Pleading Your Case

It feels as if you give

one step forward

And a few steps back

The road looks so dark

With no light in sight

On and on you go

A dark cloud always following you

When last was joy your portion?

When last had victory knocked on your door?

You sigh ‘When God’?

Your mind a battleground

Your face tells a story of defeat

You are weary of the wait

Tired of the journey

Feels like you’re on your way nowhere

Hanging on to His promises

Your only hope

Darkness tries it best

To wheel you in

Sometimes it looks like

your enemies have won

Like they’re standing

with trophies of battles won

Don’t fix your eyes

on what you see

Smokescreens might look real

When I am not on the scene

This is a season

Where I am pleading your case

A season where I take vengeance for you

I have seen your tears

The price you had to pay

Enemies humiliated you

Laughing in your face

Not knowing that I see

the intent of their hearts

What they represent

is not of Me

Arise this day

position yourself

I am at work on your behalf

I have heard your petitions

I have heard your prayers

You just see what the enemy

wants you to see

I am a God of recompense

I will surely repay

I never slumber

I never sleep

What a man sows

He will also reap

I am a God of love

but I am also a holy God

I love justice and righteousness

It might look like

the enemy has won

Look again

My word is coming into fulfillment

Don’t give up now

You are closer to victory

then you think

The road I have asked

you to walk

Was not easy

Yet in the midst of many storms

You never gave up

When I asked you to surrender

I knew what I was doing

Your victory laid in your silence

completely trusting Me

Soon you will know all the answers

As it unfolds before your eyes

I am your ‘Jehu’ overthrowing

Every plot and plan

of the enemy

Look again

The battle has already been won

No one could touch you

Though they think that they did

Your battles were Mine

Valuable lessons had to be learnt

For you to represent Me

with your every turn

Your pain did not stop you

From doing My will

Every day you were ready

to complete your race

Tired, weak

but you never retreat

Showing Me

that Our love

was real

You will dance

You will leap

You will gather the spoils

You will walk through open doors

With My heart beating in you

You will represent Me well

For this journey had its purpose

You have passed your tests

For surely this is your time of recompense

~ Ebigale Wilson

Pleading Your Case

The Journey



She vaguely remembers a time

not so long ago

When pain was still her portion

When fear ruled her life

When she was dressed in rags

of hopelessness and despair

Then out of nowhere

He appeared on the scene

The One she came to love

with her whole being

She never would have made it through

the betrayal, the rejection, the deep pain

If it was not for her Bridegroom

He turned the bitter cup

That was placed in her hand

Into a cup of redemption and deep joy

She chose to follow Him blindly

When despair was her portion

Wasn’t He the One

Interceding for her

when all hell broke loose

Wasn’t He the One

Cheering her on

through the valley

of the shadow of death

Wasn’t He the One

Nursing her broken heart

back to life

The enemy is preparing his compromised bride

My Beloved is preparing

A set apart, holy, remnant bride

Who has eyes only for her Bridegroom

A bride so intoxicated and overtaken

by her Bridegrooms presence

No pain, no past, no fear

Can keep her from pursuing His heart

She has come to the end of herself

To be One with Him

The things of this world

have lost its hold on her

To be consumed and recklessly loved

By her Beloved

her only desire

For in His presence

She is transformed

into His beloved daughter

She burns with His love

Her lamp overflowing with oil

She walks in holiness

Honouring her King

With every move she makes

She couldn’t be stopped

by her fears and her pain

She couldn’t be stopped

by the sighs and the lies

She couldn’t be stopped

by religion and rules

She is free at last

to dwell with her Beloved

Following Him blindly

No matter the cost

He wrecked her heart

He has set her apart

She is seated in heavenly places

Next to her Beloved.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Rest In Me

