Trained By The Best

I see the passing of batons 

To a new and unknown breed

A new era where the old won’t do

A changing of the guard

A clear distinction between 

the sheep and the goats

Where do you find yourself?

Shifted and found faithful 

An army of love sick lovers

Emerging from the battlefield 

Prepared and trained in the 

gates of hell

They did not crumble under 

pressure or succumb to fear

No, the low places know their names

The familiar replaced by the unknown 

Bright lights led many away

Bowing to false idols has many

in chains

Religion slowly but surely left 

many cold

The high cost of obedience many

could not pay

An unknown, nameless, faceless 

remnant was trained in seclusion 

The fire was turned up seven 

times hotter

Enemies surrounded them in

different training camps

Known by their scars, losses, public humiliations 

They embraced the unfamiliar 

while still in pain 

The black book still their compass 

Their enemies revealed their mandate

Justice and vengeance in the 

hands of the Father

A focused and prepared bride is 

ready to pick up their mantles 

Trained by the Best

Ready to take their places in the 

highest ranks of His army 

To make their Father’s name great!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Trained By The Best

The Journey

An Ambassador Of Christ

Father do not let darkness move in

Find its way to my heart

Chaos is surrounding me

You said I should guard my heart

May I see through Your eyes

May kindness and understanding 

ooze from me

May I be found faithful

A vessel of honour

As You separate the sheep 

from the goats

Your remnant from the lukewarm 

May my choices portray that which 

is written in Your word

Not influenced by the masses

Your character my anchor

Your word my foundation

Your love the map I portray

I am firstly a son

I am firstly a daughter

Of the Great I am

An ambassador of Christ through 

the choices I make 

May I be known for Your 

heart and not my opinions

You test every tree according 

to the fruit they produce

Shine Your light on my heart

Reveal what is not of You

Find me faithful in a world where 

wrong has become right

Your commandments my mirror 

You’re coming back for a bride 

without spot or wrinkle

Remove all the stains on my dress

Shift my preconceived ideas

May I hate what You hate

Stand up for what is right

I am firstly a son

I am firstly a daughter 

Of the Great I Am

An ambassador of Christ through 

the choices I make

The challenges I surrender to a 

glimpse of my character 

Be my wisdom 

As I roam this earth

In everything I do may my heart 

echo Yours

With Your love as my guide

I am firstly a son

I am firstly a daughter

Of the Great I am

An Ambassador of Christ through 

the choices I make.

—Ebigale Wilson

An Ambassador Of Christ

The Journey

My Sisters Keeper

I am glad to see her

My sweet friend

My hearts friend

Her eyes are swollen

I give her a long hug, before 

I take a seat

Pain visible in her eyes

She looks tired and tense 

Vaguely smiling in my direction

She starts to talk

Her heart is heavy

She needs to unpack

I can taste her pain the more 

she speaks 

Her emotions flow over her lips

Her heart is torn

She starts to cry

Softly at first

Then sobs race through her body

Iike a dam that is overflowing 

I let her be…..

I was her not too long ago….

I rub her hand, as I try to wipe 

my own tears

I am one with her pain

I also walked through the valley 

of the shadow of death not too long ago

Our stories may slightly differ….but pain 

is pain however you look at it

You need your sisters forged in the 

fire when you go through the fire….

To unpack your heart

To impart their wisdom

I know without a doubt she will rejoice 

and laugh again

My life is proof that a faithful Father 

really exists 

In the meantime, I will cheer her on

Cry with her 

Be her sister as she walks through 

this trying season 

Soon she will reach her destination.

I will be there to celebrate with her!

There is something enchanting, magical, supernatural, when women support and root for each other! 

