A Glimpse Of His Heart

To go through betrayal

and humiliation over

and over again

Must have been

so hard on you

You called The prophet of love, Hosea

Yet her love was never yours

Your name means deliverer

Yet you were stuck

in a cycle of rejection

and suffering

Was there ever a time

that you wanted to run

away from the calling

on your life?

That you thought

of giving up?

You must have

been so alone

Many nights and days

Only the voices of your

children looking for their mom

Tears running down their cheeks

You hiding your own

You were forced to be strong

Had to tuck your pain away

to face each day

It made you hard for a while

Till God intervened and

you discovered that there

was purpose in the journey

You wished away

Yes, there were many days

that I wanted to give up

Days that I was so overcome

by my circumstances

Days that my pain

was too much to bear

Everywhere I turned

was a reminder of my life

going nowhere

Many turned their backs on me

They couldn’t see God’s hand

alive in my life

All they could see

was my misery

It was in the midst

of unbearable pain

That I came to know

the love of my God

The God who walked me

through a severe season

of suffering, betrayal and rejection

Most of the time I couldn’t feel

His presence

Nor hear His voice

My focus more on the naysayers

Then on the promises of my God

One day light shone through

My mind was enlightened

My heart gave a leap

For the first time I saw

God’s hand at work in my life

The journey I walked was necessary

Our enemies without knowing

escort us to our destiny

Every lie

Every tragedy

Every one who walked away

They meant it for harm

but God turned it

around for my good

I wouldn’t trade the rejection

The lonely nights

The empty space next to me

I would do it all over

For what I have found

can’t be bought

It’s the road less traveled

Yet filled with His surprises everywhere

God planned my journey

Pain was part of my process

I had to follow His leading

Without reservation

Without question

Obedient even when

my life looked more like a circus

Then that of a prophet

He showed me a glimpse of His heart

Through experiencing excruciating pain

myself I came to know

the heart of the Father

And His deep love for

each one of us

When we sin

we wound His heart

Yet His love for us

compels Him to

never let go of us

Weren’t we all slaves to sin

Before His redeeming love

restored us to the position of His bride?

He hates sin but He loves

the unlovely deeply!

I hear Him say:

Today you can stand tall

in the midst of your accusers

You can withstand the heat of any fire

The severity of any storm

Love had His way in your life

The journey of discovering

My heart for the unlovely was necessary

You will now be able to handle

that which I am about

to bless you with!

~ Ebigale Wilson

“A Glimpse Of His Heart”

The Journey



My Faith Fireball

You know

I hold the whole earth

in My hand

I move the planets

I put the stars in place

I calm the stormy seas

Will any challenge that you’re

struggling with, be too hard for Me?

Or come as a surprise to Me?

No, never My child

I knew you before you were born

I knitted you together in your mother’s womb

I was so excited about your birth

I had so many plan’s and dreams for you

Then life happened

I knew it would

I planned every detour,

Every stop sign I erect

You thought it was for your bad

but I knew it would be

for your good in the end

I only have good plan’s for you My child

Plan’s to prosper and not to harm you

Your future is hidden in Me

Many times your pain and tears

were too much to bear

Many, many times you let go

of My hand because you didn’t know

that there was purpose in your pain

Hadn’t you gone through

the processes of life

You would not have been

the person you are today

I smile when I look at you

I am amazed at the person

you are becoming

You’re like a light in the dark

A safe place for the hurt and rejected

You are My faith fireball

It trickles over to every one

you come into contact with

You step into the unknown territories

Recovering what was stolen

You don’t back down

The processes made you discover

how precious you are

You discovered your strength

in the midst of your pain

Discovered your worth

through rejection and loss

Discovered how valuable you are

when I carried you

through many challenges

Would you have been part

of My endtime bride

if your life was perfect

and without any challenges?

