A Chosen Generation

Many dead dreams and promises are awakening

At the battlefields of our 

deepest challenges 

Out of our ashes His 

glory is arising over

His sons and daughters

Papa is releasing strategies and more clarity to His bride 

to invade the spheres they 

are called to invade

Many people’s healing and deliverance are locked up 

in your obedience to seek 

His face

Many think they know Me, 

that they have paid the price

Gone through the endless purification processes of character building and training

Few did, they know who 

they are

And will now come to the forefront 

Trained under the worst of conditions and pressure 

They have passed every test

They won’t have the blessing 

of the crowds, but they will 

have My blessing

Earmarked for greater things, 

because I can trust them 

with My anointing

To them it will always be 

about advancing My Kingdom and their love for Me

A love that was tried and forced to stand the tests 

of times

This fearless breed are not

distracted by their flesh 

any longer

They were restored by My love

They will be so focused on 

the tasks at hand

Many lives will be transformed when these glory carriers 

pick up their dreams and 

run with Me

They are My chosen generation

My royal priesthood

My holy nation

Uncommon journeys

Many roadblocks

Severe training

Deep surrendering

There has not been such an army of laid down lovers before

Who had to go through deep

waters to find their identity

My mark of grace will follow them everywhere

I am so in love with My bride

who has prepared herself 

There was purpose in the endless warfare

The enemy tried everything 

to distract, mislead and detour them

They stubbornly held on to 

My promises 

Not swayed by the enemy, the naysayers, the opposition 

You will soon understand why the training was so severe

The rejection, the humiliation, the pain

Will all be forgotten when 

My plans and purposes falls 

into place

Perseverance brought you to this place of occupying

Seek My face and everything will become clear to you

Lean into Me as we step over 

the threshold 

I’ll be your guide leading you into every purpose I have 

for you.

~ Ebigale Wilson

A Chosen Generation

The Journey


1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.