Let Her Be

The sleeping giant has 

awaken from her deep 


Trained by the Best in 

the wilderness 

Everything she would need

Papa imparted to her

Her enemies trained her 

in different spheres

Spiritual warfare through 

the witchcraft that was 

sent to take her out

Inner healing through her journey 

through the wilderness 

In many different areas Papa

was training His remnant

We saw our dark season as punishment 

Papa knew that it would turn out to be our most fruitful season

For too long she was


For too long she gave 

people the power to control 

her life

For too long she excepted every 

negative label placed on her

She now knows her significance 

She tasted freedom

She will never go back

to being confined

She is here to make history 

To invade uncharted territories

To rule and to reign

To live every dream Papa 

has for her

She knows Papa’s gentle voice

It dripped like oil into her 

every waste place 

His voice called every 

dead place in alignment 

Like a caterpillar she 

fought through her issues

To become all that God 

has called her to be

She will not go back to 

a place she was controlled,

belittled, betrayed

She moves on the sound 

of Papa’s heartbeat

A pioneer, a forerunner, a demon slayer

Much creativity Papa

poured into her

For too long she lingered 

in the shadows

When she was created to 

step into the Light

Run with Papa’s heart to 

a broken world

You will no longer find her 

in the wilderness

You will find her in the 

presence of her Jesus

She paid a high price for 

the anointing on her life

Step out of the way

She has places to go

Do not try to contain her

She was created to be free

Many are waiting on her


She is tenacious, a fighter

Papa’s warrior daughter

She is ready to rebuild 

ruined cities 

To carry Papa’s heart 

wherever she treads

Bold and unashamedly 

she carries her cross

Don’t even try to put her 

back in a box

She was created to walk 

through the Red sea

Created to kill bears, lions 

and giants

Created to push back 

darkness and win

A faith giant

Father’s sceptre was 

extended to her

Leave her

Just let her be

She is finally who Papa 

created her to be!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Let Her Be

The Journey


Stepping Out Of The Shadows

Her mind was always 

a battleground

Since very young

anxiety ruled her life

She lived in the shadows 

most of her life

Where many live and hide, 

because of fear

The enemy knew what 

Papa deposited in her

Keeping her chained to 

her fears, suited him just fine

Without her knowing she 

was feared in hell

All of heaven knew Father’s 

dreams for her

Would she ever wake up 

from her deep sleep?

Would she ever exchange 

fear for faith?

Would she ever embrace change and find her voice?

There was something 

different in the atmosphere

She could feel and 

sense an urgency

Fathers voice calling her 

to go higher with Him

Something had changed

Something had shifted 

She started to wake up from 

her deep sleep 

When the biggest crisis 

came knocking on her door

She knew it was orchestrated 

by Papa

She could be an Orpah and 

cling to her past

Or she could be a Ruth

step out and make the future 

her home!

Everyone thought she 

would panic and fail

That she would run to the 

shadows and die there

They didn’t know the 

God she served

He ministered to her 

in her darkest hours

Her Knight in 

shining armour

Walking her through 

the valley of death

Leading her to His 

waters of rest

He was her Rock

He had her back

He made her brave!

When anxiety and depression wanted to control her life

He held her close

He calmed every storm

Oh how Papa believed in 


Her pain introduced her 

to her purpose

Her enemies trained her 

in spiritual warfare

In her darkest season she 

found her voice

The deeper she went Papa 

cleared her mind

Every fear fell to the ground

She is ruling in once 

defeated places

No greater love is there than 

the Love of our Father 

Looking around her she can 

see how Father is awakening 

sons and daughters

He is calling His Bride to 

go higher with Him

They sense the urgency to 

surrender completely

Stepping out of the shadows 

To go on a life changing journey with Him! 

— Ebigale Wilson

Stepping Out Of The Shadows

A Single Mother

You will find her alone

Mostly away from the 


Trying to mend the broken 


Of her hurt children 

Picking up the pieces 

left by wounded grown-ups 

In the background 

She feels safe

No funny looks

No bad vibes

No married women that think 

she is on a mission

to break up their homes

She is a single mother

Or a “single” married mother

Not by choice….but she 

steps up

With Papa by her side, she 

can conquer the world 

She fights her own demons 

away from all eyes

Puts her “I have it all together” 

