Priceless You Are To Me

I want to walk worthy of the 

Call on my life

I want to be so hidden in You

That no one sees me, but only You

I want to be sold out to You

My dreams on the shelf

Till I am no more

And it’s all about You

I am just a vessel

Transformed by the Potter

I want to resemble Jesus 

through everything I do

May my life be a song of 

pursuing You

Every angle of Your heart

I want to explore

Dying daily, till I resemble You

My life just a vapour, but in You 

I am new

May the sound I release declare Your glory

Everywhere I tread I want to 

leave footprints of Your heart

Stripped of my selfishness

Stripped of my ways

Stripped of my old nature

Till I am transformed by You 

Jesus my undeserved reward

My holy treasure 

The lover of my heart

I cannot boast of silver and gold

Of success and prestige

I can only boast that I have You

You are my life

My everything

There’s no price tag that I can 

place on You

Priceless You are to me Jesus

Thank you for pursuing me

Loving and healing me.

— Ebigale Wilson

Priceless You Are To Me

Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign

She can tell many stories 

of pain and betrayal

Rejection and lies

Humiliation and losses 

Yet she prefers to tell the 

story of a faithful Father who 

only has good plans for her

Oh how the enemy sent

attack after attack

Distractions and sidetracks 

Roadblocks and detours 

To steal her future hidden 

in Papa

She knew Papa only had 

good plans for her

All she had to do was 

follow His lead

Lean into Him through 

the highs and the lows

Cling to Him through the 

storms and the winds

Hide in Papa till the dark 

clouds passed 

Like Joseph she was thrown 

into a pit many times

Like David she tended to 

sheep away from the crowd

Like Ruth she was mentored 

to be faithful and obedient

In the midst of her pain

In the midst of her challenges Father required high character 

of her

The dry desert seasons 

were painful yet crucial

It stretched her

It broke her 

It forever changed her

The dry places prepared her 

to reign 

She is leaving the desert 


She was tested and found 


Dry places no longer her home.

—Ebigale Wilson

Dry Places Prepared Her To Reign

Your One Constant

When nothing makes sense

Your journey derailed 

yet again

A roadblock

A detour

Another setback

No hope in sight

Your emotions run wild

Look up

Lock eyes with Papa

Till His presence 

overwhelms you

Quiet your every 

negative emotion

You will find that a peace 

that surpasses all understanding really exists 

As Papa’s love flows like 

billows into your life

Taming your wild emotions 

Leaving you breathless 

Transporting you to heavenly 

places where the Prince of 

Peace lives

His hand was always at 

work in your life

Every setback 

Every disappointment 

Every roadblock

Led you to a beautiful place

You have grown and glean 

from desert places

Do not turn back now

You will again leap and dance 

Go into His perfect rest

He knows how to calm 

your raging heart 

He is in control

He knows what He is doing

In the midst of chaos

In the midst of unanswered prayers

In the midst of attacks

rest in Papa

Look around

Count your many blessings

You have so much to 

be thankful for

Hidden gems all around

Papa your One constant

Hold on to Him

When the time is right

Father will bring the victory!

—Ebigale Wilson

Your One Constant

Sound Of Peace

It’s quiet around her

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence

The sound of peace

She is finally home

Where she belongs

The voices in her head 

are no more

The beating of her heart 

has subsided

No more anxiety

No more fear

Papa healed her every 

soul wound

He removed every scar

His blood washed away the 

debris of her past

She is a new creation 

Deeply loved and restored 

by a King

She paid every price Papa 

asked of her

Through her pain and hurt

she remained faithful 

She visited many valleys 

Found herself in many storms

Papa remained faithful

He turned her mourning into dancing

She traded fear for faith

Anxiety for peace

She does not visit her past 


Jesus removed every painful memory

She paid her dues

She is free at last

Overcome by gratitude

More in love with her King

For long was the journey, 

but she is finally home

Oh she loves the sound 

of silence!

The sound of peace!

— Ebigale Wilson

 Sound Of Peace

The Journey

Don’t Cry For Me

You kept quiet 

You never said a word 

Don’t tell me you didn’t see 

the pain in my eyes

When your words would 

pierce my heart 

Didn’t you recognize one 

of your many demons you 

chose to ignore 

Following me like a cloud

Oh how you spoiled me

Gave me everything I wanted

Yet my real needs were 

never met

All I needed was to hear that 

you are sorry for the part you 

played in my pain

You had high expectations 

of me, but not of yourself

With your mask on your face

you masked your scars

Played the part of a 

perfect parent 

Was it too hard to search 

your heart?

To admit that you never 

dealt with your past?

Was it so hard to face the 

demons tearing us apart?

You should have known 

you were passing it on

You should have known

I would wear your scars

This dark cloud following 

me would take me to 

places I hated to be

The cutting, the drugs, 

wrong friends would

numb the pain for a while 

Then reality would hit me like 

a ton of bricks

I am alive 

Yet not seen

Seems like every demon 

terrorizes me

Like a yoke on my neck

I am carrying that which 

you ran from

They say I have this illness 

They say I have that illness 

They say I am a lost case 

All these labels they put

on me

I say all I needed was a 

listening ear

One present, healthy 

parent who put me first

Who believed in me

If only you would deal with 

your demons

I’ll just do what you did

Bury my head in the sand

Let pride take me on journeys  

I was never intended to be on

It was never about me

Always about you

Your pride was worth far 

more than my pain

Don’t cry for me.

