The Promised Land

We now see the bigger picture

Father saw when He summoned 

us to the wilderness

Looking back, we so needed His intervention

If He had not intervened 

We would still be stuck 

in the past, with old mindsets

Clinging to religion

His love was deeply hidden 

in our pain, our shortcomings 

And our mistakes 

When we took off our masks

Our shackles fell to the ground

The more Father uncovered 

our hearts, the more we died

Every day we were tested to see who was really our God

Interrupting the lives of 

those He loves with a crisis, 

a challenge

Was for His bride to find herself

When we thought we were at 

the end of ourselves 

He comes on the scene 

Guiding, leading and comforting 

us with His persistent love

Into our healing, restoration 

till we discovered our worth

A small remnant knew 

this was the turning point

A once in a lifetime 

adventure awaiting them

We could not say “no”

Scared, desperate, hurt, 

We took a leap of faith

To heal, to grow, to be who Papa called us to be

We chose to go on this journey 

of love with our Father

He became our deepest need

We can be without everything

except Him

We were introduced to a 

love that made us bold 

and fearless

We found ourselves, when we 

found Him

Focus thieves no longer 

hold our gaze

There was purpose in 

every hurt

In every heartbreak

In every rejection

In every loss

Our eyes are focused on 

our Father

Everything that once held 

our gaze, disappeared 

in the background

We brought every sacrifice 

He asked of us

Paid a high price to be One 

with our Father

The bride has made herself ready

Leaning upon her Beloved

She is coming out of the wilderness

Ready to take up her position in 

the promised land

She now sees what He saw all along!

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Promised Land

The Journey

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

Even if I know the most 

eloquent words

Have the pen of a ready writer

I will never be able to put 

into words

The extent of my Father’s 

love for His sons and daughters 

A love that can change

a life forever

A love of second, and third chances

That would go to the darkest places in search of one lost soul

You loved me through 

my many wandering

Searched for me, even when 

I didn’t want You to

Your love would always 

lure me back to You

Though the storms would 

rage around me

Your love would encircle me

Covering me from every angle

Till every storm would cease

And my heart would quiet 

down in the presence of the One whose name is Love

The girl in the shadows

The broken, rejected girl

You would follow her

No place she would visit

Would be excluded from 

Your fierce love

No one can escape from 

a love so great

Your love cut every cord 

holding me hostage

Every fear had to leave

You spoke life over me

Anointed me with fragrant oils

Till my heart started to beat

in rhythm with Yours

You took off my graves clothes

Clothed my in fine linen

A wounded daughter 

I am no more

I learned the true meaning 

of love at Your feet

A love that would give 

me wings

Give meaning to my life

Whatever You say I could 

be, I become

Looking through Your eyes every dead dream came alive

My life was transformed when 

I experienced the depths of Your great love

I unknowingly longed for 

this love

My whole being unknowingly desired to experience Your love

I unknowingly searched for 

this love in all the wrong places 

and people

While it was here all along

Thank you Jesus,

Your love filled every void

in My heart

Nothing satisfies me like You do.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

The Journey

Image by | Sonya Khegay Photography

A Vessel Tried And Tested

Women hungry for deeper things

Seeking encounters with 

their King

A place where deep calls 

unto Deep

A place she is One with 

her King

At the feet of Jesus,

she chooses 

to abide

Here we find healing for 

our fractured hearts

Answers for the many 

questions on our lips

Direction for the future

Guidance to live a life 

pleasing to our Father 

We always know where 

to run

When our lives are turned 

upside down

When the enemy comes in 

like a flood

We know who goes before us

clearing the way 

We may go through up’s

and down’s

Through dark seasons 

Through hardships, but 

faith always guides our way

Transforming our lives day by day

For Father to have His way in 

and through us 

We are never alone

on this journey

Every detour, obstacle, 

stop sign is for our benefit

Sometimes we don’t understand, but looking back over our lives

We see Father’s faithfulness 

in every “No”

The bride of Christ is

healed and prepared

The dark seasons were 

so necessary

She has a story to tell

That will bring breakthrough 

to many lives

Her battle scars now turned 

into a powerful testimony

Of faith and hope and 

Of a Father who is true to 

His word

Her voice drips with His oil

Many lives will change when 

she opens her mouth

She paid a high price for the anointing on her life

She knows that she is nothing without Jesus

Deeper and deeper she 

goes with Him

Behind the veil

she has found her home

A vessel tried and tested

For such a time as this!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Vessel Tried And Tested

The Journey

Silent No More

Her voice was muted

the day she married him

He gave everyone in his life 

the power to break her down

He did not have values and principles and self respect

A hurt little boy, in an adult body

Oh how she was blinded 

by fake love

She dared not fend for herself

If she tried she would be verbally abused, belittled, disrespected

It made him feel good

When he broke her down

He had the power

While she lived in fear

He could hide his demons, 

his issues, but not his sin

Open for all to see,

yet no one spoke up!

