Warrior Daughters

My warrior daughters are 

arising all over the earth

Clothed in dignity and strength

They are armed and dangerous

These daughters are fearless

and brave

The enemy unknowingly helped them to this place of birthing

He placed them in tiring

and raging battles

His plan was for them to quit

To turn their backs on their callings and giftings

Instead he catapulted many into their destinies

I could still see how they started their journeys 

Broken and hurt

Bruised and battered 

The battlefield became their habitation

I used their adversity to train them

It was part of My strategy

To silence the voice of every enemy invading and taking out My children

Tired to the core

Attacks on their frail bodies

More scars then they could count

Making their way through

painful processes

Keeping their eyes

focused on Me

I would never initiate

unwinnable battles!

They never gave up!

When caught in the middle 

of fiery furnaces

When painful challenges 

threw them in the lions den

And the lies of the enemy 

tried to numb them

They kept their focus!

They stood their ground!

An exclusive company of warrior woman were born

Trained under My watchful eyes

They didn’t have time for 

coffee or tea!

Not even for pitty parties!

Love carried them through

every fire and storm

Love was their hiding place during many attacks

Love healed their bruised hearts and warriors were born!

Knocked to ground

Left to fend for themselves

I trained them daily

To move in My power

They ran to the frontlines

They dug new wells

They never retreated

Trained by My Spirit

They war on the sound of 

My voice

Taking back territory left unattended

They are bold and brave

Moving with My Spirit they 

will set many ablaze 

No longer silenced by their circumstances

They decree and declare 

Every enemy from the pit 

of hell, will have to flee!

Generations are healing

Because these warriors 

trained in secret know 

Whose they are!

They will invade the earth unapologetically

They will take their place in every sphere of society

Taking back what was stolen for generations

They won’t back down

Till My hand becomes alive 

in their lives!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Warrior Daughters

The Journey