— Ebigale Wilson

Don’t Cry For Me

The Journey

We Laid It All Down

We entered Your presence

lost and confused

At the end of ourselves

Nowhere to turn

Bound by many chains

Hurt etched on our faces

Mouths filled with pain

You asked us to trust You

To bring our baggage as 

an offering before You

It would be easier to cling 

to it…..

We didn’t

We laid it on Your altar

You had Your way…

Our deepest shame

Our deepest pain

Our open wounds

Our unhealed scars

Our shattered dreams 

We laid it down

You took it all!

Our messes

Our mistakes 

Our wilderness wanderings

Now testimonies

of Your redemption power

You alone restored our lives

In awe of You…we find our 

way to everything You have prepared us for

There was purpose in our 

trying and painful journeys

Everything is falling into place

The puzzle is almost complete 

As sons and daughters leave 

the desert behind

We give You the honour 

and glory for turning our lives around! 

— Ebigale Wilson

We Laid It All Down

The Journey

He Healed Her Heart

She walked around the 

same mountain going 


Went to church, but 

she was still bound

Peace; a foreign word to her

Anxiety and fear followed 

her everywhere 

Her past was etched 

on her face

Everyone she met tasted

a part of her pain

Was this the legacy she 

wanted to leave?

Going in circles nowhere

Depressed, angry, hurt..  with no hope in sight

Repeating the cycles of 

previous generations and 

never tasting peace

She longed to taste just a 

glimpse of His perfect peace

Longed for the day 

every battle in her mind 

would seize

Was there really a peace that surpasses all understanding?

Could she really go into His 

rest and dwell there?

After trying to lure her 

for years

Father came crashing on 

the scene

She did not know the 

many times 

He tried to get her attention 

She didn’t see Him

She was too busy trying 

to mend her broken heart

Fighting her own battles

While He waited to do what 

she could only dream of

She released her whole 

existence into His hands

Every heartache

Every broken part

He made something beautiful 

out of her waste places

He calmed her every storm

She is finally where she belongs

His perfect peace now her 

dwelling place

Anxiety and fear unknown 

words to her

He healed her heart

Made something beautiful out 

of her once broken life

She is so in love with her Father! 

— Ebigale Wilson

He Healed Her Heart

The Journey

Church Show Yourself

Anoint us with Your 

fragrant oils

Let it flow into our 

bruises and scars

Heal the wounds in 

our hearts

Calm the voices in 

our heads

Darkness is covering 

the earth

Deep darkness the people

Many left wounded 

on the battlefield

Fighting enemies they 

didn’t see coming

So many losses 

So many questions

So many lives left 

in ruins

Give us this day our 

daily bread

Teach us to forgive  

Father would You 

search our hearts

Quiet our fears as we 

walk through the valley 

of the shadow of death

Lead us beside still waters

May we never forget 

that You are for us!

Let the church arise 

in this hour

Let her voice be heard

Sound the alarm of a 

good, good Father 

who never slumbers nor sleeps

Hard pressed on every side, 

yet not crushed

Struck down, but not 


Arise Bride of Christ

The glory of the Lord is 

risen upon you

The brokenhearted are 

in need of healing

The captives need to

taste freedom

The poor are hungry

Lives are turned up side 


It is time for the church to 

show herself

She will be known by her 

heart not her gifts

Her time of hiding is over

A wounded and hurting world

is waiting for God’s sons and daughters

to arise!!!

— Ebigale Wilson

Church Show Yourself


My eyes are drawn to 

her as she moves 

through the crowd 

There is something 

heavenly about her

I see Papa’s heart 

all over her face

As she moves from 

person to person 

She hold them close

and shares a few words

She tells us about her

painful journey

Yet nothing of her past 

clings to her

She gives us hope

She strengthens our faith

She makes us believe 

that there is purpose in 

each of our journeys

She gives us a glimpse 

of Papa’s heart for us

I can see and hear that 

she has been places not 

many have visited 

In Papa’s holy presence

Where atmosphere 

changers are born

The weighty sound she releases 

let’s the tears flow

Father’s presence invades 

the atmosphere 

Holy Spirit does for many 

what He did for her

His sweet anointing breaks 

many yokes

What if she did not follow 

Papa wholeheartedly? 

What if she made pain 

her memorial?

Got stuck amongst 


Made caves her homes?


She made the

decision to be brave

To stare fear in the face

and visit unknown territories

Father stripped her of 

her old ways and pain to 

have His way

A restored daughter arose 

amongst waste and 

desolate places

She is ready to take Papas 

heart to the world!

—Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

Here In Your Presence

She preferred to dance


She didn’t allow anyone 

to lead her

Her every step was perfect

Her every turn

Every twirl

Yet there was no one to 

catch her the times she would stumble and fall

Dancing on the beat of 

her own drum

She was in full control

It suited her just fine

Underneath her perfect 

exterior was a heart torn 

to pieces

She had to dance alone 

not to be hurt

Her life looked perfect 

on the outside 

Only Jesus knew the 

issues she tried to mask

There’s a place of total abandonment Papa leads us to

Where He takes the lead 

and we are transformed the 

more we let go

Here nothing of the 

old can exist

It is a door in the spirit 

where we go through

We say our goodbyes to 

every aspect that belongs 

to our past

We follow Papa blindly

As He takes the lead

Dancing in sync on a 

heavenly sound

Safe and secure in our 

Father’s embrace

There’s no place we would 

rather be 

Than here in Your 


Where we are One with You.

— Ebigale Wilson

Here In Your Presence