Committed Allegiance

The war has started.  

The battle has begun.  

The teams have been picked.  

The outcome has been predetermined.  


Predetermined outcome?  



The Master of the Universe has decided that faith, hope, and love will win the battle against fear and doubt in the heart of every born again child of God.  

It won’t be quick, and it won’t be easy, but it will happen.  

Joy and peace will reign triumphant!  “Love and faithfulness meet together.  

Righteousness and peace have kissed.”  

Again, “In righteousness, you will be established.  

You will not fear.  

Tyranny will be far from you.”  

Both of those verses basically say that “The battle is the Lord’s.”

Once we get a vision of that fact, we can rest.  

We can put our lives, our hopes and our dreams in the hands of “The One Who Can.”  

He can take care of us; He can guide us; He can protect us, and He can promote us.  

Not only that, but He is “The God Who Will.”  

He will take care of us, guide us, protect us, and promote us.  

Lastly, He is “The God Who Is.”  

He is real, He is love, He is righteous, and He is just.  

He is the God who can, who will, and who is.  

There is nothing too hard for Him.  

There is no good thing that He will withhold from His obedient children.  

He is and will be everything that we need Him to be.

So, the question is and has always been, “Whose side are we on?”

God has proven himself time and again. It is no longer a question of His existence, ability, or willingness.  It is a question of our heart’s allegiance.  

Will we follow “The King of Kings” or “The prince of the power of the air?”  

One is The Supreme Commander and undefeated, and the other is an usurper and doomed to destruction.

Both require committed allegiance, but only one has our good in mind.

We need to become fully convinced that God’s glory and our best interest are inextricably interwoven.

We need to know that He is a reciprocal Father. We cannot out give Him. For every ounce of our heart that we yield to Him, He bestows a pound of grace.

We give Him our nothingness, and He gives us His everything.

We give Him our neediness, and He gives us His abundance.

We give Him our sin, and He gives us His mercy and grace.  

Faith for doubt, hope for despair, and love for fear.  

Life for death, bliss for grief, and great reward in place of condemnation!

~ Brad Heilhecker

Committed Allegiance


Lately I have felt the pull to paint and create these pictures using old hymn lyrics.

It’s fun and really brings me into a special place in the Lord’s presence.

I would love to see or hear about what you create.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

Standing Before My Face

“I breathe by the wound for the air is stale,

The heats sweat hasn’t been so sweet.

There is no room for anymore tears,

All ground is covered by past errs.

His mercy seems remote as I am teared by these vicious aches.

I toss and turn

positioning myself for another retreat.

I come forth to the temple

where silent affliction is heard.

I bow my head once more

and sought for the Hearts of hearts

For my hope was hopeless

And my faith faithless

without the color of peace

and the shape of insight.

As I die

I  find the meaning of Love

Standing before my face 

Painting my soul

with the brilliance of mercy.

Graced I stand again

and loved more deeper I sing much harder.”

– Mhlanga Sikhosana 

Image – Unsplash / Over App

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Many assignments from the 

pit of hell were sent to cage 

My daughters

The enemy worked overtime to keep My daughters in bondage

Only because he knows the yoke breaking assignments on their lives

But to his dismay these 

daughters arose and broke 

free from the different cages 

they were in.

I saw thousands upon thousands of cages in what looked like a huge, dark warehouse 

Daughters sitting like they were in a trance in small cages

Despair written over their faces

While satan walked among 

these cages

A big smirk on his face

Then without warning 

daughters started opening cages and stepping out

These daughters came to 

their senses and run to cages 

to free daughters that are

too scared to step out 

The enemy is furious, fuming, screaming, but no one is taking note of him

They’re all running in one direction, helping each other through a huge door where Light is pouring through and Love is calling them into a new season 

Father is saying, some of My daughters are already free in their hearts and minds. They surrendered to My processes, fought many personal battles and went through immense pain and training to become My vessels of honour.

It is time for My anointing to break the yokes placed on the downtrodden and hurting daughters. You will be My containers of love, healing, breakthrough and deliverance as you step out and take the wounded by the hand and transfer that which you have learned on your journeys to them.

Then there are the ones I saw in the vision, who are awakening to their identity in Me and breaking free from satan’s identity over them. They know that it is time for change, time to forgive and to step into a new season of healing, restoration, deep joy and My dreams for them.

I see these women completely broken, hurt beyond words, rejected to the core come before Papa, with tears streaming down their faces.

He starts to sing their new identity over them and as they drink in every word, claim it for them, they are transformed into His beautiful bride.

For I will do a quick work in my daughters when they surrender completely, so that they too will step out and bring other hurting daughters into My light.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

All Of My Victories

As I breath more intensely

the smoke of lava bursts forth out of my nostrils,

My lungs have it hard!

Oh heart you have submitted your every beat to the sound of The Almighty’s Voice.

He utters what he has done

and my whole entire being obeys.

My mind has bowed,

I surrender again and again,

I am dying so rapidly.

I am losing myself in the midst of Love.

As I bleed I pray

for i was like the sight of a destruction,

The example of a mess with no hope.

