My Faithful Bridegroom 

I look at her and wish I were as glamorous 

Everything is in its place

From her head to her toes

She’s dressed beautifully

She is a women with style, 

A taste for the best

Nothing to spare 

She knows how to feed her flesh

Then there is me

Just plain, boring me

I don’t like expensive clothes or shoes

I bathe in the perfumes of His love

A paintbrush doesn’t often touch my face

I just need to mirror His grace

I love on the poor and the hurt

My heart aches for other’s betrayal

I don’t have much to offer

Except how to love

I won’t be featured in a glamour magazine

But maybe, just maybe

Someone will remember my heart

Maybe in some small way 

I have touched somebody, in a meaningful way

Underneath her spotless appearance

Is a heart as cold as a graveyard

She is selfish, vicious and dangerous

She walks over people

To take what she wants

She will sap you of your power, 

Until you are destroyed

Till you end up in hell, with her by your side

I will fix my eyes on my Faithful Bridegroom

He is a covenant keeper through every season

He is my safe place

The love of my life

I don’t need all the trimmings 

And stuff bought by money

“Name brands” Can’t buy what I have

It goes deeper,

Than the sound that pride leaves

It’s in the eyes of my children

When they look at me

It’s in the touch of so many special friends 

Sent by my King

In the face of the hopeless when I reach out to help

I can see God’s hand alive in my life

I know it was worth 

The pain and betrayal

In the wilderness

I saw His glory

I was ruined by 

His great love for me

I have found my place

In His heart I fit best

~ Ebigale Wilson 

The Lover Of My Soul 

I can tell You anything

Come to You anytime

It doesn’t matter day or night

I don’t have to wait in line

I can share my deepest pain

Reveal my scars to You

I don’t have to be afraid

That You will turn Your back 

on me

I need You more than life itself

I delight myself in You

You fill my deepest needs

My beloved I am Yours

You are the healer of my heart

You perfect my brokenness

You are the strength in my weakness

You are my greatest need

Take me away with You

Cover me under Your wings

I am Yours and You are Mine

You are the Lover of my soul 

Not for a moment I want to be 

away from You

Your presence is my strength

Your love my hope and joy

I am your laid down lover

I need You more then life itself

I delight myself in You

You fill my deepest needs

My beloved I am Yours

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Rescue Me 

Alone in a dark room

I awoken to this nightmare

I could smell the stench of sin

It became a part of me

No one came for me

I am someone’s child

Did they even look for me?

Or was my life just a vapour

Here today, and gone tomorrow

My dress is torn and stained

My face a picture of unbearable pain

My heart is aching more than the scars on my body

I long for hope

Does it even exist?

My innocents was taken from me

Men come and they go

They don’t see me

They just use me

My body their relieve

My shame their gain

Has anyone looked for me?

Is their freedom outside of these walls?

I don’t know!!!

All I feel is pain so surreal

My body, my mind, my heart all trapped in desperate darkness

Was I created to be abused like this?

Was this God’s plan for my life?

Tossed away to an unknown place

Wrapped in pain, night and day

How long will I be able to cope?

Will my mind remember hope?

Before these drugs became my 

safe place

Haunted by demons night and day

Tears running down my cheeks

No one here to bring me hope

I remember long ago

When joy was still my portion

Singing softly

“Jesus loves me…”

Even in my deepest pain

I will still cling to Him

I pray that someone will come 

for me

One of His sons or daughters to 

set me free

To rescue me from this pit of hell

I will taste freedom again

I have to believe…

~ Ebigale Wilson  

An Unbroken Bond

Life doesn’t always go as we plan

Sometimes there’s ups 

Sometimes there’s down’s

We go through detours

Might run into a cul- de- sac

The road may seem dark

With no sign of light

We think that we’ll never reach 

our destiny amidst broken dreams

We let go of hope

Trapped too deep in agony 

of hopelessness and despair

Seasons come and they go

Some good and some not so good

But hold on with all of your might

Cling to the smallest flicker of light

Trying times are part of the journey

You will discover your strength 

amidst broken dreams

It is part of the journey

He is fine tuning our heart

Bringing us into intimacy

He is building our faith

Doesn’t our Father know best?

It might feel like we are more in the valley, 

then on the mountaintop

While our dreams are slipping away

Life doesn’t always feel fair

We get hurt, go through abuse

Might lose our jobs, struggle with an illness, 

a wayward child

We look to God for answers

While He points us to the cross

To die a thousand deaths

Till we are no more

We cling to our pain and we feel like giving up

In the stillness of night

When you toss and you turn

Looking for answers

Your fists clutched in despair

You hear His small voice saying 

“My grace is sufficient for you, 

for My strength is made perfect 

in your weakness”