Hold on My sons and daughters

It is imperative that you don’t give up now

I know that many feel hopeless

The journey has been long and tiresome

Many are at their wit’s end

What they trust Me for

seems so far out of reach

It feels like there is no light

at the end of the tunnel

You cannot see what I am planning for you

You cannot see under the surface

It might seem that I am so quiet

and that I have forgotten about you

but know that I am for you

and not against you

When I am quiet

I am fighting and moving on your behalf

Don’t let the enemy play with your mind

He wants to take you out

before your breakthrough

Hold on dear ones

My plans will soon unfold

before your very eyes

I know some battles have been fierce

and going on for years

The heat was turned up higher and higher

I did it to form My character within you

The enemy did it

because he wants you to give up

Don’t miss My time of visitation

It’s imperative that you stay focused

and seek My face

From that place of intimacy

I will instruct you and give you strategy

to move forward

I will even share secrets with you

through dreams, visions and visitations

to prove to you

that We are in this battle together

So hold one dear ones

We are in this together

~ Ebigale Wilson

Rest In Me

The Journey

DREAM and INTERPRETATION (Very important, Papa was on my case to release this word for the past three weeks, because many will miss their breakthrough in this season, if they focus on their pain and struggles)

Recently I had a dream about buying night robes for myself and a prophetic prayer partner friend for R24,99. The next day the dream was confirmed, when she had a similar dream about me. She messaged me that in her dream, she realised that it was my birthday the 8th (new beginnings) and she had to rush to the shop to buy me a gift. She only had R200 when she saw this beautiful night robe that costs way more than what she had. The man helping her said that he knew that this was for a very special lady and that she wouldn’t just wear it at night, or special occasions, but always. He told her that he would give her a special price. While she was still stressing about the price, he marked it down to R24, 99. We were both stunned that Father God, could confirm this dream so accurately.

Seeking Papas face about the dream and especially the night robe, He told me that this is the season of new beginnings (nr. 8) and that it is very important for us to rest (night robe) in Him. He wants us to wear our bathrobes night and day. Through our storms, the fire and trials. He want us to rest in Him completely and give our battles to Him, because the enemy is going to do anything to steal our focus.

The nr. 24 (wisdom, worshipping the Lord and a call to put our own interests second) is to seek Papas face, especially when we feel like giving up. This is so important, because we might miss His time of visitation. Spend time in His presence and move with His spirit.

The nr. 99 (prodigals) is that the prodigals will come home. I believe that Papa will also revive our dreams and prophecies that we have shelved or forgotten about. He will do the work, while we rest in Him. Everything will fall into place when we seek His face.

Many are waiting for God to come through for them.

Remember that His timing is always perfect. Do not rush the process or you might end up with Ismael instead of Isaac. Rest in Papa, and know that He is at work behind the scenes. You can trust Him. Enjoy His presence from where He will direct and instruct you. Soon you will look back and marvel at His perfect timing and greatness. You will remember the hard times no more, because you will be so in awe of Papas faithfulness. 

