Committed Allegiance

The war has started.  

The battle has begun.  

The teams have been picked.  

The outcome has been predetermined.  


Predetermined outcome?  



The Master of the Universe has decided that faith, hope, and love will win the battle against fear and doubt in the heart of every born again child of God.  

It won’t be quick, and it won’t be easy, but it will happen.  

Joy and peace will reign triumphant!  “Love and faithfulness meet together.  

Righteousness and peace have kissed.”  

Again, “In righteousness, you will be established.  

You will not fear.  

Tyranny will be far from you.”  

Both of those verses basically say that “The battle is the Lord’s.”

Once we get a vision of that fact, we can rest.  

We can put our lives, our hopes and our dreams in the hands of “The One Who Can.”  

He can take care of us; He can guide us; He can protect us, and He can promote us.  

Not only that, but He is “The God Who Will.”  

He will take care of us, guide us, protect us, and promote us.  

Lastly, He is “The God Who Is.”  

He is real, He is love, He is righteous, and He is just.  

He is the God who can, who will, and who is.  

There is nothing too hard for Him.  

There is no good thing that He will withhold from His obedient children.  

He is and will be everything that we need Him to be.

So, the question is and has always been, “Whose side are we on?”

God has proven himself time and again. It is no longer a question of His existence, ability, or willingness.  It is a question of our heart’s allegiance.  

Will we follow “The King of Kings” or “The prince of the power of the air?”  

One is The Supreme Commander and undefeated, and the other is an usurper and doomed to destruction.

Both require committed allegiance, but only one has our good in mind.

We need to become fully convinced that God’s glory and our best interest are inextricably interwoven.

We need to know that He is a reciprocal Father. We cannot out give Him. For every ounce of our heart that we yield to Him, He bestows a pound of grace.

We give Him our nothingness, and He gives us His everything.

We give Him our neediness, and He gives us His abundance.

We give Him our sin, and He gives us His mercy and grace.  

Faith for doubt, hope for despair, and love for fear.  

Life for death, bliss for grief, and great reward in place of condemnation!

~ Brad Heilhecker

Committed Allegiance

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