But now the tables have changed for good

I am on top of the game,

My Father is the king of the entire arena

He arranges all of my victories by his favor.

I bruise and fall…..

The deeper i hit

The higher i soar,

My matters are handled

by The Lord of hosts.

~ Mhlanga Sikhosan

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Deep

Don’t be afraid of the rising tide or fearful of going deeper.

We must stop living a shaky and shallow existence.

We must move into our purposes steadily and deeply.

Begin to take steps of faith.

Get your feet wet.

With each step He calls you to take into the rising waters relax and feel the water lift you and effortlessly carry you along.

With each obedient step you will rise above and will no longer be fighting the currents.

Rest in the flow and rhythm of the Holy Spirit.

You will not drown.

Trust in the One calling you to deeper things.

~XXOO Michelle

Restored Ministries

The Forgivable Sin

Today as every other post, headline and news story is talking about the horrific law passed allowing abortion up to full term, my heart is deeply grieved because of this decision, but it also aches deeply for every woman and man that with each post and news story is brought back to a time of deep pain when they chose abortion.

No one chooses abortion lightly.

Fear is a powerful driving force and many are forced into making that decision. It’s never an easy decision.

I believe the best voices for the future of the unborn lies in the process of letting those that chose abortion know that there is forgiveness, wholeness and restoration available to them in Jesus Christ.

Once they are Restored – they will never want anyone to suffer as they have due to abortion.

Abortion affects people just like PTSD. It has long ranging effects.

Sadly, I have been speaking out about this to leaders and churches and communities and anyone that will listen, that abortion is as much a problem for the churched as the unchurched.

I did post abortion Bible Studies in my community through the local pregnancy center. More than half of those attending were daughters of Pastors, Deacons, Elders and Bishops … all forced to have their abortions due to the shame it would bring their fathers, families and communities.

They all either described how they worked and served hard in the Church trying to prove their good works afterwards or they simply left the church completely because of the hurt they felt because no one offered them anything other than judgement and condemnation.

The Worlds churches are full of wounded women and men sitting in congregations hurting deeply over this. Another Sanctity of Life sermon and Pro-Life rant will not heal them.

Almost all that I counseled were still holding onto their secrets and shame so tightly that many turned to various forms of counterfeit comforts – hard drugs, alcohol, pills or food to try to numb their deep pain. I was one of them too for almost 25 years.

Statistics show that almost 60% of female inmates in our prison systems have had an abortion.

Where there is a woman suffering – there is also many men suffering too.

Not every man is the driving force behind the choice to abort. Many men are deeply grieved over their parts or even lack of in the decision.

I once even heard of a young college girl that was adamant on choosing abortion and when asked why, she said that her Heavenly Father can forgive her but her earthly father said he would not forgive her if she didn’t choose abortion. Her earthly father was a prominent pastor in the community.

Today, as many people around the world are incensed by this decision, may we also be just as enraged and angry for God’s daughters and sons that have bought the lies that they are horrible murderers or people because of their choice to abort.

May we be led to help them receive forgiveness and wholeness instead of simply screaming about how horrible and wrong it is.

We ALL know how horrible it is – trust me. Oprah and Chelsea Handler and every pink hat wearer claiming rights to their choices and bodies will try to spin it differently – but it is never as simple or lighthearted as they claim it is.

May we be able to show them they are loved despite the choices they made and point them to the truth that abortion is not the unforgivable sin.

Shame can only survive in silence.

God forgave Moses and David for murder and He has forgiven me and will forgive ANYONE and EVERYONE that comes to Him and repents that have made that choice too.

Please hear me!

There is wholeness and life and life abundantly available after abortion.

We must shatter the silence and shame by allowing the Words of our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb to enable us to overcome and help others overcome.

We begin to repair our stories when we share our stories.

Yes, we must

Pray for the unborn,

Pray for the lawmakers,

but please don’t forget to

Pray for your fellow brothers and sisters that are suffering in shame and silence today.

Pray they reach out and know that they are worthy of love and forgiveness.

I am not here to say abortion is ok or that we don’t have a right to voice our righteous anger towards the killing of millions of babies every year …

No, please know and hear my heart-

I am here to say that we must do more – we can always do more than simply voicing our anger over abortion. We can be committed to help restore lives by helping anyone suffering from the affects of abortion to become forgiven, healed and whole. In doing so, we can help bring about great change to the very fabric of our Nation.

If one person is bound – we are all bound!

Contact me if you need prayer, resources, or help healing from abortion.

Together-let’s make a difference.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

This book in the lead photo is years in the making and I hope – Lord Willing, it will be finished this year.

Restored Ministries


Our struggles are often only a product of how we see ourselves.

If you see defeated – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see delivered – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see sick – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see health – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see lack – that’s how you’ll live.

If you see enough – that’s how you’ll live.

What are you seeing? Who are you agreeing with? Who are you believing? What are you confessing?

May today we all get ANew View and start to focus on the powerful promises of God.

Even when it doesn’t look good at the moment… He promises to work ALL things out for our good!

~XXOO Michelle

Restored Ministries