Guard Your Heart

The sound of her voice 

echoed through my mind 

“Guard your heart!”

She would say

“Guard your heart, Ebigale”

She wanted to make sure 

that I remember the power

behind these valuable words

That it finds its way through 

my mind, my heart,

my whole being

Oh how I would need these words on my journey to healing

The different stages of going

higher and deeper

Of letting go of what I thought

was important

Embracing only what Papa

allowed me to

Letting go of my dreams

my way of doing things

Till I stood empty handed,

naked, alone

Yet, I owned a peace

that surpassed all understanding 

I knew it was my time

for a visitation from heaven

To heal my brokenness

To discover how beautiful 

and precious I was

in the sight of my Father

To discover His plans and

purposes for me

I would not let anyone or anything stop me from the

most important visitation

Over the years her voice 

would pop up whenever 

I wanted to relive my past

Or when painful challenges

would stare me in the face

Or when it was hard

to forgive and let go

Her words quoted from scripture were like pearls to me

I had to guard my heart

I couldn’t let my past find 

its way back to my heart

You had me where You 

always longed for me to be

Alone, away from the crowd

I could sit for hours in

Your sweet presence

I could dance to the sound 

of Your love

I could cry my eyes out for 

all the mistakes I have made

Yet, I always found You

by my side

With arms wide open

Not a trace of the judgement 

I so many times expected

When I thought I had

lost it all 

When my heart was hurting

beyond repair

You resurrected every 

dream You had for me

I  have gained so much more

Than what I laid down!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Guard Your Heart

The Journey


Joy In The Journey

My house needs a little paint

And so does my face

My garage door has a hole

Which the neighborhood

cats adore

Free lodging is available 

whenever they need a place to stay

My microwave throws tantrums

And my washing machine needs prayer

My one couch is legless

And my kettle is headless

My bathroom needs

a few floor tiles

And the list of what I need 

goes on….

We have learned to laugh on 

this painful journey 

Our house with its “issues”

Is a safe place to many

Here we share Papa’s heart 

and love to others

We share our painful journeys

The processes we had to go through

Today we know

there was purpose in our pain

Papa is with us in the midst of 

our failures and messes

He carried us through

many dark nights 

He heals our hearts and He trains 

us daily to reflect His heart

He uses us to bring healing and deliverance to the broken hearted

We dwell in a space occupied 

by Love

Where fear is absent

Religion and perfectionism 

is out by the door

The enemy could not stop us

Our God is in control of our future

He is raising us up

to be fearless warriors

To step out, and fulfill His plans 

and purposes in the earth.

We won’t let our fear, shortcomings or our bank balances stop us

We have decided to look through

Papa’s lenses

And we will walk into every dream Papa has for us!

Papa wanted me to share a glimpse of my life. My journey has been hard and painful with a third party in my marriage, witchcraft, betrayal, and the list goes on. Myself and my two children are treated like outcast by my husbands family and friends, and Papa expects of me to keep quiet and to not defend myself.

We all have different journeys and I would not trade mine for all the money in the world. What I have learned and gleaned from my wilderness season is priceless. Papa healed my shattered heart and I have discovered my purpose in my biggest mistakes and pain. The shy, wounded girl, Papa replaced with a fearless, warrior daughter. 

Papa would say to you, like He said to me in a dream about a week ago “You don’t have to defend yourself, be still, Your God is fighting for you.”

Hold on to Papa, He is fighting for you, be still, rest in Him, He is busy behind the scenes where we cannot see. You have done all you can, the battle is God’s.

2 Chronicles 20:15 – This is what the Lord says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Joy In The Journey

He Will Do It For You

You found her in the background

Alone, away from light

She chose to dwell

She felt at home here

Amongst her kind of people 

She could blend in, disappear 

in the background

Growth was not expected 

of her here

She could be mediocre

Like the rest of the crowd

With her mask on her face

She could hold on to her past 

and never discover the joy of 

a heart set free

She could play her part and 

never discover how brave

she really is

She could be one with her 

pain and fears, clinging to 

dead things

And never discover

her strength within

Curiosity got a hold of her

She wondered what lay 

behind the depths of her 

constant fears

Is there really a peace that surpasses all understanding?

A place where faith comes alive 

in our lives?

And hope the heartbeat of a life hidden in Christ?


She decided to break away 

from everything familiar

Was there a reason the enemy

did everything in his power to 

keep her here? 

