She lived in the shadows 

Away from all eyes

Too scared to step into the light

It suits her just fine

Living away from all eyes

Nobody told her that she 

was here for a purpose 

Born to have the Father’s 

heart beating through her

To carry His presence 

wherever she tread

Born to lead wounded daughters back to the 

Fathers heart

Voices kept her in chains

Fear wrote her life story

There was no one she 

could turn to

No one to rescue her

Just the sound of people

judging her

Years went by

Religion her lifeline…yet she 

stayed bound

A yearning to taste freedom 

awaken in her

She was born for relationship

Born to encounter her God

Yet dreadfulness clinged to her

Generational tombs held 

her hostage

She couldn’t fathom the love 

of her Creator

She could not believe that 

Love was always here

Begging her to step out of 

the shadows

Would He love her enough 

to linger for a moment?

Gather her tears in a bottle?

Would He really waste His 

time to sing over her?

He found her in the shadows

Not a trace of the woman

He knew she could be

The glory of His presence enveloped her whole being

His presence shattered the tombs she was chained to

She stood there… alone

Yet free for the first time

While He sang His identity 

over her!

She became desperate for 

His presence

Every moment she could 

she spent with Him

And every time she left 

His presence

She carried a part of Papa’s 

heart with her 

It took a journey of pain 

and betrayal

To discover her worth

A journey of uncommon faith 

To know the depths of the Father’s heart for her

He washed her with His 

costly blood

Anointed her with 

fragrant oils

Entered into a covenant 

with her

She no longer visits the shadows

Unless she must help a wounded daughter into His marvellous Light!

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey