He Will Quiet Us With His Love

Priceless lessons we have learned on this journey of love we’re on

Many tests we have passed, yet 

there’s still much to learn

We surrender each time 

Papa asks us to trust Him

We know that He knows best

We see in part, He sees 

the complete picture 

We can see Father’s 

hand alive in our lives

Where would we have been 

If He didn’t call us out of 

our hiding places

Our caves

Our comfort zones

The best decision was when we answered when He called 

Turning our backs on our old ways of doing things  

To go on a journey with Papa

We left the safety of the familiar

To meet with Him on the 

open seas

Not a clue of what was 

waiting in the unknown

As waves crashed over us

Leaving us tired and 

confused at times

Our eyes were fixed on our Father

An urgency in our hearts

To embrace this set apart,

sacred time with Father

Away from all eyes, strenuous training we went through

Life as we knew it

was left in the past

We came face to face with every issue we tried to hide

Every character flaw was brought in the open 

Every habitual sin was highlighted

Dealt with and forgiven

We could not let this opportunity of growth and change pass us by

We had to let go of so many things that once held our gaze

Perfectionism was out by the door when we faced our hurts and worked through our pain

We didn’t have to hide behind polished cars and floors anymore

Our hearts tasted freedom

Our masks were removed

When we discovered how deeply 

we were loved

Timid, scared and broken

You found us

Courageous, confident, fearless

We have become through 

our journey of love

Our guilt and pasts now testimonies of Your grace

You have a habit of taking 

the least of us

And restoring us into reflections 

of Your heart

Steeper the waves have become

Crashing over us from all directions

Yet now we are prepared

Calling other sons and daughters 

to run with us on waves

We know the One who 

calms the storms intimately

He is our Prince of Peace

He will quiet us with His love 

as we go deeper with Him!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Quiet Us With His Love

The Journey


Laid Down Lovers

She is resting in the shadows 

of the One she loves most

The place she unknowingly

longed for

she has found

No longer controlled by 

her past and her fears

Her heart now runs free

She knows the true 

meaning of love

Found it when she was 

brought to her knees 

Nowhere to turn she chose 

to embrace what was 

handed to her

In the midst of her enemies 

she was stripped

Humiliated, laughed at

The talk of the town

People knew her better 

than she knew herself

Unknowingly she was 

right where Father wanted 

her all along….dead

Oh what a price of dying and surrender she had to pay!

She could relate with the 

woman with the alabaster jar

She once was lost,


and in pain

Now restored

by the love 

of the Father 

As she entered His presence 

The religious disapprove of 

her presence

If they could get rid of her 

They certainly would have

With all eyes on her

She pressed in, when 

they wanted her to run

She did not care about 

the whispers, the sighs,

the dirty looks

Her eyes were glued to 

the One called Love

Everyone else faded

to the background

A sacred moment between 

two laid down lovers

Forever remembered and treasured by other laid down lovers

In the midst of many enemies 

She poured her symbol of 

love on the One who

showed her love 

Uncovering the hearts of 

the religious

Who never had an encounter with His fragrant love

Her heart was laid bare

As she washed Jesus’ feet with 

her tears and wiped it with her hair

They saw glimpses

of what they never experienced

Love in all its facets 

Between a sinner and her Saviour

who experienced redemption 

and love

A place Jesus lures His 

laid down lovers to

Only them and Jesus know 

about the sacrifices, the daily dying, the rejection and hard processes they endured 

They endured joyfully for what 

they have found

Can never be compared to anything this world has to offer

Jesus knew the significance 

of this sacred moment

Of a remnant bride that 

would follow His lead

Sold out to His Kingdom

Changed into His image

by hard processes

Desperate to linger in His presence

Who would know Him as their First Love, their Restorer, their Healer, their Deliver, their Best Friend!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Laid Down Lovers

The Journey

Now Is Not The Time To Retreat

Hopelessness written 

over her face

She feels drained, depleted 

with no fight left

Faith turned to fear

Peace to anxiety

Her mind is taken captive 

by negative thoughts

She feels like she has no 

where to turn

The furnace is seven times hotter

With no light in sight

Just unanswered prayers

Demons ready to take her out

Voices trying hard

to lead her astray

She can hardly remember 

the faith filled days

When her focus were steady

Her mind at ease

Her spirits high

Ready to battle every demon coming to steal from her

Now she is just a shadow

Of the faith giant she 

once was

The battles took its toll

She retreated to her cave

Overcome by passivity

Overcome by the voices

trying to scare her

Forgetting that there’s a reason for the resistance in the spiritual realm

Father can see

where we cannot see

Therefore the call to come 

up to higher levels of consecration and holiness 

Higher levels of obedience 

and coming aside

To discern the times and seasons

To pick up our swords that we 

laid down

To war, decree and declare 

Fighting the good fight of faith

To trust yet again like a child

Now is not the time to retreat

It’s time to get your fight back 

To war once again

in the secret place 

Work with heaven to take a hold

of what is yours 

Your promises and dreams 

are at stake 

It’s the strategy of the enemy 

to tire us to the point of giving up!

Monday morning I had a dream where I was in a church, the pastor on the platform had to be excused and she was scanning the crowd, came to me and guided me to the platform to stand in for her. The words that came out of my mouth were “Great changes are coming”. 

I believe it’s a message from Father for His church to hold on to every promise and dream that He gave us. Now is not the time to retreat, to be passive and to lay down our spiritual weapons. There is much resistance in the spiritual realm, because the enemy knows what is coming to each son and daughter walking in obedience. He is working overtime to make us despondent to the point of not believing and giving up on God. I know many are battle weary, with no strength left and feeling discouraged. I would want to encourage you to seek Papa’s face for direction and strategy. Worship your way through this time, lean into Papa and He will be your guide.

Attacks are coming from every side, even from those close to you, but there’s always purpose in every situation and soon everything will make sense. Although painful we must push forward, walk in love 

and not get stuck. Papa also reminded me to look back over my life and remember the times He showed Himself great on my behalf and I believe He wants each one of us to remember His faithfulness and His goodness towards us in the past. It will strengthen our faith to believe in the impossible and help us to focus and fight for His promises towards us.

Stand up, take out your sword, push back the forces of darkness, degree and declare your breakthrough and let no one steal your inheritance. Since last week, Papa keeps giving me this scripture and even confirmed it twice. Make it yours, and know that we serve a faithful God who cannot lie. 

Isaiah 60: 22

“When the time 

is right, I the Lord will make it happen.”

~ Ebigale Wilson

Now Is Not The Time To Retreat

The Journey

Our Eyes Have Seen The Father

She walked a long road

A journey set out for her 

before the foundation of

the earth

Looking back trying to 

retrieve the steps she took

She is amazed at how far 

she has come

For the road she walked 

was not an easy one

Different journeys we are on

From different countries, 

races and backgrounds

Papa’s sons and daughters

walking out life

One day at a time

Tough days, hard challenges,

dark nights 

With only His voice to serve 

as our compass


We see His fingerprints on 

the highs and lows of our lives 

On every painful experience

Every betrayal, every hurt, 

every closed door

How He made everything in 

our lives, beautiful in His time

We learned to discern His 

voice in the midst of many storms

Though many voices would 

cry out to get our attention

We learned to be captured 

only by One

As the winds of adversity 

blew all around us and 

through us

We held tight to His hand 

In the midst of rejection, betrayal, our deepest pain

We found rest in the shadow 

of our Father

When all hell broke loose to escort us back to our past

We held on with all our might

To the gaze of our Father

Guiding and leading us to 

His perfect rest

Till we were strengthened 

to face the world again

We were stretched beyond 

our wildest dreams

Training on higher levels 

Battles left us weary and weak

At times we failed, but Papa would encourage us to not 

give up

The old disappeared 

We were changed by His grace

We said goodbye to many daughters who returned to 

their past

The price of surrender was 

too much to ask

We took possession of a 

place known by few

Where peace is the air 

we breath

Not a trace of the scars,

the pain and the hurt

Not a trace of the old we 

have dealt with

Everyday as we went 

higher with Him

We guarded our hearts

Dealt with the issues that 

held us captive

Looking back we started 

our journeys with promises from Papa’s heart

We couldn’t wait to make 

it our own

We went through strenuous training

To be a holy, set apart people 

Now we stand empty handed

Stripped of ourselves, our wants and our needs

Ready to lay down whatever 

Papa asks

The promises are on the horizon, but not important anymore

He brought us to this consecrated place in Him

Where nothing else matters, but to be One with Him

To know Him in the fullness 

of His majesty and glory

As His love washes over us

Leaving us breathless

Desperate to know Him more

We thought it was a journey 

to take a hold of all His promises

He knew it was a journey 

that would lead us to be

sold out to Him

Captivated by every facet of His heart filled with love for us

When we open our mouths

People know we have been with 

the Father

And we can smile, because 

like Job we have heard of Papa before our journeys ,

But now after the journey 

our eyes have seen the Father.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Our Eyes Have Seen The Father

The Journey

Higher Levels Of Surrender

Higher levels of surrender

Of dying to self

Of consecration

Of separation 

You ask of Your bride

When we thought we laid 

it all down

You come back to unravel 

our hearts even more 

You unpacked our hearts 

so many times

Every crevice

Every dark corner

Every secret place not yet 

dealt with

You want all of Your bride

Not a half surrendered bride

Where immaturity, pride, sin, the 

me, myself and I still reigns 

You laid Your finger on things 

not fully dealt with

Many foxes still blocking 

our walk with You

You want to possess Your bride

Every second of the day

I could hear the urgency 

in Your voice

For Your bride to discern 

the times and seasons

To be emptied out

Dead to self


I asked Papa why “dying daily” is 

so important to Him

I heard Him whisper “Every heart and character issue left unattended, will come back to haunt you in 

the future”

It will derail His plans for us

For where Father takes His bride 

we will have to be trained in every aspect of our hearts and character

How are we going to reign in the higher places prepared 

for us

When we haven’t dealt with every challenge that could hinder our progress 

Nothing of our flesh should 

be visible

Nor our wants and needs

We are His handmaidens 

Fortunate to be known 

by Papa

To be used by Him

Fortunate to know the 

depths and heights of the One who freed us from darkness, sin, fear, rejection, brokenness our painful pasts

Papas love turned pauper 

daughters into princesses

Daughters consumed by fear and anxiety into warrior princesses

Daughters rejected and betrayed 

into daughters overtaken by 

the love of the Father

It’s in the unravelling of 

our hearts

That we will hear Papas

voice clearly

Know His will for us

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of 

God to be revealed

They are not just any sons and daughters

They are known by their scars

Their deep levels of brokenness

The high prices they have paid

The private sacrifices they have made

I hear Papa say, I will reward 

them publicly for their obedience!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Higher Levels Of Surrender

The Journey

A Place Of Rest

Many sons and daughters experienced a season with 

many detours 

Just when we thought

breakthrough was at hand

We were redirected

to go higher with Papa

Training was on higher 

levels then in previous seasons

A sign of the urgency of 

Papa’s set apart sons and daughters to step up into higher levels of spiritual warfare, discernment, heart 

and character training

We were called into deeper 

waters and uncharted territories

unknown to us for training

Many valuable lessons were learned

Hearts were inspected,

cleansed from pride,

sin and what could potentially

hurt us in the future

As we went higher with Papa the training of our character intensified 

Just when we thought

Papa was done

We were on to the next 

learning curve

For the season ahead deep, irrevocable work had to be done

We cannot enter into the next season with the stench of the 

past still clinging to us

Many times during our 

training and daily challenges 

we were on the brink of 

giving up

Not knowing that Papa is 

busy transforming us into 

His image

He is raising up a set apart,

holy people

To represent Him in all 

spheres of society 

The bar was raised in the spiritual realm for Papa’s will do be done 

in the earth 

The issues we struggled with for years we overcome

The battles that used to drain and deplete us, we no longer engage in

Higher levels of wisdom and discernment were imparted 

to us

Our hearts were healed, while 

in severe training

Looking back over the past 

few years

We can see the growth in 

every area of our lives 

Our wilderness season 

was our most fruitful season

We can see the sacred work 

Holy Spirit has done in us

We past many character 

and heart tests

We were trained in different 

areas unfamiliar to us

While crying, crawling, limping and many times at the brink 

of giving up 

The intensity of the warfare and training would leave us confused and tired at times

Papa would always step in 

to revive our hearts again

His plans and purposes in 

our lives were too important to 

not be obedient


Now we are at a place of rest

Where Papa’s busy with the final touches of our heart transplants

Many experience severe attacks and trials

The storms around us is at 

its worst for a reason

This time we are battle ready!