— Ebigale Wilson

My Sisters Keeper

The Journey

Time To Rejoice

A new era at hand

It is time to come out 

from behind the veil

Wash your face

Anoint your head

Put your best gown on

Your season of overflow is here

It is time to rejoice

To sing a new song

Put on your dancing shoes

The hills are made plain

The flowers announcing 

a new day 

The turtledove is singing 

a new song 

The wine grapes releasing 

a heavenly fragrance

Winter is past, you have passed

all your tests

Lift up your head

Wipe your tears

You kept your focus through 

the ups and the downs

Walked in reckless obedience 

when your world caved in

You did not blink an eye in the 

face of opposition

Pressed through every battle

You carried your cross with a 

smile on your face

Day after day you were 

transformed by My Spirit

I was your best friend when 

you went through the valleys

I was your anchor in the 

midst of the storm

I calmed your heart when you 

wanted to give up

Your past a mere memory 

of precious lessons learned

My faithfulness your beacon

Leading you to the promised land

Every chain that was placed 

on you are broken

Every negative label removed

You are altogether lovely

A representative of My heart

Gather now beautiful ones

There is much work to be done

Open the cages of the forgotten 

Shatter the chains of the broken 

Release the atmosphere of My 

heart wherever your tread

The sound you release will drip 

with yoke breaking revelation

Shift atmospheres, times, even 


Pierce through the hardest of hearts

You will walk in uncommon 

wisdom and favour

You have paid a high price

Decree and declare

Bring heaven to earth

What you have contended for

is here!

— Ebigale Wilson

Time To Rejoice

The Journey

My Confidant

You have parted my many seas

Carried me through the valley of

the shadow of death countless times

In the fire, the furnace, 

You calmed my racing heart

Not for a second my Papa left my side

You are Love, Love, Love

No other other god can compete 

with You 

This battle that I am facing 

is Yours to fight

You did it in the past 

I know without a doubt You 

will do it again

You are my Confidant

Oh how I love it when You 

minister to me

Your presence my greatest reward

I do not deserve Your reckless love

Somehow You bestow it on 

me generously 

Even the days I dissapoint You

Your love pursues me blindly

Have Your way in me Father

Every attack is training,

You taught me so well 

Soon I will reign in a once 

defeated place yet again

No attack, no loss, is wasted 

in Your presence 

You turn everything sent to take 

us out around for our good

I will keep my focus

Lean into You like I always do

Worship You with my whole being 

Countless times I have seen Your 

hand alive in my life

I can tell many stories of how You 

turned my mourning into dancing

My life a living testimony of a 

good, good Father

You see the forgotten

You know the rejected

You heal the broken

Your love draws us from dry 

places to be One with You

You only have precious thoughts 

and plans for us!

— Ebigale Wilson

My Confidant

The Journey

Your Safe Place

Before the foundation of the

earth you were on His mind

He knows you a lifetime

Your every wrong turn

Every wild journey 

Away from His love

A life wasted you might think

Nothing is wasted in the presence 

of Jesus

He specializes in restoring broken lives

He is drawing you with His love

Your name etched in His hand

Your are safe and secure

Under His mighty wings

Let all confusion go

Cry if you should 

Get rid of negative emotions

He longs to heal your brokenness 

He knows the condition of

your heart

The wrong paths you took

Still His love is a banner over you

Like a mighty wind

A restless river

A runaway fire

Surrounding you from every angle

He knows your struggles 

Is One with your pain

Dry your tears now beautiful one

Your past a vague memory 

Put your hand in His

Winter is past

Your time of singing has come

It is time to run on waves

Rest in His perfect peace

You are forever One with Love

Everything will be ok

He is your strong tower

Your safe place.