No lessons learned

No growth

Your sword gathering dust

You just walking the earth

without sending demons to flight

No My child,

I am amazed

at how far you have come

There is purpose in your pain

You are ready to reign

in every sphere

you have overcome

You had to go on this journey

To discover your strength in Me

There is no short cuts

My anointing doesn’t come cheap

I ask a high price of My remnant bride

Mantles are released

Joy now your portion

Run with Me into the unknown

Trust Me fearlessly

Together we will slay giants

Set captives free

Bind up the broken hearted

Bring restoration and healing

We will do the uncommon

Before I return

Hold tightly to Me

So that no one will take your crown.

~ Ebigale Wilson

My Faith Fireball

The Journey

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A Legacy Of Victory

I see you My daughter

At times it might feel

That I am far away

That I have left you

to fend for yourself

Don’t ever think that you are alone

That you are not loved

That I have forgotten about you

I am working behind the scenes

Under the surface, where you cannot see

Trust My plan’s even when

you don’t understand

My way’s are higher than your ways

And My thoughts higher than your thoughts

I am doing a complete work in your situation

I am dealing with generational issues

That were left unattended for too long

Eliminating every plot and plan of the enemy

So that you and generations to come

Will be free from everything

that has kept you in chains

My bride was blinded and robbed

by the evil one

Thinking that living a life of defeat

was her portion

My bride will arise

and take her place

She will walk in love

She will know her worth

As she takes up her authority

The atmosphere will shift

Darkness will have to flee

Because My bride will know

her position in Me

Trust My plan’s even when

it grows darker around you

Know that I will never

leave or forsake you

I am with you every step

on the path you are on

Together we will take back

what was stollen

Destinies were derailed

Dreams hijacked

Families left to bleed

My church asleep

While the enemy works

overtime for her defeat

Cling to the promises I spoke over your life

It’s like two scales

One scale filled with My promises

On the other scale the enemy

stacks his stories and pictures

of doom and gloom

Focus on My side

I will be true to My word

You are a fighter!!

Demons know your worth

Why don’t you?

They also know that victory is your portion

So don’t allow anyone to steal

what God has planned for you

You have hosts of angel’s at your disposal

My word in your mouth

Ready to consume

whatever is in your way

Worship your way through transitioning

Let our secret place moment’s

be your guide to victory

It’s time to rise up

It’s time to take back

Time to invade

the kingdom of darkness

Take back what was stollen

My church has awakened

She is positioning herself

To rule and to reign

A new day has dawned

Feel the excitement in your spirit

Soon you will give birth to all My promises

Joy will be your portion

You will leave a legacy

of triumph and victory

A legacy of blind faith

I will not disappoint you

Together we will change the future for generations to come.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Legacy Of Victory