Surrender to the process your pain and despair  

Know that I am always with you

Tomorrow you will smile again

You will know that you are, one step closer to My dream for you

That all things work together for good 

to them that love Me

You will look back and know that

When you were too weak, 

I carried you

When the nightmares, wouldn’t stop 

I sang over you

When you couldn’t pray, I interceded for you

When all hell broke loose, I didn’t run

I walked you through the valley 

of death

Time after time

You found your strength in My

gaze for you

Found your joy when I danced 

with you

The trying seasons of life didn’t break you

Instead you fell more and more in love with Me

I became your greatest need

Every one else faded in the background

They could never give you, 

what you have found in Me

In your deepest pain 

An unbroken bond was formed

A covenant was made 

and I betrothed you to Me forever

You traded your ashes for My beauty

You choose to run this race

Crying and laughing, 

through pain and betrayal

You have found the One

Who gave you His all

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Warrior Daughter 

Do not fear my daughter

I am always with you

When you go through the valley of death

I am your rear guard

The One who never leaves

I see the fragile look on your face

The tear stains on your cheeks

How you smile, when you want to scream

How you laugh, when you want to give up

You never let go of My hand

Through the darkest of nights

When the enemy whispers lies in your ears

Trying to convince you to let go of My hand

You hold on with all of your might

Curled up like a baby

Singing your favourite love song to Me

You never let go when he tells you to

Instead you draw nearer to My presence

You know that I am your safe place

The One who fights for you

You never retreat 

You face the enemy head on

You worship, you dance, you pray, you war!

For in your battle plan

You have learned when to rest

While I do the work

I salute you

For never giving up, when you could

For seeking my face, when all hell breaks loose

For running to Me

When the demons of your past try to revisit you

You never let fear have his way in your life

You know how to silence the worst of storms

Giants fall when you take your place

Your thoughts in line with Mine

Your words echoing My voice

Your ear alert for My whispers

You’re so focused on your assignments

No time for demons stealing futures

You defend the weak and stand up for the poor

You are My warrior daughter

Trained in the worst of conditions

Many times you thought that you would die

While I saw you win battle after battle

Defeating giant after giant

Gaining ground in My kingdom

Many times crying and limping

But you persevered

The scars on your frail body 

A distant memory of battles won

It didn’t hurt

It made you brave

It didn’t silence you

You have discovered your voice

You clung to me

When it would have been easier to let go

Giving up was never in your vocabulary


You reached for Me, when other’s would let go

I am your Commander

The One who goes before you

The processes are necessary

The battles are necessary

You have discovered your identity 

In the midst of it all

Your heart the evidence of a warrior 

That is One with Me

My purposes for you was found in your deepest pain

On the battleground you became fearless and bold

The enemy though that he would take you out

Instead he launched you into your purposes

You are ready to step out

You are ready to reign with Me

You will set the world alight

Tell all my daughter’s

That I am found in the midst of their storms.

~Ebigale Wilson 

The Secret Place 

She has always been different

There was just something about her

That I cannot explain

The world and all its glimmer

could not entice her

She yearned for deeper things

Locked in heaven

Pursued by few

She was made for unknown places

She dwelled in heavenly realms where He was found

She had an unquenchable thirst for more of Him

She knew she had to go deep to discover it all

Go where only few dare to go

You could say her head was in the clouds

Because that was her favourite position

To meet with Him in the secret place

She was a worshiper

She went all in, distracted by no one

She had to be one with her King

She was not distracted by the voices that said “She’s to deep”

No, she crossed every border to be with her King

The depth of His presence where they would be One

She was totally ruined and overcome by Him

There was a place in Him, reserved for only her

A place few have been

Past the veil where love sick lovers are born

Where we die to self

Bit are alive in Him

She made His heart her dwelling place

His embrace her safe place

She was possessed by Him

Totally in awe of her King

No price she had to pay, would keep her from pursuing Him

She gave up everything keeping them apart

For He became her greatest need

There was a bond between them few had experienced

It was birthed through their meetings behind the veil

Secrets were shared

She was enslaved by her King

Drenched in His oil

Nothing of her past could cling to her

She had an unquenchable thirst for more of Him

She burned with His love

She was controlled by Him

They would call her “too religious”

But she didn’t care

Religion could never bring her to this place

Being overtaken and overthrown by her King

She was so in love with her Beloved

She desired His presence with her whole being

Every moment with Him left her breathless

Hungry to discover a different facet of His heart for her

She dared to go where few have been

The secret place was now her home

~ Ebigale Wilson 

A Water Walking Bride 

There is something about her

That captures my attention and draws me away to unknown places that she has been

It is not in the clothes she wears or the diamonds around her neck

It goes much deeper than bling and brand

It’s something that wealth can’t buy

I gave her a hug and the light on her face drew me in

To places that I have never been

Places only known to the abandoned ones

Who have denied themselves

Sold out to their Bridegroom and only His dreams

I can’t stop thinking about her

There’s something she carries

It clings to her

A supernatural fragrance she releases

She is unaware of the peace that’s her portion

Or the love that she shares

Her heart beat in rhythm with His

Father please take me to the places she has visited with You

Past the veil so that I can experience more of You

Into Your presence where warriors are born and I die to myself

I need to live a life controlled by You

This world and its riches are dead to me

I want what she has

It can’t be bought or copied

It’s only found through intimacy and a laid down life

A life so ruined and overtaken by You

So that only Your glory shine through

No trace of what was, the embers burned out

Your daughter has arised

She is ready to rule and to reign

With You by her side, she will be a formidable force

No enemy will be able to stand

She won’t back down

She came too far, won many battles

She carries the scars

Encounters with Your deep love 

Has prepared her and it made her strong

She is fearless, a water walking Bride in the midst of all storms.

