

You will be My water walking bride

Stepping out of your sinking boat

To run on waves with Me.

Ebigale Wilson 


The Journey 

Come Away 

You have met her

I know you have

She is a breath taking portrait of 

the One she represents

When she enters a room

All eyes are on her

Not because of her beauty, but

His presence that flow’s from her

She is as gentle as a lily

Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense

It clings to her wherever she goes

She is as beautiful as a sunset over the ocean

She is a women of faith

Wrapped in His joy

She glows with His glory

She is entangled in His love

She knows her Bridegroom intimately

She made the secret place her

dwelling place

Where she is changed daily into 

His image

She knows when to speak

She knows when to be silent

He trained her to be fearless

He made her strong

He shares with her His secrets

In turn she shares, His heart with His bride

She is His gentle warrior daughter

She knows when to fight and when to retreat

Knowing that her King goes before her

He is her keeper

The One who never slumbers nor sleeps

She trust in Him

To do the impossible

While she shares His heart with all that she meets

She brings hope to the hopeless

Wisdom flows from her lips

She has a child-like faith

that sets her apart and warms Papa’s heart

Every time He looks at her

She amazes Him with her passionate love for Him

A quiet love, a gentle love

Yet it has the capacity to move


She is captivated by the love of 

her King

Her identity engraved in Him

He said to her “Rise up, my love, my fair one, 

And come away

She willingly obeyed

And with one look of her eyes

She has ravished the heart of 

her King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

   “Come Away” 

    The Journey 

Never Ending Love 

You see me

You know me

I am the centre of Your world

I am never alone

You spoil me

Sing over me

You fight for me

When I don’t even know

You are my Bridegroom

I am Your bride

You are my Beloved

I am Your friend

In this never ending love of Yours

I found myself

In this never ending love of Yours

You have healed my heart

In this never ending love of Yours

I have found my home

You love me

Sing over me

I am Your number one

I am never alone

I am highly favoured

Your darling daughter

I cannot give one step

without You in my life

You are my Bridegroom

I am Your bride

You’re my Beloved 

I am Your friend

In this never ending love of Yours

Our covenant grew stronger

In this never ending love of Yours

We are inseparable

In this never ending love of Yours

You are my hiding place

You pursue Me

Long for me

You are my Knight in shining armour

You have rescued me

You are my keeper

Dance over me

I have found myself

The moment I said “yes” to You

You are my Bridegroom

I am Your bride

You’re my Beloved 

I am Your friend 

In this never ending love of Yours

I know my worth

In this never ending love of Yours

Our love grew stronger

In this never ending love of Yours

I am forever consecrated unto You

~ Ebigale Wilson 

  Never Ending Love 

     The Journey 

The Journey 

You were hiding too long in the cave

The sunlight now blinds your eyes

I know you must have been so alone

Away from all things familiar

To be taken away, on an unknown journey

With only His voice and His heart 

guiding your path

This journey was set out for you 

from the beginning of time

Looking back over your life

You felt like you failed in many areas

His grace tells you it was part 

of His plans for you

You couldn’t understand 

when your life came crashing down 

like a house built on sand

You had so many questions

While He seemed silent

He knew that 

He would restore you

Mind, body and soul

More beautiful than 

you have ever been

He was by your side 

through your darkest nights

Though your pain told you

you were alone

He was your light and your strength 

when you could not go on

The lifter of your head, your best friend

He calmed your raging storms within

He fought for you, when you didn’t even know

This journey that was meant to break you

made you stronger

You now know how to war 

and win battles

Yet you still know how to love 

and to care

You now know the One 

who goes before you

The One who leads you 

into His perfect rest

Looking back at your journey

The up’s and the down’s

The detours you took

The hurt in your heart

The questions on your lips 

You now know that sometimes 

our foundations must crumble

To give way for His plans 

to come alive in our lives

When we let go and surrender

He makes everything beautiful

in His time

We can trust the process

when He is in control

The wilderness was your fruitful place

You have found your identity 

amidst the battles raging

Found your Bridegroom 

to be a covenant keeper

Found your purpose 

in the midst of the storm

Arise this day and leave your cave

I have stripped you of everything 

to have My way

I had to test the condition of your heart

For I am coming for a bride 

without spot or wrinkle

Lean into Me, my bride, my beautiful one

You have paid the price

to be One with Me

You are My delight

I will come for you.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

One Encounter 

I was the woman 

with an issue of blood

You have read about me 

in the bible pages

Let me tell you my story 

of finding my healing 

at the feet of the 

Giver of Life

I had an issue 

with my blood 

for 12 years

Don’t we all have our issues?