The Journey



She didn’t know You

Her life filled with

agony and despair

It ruled her mind and heart

No sign of freedom

Only frustration and hopelessness

Surviving each day was her mission

She never knew joy

She never knew peace

She never knew the meaning of

Your unrelenting love

Then one of Your endtime bride’s

came her way

She was bedazzled with

Your presence flowing

from your daughter

It captured her attention

Drew her to a place

that her feet has never tread

The words on Your daughter’s lips

Were like oil to her wounds

Covering every waste place

Healing her every scar

For the first time she felt loved

For the first time she knew her worth

Your love filled every bare place in her life

Every void was erased

With one look into Your eyes

She was forever captivated

by the Love of her life

Her heart was finally free

Her search was over

She was complete

the day she found You

She now knows that You

were the One pursuing her

When she was lost and alone

With no future in sight

You left everything else

to search for her

You put all her broken pieces

back together

Mended her broken heart

She never knew freedom

till she met You

Your love awaken her dead dreams and gifts

She is a prayer warrior

Your presence her dwelling place

Where she intercedes for other’s

to experience Your grace

She fights side by side

with her King

She doesn’t back down

Every lost soul important

There is no time to waste

Her position in Christ

makes her fearless

Fighting in the frontlines

She takes back what

was captive for year’s

She is lost to the world

Consumed by Your love

Only because

one of Your daughter’s

took the time

To show her

her worth

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey


Unknown Adventure 

She laughed her way 

into my life

She is a bundle of joy

Wrapped in His abundant love

She is passionate about life

Wisdom on her tongue

Peace part of her makeup

Love the essence of her excistence

Which she shares with everyone 

she comes into contact with

There’s a glow on her face

A sign of the heavenly places she visits

When she talks about her Bridegroom

She takes me to places 

I wish I could visit

She leaves me hungry for what is her norm

I am breathless by just hanging on her lips

It was her wilderness season

That brought her to this place 

of total dependency on her Bridegroom 

She smiles when she think back to a time

not so long ago

When she was wrapped in her past 

and her pain

He extended an invitation to her

She had nothing to lose 

Her life had no meaning

She made the decision to trade 

her pain and her fears

For an unknown adventure 

with her Heavenly Bridegroom

She has discovered something 

only a few of us will ever experience

She lives at a night shelter

It is there where I have met her

She has nothing of earthly value

in the eyes of the world

Yet, she is richer than most of us will ever be

She knows Father, Son and Holy Spirit intimately

He is the air she breathes

He is every song that she sings

Knowing Him, makes life worth living

She tells me that the One she loves

Desires to take all of His 

son’s and daughter’s

On a love journey with Him

He extends this invitation to all

Yet, most of us are so focuced 

on our pain and issues

That we miss this life changing 

journey with Him

I thirst for what she has found

Love the realm she lives from

Love the lenses she looks through

Love the shape of her heart

Love the One she adores

She can never go back to the woman she was

Now that her Bridegroom 

has ravished her heart

The heartbeat of her Bridegroom 

is what she is becoming

Releasing the fragrance of heaven 

wherever she treads.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Step Out – It’s Time 

You are beautiful 

My daughter

When I look at you

I see a lily on a crisp summer morning

Standing among many other lilies

but all I see is you 

It’s time for you to see yourself 

the way I see you




Yet gentle and kind

Always ready to give

Always ready to listen and embrace

Don’t let anyone keep you back 

from the dreams I have for you

Currently they are dormant

but this morning I blow a fresh wind 

of My Spirit over you

And I declare that what was dead 

will be alive

What the enemy meant for your harm

Will be your greatest weapon

Don’t settle for anything less 

than what I have for you

Shake the past off of you

Forgive and let go

Step out My daughter

For I am with you every step of the way

This morning I am watering you

I am picking you from among the dirt and dust

And I call you to run with Me 

into the unknown

Release everything into My hand’s 

I will take control and bring you 

into the place of breakthrough

Into the place of fulfilment

Lean into Me

Rest in Me

I am your safe place

Know that I will walk with you 

through every challenge

You don’t have to be afraid

I believe in You

Don’t ever doubt My promises

They are yes and Amen!!

Be still and know that I am God

You are who I say you are

You can do what I have called you to do

Step Out  – It’s time!!

Isaiah 60:1  Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you

~ Ebigale Wilson 
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In Deeper Measures 

Many of my son’s and daughter’s 

Went on journey’s with Me

You were so hurt and broken

Grieved in your spirit

With so many questions, unanswered 

Yet you chose to stand strong 

Amid so many struggles

Amid the enemy haunting 

and taunting you

Amid voices all around 

Telling you to give up

To let go of your faith

Some of you were so broken and battered

You longed for this season to come to an end

Yet you held on to Me with your last strength

Your journey brought you to a place of 

letting go of your preconceived 

ideas and beliefs

To a place of surrender and giving 

Me full reign in your life

You came to a place few have experienced

You knew that I would always be true 

to My word

That what I have promised you 

in the midnight hour 

would come to fruition

I can still see you

On your knees, worn out

Your clothes filthy of all the fierry darts 

coming your way

Crawling, with no strength

Yet you held on to what I have promised you 

in dreams, visions, My word and through 

My servants the prophets

These promises were like crutches helping you to move forward into My purposes for you

And now My precious children

You have come to know Me

In deeper measures

You can relate with Job

when he said ‘ I had only heard 

about you before, but now I have seen 

You with my own eyes’

For truly you have seen 

and experienced Me on your journey

You know Me in measures 

you never would have

had you not gone this route

Today you are stronger 

than you have ever been

My love pulled you through 

many nights and days

When you wanted to give up 

My new season of Joy and of Love 

is upon you My loved one’s 

Thank you for fighting the good fight of faith

Thank you for clinging to Me

Thank you for believing 

that I would be true to My word

I love you with an all consuming

marvellous love

You have made it!!!