~ Ebigale Wilson

Men Of Valour

Men of valour

Down generational lines

they came

There’s not many of them

When you meet them

You know that they are

an elite group of men

Making it their mission

to change the lives of not

just their own sons and daughters

but their hearts are big enough

to let more in

The outcast, the prodigal, the looked upon

Finds refuge in their embrace

The word ‘judge’ unknown to them

Every soul is important

Every person they encounter

special to the Father

Doesn’t matter if they’re

gay or straight

Substance abusers, orphans, prodigals

Their background not important

They know that the Father’s love

Can heal a wounded soul

These elite group of men

Trained by the Heavenly Father

Fought many personal battles themselves

Dealt with their own fears

Denying their flaws was never an option

Severe character training

Set them apart

No time for comfort zones

The next generation at risk

Waiting to be led

Giving up was never an option

Like Joseph, they passed the pit,

palace and prison tests

Making them a distinguished

group of men

Always keeping their hearts

and character intact

Obedience to the Father

No matter the cost

They are not perfect

but they know the One

who is perfect, intimately

They have experienced the Fathers

heart of love and mercy first hand

They are following the greatest

example of sacrificial love

So that each wounded soul

Can step into the Father’s

heart for them

They have been broken by the Father

and from that well of brokenness

They impact lives one by one

Encounters in His presence

made them brave

His love poured out on them

made them different

They are looking through

the lenses of His heart

Soaking in His presence

Made them aware of His love

for each searching soul

Love their trademark

Obedience their lifestyle

Hope their compass

Faith their legacy

They may be few in numbers

but the impact they make

Will trickle down to all generations

Leaving a heritage

Men of valour

Men who love and lead with honour

Men who shows kindness

To the least of them

Men who selflessly laid down

their own agendas

To train, equip and lead

the next generation

Giving their all so that each

spiritual son and daughter

will step into their calling

It’s not just about our little families

It’s about changing the world

Embracing the lonely

the hurt

the forgotten

For don’t we all have a story

That needs to be rewritten

The prodigals are waiting

Step into their lives

Their lives can only start

When you do your part.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On Dear One

