Fasting is not a big scary thing just for the ultra mature Christian.

Many will tell you how and what to do – even corporate fasts are all the rage now and can sometimes seem to pressure you into fasting.

One time my church did a corporate fast after I had done a 40 day fast and I felt pressured to join everyone – I even pressured my family to do it.

We were miserable!

I asked God “what’s wrong – why so hard to fast for 3 weeks – I just finished a 40 days fast and it was amazing?”

He clearly told me – “I didn’t ask you to fast”. I was like – “Yeah but everyone else is “… He told me – “That’s what’s wrong – everyone follows the crowds instead of following Me.”

So I only do corporate fasts if the Lord specifically speaks to me to join them now. And I don’t pressure my family to join me.

I explain it to my kiddos and others like this …”Fasting is to simply get alone with God. Take a time out.

Ask Him what is tugging at your heart more than the tug to spend time with Him.”

“What do you gravitate to for comfort besides the Great Comforter?”

If you think of fasting and the first “thing” you think of and quickly panic and say – “oh I couldn’t fast that” … that is generally and probably the thing you need to fast.

Some say fasting is like sharpening your ax, clearing and cleaning out your spiritual eyes and ears, emptying your glass to be filled up, or removing the calluses of our flesh built up on our hearts, (the last one is my own personal definition!)

I know for me when I fast I feel like I am tuning in and tuning out the static and can almost hear the audible voice of God.

Years ago we practiced Lent.

The idea is to Press in – Go Deeper – and Beyond with God during that Lent Season before Easter.

We would pig out on Fat Tuesday then cold turkey give up everything.

Ice cream, cheeseburgers, Pizza, fried foods, video games, TV, and sweets for Lent until one year God said – “how about be nicer to your husband and pack his lunch every day”…. 😳

“Uhm – You are funny God!”

But I finally did just that and it was one of the hardest but also the best seasons and turning points in my spiritual growth and my marriage when I gave up selfishness and served someone else intentionally for a season. This one actually stuck and I am still packing the hubs lunch today.

Fasting takes intention.

Every time that tug towards what you are fasting surfaces – you take the urge to God.

Pray, read the Word, Worship.

Or (Keep your nagging critical mouth shut and pack a lunch)

Soon you will find your empty cup filling up with lots of great things.

Fasting also doesn’t have to be 21 days or a month or 2 months or 7 days.

It can simply be for 1 day or 1 hour.

It’s what you and the Lord decide.

~ XXOO Michelle

I fasted for 40+ days a couple of years ago and blogged my journey. You can check it out here for a good laugh …or inspiration… or to maybe distract you while you are fasting…