In a vision I saw how Papa was handing out either a new mantle, crown or trophy to His beloved son’s and daughter’s in this new season that is upon us.

Mantles: 2 Kings 2:13

He also took up the mantle of Elijah that has fallen from him.

Crowns: Psalm 132:18

His enemies I will clothe with shame, but upon himself his crown shall shine

Trophies/Prize: 2 Timothy 2:5

Also if anyone competes as an athlete, he does not win the prize unless he competes according to the rules.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

A Tried And Tested Bride 

You are on the battlefield 

You have been wounded 

to the point of death

No strength left 

in a body so frail

The enemy laughing 

in your face

‘Why are you still holding on!!!’ 

‘Surrender!!!’ he shouts

You look past him

hoping to find a way of escape

Your armour dented

Your heart and body even more 

Desperation grips your heart

Darkness all around

Nothing to hold on to

Maybe you should give in 

to his demands

You are so weak

This time around 

the battle was at its fiercest

It was as if every demon 

was sent your way

The pain your body endured

almost crippled you

Your mind bruised 

by the endless voices 

Trying to convince you 

to give up

To let go of your God 

and His promises 

You put one foot 

in front of the other

Trying to find a glimmer of light

Too weak to war

Too weak to even pray

You feel defeated

Maybe you should just surrender

Then all of a sudden 

Light entered the scene

You fall to the ground and 

Papa is right there to catch you

You have made it My daughter‘ He says,

Made it?’ you whisper back in unbelief

Yes, you have made it My child!

You went through many afflictions and trials

Many times My heart ached for you

but I had to step back

You had to learn valuable lessons 

on your journey

Lessons that will now 

be your greatest weapons

You were so brave and 

My heart bursts with pride

I am coming for a Bride 

that has been tried and tested 

in the worst conditions

A Bride that will put Me first

despite her pain

Laying down her agenda

To embrace Mine

A Bride who burns with My love

Everywhere she goes 

she leaves a trail of My heart

For in the valley, storm and fire 

My heart was birthed in her

The afflictions that was sent 

couldn’t stop her

Weak, tired, scared

She persevered 

You held on to Me 

with all of your strength 

You never gave up

when the enemy tortured you

You never gave in to other’s opinions of you

You knew that this was a Kingdom fight

That I was with you in the valley 

That I was with you in the storm

That I was with you in the fire

Though the enemy wanted to convince you

that you were all alone

You went through persecution

rejection and humiliation 

With so much grace

You carried your cross 

with a smile on your face

You didn’t allow your flesh 

to rule and to reign

You walked in My power

My words in your mouth

Distracted by no one

There’s too much to do

The kingdom of darkness is waiting 

to be uprooted, destroyed and overthrown

My Kingdom is now alive within you

You know who you are

How much you are loved

You worshipped and prayed 

your way through the valley

In the storms and the waves

your calling was hidden

The fire that tried to burn you

Made you burn with My love

My daughter you started this journey

Scared and alone

With only My promises to hold on to

Faith, hope and love

Guiding you 

I am in awe of the person 

you have became

You are courageous and bold

My container of love

For surely generations will be affected 

by the display of your relentless love.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Tried And Tested Bride 