She was surely created to push 

past the boundaries, the norm

The stop signs erected by 

her own fears

She embarked on a journey

That would forever change her life

Scared at first but Faith took over the further she walked

Voices called her to turn around

Begging her to be her old self

For how could she

the talk of the town

Discover her purpose, her identity

The Love of her life


Daily she embraces Papa’s 

plans for her

He created her to visit unknown territories

To swim in the open seas

Together they eliminate every enemy that once caged her

Her healing was just a heartbeat away

It was not hidden in flawed 

human beings

Papa’s love held the key to 

her heart

Her past a vague memory

She is so in love with her King

The One who pursued her

When she was a mess

He never gave up on her

He held on to her when every demon in hell came for her

Today she understands the 

purpose of her pain

The enemy meant to harm her

but Papa turned it around for 

her good

Papa did it for her…

He will do it for you!

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Will Do It For You

The Journey

Look All Around You

In this hour

I am raising up

extraordinary men

and women

who went through 

hard and long processes

Trial after trial

With no light in sight

Yet this special breed

did not give up under pressure

They perservered, limping, crawling, out of breath 

My supernatural strength 

Was imparted into them

Faith without limits

was birthed in

once stagnant people

Looking at them

My stamp of approval is visible

on their lives

They live from a fountain 

deep within

That’s gushing and overflowing

to everyone they come

into contact with

They carry yoke breaking anointings

My power is evident

in their lives

Don’t look at the personal battles many of these glory carriers

are facing

Look them straight in the eyes

And you will see

they have died long ago

Persecution, betrayal, rejection, pain has no hold on them

They journey through this life

As dead men walking

Fulfilling My plans and purposes

In the earth

I can use them because

I can trust them

They made a choice

to stay committed unto Me

No matter the cost and 

price they had to pay

Look all around you

My sons and daughters 

are arising

They know no fear

They only know the power 

and strength found in Me

Secret place encounters

made them bold as lions

They are arising with fire 

in their eyes

My mandate in their mouths

The enemy is fearing, because 

he knows no scheme and plot

No amount of pressure

No amount of witchcraft

Could stop what creation

is waiting for

My true sons and daughters

Ready to report for duty

at the sound of My voice.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Look All Around You

The Journey

He Was There All Along

There was a time

not too long ago

When pain was her habitation

And the weight of her challenges

pushed her to the ground

Like so many woman

finding their way

through hardship 

and disappointment 

She came to the end 

of herself

Disillusion followed her

like a cloud

Pain her dwelling place

Anxiety clinging to her

Worry, holding her hostage

Voices numbed her

Taking her to dark places

Too weak to defend herself

She did not know her worth

She watched

while she was stripped

Gave in without a fight

Wrapped in the pain of her past

She looks through blurred lenses

So used to her infirmity 

It became her truth

While freedom

was one step away

Oh, till that glorious day

When her spiritual eyes

were opened to the One

who held the key

to her healing

He was there all along

Waiting for her to notice Him

If only she knew the depth

and height of His love for her

Why didn’t anybody tell her 

how deeply she was loved?

She thought she knew Papa

Until religion lost its hold on her

When she was at her lowest

He was there

and her life was never the same

He took her to deep places 

in Him she never knew existed

Deep within she knew

there had to be more

than the mediocre 

life she lived

All she needed to know was 

how deeply she was loved

Papa’s love held the key

to set her heart free

Darkness had to flee

as His love invaded

every crooked 

place in her heart

Every chain

holding her hostage

fell to the ground

Only because of a revelation 

of Papa’s love for her.

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Was There All Along

The Journey

At The Appointed Time

A season of endless attacks

Many detours

Stop streets

Dark times

Painful memories

Daughters tired and weak

Many questions on our lips

Waiting for answers

Clinging to a God that feels

distant at times

Yet if I look closely

I can see the effects of

Papa’s love all around me

He has always been there

Even when the enemy tried 

to derail my future 

His hand was at work

in my life

Though my lenses are sometimes blurred

And all I can see is my pain

I know my God walks me through

the valley of the shadow of death 

He has been there

He relates with my pain

He quiets my heart with 

His whispers of love

Invade my cluttered mind 

with His presence

Leading me to waters of 

His perfect rest

Till my aching heart beats

to the sound of the promises

He sings over me

Though the enemy paints pictures

of my defeat

Though the fire is burning

seven times hotter

Though I can’t always see 

the future,

Papa declared over me

I will not give in!