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Tell Her

Tell her that she is beautiful

That I love everything about her

The way she smiles

The way she carries herself

I even love her silliness 

Her love for others, but mostly when 

She searches for Me

She does not have to compare herself

If she is too “this” or “that”,

I created her in My image and in My eyes she’s perfect

I knew her before she was born

I created her to be One with Me

I love the woman she’s becoming

Tell her to let go of what was

The hurt, the pain, the betrayal

I will heal her wounded soul

Quiet her restless mind

In Me she will find perfect peace

There is so much hidden within her

It’s time for her to run with Me

To discover her place in Me

To share her gift with the world

She will find what she needs in 

My presence

Her worth at My feet

If she longs for Me with her 

whole being

I will take her on adventures

In Me she will find her home

Tell her to let go of her fears

I will replace it with a faith so strong

I have heard her desperate cries

Saw her tears, when no one did

My love for her is relentless

I will wash away her pain

Anoint her with fresh oil

Dress her in robes of love

She will know that I am her 

safe place

The One who gives her wings

Daughter of Zion don’t be afraid

For what you need is found in Me

You have wondered around for 

to long

Putting your trust in man

It only brought you tears

Give Me a chance to heal your heart

I loved you since the beginning of time

And as you go with Me, into the unknown

Our heart’s will beat as One

The depths of My love will set 

you free

You will know a peace that passes all understanding

For My perfect love casts out 

all fear

Together we will rule and reign

We will be unstoppable

Fearless amidst every storm

You will find your place in my heart

along side other bride’s

~ Ebigale Wilson 

Our Time To Be Loved 

Deep down we all are the same

We just walk with our masks on 

our faces

Pretending to have it all together

While inside we sit with our 

scars and our pain

We cover the scars, try to hide 

the pain

The bandages wet with our tears

There’s no time to deal with heart issues

No one to listen

No one to talk to

We drift in the background 

Clinging to our pain like a prize

We are in this rat race leading 

no where

While we run further away

From the King of our hearts

Tormented in our minds

Our hearts never free

To taste the depths of His extravagant love

Our time to be loved is now!!!

Long enough, were we bound up 

in robes of our past

Holding us captive

With no sign of freedom

While He wants to dress us in robes of His love

He is wooing us, to find the path to His heart

Step out of your grave clothes

Take off your mask

Trade your ashes for a love journey 

with Him

Trade your pain for freedom unknown

In Him you will find what you need

He will calm every storm you are facing

Together you will win many battles

Your King has summoned you to 

His presence

He extended His scepter to you

You are deeply loved and favoured

He will take your brokenness and make you whole

He is a covenant God

He paid a high price for you to be free

He will meet you in your deepest pain 

There is no time to waste!!!

For your time to be loved is now!!!

He will erase all your pain with a stroke of His love

Others still bound up are waiting 

for you

To step into their lives

Their freedom is bound up in your surrender

Stop wasting your time on things 

of the past

In Him you will find a brand new start

I see your face radiant with joy

His peace invading your whole being

You are finally free to love and be loved

There is a new song on your lips of redemption and love

You have exchanged your rags for a garment of fine linen and silk

You have made yourself ready

As your eyes lock with His, 

and you are finally free

You step out to rescue other bride’s

For their time to be loved is now.

~ Ebigale Wilson  

His Beloved One 

She is a laid down lover

Overthrown and overtaken by her Lord alone

She went through fire, persecution and pain

Stands alone in the midst of many storms

His presence her armour

His voice her compass

Her ear always close to His heart

She discovered her strength on the battleground

When the enemy used to rage at 

her front door

Papa shaped her through the painful times

So that she would go lower, and die to self

Nothing of her flesh had to survive

She was handpicked and trained by the King Himself

She won many battles with Papa 

by her side

He became her everything

Her last breath

Her safe place

His love compelled her to 

be tenacious

The word “afraid” is not known to her

She is His battle axe and His 

weapon of war

She loves on all she comes into contact with

Her brokenness produced a fragrance that can’t be resisted

She rebuilds ruins long forgotten

She is His eyes and His ears

And goes wherever He leads her

No assignment from her King 

she denies.

The pain, betrayal and persecution was not in vain

It was part of His plan all along

To turn her into His warrior princess His daughter of Zion

His beloved one

She is totally dead to self, completely under His control

Their heart’s beat as One

Under the African sun

As she emerges from the wilderness

Leaning on her Beloved

Forever He is

Her One true Love

~Ebigale Wilson 

Image – Pinterest