      The Journey 


She is His darling daughter 

Her beauty was perfected in the wilderness 

Living a surrendered life

Obedience even unto death 

Papa asked of her

She couldn’t refuse the desires of her King

Material things are not important to her

She is lost to this world 

and what it has to offer

His Kingdom her focus

His presence her pursuit

His voice blows on her heart 

Every second of the day

Preparing her

Perfecting her

Equipping her

For her highest calling

She had to go on this journey 

with Her Bridegroom

They visited the wilderness

She was weak

but He is strong

When she wanted to give up

He held her up

He wouldn’t let her run back to her past

Screaming, hurt, angry at times

She persevered

Till she came to that place 

of complete surrender

She was stronger than

her past haunting her

She couldn’t give up

She could never give in

He was preparing her to slay giants

Preparing her to find her identity 

forever hidden in Him

She couldn’t let him down

She went all in

Found her purpose in her mess

Her strength on the battleground

Eliminating giant’s one by one

She could do what He said

Weak or strong

He held her hand

He wiped her tears

He was strong

when she couldn’t go on

He purifies us

in the worst of conditions

Till we come to that place 

of radical obedience

Where it is only about 

the desires and requests 

of our King

We dissappear in the background

Humbly, stripped of our flesh

To only His will

We know that as His bondservants 

we have no rights

We have no will

His Kingdom our focus

We speak

We move

We live

Only in agreement 

with our King

Whatever sacrifices, He ask of us we will bring

Kicking and screaming, but we will be obedient

We have to look like our King

to experience His glory

He invaded our lives

He moved in

Coming up out of the wilderness

We lean on Him

Stripped of our old nature

Perfected in the wilderness

We represent our King

We have no rights

We have no will

We gladly surrender to this 

faith walk with our King.

~ Ebigale Wilson 


 The Journey 


Endless Love 

I have never known You

I heard about You, yes

I now know there’s a big difference 

in knowing someone and 

hearing about someone

I heard that You raised the dead

That You healed the sick

That You died for my sin on a cross

You did this all for the sake of love

It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around this

Maybe for the fact that I grew up 

without a dad

Not just physically, 

but mentally and emotionaly

I needed a dad desperately

To show and tell me my worth

I guess that is why I tried to fill the void 

in my heart with “stuff” at first

I thought that the ‘cutting’ would 

calm the raging demons within

Then I thought that a ‘tattoo’ would 

make people notice me

Yet no one took the time to know me

I felt so worthless

Like I didn’t belong 

My dreams buried under 

my pain and my shame

I am someone’s daughter

I am someone’s sister

Someone’s friend

My self worth was zero

The void in my heart pushed 

me further into the dark

Clinging to dead things

To numb the pain

Then I got involved with the ‘wrong crowd’

We all were in a search to fit in

With our different masks

We could happily play the part

Then I started to experiment with ‘drugs’ 

To patch up this deep dark hole within

I drifted further and further away 

from the life I once knew

With demon’s convincing and alluring me

To unknown territories

I never thought I would visit

People noticed me now 

Yes, but it was for the wrong reasons

I was selling my soul for free

To numb the pain

To be known

Yet, no one took the time to

stop for a moment

To look past my outer appearance

To see the desperate, lonely soul within

After the drugs, the sex, the stuff

The void grew bigger

It took me too long to realize 

that no person or drug can fill this void

It was reserved for Jesus alone

I heard that this Jesus loved sinners

The woman at the well

The woman caught in adultery

Even Rehab the prostitute

knew that He had the power 

to set her free

Desperation brought me to my knees

When I felt so abandoned, rejected

Alone on the streets

No way of escape

My heart as cold as the frost on my face

His name I whispered in the darkest of nights

It was time to let go of the fight within

Though demons still tried to draw me in

You didn’t care how filthy I was

You didn’t care that I was dressed in rags

When my shame wanted me to run 

back to my past

You lifted my head 

looked into my dead eyes

And for the first time in my life

I saw what You knew all along

That I was deeply loved 

and beautiful in the eyes of my King

Your presence invaded my whole being

Every demon was set to flight

When You nursed my broken heart back to life

My heart was finally free

The moment when I encountered 

Your endless love for me

~ Ebigale Wilson

    Endless Love

    The Journey