Exclusive Trust

Many of us say that we place our trust in God but when push comes to shove, and suddenly things are not going how we expect them to go, that trust is quickly shifted to other things.

Like our own efforts and striving, the doctors diagnosis, popular opinions, a counselor or friends advice, our finances and resources or more countless alternatives that seem a bit more sure than an unseen God not moving as fast as we think He should.

Relying on false assurances is dangerous.

We must forsake all pride and confidence in other things and our own flesh and trust in God alone.

This type of trust takes great courage but it’s what is required of us.

God promises that when we make Him our exclusive trust we can expect to be Blessed.

Blessed is the one who makes the Lord his trust. ~ Psalm 40:4

~ XXOO Michelle

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She lived in the shadows 

Away from all eyes

Too scared to step into the light

It suits her just fine

Living away from all eyes

Nobody told her that she 

was here for a purpose 

Born to have the Father’s 

heart beating through her

To carry His presence 

wherever she tread

Born to lead wounded daughters back to the 

Fathers heart

Voices kept her in chains

Fear wrote her life story

There was no one she 

could turn to

No one to rescue her

Just the sound of people

judging her

Years went by

Religion her lifeline…yet she 

stayed bound

A yearning to taste freedom 

awaken in her

She was born for relationship

Born to encounter her God

Yet dreadfulness clinged to her

Generational tombs held 

her hostage

She couldn’t fathom the love 

of her Creator

She could not believe that 

Love was always here

Begging her to step out of 

the shadows

Would He love her enough 

to linger for a moment?

Gather her tears in a bottle?

Would He really waste His 

time to sing over her?

He found her in the shadows

Not a trace of the woman

He knew she could be

The glory of His presence enveloped her whole being

His presence shattered the tombs she was chained to

She stood there… alone

Yet free for the first time

While He sang His identity 

over her!

She became desperate for 

His presence

Every moment she could 

she spent with Him

And every time she left 

His presence

She carried a part of Papa’s 

heart with her 

It took a journey of pain 

and betrayal

To discover her worth

A journey of uncommon faith 

To know the depths of the Father’s heart for her

He washed her with His 

costly blood

Anointed her with 

fragrant oils

Entered into a covenant 

with her

She no longer visits the shadows

Unless she must help a wounded daughter into His marvellous Light!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey


Underneath The Rubble

Everyone needs to listen to this song!

Rebekah Stump is amazing!

You may be saying – she looks familiar .. well, that’s because she has joined Restored Ministries for some of our live Your Healing Hour events. You probably remember the videos circulating of her singing at those events with Larry Wood.

Her husband Tim has joined us for a few events too.

I am so proud to share this incredible song for this weeks #SongSunday.

Please reshare the heck out of this and let’s flood social media with Rebekah’s new song.

~ XXOO Michelle

We Will Rise

the year of change is here

it is now

and it is for us;

may this be the year

our beauty rises

from the ashes,

unfolds us

one petal at a time,

so the roots defining us

can help us write out

upon our lives

who we are meant to be;

we are more than our past

cause we’re not weak

as those who say we are,

we’re not trapped in pain

as our minds try to convince

us that we are,

we’re not backing down…

no, we are rising

and in doing so,

we’re cutting off anything

that’s hindering us

from our freedom

to be at peace

and we’ll uproot

anything toxic from our lives

cause nothing will stand

in our way…

we’re unstoppable

and we will crush darkness

without a thought of it

devouring our light

in our soul;

to wounds engraved

upon our hearts

causing us to bleed internally,

you will not last forever

as we will soon be healed

from the pain that puts you there;

we are ready for the battles

it’ll take us to fight and

win our war against our past

cause we won’t be taken down,

we will take it down and

bleed our wounds

healed forever,

so watch us do that very thing;

we won’t stay in the darkness,

we will rise to tune

to His freedom.

~Bethany Anne

We Will Rise

I Am

Remember: I Am is present tense

God’s Promises Have Not Expired

Eternal One: I AM WHO I AM. This is what you should tell the people of Israel: “I AM has sent me to rescue you.” This is what you are to tell Israel’s people: “The Eternal, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob is the One who has sent me to you.” This is My name forevermore, and this is the name by which all future generations shall remember Me.~Exodus 3:14-15 VOICE

Jesus, the Anointed One, is always the same—yesterday, today, and forever. ~Hebrews 13:8 TPT

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is the one whom Timothy, Silas, and I have preached to you—and He has never been both a “yes” and a “no.” He has always been and always will be for us a resounding “YES!” For all of God’s promises find their “yes” of fulfillment in Him. And as His “yes” and our “amen” ascend to God, we bring Him glory! ~2 Corinthians 1:19-20 TPT

~ XXOO Michelle


Fasting is not a big scary thing just for the ultra mature Christian.