We won’t give in!

We won’t give up!

It is time to apply what we 

have learnt during our wilderness season!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Place Of Rest

The Journey

A Place Of Reward

The pain in her eyes

visible for all to see

Deep sorrow and anguish

written over her face

So many daughters like her 

cross your path everyday 

Their pain drawing you

like a magnet

Reminding you

you have been where

they are now

not too long ago

When your world fell apart 

Your heart torn to thousands 

of pieces

Countless questions

on your lips

With only the sound

of your heartache

A constant reminder

that life as you knew it

was over

A new season awaited

Beyond what was

sent to cripple you

Your emotions all over 

the place

You couldn’t give in to fear

Nowhere to turn to

you find refuge

in the shadows of Love

Walking through this painful season of healing and restoration

You always had this safe place

to land

With your eyes glued to 

Papa’s eyes

Your ear close to His heart

You walked your own

Damascus road

Obedient, yet scared

and trembling 

at times

Looking over your shoulder

your past pleading with you 

to turn around

Papa would not let you

return to the chains

Holding you hostage

He called you

to the deep waters

Where your fear

collided with faith

He knew your strength 

before you did

He knew your abilities, gifts,

and talents

Were hidden under

the ashes of your heart

That you would discover it

When you know

how deeply you are loved

Your failures

Your mistakes

Your issues

Did not scare Him

He prepared and trained you

in the presence of 

your enemies

Daily you were stripped 

and transformed

Daily the scalpel went deep

And daughters laid down 

their crowns

Picking up their crosses

As a new breed of daughters 

were birthed

Consumed by their love for

the Father

They trade every dream

For a future with Love

Joy and peace now your portion

In the areas that once

ruled over you

You were trained to rule 

and to reign

Daughters are stepping 

out fearlessly 

The sound in their mouths

An uncommon,

weighty sound

That cost them everything

Daughters still bleeding

will be transformed

by the power and anointing

that rest on this 

weighty sound.

Chains will shatter

Captives will walk free

When daughters open their 

mouths to testify about 

My greatness and faithfulness 

in their lives

Personal sacrifices and 

private obedience

brought these daughters

to a place of reward.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Place Of Reward

The Journey

A Remnant Will Arise

So many daughters

going through challenges 

Running in circles

for remedies that are in vain

Trying to fill the voids 

with many things

Giving everything and 

everyone a chance 

To erase the pain

they try to hide

We don’t want to go through

the processes of healing

The high price of surrender 

is too much to ask

We live in a world 

of quick fixes

No one has time

to visit the wilderness

We have places to go

People to meet

We cannot afford interruptions

A journey of healing

requires commitment

and obedience

It requires dying daily

in different areas 

It require coming aside 

to face our issues

To face every demon

that keep us in chains

For many daughters

it’s too much to ask

We prefer to drift through life 

Repeating cycles passed down

from generation to generation

Walking around

the same mountains

going nowhere

While Papa has called us 

for so much more

than the mediocre lives

we live!

A remnant is arising 

A set apart holy people

That have been through

the fire, the storms, the valleys

They paid the ultimate price

of reckless obedience

Not bound by their circumstances anymore

They have overcome

They have conquered

What kept them in chains

A remnant trained

under the watchful eyes

of Father Himself

Who were fed up

with the conditions of their lives

Challenging the status quo

Scared, uncertain,

yet they went

where others fear to tread

Pressed pass their fears 

into the unknown

Focused, determined

they won every battle

New identities were birthed

Once scared, insecure, shy daughters and sons

Are stepping out boldly and unashamed into every plan and purpose reserved for them

A new breed so in love

with the Father

Anointed, empowered

for such a time as this!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Remnant Will Arise