mask on in front of her children

Protects them with her whole life





She is always on duty

Her love and support their world

Changing roles instantly 

comes naturally to her

A mom

A driver

A teacher

A nurse

To more advanced roles

She can handle them all

Away from all eyes

Father is mending her broken heart

Little by little He restores 

her children 

As she leans completely 

into Papa

He leads her to His waters 

of perfect rest

Sometimes the road is dark

Her load heavy to carry

Her emotions running wild, 

but she is learning to rule in 

deep waters

Holy Spirit is mentoring 

her to raise children who are emotionally healthy

Perfectionism is out by the door

Her children needs a mother 

that loves them unconditionally 

A mother who is present 

Who celebrates their growth

Loves and guides them through 

their mistakes

She dedicated her children 

to the best Father 

Together He guides and 

leads her to raise them

As she goes through her 

processes, so do they

Together they heal

Together they take back what 

the enemy meant for their harm

Collecting the spoils left by 

past generations

Every generational curse

under their feet

Father knitted her together 

in her mothers womb

Everything she would need

He deposited in her

Though she started out 

alone and scared

He walked her through 

every season

Calmed every storm within her

Holy Spirit was truly her Helper

Her Teacher 

Her best Friend

She is raising children with 

high morals and values

Children who put Jesus first

To the world she is just a 

single mom

With her ponytail

Worn clothes

Face without make up

To her children she is their 

safe place

Their oasis of love

Their super hero

A representative of Christ

She laughs at the days to come 

She knows the One intimately 

who holds her families lives in 

His hand!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Single Mother

The Journey

Father Had His Way

She asked me if she could 

speak to me

Calling me to the side at 

a women’s meeting

For a few seconds I am thrown 

by her words 

“I am so glad for what happened 

to you”

She proceeded, a beautiful 

Muslim woman around 60 

years of age

“If you didn’t go through 

your painful journey, you 

would not have been able 

to bring hope to so many women 

We all can relate to your journey

Each one of us can take 

something with us”

Walking away from her, my journey finally made sense

Every tear

Every rejection

Every humiliation 

Every betrayal

Every painful day

I now see what Papa saw 

all along

I only saw in part

A blurred picture of a journey 

with many detours, pain and questions 

In my darkest hour, my 

deepest pain, Papa asked 

me to deny myself

Papa knew that my heart 

was hurting beyond repair

Yet He also knew that if 

I would allow this crisis to 

draw me closer to Him

He would heal my heart

Use my journey to help others 

to find their way through tough journeys

Papa was after my stained 

and damaged heart

He would move mountains 

to see my heart restored

He is coming for a bride 

without spot or wrinkle

He is showing off by using 

those, who people wrote off

The ones with the most spots 

and wrinkles 

To show His sovereignty in surrendered lives

Father is raising up, and bringing 

to the forefront the sons and daughters He trained in seclusion

Whose testimonies have 

been tried and tested in 

the fiery furnaces

When these sons and daughters open their mouths they release

a weighty sound

A yoke breaking, demon slaying sound!

A set the captives free sound!

A signs, wonders and miracle sound!

They will be recognised by 

the sound they release 

They said yes to Papa, when 

they wanted to run and hide

Through every tear, every 

dark night, every struggle 

they chose to hang on to Jesus

Through every challenge, trial, character training

Father had His way in surrendered sons and daughters

They don’t crave platforms 

They crave His presence 

They don’t crave applause 

They crave His blessing

They do not crave wealth or anything this word has to offer

They only crave being with Jesus

Their only credentials is going 

hard after Jesus

In every season good or bad

He is the One we love more 

than life!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Father Had His Way

The Journey

Our First Love

Your love drew us to the 


When we were still dressed 

in rags

Painful journeys held us hostage 

Slowly, but surely You 

removed the dross

We tasted freedom 

We couldn’t get enough

In the scorching sun we 

followed You

Through dry desert You 

were our guide

Leading us to waters of 

Your perfect rest

Sons and daughters hungry 

for more of You

We surrendered our whole beings 

Till our every fear fell 

to the ground

Our minds renewed

Our hearts transformed

Our rags replaced with

garments of embroidered cloth

You light a flame within 

Overcome by Your holy presence

We go lower still

For You to have Your will

Deeper we went with You

Past every fear that kept 

us in bondage

Giving up never an option

We now rule in once 

unknown territories 

Your perfect rest our 

dwelling place

Your kindness towards us transformed us

Your love left us 

in awe

Heart transplants, deep processes

You guided us through it all

The wilderness our 

place of awakening

You lead us here to find 

our worth

Every dead dream now 


We are focused on the 

promised land

Our hearts turned back to our 

First Love

Wilderness brides are 

stepping out

Ready and prepared

The wilderness was our

most fruitful place

Trivial things no longer 

holds our gaze

Coming out of the wilderness

Leaning on our Beloved

We only have eyes for our Father

It’s time for signs, wonders 

and miracles

The transformation of our lives 

The biggest miracle of them all!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Our First Love