— Ebigale Wilson

Your Safe Place

The Journey

Darkness Is Your Past

A long season

Dark times

Endless journeys

Unrelenting attacks

Not a ray of light

The tide is turning

The shift is here

Your diligence and obedience 

will be rewarded 

Your bright future will outweigh 

every attack

Every heartache

Every pain

Every battle 

Had its purpose 

Everything is coming together

Like a puzzle 

It’s falling into place

Looking back every attack

Every battle

Every scar

Was necessary to take a hold 

of yoke breaking destinies 

We’re going higher

Taking a hold of new territories

We paid every price

Brought every sacrifice

When darkness was all we 

could see

Arise and shine

Darkness is your past

The enemy knows the ending 

Your focus is your bright future

As darkness covers the earth

The Lord will arise over you

His glory will be seen upon you

The remnant will now step out

His light will be visible on 


Released through mouths

Visible wherever they tread

The wilderness will now release them!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Darkness Is Your Past

The Wilderness Is Calling Your Name

She does not know that there 

is a higher calling on her life

She is too busy with trivial things

The earth awaits her arrival

Pappa wants to show her off

Broken and hurting women

are waiting for her to step

into their lives 

My daughter the wilderness 

Is calling your name

All your hurt and pain you will 

have to leave there

Away from the noise I am

calling you

It is time to deal with your past

Wave it goodbye

You will exit the wilderness 

with a new heart

For too long you have delayed 

this important decision 

Hid in the dark

Walked around

the same mountains 

Attached to your hurt

It is time for me to strip you

You can only be fruitful when 

I mold you

Daughters it is time to live 

His character

Everywhere you go leave a 

glimpse of His heart

We can only do it when we meet 

Father in the wilderness

Here He will heal you

Train you to be His prepared bride

He is coming back for a bride who 

made herself ready

Whose lamp overflows with His oil

A bride without spot or wrinkle

who can release

His sound in the earth

Leave your hurt at Papa’s feet

He loves you more then you 

will ever know

You are stronger than you think

He believes in you

Lock eyes with Him

Rest in His glory

Enjoy your journey with Papa,

The wilderness is calling your name!

— Ebigale Wilson

The Wilderness Is Calling Your Name

The Journey

Wilderness Daughters Now Arise!

We visited many valleys

Were tossed around in 

many storms

Secluded to the wilderness

We had to embrace our training 


Kicking and screaming we 

begged to forego this season

Wounded hearts 

Crushed egos

Unstable emotions

Father would not let us go

He knew what He was doing

The crushing and the pruning was 

what we needed then

We weren’t trained in glamorous 


The wilderness dust became 

our home

Excruciating pain and loneliness 

Stripped from our pride and egos

Lost more then we could bare

The old man had to die

Wilderness seasons don’t 

scare us anymore 

We embrace it with both hands

Forced into His bride under the 

hot wilderness sun

Our scars now brightly shine

As powerful testimonies of 

many battles won

Our hearts run free at last

We boldly take our place

In obscurity a new breed was trained 

In hiddeness we came back to life

Amongst dry places we began to thrive 

Wilderness daughters now arise!

— Ebigale Wilson


At the end of your road

Nowhere to turn to

No hope in sight

You have never felt so alone, forgotten, unheard 

Could this just be the place 

Father summoned you to

Longed for you to be all along

He tried to lure you for years

You did not see Him

Too many distractions

Till your life came crashing down

A “crisis” launched Joseph, Job, 

Ruth, Esther and so many others into Father’s dreams for them

Could this be a setup?

Would this “crisis” finally capture 

your attention

Set you on a journey of becoming who Papa created you to be

Could this wilderness hold the key 

to your healing and transformation?

You had nothing to lose

Stripped to the core




You were the perfect candidate 

to go on a journey of becoming 

with Papa

Would you finally surrender

For Papa to have His way 

To heal your broken heart

Fine tune your character

Do a heart transplant

Enemies and challenges were 

sent to silence you

Papa used them to strip you

To train you

Till you were transformed into His bride without spot or wrinkle

Away from the crowd you 

faced your fears

Your deepest pain held the key 

to your freedom 

In isolation you find your voice

Your “crisis” awakened the 

lioness in you 

Orchestrated in heaven

Sons and daughters obeyed, surrendered and died to self.

— Ebigale Wilson


The Journey