The Journey

You Have Come Home

I am bringing you to My 

waters of perfect rest

The place your heart

unknowingly searched for

A place occupied by 

the one’s who laid their 

hearts bare before me

Allowing Me to have my 

way in and through them

During their darkest times

Your journey was long and 

hard and steep at times

Yet you never gave up

I took you into unknown territories to test your heart towards me

The stripping of your ego, 

pride and old ways of doing 

things were necessary

I can fully use you when I 

see Myself in you

You are now moving in sync 

with My Spirit 

As My love emanates from 

your being 

It will spill over to everyone 

you come into contact with

Setting alight many to seek 

My face

My daughters I have drawn 

you with My love

While you were still in shackles

Clothed in rags

Blinded by your pain

My love gently lured you 

to explore My heart

Till you were overcome and 

forever changed by My love

You are entering the place I 

longed for you to find

You have found it through 

your many wanderings

You have found it through 

your constant pain

You have found it in your 

darkest hours

When you had nothing to 

hold on to

I drew your focus to My gaze

All your fears had to bow in 

the presence of My love

I am so in love with you, 

My daughter

You held onto My hand 

through the uncertainty

Through the voices trying 

to quiet you

Through the demonic attacks 

sent to derail you

You walked straight into 

an oasis of My never ending 

love for you

I don’t look at your credentials

I don’t look at your accomplishments

Nor at your outer appearance

I was captivated by your 

love for Me

Many will see and share 

and taste of the deep work 

that I have done in you

I am calling you to Myself

I have found you faithful 

Amongst many daughters 

that are still holding on to 

things of no worth

Your worth is hidden

in Me

No one can touch you

My sword over you severing 

every plan of the enemy

Oh how I yearn after you

What once held your gaze are fading in the background

The love and attention you 

so desperately needed from 

human beings

You have found in Me

I am your constant Companion

All other lovers are fading in 

the background

You have found the key 

to My heart

You will be like a beacon

drawing hurting daughters 

out of their caves

My light burning through you

will lead them straight to Me

This is the day that you will look back and thank your enemies for the part they have played 

They meant to harm you, but 

I am turning everything around 

for your good

Your journey brought you 

to this wide, open place in Me

The place I have prepared for you

The search is over

You have come home.

~ Ebigale Wilson

You Have Come Home

The Journey

She Remembers The Pain No More

She remembers the pain 

no more!

The lonely nights

The constant fights

The anger, frustration, the 

deep rooted pain

The rejection, the lies, the betrayal 

The endless challenges

The closed doors

The heart wrenching pain  

of losing those dear to 

her heart 


The deep issues she 

struggled with

The silent battles no one 

knew about

The anxiety that controlled 

her life

She remembers the pain 

no more!

It was replaced with a peace that surpasses all understanding

Who would have thought that 

a journey of obedience would lead to a place of perfect rest

A place deeply hidden 

in Papa

Pursued and occupied 

by the desperate one’s

Who died a thousand deaths


Papa lured her away 

Called her to Himself

A high price of obedience 

she had to pay

Only her and Papa knows 

about the tears of surrender

About the tests, the trials, the pain of letting go daily

About the awakening to something indescribable

Where her flesh collided 

with Father God’s Spirit

And a lovesick daughter

was born

With love Papa drew her 

to Himself 

A place where she ministers to Papa and He ministers to her

She yearns only to dwell in 

His presence

She had to be transformed 

into His image

For Papa to make her His 

dwelling place

It was worth the pain of 

dying to self

Worth every sacrifice

He asked of her

Worth the witchcraft and 

every demon coming against her

She counts it an honour to be trained by Holy Spirit 

To be one of Papa’s daughters representing Him in the earth

She is known in heaven 

She is feared in hell

She laid hold of a place 

few have visited

Occupied and made it hers

Had she not surrendered completely 

She would have missed this important visitation

Where Father secluded her

Healed her broken heart

Restored her unto Himself

A nameless, faceless army are emerging!

A changing of the guards are 

taking place!

The hidden one’s who were

trained under the watchful eyes 

of the One they love most

Are ready to release the fragrance of heaven in the earth

Ready to release their secret place encounters into the earth

Many are amongst us already

Fathers glory carriers

Silently, obediently, humbly going about the Fathers business…

They remember the pain 

no more!

~ Ebigale Wilson

She Remembers The Pain No More

The Journey