The Journey


We Are Dead

“Dying to self”

She heard these words

many times

Without realizing the significance

of dying to self daily

in the life of a Christian

Then Father took her on a 

journey of dying to self

in ways she never could 

have imagined

Dying daily sounds doable 

Till Father asks you to die 

in the presence of your enemies 

Or when Father ask you to 

die when facing your greatest battles 

Or when you are at the end of yourself and your pain pleads with you to operate in the flesh

And Father asks you to lay it 

all down

Papa had to wait patiently 

for her to grasp the sacredness 

of this decision

He wanted all of her

Not partial obedience 

Or when it suits her

Everyday she had to lay 

it all down 

Everything she held dear 

she was to release

Every heartache, every battle, every challenge 

No questions asked

Obedience in its highest form

Nothing less

This was unknown territory 

to her

She was always in control

A perfectionist hiding 

behind pride

Instead of dealing with her 

hurt and pain 

Could she really hand 

everything over?

Every humiliation?

Every person who had

hurt her?

Every issue she hid away 

for too long?

Watch how everything she 

so carefully built up

come tumbling down

Her way of doing things 

go up in ashes

Before her eyes?

Why her? She wondered

Till the scalpel went deep and revealed her wounded heart

She was tested in every 

area of her life

Holy Spirit was her guide

As she became less and 

Father God more

The more she died to self

Father could take His rightful

place in her restored life

Daily she had to let go of 

her pride, her plans, her 

issues, her ego

Till she was ready to be 

put on show

Nothing is more important 

then to glorify Jesus with 

our laid down lives

Gone are the days we

wanted to impress people

Gone are the days we lived 

for people’s applause

Gone are the days when we 

were building our own kingdoms

We’re here to honour our Father with our laid down lives

We present our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to our Father

His fragrance now lingers everywhere we tread

When we open our mouths we waste our every breath in honouring our King, because we are dead!

~ Ebigale Wilson

We Are Dead

The Journey

The Promised Land

We now see the bigger picture

Father saw when He summoned 

us to the wilderness

Looking back, we so needed His intervention

If He had not intervened 

We would still be stuck 

in the past, with old mindsets

Clinging to religion

His love was deeply hidden 

in our pain, our shortcomings 

And our mistakes 

When we took off our masks

Our shackles fell to the ground

The more Father uncovered 

our hearts, the more we died

Every day we were tested to see who was really our God

Interrupting the lives of 

those He loves with a crisis, 

a challenge

Was for His bride to find herself

When we thought we were at 

the end of ourselves 

He comes on the scene 

Guiding, leading and comforting 

us with His persistent love

Into our healing, restoration 

till we discovered our worth

A small remnant knew 

this was the turning point

A once in a lifetime 

adventure awaiting them

We could not say “no”

Scared, desperate, hurt, 

We took a leap of faith

To heal, to grow, to be who Papa called us to be

We chose to go on this journey 

of love with our Father

He became our deepest need

We can be without everything

except Him

We were introduced to a 

love that made us bold 

and fearless

We found ourselves, when we 

found Him

Focus thieves no longer 

hold our gaze

There was purpose in 

every hurt

In every heartbreak

In every rejection

In every loss

Our eyes are focused on 

our Father

Everything that once held 

our gaze, disappeared 

in the background

We brought every sacrifice 

He asked of us

Paid a high price to be One 

with our Father

The bride has made herself ready

Leaning upon her Beloved

She is coming out of the wilderness

Ready to take up her position in 

the promised land

She now sees what He saw all along!