Many will tell you how and what to do – even corporate fasts are all the rage now and can sometimes seem to pressure you into fasting.

One time my church did a corporate fast after I had done a 40 day fast and I felt pressured to join everyone – I even pressured my family to do it.

We were miserable!

I asked God “what’s wrong – why so hard to fast for 3 weeks – I just finished a 40 days fast and it was amazing?”

He clearly told me – “I didn’t ask you to fast”. I was like – “Yeah but everyone else is “… He told me – “That’s what’s wrong – everyone follows the crowds instead of following Me.”

So I only do corporate fasts if the Lord specifically speaks to me to join them now. And I don’t pressure my family to join me.

I explain it to my kiddos and others like this …”Fasting is to simply get alone with God. Take a time out.

Ask Him what is tugging at your heart more than the tug to spend time with Him.”

“What do you gravitate to for comfort besides the Great Comforter?”

If you think of fasting and the first “thing” you think of and quickly panic and say – “oh I couldn’t fast that” … that is generally and probably the thing you need to fast.

Some say fasting is like sharpening your ax, clearing and cleaning out your spiritual eyes and ears, emptying your glass to be filled up, or removing the calluses of our flesh built up on our hearts, (the last one is my own personal definition!)

I know for me when I fast I feel like I am tuning in and tuning out the static and can almost hear the audible voice of God.

Years ago we practiced Lent.

The idea is to Press in – Go Deeper – and Beyond with God during that Lent Season before Easter.

We would pig out on Fat Tuesday then cold turkey give up everything.

Ice cream, cheeseburgers, Pizza, fried foods, video games, TV, and sweets for Lent until one year God said – “how about be nicer to your husband and pack his lunch every day”…. 😳

“Uhm – You are funny God!”

But I finally did just that and it was one of the hardest but also the best seasons and turning points in my spiritual growth and my marriage when I gave up selfishness and served someone else intentionally for a season. This one actually stuck and I am still packing the hubs lunch today.

Fasting takes intention.

Every time that tug towards what you are fasting surfaces – you take the urge to God.

Pray, read the Word, Worship.

Or (Keep your nagging critical mouth shut and pack a lunch)

Soon you will find your empty cup filling up with lots of great things.

Fasting also doesn’t have to be 21 days or a month or 2 months or 7 days.

It can simply be for 1 day or 1 hour.

It’s what you and the Lord decide.

~ XXOO Michelle

I fasted for 40+ days a couple of years ago and blogged my journey. You can check it out here for a good laugh …or inspiration… or to maybe distract you while you are fasting…https://restoredministriesblog.wordpress.com/category/my-fasting-experience-downloads/

Warrior Daughters

My warrior daughters are 

arising all over the earth

Clothed in dignity and strength

They are armed and dangerous

These daughters are fearless

and brave

The enemy unknowingly helped them to this place of birthing

He placed them in tiring

and raging battles

His plan was for them to quit

To turn their backs on their callings and giftings

Instead he catapulted many into their destinies

I could still see how they started their journeys 

Broken and hurt

Bruised and battered 

The battlefield became their habitation

I used their adversity to train them

It was part of My strategy

To silence the voice of every enemy invading and taking out My children

Tired to the core

Attacks on their frail bodies

More scars then they could count

Making their way through

painful processes

Keeping their eyes

focused on Me

I would never initiate

unwinnable battles!

They never gave up!

When caught in the middle 

of fiery furnaces

When painful challenges 

threw them in the lions den

And the lies of the enemy 

tried to numb them

They kept their focus!

They stood their ground!

An exclusive company of warrior woman were born

Trained under My watchful eyes

They didn’t have time for 

coffee or tea!

Not even for pitty parties!

Love carried them through

every fire and storm

Love was their hiding place during many attacks

Love healed their bruised hearts and warriors were born!

Knocked to ground

Left to fend for themselves

I trained them daily

To move in My power

They ran to the frontlines

They dug new wells

They never retreated

Trained by My Spirit

They war on the sound of 

My voice

Taking back territory left unattended

They are bold and brave

Moving with My Spirit they 

will set many ablaze 

No longer silenced by their circumstances

They decree and declare 

Every enemy from the pit 

of hell, will have to flee!

Generations are healing

Because these warriors 

trained in secret know 

Whose they are!

They will invade the earth unapologetically

They will take their place in every sphere of society

Taking back what was stolen for generations

They won’t back down

Till My hand becomes alive 

in their lives!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Warrior Daughters

The Journey