She had so much to say, 

but she was not heard

He said she threw tantrums, 

when she was desperate to 

be heard

What they call “abuse”

became her norm

Silent treatment when she 

tried to speak her mind

Financial abuse when 

she dared to disagree

Emotional, mental and verbal 

abuse, when she wanted him 

to take responsibility for his wrongs

He stole her voice and she allowed him to

He would do as he pleased 

and got his applause 

While she died little by little 

Everything she did was 

wrong in his eyes

She would end up apologizing

cause he never did

Playing the victim was his 

perfect role

The children grew up

The pain of abuse visible in their eyes and behaviour

Silently pleading for mom 

to leave

Till that day she woke up 

from her deep sleep

She asked him to pack his 

bags and leave

She knew it was time to put 

herself and her children first

To stop the abuse

To finally know peace

She cried many days and nights 

She knew she could no longer 

be controlled and silenced

Pass on the baton of abuse 

to her children

No, it had to stop!

She took of her mask

Hard and painful as it was

Little by little she took 

her power back

Day by day she grew stronger

As her relationship with 

Papa grew deeper 

Oh what a magnificent sight 

she was to behold through 

the eyes of her Father

His perfect love for her made 

her fearless and bold

He put all her broken pieces 

back together again

Creating a masterpiece of a 

once broken life

Today her testimony sets 

broken sons and daughters free

She can relate to others pain

She wore the scars

She tasted the pain

She was abused and manipulated

Nothing she went through 

was in vain

She is breaking cycles

She now knows her worth

Her standards are high!

She was created to be protected, loved and respected 

If not -hit the road Jack!

She discovered her purpose 

when she faced her demons!

She took her voice back!

She is silent no more!

Having her voice suits her just fine!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Silent No More

The Journey

Step Into The Light

You would always find 

her in the background

Here the shadows became 

her home

She would disappear to 

this place and no one 

would notice

Robbed of her worth and 

her voice

The silence would be her 

safe place

No one came to save her

From the chains choking 

the life out of her 

Voices tormenting her

day and night

The despair and anguish 

on her face

a glimpse of 

her heart

Drawing her further away 

from the light

She felt at home here

Pain was all she knew

She thought she would die here

Till the day her life was 

turned upside down

She had to decide…

Would she die in the dark

Or would she step out and embrace the Light

She made a choice to step 

out of the shadows and trust Papa with her life

Scared and alone she went 

on this journey

That would stretch her and change her and heal her

A journey that would show 

her, her worth

Her voice came alive as she gleaned and she grew from her secret encounters with Papa

Father brings each one of us 

to this place of drawing a 

line in the sand

Where we have to decide to disappear or tackle every fear

The bride of Christ was called to embrace this journey

of healing and growth

To become a beacon of hope

and faith

To a world in desperate need 

of healing and grace

She is coming out of the wilderness

The most fruitful place 

Papa lured her to

The shy, voiceless girl is 

no more 

She knows her worth,

It can’t be put into words

For too long she believed

the enemies lies 

He knew that if she would discover her voice and her worth 

Many sons and daughters would find deliverance and healing in her journey of love!

The remnant bride is stepping 

out of the shadows

Her life a testimony of Papa’s transforming love

Her mouth a horn

filled with oil

Bringing healing, deliverance 

and life, to the one’s getting ready 

to step into the Light!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Step Into The Light

The Journey

Her Testimony Will Set Many Alight

I have experienced good days

I have experienced bad days

Days I did not want

to get out of bed

When my pain screamed 

louder then my faith

When my heart was

hurting beyond repair

The voices in my head 

begging me to end it all

Then there were days 

when I would dance on 

the sound of Papa’s heart

Soar high above my circumstances

The impossible became possible 

in His presence

The more I surrendered, 

Papa stepped in

Lifting me higher to places 

in Him, that I have never been

I have also seen how Father

led me on journeys 

I wanted to run from

Journeys in the scorching sun, the untamed storms, the dry deserts

Many times His silence was 

my only companion 

These journeys tested me beyond my natural abilities

Stretched me

way beyond 

my capabilities 

Built my faith in ways

I never imagined

My life a living testimony of 

the power of the Blood!