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Promised Land

The Journey

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

Even if I know the most 

eloquent words

Have the pen of a ready writer

I will never be able to put 

into words

The extent of my Father’s 

love for His sons and daughters 

A love that can change

a life forever

A love of second, and third chances

That would go to the darkest places in search of one lost soul

You loved me through 

my many wandering

Searched for me, even when 

I didn’t want You to

Your love would always 

lure me back to You

Though the storms would 

rage around me

Your love would encircle me

Covering me from every angle

Till every storm would cease

And my heart would quiet 

down in the presence of the One whose name is Love

The girl in the shadows

The broken, rejected girl

You would follow her

No place she would visit

Would be excluded from 

Your fierce love

No one can escape from 

a love so great

Your love cut every cord 

holding me hostage

Every fear had to leave

You spoke life over me

Anointed me with fragrant oils

Till my heart started to beat

in rhythm with Yours

You took off my graves clothes

Clothed my in fine linen

A wounded daughter 

I am no more

I learned the true meaning 

of love at Your feet

A love that would give 

me wings

Give meaning to my life

Whatever You say I could 

be, I become

Looking through Your eyes every dead dream came alive

My life was transformed when 

I experienced the depths of Your great love

I unknowingly longed for 

this love

My whole being unknowingly desired to experience Your love

I unknowingly searched for 

this love in all the wrong places 

and people

While it was here all along

Thank you Jesus,

Your love filled every void

in My heart

Nothing satisfies me like You do.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Nothing Satisfies Me Like You Do

The Journey


Image by | Sonya Khegay Photography

A Vessel Tried And Tested

Women hungry for deeper things

Seeking encounters with 

their King

A place where deep calls 

unto Deep

A place she is One with 

her King

At the feet of Jesus,

she chooses 

to abide

Here we find healing for 

our fractured hearts

Answers for the many 

questions on our lips

Direction for the future

Guidance to live a life 

pleasing to our Father 

We always know where 

to run

When our lives are turned 

upside down

When the enemy comes in 

like a flood

We know who goes before us

clearing the way 

We may go through up’s

and down’s

Through dark seasons 

Through hardships, but 

faith always guides our way

Transforming our lives day by day

For Father to have His way in 

and through us 

We are never alone

on this journey

Every detour, obstacle, 

stop sign is for our benefit

Sometimes we don’t understand, but looking back over our lives

We see Father’s faithfulness 

in every “No”

The bride of Christ is

healed and prepared

The dark seasons were 

so necessary

She has a story to tell

That will bring breakthrough 

to many lives

Her battle scars now turned 

into a powerful testimony

Of faith and hope and 

Of a Father who is true to 

His word

Her voice drips with His oil

Many lives will change when 

she opens her mouth

She paid a high price for the anointing on her life

She knows that she is nothing without Jesus

Deeper and deeper she 

goes with Him

Behind the veil

she has found her home

A vessel tried and tested

For such a time as this!

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Vessel Tried And Tested

The Journey


Silent No More

Her voice was muted

the day she married him

He gave everyone in his life 

the power to break her down

He did not have values and principles and self respect

A hurt little boy, in an adult body

Oh how she was blinded 

by fake love

She dared not fend for herself

If she tried she would be verbally abused, belittled, disrespected

It made him feel good

When he broke her down

He had the power

While she lived in fear

He could hide his demons, 

his issues, but not his sin

Open for all to see,

yet no one spoke up!

She had so much to say, 

but she was not heard

He said she threw tantrums, 

when she was desperate to 

be heard

What they call “abuse”

became her norm

Silent treatment when she 

tried to speak her mind

Financial abuse when 

she dared to disagree

Emotional, mental and verbal 

abuse, when she wanted him 

to take responsibility for his wrongs

He stole her voice and she allowed him to

He would do as he pleased 

and got his applause 

While she died little by little 

Everything she did was 

wrong in his eyes

She would end up apologizing

cause he never did

Playing the victim was his 

perfect role

The children grew up

The pain of abuse visible in their eyes and behaviour

Silently pleading for mom 

to leave

Till that day she woke up 

from her deep sleep

She asked him to pack his 

bags and leave

She knew it was time to put 

herself and her children first

To stop the abuse

To finally know peace

She cried many days and nights 

She knew she could no longer 

be controlled and silenced

Pass on the baton of abuse 

to her children

No, it had to stop!

She took of her mask

Hard and painful as it was

Little by little she took 

her power back

Day by day she grew stronger

As her relationship with 

Papa grew deeper 

Oh what a magnificent sight 

she was to behold through 

the eyes of her Father

His perfect love for her made 

her fearless and bold

He put all her broken pieces 

back together again

Creating a masterpiece of a 

once broken life

Today her testimony sets 

broken sons and daughters free

She can relate to others pain

She wore the scars

She tasted the pain

She was abused and manipulated

Nothing she went through 

was in vain

She is breaking cycles

She now knows her worth

Her standards are high!

She was created to be protected, loved and respected 

If not -hit the road Jack!

She discovered her purpose 

when she faced her demons!

She took her voice back!

She is silent no more!

Having her voice suits her just fine!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Silent No More

The Journey