I will not give up!

And allow the enemy to win

Pain won’t dictate my future

My hope is in my God

Who never slumbers or sleeps

Looking back over my life

I can testify of the goodness

and faithfulness of my God

Though seasons were hard 

and pain surreal

He carried me through

every trying times

Taking me higher and deeper

with Him

Knowing Papa intimately

makes the hard times bearable

There’s always something 

to glean during trying times

Looking through Papa’s eyes

we believe in the impossible.

At the appointed time

we will sing and do

the victory dance!


~ Ebigale Wilson

At The Appointed Time

The Journey

To Love Is Christ


brought her 

to the King

She had no where

to turn

only to Him

Like the woman

with the issue of blood

She found her way

through confusion

and desperation

Would she allow pain

to pave the way?

Voices trying to cage her

To conform her

to their way 

of doing things.

If they only knew

what it cost her…

To step out

in the midst 

of her pain

To take off her mask




She made up her mind

to go behind the veil

Where desperate women dwell

Overtaken by the need

to encounter Love

His presence became

her dwelling place

Exploring all the facets

of His heart

He did a sacred work in her

As her past faded

in the background

Limitless faith

arose in her

Stripped in the open

of her pride,

self worth,


Yet, this time

she did not care

She was now part

of a company of women

Earmarked to change

the course of history 

Her issues

once visible 

for all to see

Turned into trophies

of many personal battles


She knows what it is

to run on waves

Trust without borders

arising in her 

Father loves using the weak

The no name brands.

They won’t be able to tell 

you the price of gucci shoes 

They’re not interested

in the latest fashions

They are known

by their yoke breaking testimonies

And their love for the Father 

And His love for them

They will be able to tell you 

how His presence invaded 

their whole existence 

How His heartbeat

was birthed in them

How once,

shy and scared daughters 

Were trained by their Father

To take back daily

what the enemy has stolen 

These women have distinct mark’s

that separate them 

from the ones without oil.

To them,

to live is Christ

To die is gain.

~ Ebigale Wilson

To Love Is Christ

The Journey

The Call To Spiritual Warfare

You have called her to 

be Your fearless warrior daughter 

For years You have tried 

to lure her in

She ran circles saying 

“It’s not for me”

She couldn’t possibly invade darkness and overthrow the plans of the enemy

She couldn’t possibly learn how 

to war and to win

She couldn’t possibly stand in the gap and bleed for others 

It’s too much to ask of her!

Please don’t ask the 

impossible from me!

How will I fight?

How will I win?

Should I follow the crowd 

and run from the Call?

Dig new wells 

Run to the forefront

Leading and guiding generations 

to freedom

Where will Christianity end up 

if all of us deny the Call to Spiritual Warfare?

Darkness affecting our families, 

our communities, our churches

While we turn a blind eye 

More worried about what people might say

Then to pick up our swords 

no matter the cost

All across the earth 

God is raising up His warrior sons and daughters

Many previously ran from 

the Call

God lured them back by 

placing them right in the 

middle of the enemies camp

And so unknowingly our training started

God will bring us to a place 

Where we either give up and 

let the enemy cause havoc

Destroy our bloodlines

Let our families bleed

Generations never tasting 

liberty and blessings 

The obedient ones will surrender 

to His Call

Witchcraft and Jezebel derailing countless lives

While the church is silent

Quick to say “oh please 

don’t judge”

False religions at the order of 

the day

While we look the other way

Ask me about the affects of abortions when I have to pray for young girls tortured by demons after killing their baby’s 

How they weep bitterly

When Papa gives me a 

glimpse of the life they took

The relief on their faces

When Papa assures them 

of His forgiveness and love

Or when a young boy had a 

tattoo from a satanic shop

The demonic attacks through 

a door unknowingly opened

Derailing Papa’s purposes and 

plans for his life

Countless doors we open without knowing that we give satan and his demons legal right to keep us in bondage

Ask her about the power of 

prayer and the power of the blood

Ask her of the day she finally died, 

and said yes to the Call

Offering her life as a living sacrifice

To stand in the gap and bleed for the one’s still in chains, blinded 

by the enemy

She is His weapon of war

Through her laid down life

Papa will snatch many from the 

pit of hell

You are My battle-ax and 

weapons of war:  

For with you I will break the nation in pieces,

With you I will destroy kingdoms…….