I have seen the goodness 

of my Father in every area 

of my life

He restored me to His 

original design

No more anxiety

No more fear

Every voice of the enemy

Papa silenced with His love

I know the depth, width 

and the heights of Papa’s faithfulness

He never gave up

on me

Even on the days I turned 

my back on Him

His kindness towards me 

left me in awe

Where would I have been

if it was not for Him?

Through Papa’s persistent love

I discovered my strength

Through Papa’s persistent love

I discovered my voice

Through His love I stumbled on unopened gifts and talents

Hidden deep in my heart

Buried under the hurt when 

He unpacked my heart

Every generational and bloodline curse is under His blood

Every demonic web around 

me tore

I used the sword in my hand and 

the sword in my mouth

No demon can stand in the presence of the One I love more than life

His bride has made herself ready

Radiantly beautiful she 

moves in His light

Everything the enemy sent

to harm her

Father turned around for 

her good

She was trained by the Best

Every trial and attack

now serves its purpose 

Her testimony will set many alight!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Her Testimony Will Set Many Alight

The Journey

Releasing The Sound

My bride will be distinguished 

by the sound she releases in 

this hour

When you go through the 

processes of life

your unique sound is developing

The obedient, set apart sons 

and daughters will birth an authentic sound into the earth

That will bring visible change wherever they tread

The more you are yielded

and die to self

The more anointed the sound 

your release will be

This end time sound will be despised by the religious,

but embraced by the hungry, desperate remnant bride

Who made many private and secret sacrifices for the Kingdom of God

It will be a sound true to Father’s 

nature and character

A sound that will represent 

your unique journey of faith and clinging to Father

It did not come easy

there was a high price tag attached to releasing it

No one can copy your sound

The frequencies sent into 

the atmosphere when you 

open your mouth

No one walked your journey

No one tasted your pain

No one can release the sound 

that you contended for

Satan knew the anointing attached to the sound that you will release

It will break bondages,

bring restoration,

set many captives free 

That is why the battles and attacks to stop you from entering the promised land were so fierce

No one would be able to ignore 

this new sound 

As it will be like a two edged sword piercing through every religious structure, breaking bondages and bringing many hurting and broken souls into the Kingdom of God

Many copy what 

they hear others say

They didn’t labour and pay 

the high price to birth revelation

and breakthrough unique to their journey

My anointing is expensive 

the fruit of the sound that flows from your mouth will 

be a weighty, authentic, yoke breaking sound

My anointing won’t be 

attached to every sound that 

is released  

Be careful and discerning 

to whose sounds you attach yourself with

When it’s a borrowed, copied sound it will only be knowledge caught on the way, it won’t carry the weight to break bondages and set captives free

When you open your mouth

People will know that you 

have been with Jesus and that cannot be copied

My authentic sound will be released through many avenues and spheres in this hour

Especially through the unknown, 

the no names, the looked down upon one’s

Worshipers, writers, dancers, artists, speakers, prayer warriors, the housewife’s, will arise and release the sound of heaven to a broken and hurting world

Many are waiting to be touched 

and transformed by My glory working through you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Releasing The Sound

The Journey

We Fight From A Position Of Rest

As the journey continues 

We are entering a new place 

of quietness and rest

A place where words 

are unnecessary

A place of contentment

Where we know that everything 

will work together for our good

Here our hearts beat in 

rhythm with Father’s 

Completely yielded

As we go lower still

Knowing that when the time 

is right, Father’s promises for us

will come into fulfilment

We entered the wilderness 

carrying a heavy load

Of issues not dealt with

Our hearts were laid bare

Our deepest pain were uncovered 

Our wounds were healed

Generational curses were 

dealt with

We laid everything down blocking our growth

Every part of our heart 

was dealt with,

for Father to move in 

This was our most fruitful season of healing, growth and awakening  

Many new beginnings were 

birthed when we dealt with our pain

We came to this wide open place 

of Papa’s perfect rest

Unknowingly we yearned 

and desperately needed this place

An oasis found by the 

desperate one’s 

Where we drink of His waters unending 

Never to be thirsty again 

Papa knew that our journeys

would bring us to this wide open place in Him

Where we would awaken to higher levels of spiritual revelation in 

this hour

A new place where we are 

One with Love 

An integral part of our destination

We cannot progress with 

hate in our hearts

We bless our enemies

We thank them for training 

us and catapulting us into 

our destinies

Weren’t it for them, we never would have healed and known the depth of Papa’s heart for His bride