Our pain, fears and hurts

that we never deal with

We just hide it under a pile of smiles

Put on our masks and off we go

We don’t have time to deal 

with heart issues

We push it to the side

Replace it with our “drugs”

There’s no time for healing 

we have a role to play

We put on our bling 

and off we go

Further and further away 

from the One 

we need most

We go through life

trying to make the best 

of our circumstances

Trying to impress people 

who really don’t care

While He lingers 

in the background

Trying hard to 

catch our attention

Then one day we see 

the reflection of our demons 

in the next generation

We didn’t want to eliminate them

Now they’re staring us in the face

Like me at the beginning 

I did try to find my healing

Looking back now

it was at all the wrong places

My issues got bigger

The drugs that were my safe place 

Could not numb my pain any longer

No one could help me

my condition got worse

The shame was too much to deal with

I couldn’t stand the whispers

I was alone many days and nights

With my mind a battleground

Would anyone come to my rescue?

Would a new day dawn over my shame?

Would I ever be free from these demons haunting me?

I didn’t know it would come to this

Where all my options would run out

No one to turn to

Today I know it was 

a setup from God

All along He waited for me 

to search for Him

Just when I wanted to give up

I heard about this Jesus 

coming to our town

Who raised the dead 

and healed the sick

Who loves on the broken 

and wayward ones

Whose love for us is 

stronger than death itself

I had to find my way 

through the crowd

There were many others like me

but they weren’t nearly as desperate as me

I knew I had to be relentless in pursuing Him

What did I have to lose anyway?

The stares, the sighs, the voices 

could not stop me

I had to press through 

and touch Him

For too long I listened to voices 

leading me further away from Him

I had to come to the end of myself

Desperation birthed in me 

a hunger to know this Jesus intimately

When I touched the hem of His garment

He touched me in ways

I have never imagined

For the first time I experienced 

what the word “love” really meant

When I touched Him

my shame disappeared

His love raced through my body

Filling every crack with His liquid love

In an instant I was made whole

He restored not only my body

but every corner of my broken heart

I could not go back wearing my mask

after experiencing His extravagant love

I would encourage you

to hunger and thirst after 

an encounter with Jesus

He will show Himself faithful

in your deepest pain and shame

Ask His daughter’s all over the earth

how one encounter in His presence

can change your life forever

~ Ebigale Wilson 


I heard Your voice 

when my world

caved in around me

When darkness tried 

to steal my future

When I was at my lowest

I heard You say “Surrender

Trying to put my broken heart at ease

Trying to put my bruised ego to rest

I didn’t want to listen

because how could I surrender?

When all I had, I lost

Nothing to hold on to

Still I couldn’t bring myself 

to give You, what was of no 

value in my hands

Years came and they went

Yet I couldn’t let go

I sunk deeper into despair

Pain part of my every move

Written all over my face

Flowing from my mouth

Would I ever taste freedom?

Would I ever know love?

Would I ever be free 

from these demons haunting me?

You followed me through

my darkest nights

You pursued me 

when I begged 

You to give up

You had hope, when I did not

You had faith, when I gave up

You saw my future

When I clung to my past

I never knew that Your love 

had the ability to break down my barriers

All my life I had been searching 

for something or someone to fill 

this void within

Had unrealistic expectations 

of people who were also in search

To be known

To be loved

Craving for something 

to calm the storms within

In a distance, I could hear You

Though I didn’t want to believe

That You saw me

That You heard me

That You knew me

I could feel the enemy drawing me in

The atmosphere was loaded

Heaven and hell in a battle, 

but don’t You always win?


I’ll be ready when you fall

Into My arms of love

I have paid the price 

You don’t have to walk alone

Empty handed, it is ok

Surrender and give it all away

Don’t cling to your past

There is hope in surrender

There is faith in surrender

There is victory in surrender

Surrender, is for the brave ones

You will find everything you need 

when you come to the end of yourself

Supernaturally I will invade 

all the broken places in your life 

and make you whole

It’s time my child 

Don’t limit the extent 

of My love at work in your life

You will find that when 

you are weak

I am strong

When you let go 

I will take control

There is beauty in surrender

~ Ebigale Wilson