And with you I will break in pieces governors and rulers

Jeremiah 51: 20-23

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Call To Spiritual Warfare

The Journey

Her Greatest Need

Her enemies were 

waiting for her downfall

They celebrated when 

she was in pain

They hoped she would disappear

Never to be heard of 

or seen again

The day she sent him packing

Many were her enemies

Jezebel has a network of 

puppets under her

She knew she couldn’t pause

While they were exposing themselves

She had to guard her heart

And what flowed from her mouth

They forgot she was the 

daughter of a King

Who’s not bothered by

interruptions challenges 

and sudden road blockades

Papa alone has her book of life

She is not moved by challenges

She is only moved by what 

Love speaks to her

Walking intimately with her Papa

Listening closely to His heart

She couldn’t but heal!

She couldn’t but grow!

She had to eventually bloom!

No time to waste on pitty parties

Nor time to shed tears

Through her lowest times

Her eyes were drawn above 

the storms and winds

Locking eyes with Papa

He became her greatest need

The depth of His love  

awoken the sleeping 

giant within

His love set her heart ablaze

She found her calling in the 

middle of her greatest test

She became fearless and bold

Only because she knows 

how madly and deeply 

Papa loves her

A life full of possibilities

Awaits her every day

She lives life to the fullest

Adventures with Papa she treasures

Together they explore and 

He trains her to war

His warrior daughter

Walking in His shadow

Is where you will find her

She grows in wisdom 

and in love 

She grows in character 

and grace

Her ear always close to 

His heart

Oh how she loves the voice 

of Love!

She knows the strength 

found in surrender

The power of His blood 

Bringing deliverance and healing to the broken and bruised

She loves to see them bloom

Going lower still each day

A tried and tested vessel 

in His hands

Not distracted by anyone

Bringing heaven down to earth

She loves to only do His will!

Her enemies waited for her downfall

They watched her every move 

She grew into the remnant 

bride of Christ

Before their very eyes

She goes wherever Papa 

leads her

Together they set many captives free!

Pain was sent to take her out

She used pain as 

her building blocks

Her enemies unknowingly became her cheerleaders

They’re still on the benches…

watching her

Stagnant, no growth…

She realised that God knows our potential, giftings and callings

Long before we do

Then a wilderness season awakens what was dormant

Only if we allow Him to!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Her Greatest Need

The Journey

Reckless Faith

Many were asked to walk uncommon journeys

Journeys Papa set out for 

us before the foundations 

of the earth

If we held the map of these

journeys beforehand 

We surely would have never 

started it

It lead us through many painful times

Few chose to walk the 

road less travelled

To die to their dreams, aspirations and way of doing things

The handful laid down lovers

Know that no sacrifice is too 

big to bring as an offering to their King

I wonder how Noah felt 

when Papa asked him to 

build the ark?

In a place far from an ocean

A place who didn’t receive 

rain for years

I can imagine the murmuring 

of those close to him

The mockery

The gossip

The “are you all there” looks

Noah the joke of the town

walked with God

Though he looked like a fool

Without hesitation, he set 

God’s dream into motion

I wonder when this life 

altering faith was birthed 

in him?

I wonder how many times the whispers of the enemy made 

him wonder

Is this really from God?

I bet there were days when 

his faith looked grim!

In the face of adversity he 

held on

Working tirelessly to please 

his Father

As the ark became alive 

before his eyes

He gave birth to his Father’s dream!

Many of us are walking 

uncommon journeys

Papa asked us to surrender 

our whole beings to Him

Everything that was 

important to us we had 

to lay down

Many don’t understand our journeys

They don’t have to

We are here only to please 

our King!

We are ridiculed

We are the laughing stock

We are labelled as being too “religious” 

We don’t care about the 

name calling

And we surely are not 


Religion kept us in bondage 

for years

Like Noah we walk with God

We know our Fathers voice

No other voice we will follow 

Our journeys emptied us of things we thought were important

We are thankful for every 

dark time

We will walk this road in a 

heart beat again!

No one can copy our journeys!

No one can copy our testimonies!

No one can copy our victories!

No one can copy the anointing on our lives!

We laid it all down

Our flesh!

Our dreams!

Our reputation!

Reckless faith is birthed 

in ordinary men and woman

Uncommon journeys are 

given to uncommon people.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Reckless Faith

The Journey