We live from a place deep within

Prepared over the years of dwelling with Him

This is the seventh day 

for many I hear Father say

A place of contentment, completeness, spiritual perfection 

and perfect rest

Where Papa quiets His bride with His all consuming Love

A place found by few

Love our habitation

The air we breath

We are protected from the attacks 

of the enemy

Trained on the 

front line  

Every agenda of satan 

had its purpose

The bride of Christ is 

fearless and bold

We fight from a position of rest

What was sent to harm us

Was a set up to launch us 

into our destinies

The seventh day is here

When the time is right everything will fall into place!

~Isaiah 60: 22~  When the time is right I, the Lord will make it happen!

~ Ebigale Wilson

We Fight From A Position Of Rest

The Journey

Long Enough You Were Kept Back

Stripped to the core

Nothing to hold on to

Like a boat on the stormy

open seas 

You drifted around

No purpose

No future

No identity

Only the negative labels

others put on you

Oh how many times I wanted 

to tear them off of you

Look you in the eyes and declare

My love for you

I knew a revelation of My love 

would set you free

You were so busy trying to fit in

When I called you to stand out

So busy to condemn yourself

When I have washed you

in My blood

So busy to fit molds of what others expected of you

You didn’t know your worth

When I called you to explore uncharted territories with Me 

If only you could see

My heart for you

Oh’ if only you could see 

the adventurous journey 

I planned for you

If only you could see yourself 

the way I saw you

My blood washed daughter

I have so many dreams for you

I lured you with My love

I could never let go of you 

You said yes to Me in the 

middle of fierce battles 

and trials

In the middle of heart wrenching pain

In the middle of your life crashing down

When you were at your 


You gave Me your all

Trusting Me without borders

You stepped back

As everything you thought 

was important went up in flames

Turning around, you walked 

a different direction

from which you came

You finally surrendered 

Broken, hurt,

many unanswered questions

You left at the cross

Trusting Me with your 

whole life

As tears welled up in 

your eyes

Our deepest bond was formed 

And a peace

you never experienced before 

Laid your heart waste

You were transformed by My love

Every part of your journey 

was important

The highs and lows

The joy and the pain 

It led you to the secret  

place reserved for us

Where I minister to you 

and you minister to Me

A place where My perfect 

peace reigns

A place of revelation and breakthrough

Where you are safe from 

every attack

No one can touch You

You fit perfectly in My heart

It is time to move past the boundaries of religion

Break down laws erected 

by men

Walk into every dream I 

have for you

Long enough you were 

kept back

Every negative labels

are removed

It is time to release your 

unique sound in the earth

Creation is waiting for the 

revealing of My bride…

They will be distinguished

by the sound they release!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Long Enough You Were Kept Back

Called For Such A Time As This

She is Your daughter called 

for such a time as this

Yet she does not know it

Her face a picture of her 

past and her pain

Challenges are keeping 

her busy

Many things are cluttering 

her mind

She does not make time 

for what is really important

I see the erected walls

protecting her heart

The bruises she is trying 

to hide

The hurt she camouflages

with the right words

The smile she flashes 

just to blend in

While You have called her 

to stand out

She is on a journey going nowhere

Pleasing people who don’t 

really care

Round and round the same 

issues she walks

There’s never time for 

Father to heal her heart

Her busy life keeps her sane

The drugs she uses to hide 

her pain, works for a mere moment

Then it’s back to reality,

the anguish, the stress 

There’s never time to find herself

Never time to explore the 

love of the Father

Created in Papa’s image

Deeply loved

but she does not know it

The pain of her past keeps 

her in bondage

No one see the marks on 

her heart

The struggles she faces

The pain she hides

We live in an era where we 

play our parts

Where our vulnerability and weaknesses we hide

We’re not allowed to talk 

about our bruises,

our scars, our wounds 

The tears on our pillow

The many wars in our mind

Father is waiting to heal 

our hearts

Pain was never meant to 

cage and silence us

It was meant to birth yoke 

breaking testimonies within us

Encouraging sons and daughters that there’s a Father who is still 

on the throne

Waiting to transform our lives  

through His never ending love

For too long we were tied 

to our past

It is time to remove our 

victim garments

Face our fears till we 

laugh in its face

No longer controlled by 

the voice of the enemy 

We will boldly step out in Papa’s love and His grace!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Called For Such A Time As This

The Journey