Don’t give up

on what I have

promised you

The enemy is

painting pictures

of your demise

His purpose to derail

many assignments

in this season

Many sons and daughters

feel hopeless and distracted

Letting their emotions

and circumstances rule them

Leading them away

from their destiny in Me

I know that the season

has been challenging

Many feel lost and alone

They have given up on hope

They’re waiting for the

fulfillment of many promises

Many feel like they’re

revisiting their

wilderness season

Many are so crushed

by their circumstances

That giving up seems

like the only option

I would ask of you

to hold on

to every promise

That I have made to you

I can see that weariness

has set in

It feels easier

to let go

than to hold on

Looking back over your life

You will see a trail of My faithfulness

My timing is always perfect

I am working on your behalf

although I might seem far away

Keep your focus on Me

Remember what I have

dreamed over you

Hold on

to our secret place encounters

The smokescreen

the enemy is creating

Is meant to distract you

His purpose is to bring

confusion and disillusion

So that you will feel

so weak and throw

in the towel

Remember the thief

only comes to steal

and kill and destroy

His main purpose is

for you to give up

Before you can step

into My promises for you

Don’t allow him to win

Hold on dear one

You are stronger

than you think

Press in

My son’s and daughters

For a new season

is on the horizon

Giving up is not an option

Put your war song on

Worship and dance

in My presence

Every demon has to flee

when My presence

invades your circumstances

It will be imperative

to be patient and to move

with My Spirit

You’re not only

contending for yourself

but for your family

and for My kingdom

Hold on with your last breath

Soon the confusion will lift

The enemy will come

with different challenges

for you to give up

He will turn up the heat

for a reason

He knows his time is up

You have learned valuable lessons

on your journey

Though it was tough

You have grown immensely

The training and trials

was worth it My child

Don’t lose your inheritance

because of impatience

It will be worth the wait

My timing is perfect

Hold on dear one

To our Love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Hold On Dear One

The Journey

Sharing His Love

She was called many names

Believed it for too long

Attached herself to it

Made it part of her every move

Caught in a web of lies

Held in chains by many enemies

They did not know her

They thought they did

For how can you know someone

without relationship

They went after hearsay

Trapped by jezebel

rebellion and bitterness

She had to pay for the wrongs in their life

The pain they endured

they inflicted on her

It was easier to make her

the scapegoat of their agony

Easier than to deal

with their pain themselves

Her frail body bowed low

by painful words

That flew at her like arrows

There was no one to help her

No one to stop them

She grew weaker and weaker

Till He invaded her life

You told her that You

would give her back her voice

She didn’t even realise

that she was voiceless

She started to write

what her lips could not utter

The words on the paper

Became her silent voice

She found healing through writing

Saw herself through Your eyes

Your love transported her

to dimensions that she never knew

Why didn’t anybody tell her

that she was deeply loved

Your love had the power

to break the enemy’s hold on her life

You nursed her broken heart

Poured oil on her wounds

and hurts that ran deep

She was amazed in the manner

You relate to her

Your gaze awakened

every dead dream and gift in her

She now saw what You knew all along

Her heart was finally free

to experience

Your relentless love

She has found in You

what few will ever find

The veil is torn

She is One with You

Her identity deeply

embedded in You

She only believes

what You speak over her

Your love her dwelling place

Which she freely shares

with the hurt and abandoned

So that they too will taste freedom

and Your heart filled with grace

The accusations and lies

that once controlled her

Has no hold over her

Her cup of suffering

was her training ground

You saw her future

When she saw a mess

The highs and the lows

The detours and dark nights

Led her straight into Your arms

You never let go of her

You made her fearless

You made her strong

She laughs at the future

She will never be alone

You trained her to war

and how to win her battles

While trials formed Your character in her

Through her surrendered life

many will come to know

The One who has captured her heart

You deserve the glory

You brought meaning to her life

She wouldn’t let the sighs

and murmuring stop her

The voice of the enemy

was forever silenced

No one will fully understand

What You have asked of her

They will only see Your heart

moving with her

The world her blank canvas

Which she colours with love

Till everyone experiences

just a taste of Your deep love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Sharing His Love

The Journey

Deep Calls Unto Deep

Walking this road of separation and seclusion

I got used to the stripping and pruning

Used to fires burning the dross away

Used to the cutting away of my ways

of doing things

Used to dying daily

My dreams were put on the shelf

This journey needed my full attention

I couldn’t swerve out to visit my past

I couldn’t swerve out to feel sorry for myself

Time was valuable

Lessons had to be learned

Tests had to be passed

Further and further

I walked away from the ghosts of my past

Religion no more

My hiding place

I yearned for deeper things

Locked in heaven

Pursued by few

Painful seasons

A mere memory now

Of lessons learned

For I found that I could do without many things

But I could never do without Papa in my life

The things of this world really grows dim

The longer we walk with Papa by our side

It’s in our struggles and heartbreak and losses and dark nights

That Papa becomes our closest friend

We start our journey trusting

that Papa will be true to His word

Yet when time draws near

to the fulfilment of His promises

We realise that every “yes” on our journey

Led us straight into Papa’s heart

The place where He wanted us all along

A place where we are mesmerised by only Him

Where we are lost to this world

and what it has to offer

A place where deep calls unto deep

And Papa directs our every move

Here He turns our mourning into dancing

Our pain into unexplainable joy

Our hopelessness into water walking faith

We know how immensely we are loved

By the One named Love

From this place

We live

We move

We abide in Him

Everything is now complete

just by knowing Him.

~Ebigale Wilson

Deep Calls Unto Deep

The Journey

Uncharted Territories

I wish you could see yourself

the way I see you

I wish you could experience

the heights of My deep love for you

I wish you would visit

uncharted territories with Me

Trust Me even when you can’t see

I’ll be your guide

Leading you to quiet waters

I want your heart to beat

in rhythm with Mine

We will go on adventures

We will rule and we will reign

We will do the uncommon

Seize and take back

what was illegitimately stolen

Hand in hand

We will go deeper

Past the calm seas

Deeper still

Where faith becomes your anchor

Where hope becomes your compass

Where love becomes your norm

Waves will crash over you

Trying to derail you

but you will stay strong

Together we will overcome every obstacle

My gaze your only focus

Leading you further into the unknown

I have deposited My heart inside of you

I want you to see yourself the way I see you

I have called you to be brave

Called you to trust Me

Called you to do the impossible

in the midst of every storm

For you no longer live

I have full control

You are valuable

Precious in My sight

Step out beautiful one

Don’t cling to your past

Run your race diligently

Knowing that I will go before you

Making the crooked places straight

Remember that I am your biggest fan

I will never leave your side

My love has set you alight

To do the uncommon

To run with Me into the open seas

Exciting times awaits the burning ones

You are fearless

You are courageous

I have created you to invade and overthrow

the kingdom of darkness

To be brave in the fiercest battles

For it cannot stop you

No one can touch you

You were made to recover

what was stolen for too long

It’s time My sons and daughters

To rise up and step out

and take a hold of My hand

My love will be your norm

Leading you further and further

into the unknown.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Uncharted Territories

The Journey

Distinguished By My love – True Sons And Daughters

You couldn’t understand

When your life came crashing down

Quickly, without warning

Your life was invaded

Brought to a standstill

Nothing left of what was

You were taken away

on an unknown journey

To discover His heart

To discover His love

Gasping for air

Tossing and turning

You had to retreat

from all things familiar

Many questions on your lips

Your mind a battle ground

Your life turned upside down

Never to be the same again

You following Him blindly

Broken and hurt

Rejected and abandoned

Jobless, homeless, through many losses

Yet, the sound of His voice

Made you realise

That what He has to offer

Was worth searching for

You didn’t know that it was

the best place to be

To be broken and taken apart

To be mended by the Potter Himself

His voice has become your hope

For it’s in our trials and pain

In the storms and fiery furnace

In hiding, and longing for answers

That Pappa becomes our deepest desire

He quiets our fears

Hides us under His wings

Till the storms pass

We become clay in the hand of our Master

So that only His will, will be done in our lives

Obedience unto death is when our lives begin

When we are on a journey of finding Him

Lost to the world and what it has to offer

I walked through many fires

Yet I never burned

Found myself in the midst of fierce storms

Yet I never drowned

Found myself on the battleground

Scared, alone, in pain

Yet I never retreated

I knew who was with me

He knew me by name

His love for me, stronger than death itself

He gave me His life, on a hill

far away

What He asked of me

Could never compare

To the price He was willing

to pay

He wants to reveal His true sons and daughters

He trained away from all eyes

The ones who paid the price

Away from the crowd

The ones who were mocked and persecuted

Because they were too deep

They didn’t care

They died to self, with no reputation

Only the scars of many battle’s won

He was worth every tear

He was worth the whispers

and pain

You will look back and look for your mockers, and see them no more

They will look back and see

My glory eminating from you

Your whole being

dripping with oil

It came with the pressing

It cost a great price

You stood firm during the trials and storms

Nothing could move you

No one could stop you

You persevered, though tired and scared

Through abandonment and fear

You never gave into, those who can only kill the body

Led by My Spirit alone

So that I could get the glory

Through your surrendered life

My true sons and daughters

are marked by My love

Obedience unto death

set them apart

They couldn’t care less for religion and rituals

Couldn’t care less for manipulation and wealth

Couldn’t care less for a stage or popularity

They are only about their Father’s business

They will be revealed in due time

Distinguished by My love flowing through them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Distinguished By My love

True sons and daughters

The Journey

Your Biggest Comeback

Tell My precious

sons and daughters

that the battle is Mine

They need only be still

To rest while I fight for them

It’s only when you allow

Me to step in

That you will see

My hand at work

You have tried it your way

It didn’t work

Do it My way

and surely you will see

My goodness

I will go before you

to prepare a table for you

in the presence of your enemies

While they prepare your downfall

I am preparing your comeback

I am anointing you

with the oil of gladness

I am replacing your old robe

With a new mantle of My glory

and favor for the season ahead

Look at the size of your giants

and you will see a glimpse of

where I am taking you

Your enemies were your

doorway to your destiny

The attacks and persecution

Trained you to war and to win

I have given you a glimpse of your future

When I trained you away

from the crowd

You found My perfect will

While you were alone

I am a righteous God

I am watching over

My word to perform it

The afflictions, trials, and pain

was so necessary

You coming out of the fire

with not a smell of smoke

Only My anointing on your life

to do the uncommon

Far above that you could ever comprehend

is waiting for you in this new season

So shake the dust of off you

Say goodbye to the old

My anointing on your life

was worth every sacrifice

I have asked of you

It’s time to embrace the new

Time to gather the spoils

Time to run with Me into everything

That I have prepared for you

The fragrance of heaven clings to you

It is time to dust off your dreams and promises

It will come to pass with ease

You will experience much joy

You are on the doorstep of

your biggest comeback

With your character intact

Representing My heart

I will take you to heights

that you have never been

Thank you dear ones

for not letting go of My hand

Many are the afflictions

of the righteous

But I the Lord delivers them

out of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Your Biggest Comeback

The Journey

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