A Mighty Warrior

Wisdom can make anyone into a mighty warrior, and revelation-knowledge increases strength. ~ Proverbs 24:5 TPT

What a wonderful promise of how we can all become a mighty warrior!


Love Yourself Well

I haven’t always loved myself well.

I didn’t like myself much due to some past decisions, choices or circumstances so I didn’t always take care of myself as I should either.

It’s not prideful or arrogant to love yourself.

God’s Word In Mark 12:31 says “Love your neighbor as yourself” – because God wants us to love ourselves well too.

We can’t love others well unless we love ourselves well first.

So, in case you too have somehow confused your “who with your do”, and felt less than worthy of love by what you have done;

I am here to let you know that there is not a choice or decision you have made or anything you have done to make God love you any less – so it’s time you start to love yourself well.

~XXOO Michelle

“I will always love you;”

~Jeremiah 31:3

If you keep My commands, you will remain in My love.

~John 15:10

As far as the eastern horizon is from the west, so He removes the guilt of our rebellious actions from us.

~Psalm 103:12

Catching Freedom

she was pulled out from the womb,

being enveloped in utter darkness

and pain wrapping her up,

in a cold, wet blanket;

miles and miles of memories

sewn tightly,

exposing no cracks between

day and night,

although they’ve been known to her;

she’s fed off lies and cries

burning the fire inside a body

full of tears that’s created an ocean

she’s been swimming in for years;

she’s built a small dock,

pulled herself up,

clinging on for dear life,

hoping someone or something

will find and save her

from the unjust days she’s been dealt;

her heart is still beating,

never quitting

cause strength is within her

and she refuses to fall

although her circumstances

aren’t promising of another day;

she remains this way for longer

than time can tell

her to be quiet and listen

to the wind speak

peace to her current storm;

she is calm

unlike the voices of past

playing like a broken record,

repeating that she’s worthless

and no one will save her

from this tormenting pain,

but she refuses to listen

cause she knows

she’s worthy of freedom

even if it lasts long enough

to break the sky apart

to quiet the tears

streaming like a waterfall

over her face;

she is brave

fighting each moment

cause she knows joy

will come in the morning;

so many more years go by

unnoticed to those

whose ignorance bleeds,

but she doesn’t allow it

to break her;

one day,

her heart leads her to the edge,

the end of the dock

to show her promise

that’s unfolded;

she follows it

and sees a butterfly

dancing in the wind;

she bends down

to get a better look

and sees scars written

upon the wings

yet strength in the way it flies;

in that moment

she knows it’s time

to let go of the dock;

she jumps

to find that she doesn’t fall into the ocean

to her death,

but flies above depth

no longer her home

cause she is free at last.

~ Bethany Anne

Catching Freedom

Extravagant Giving

Exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate. That is the definition of Extravagant. Some definitions use the word “absurd” to describe it.

Absurd means wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.

So, tell me some ways you like to be absurd and extravagant in your giving?

This promise says – when we give this way – it never leads to poverty!

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

What You Won’t See On The News

Yesterday I got up early and traveled to downtown Houston to attend the Trump Rally with some friends. I am a Trump supporter and I know I have friends and family that aren’t – which is just fine.

I can still love you and accept you without agreeing or approving with you. That’s what mature people do.

I have to say-I didn’t know what to expect but thought there might be some foolery and mobs ..but guess what? – There was none!

This is what I witnessed first hand…

I saw thousands upon thousands of people standing in line that love America. They were from all over the state and other states too.

There were Asians, and Hispanics, Indians, Koreans, Nigerians, African Americans, Caucasians and many women of all races and ages (even a 95 year old granny that her family pulled her in a wagon so she could be there)and there were many people of various religious beliefs also that all support our President Donald J. Trump and are happy to see America thriving.

We stood in lines for hours.

We shared our food and our seats. We laughed and sang and hugged and took pics and we didn’t bash or hate or scream at anyone.

We gave a few chides to the little boy in a Beto shirt but hopefully he was open to being educated as his friend was that was an illegal waiting to become a citizen but we kept it respectful and kind. Everyone did!

Even the girl with the nasty pink hat trying to entice the crowds as she walked by got nothing.

We all ignored her.

That was 2 upon thousands of people I witnessed for over 12 hours.

Once inside the Toyota Center I sat next to a African American women and her daughter that was in her late 20’s. They had seen Hillary’s America and Follow Diamond and Silk and said they couldn’t believe that more people don’t educate themselves on the corruption of the Democratic Party. It’s not the same as it used to be.

I saw so many people that were citizens from other countries that came over here legally and followed the process that were very vocal that they want stricter immigration laws and the wall built. They didn’t agree with the caravan attempt to come in by force orchestrated by the democrats.

They also agreed that the other countries should pay their fair shares.

Only one person was ejected during the Presidents speech – but the media likely planted him because as I sat there watching the media get in place to film a section instead of the president I knew something was up and sure enough 1 man started to make a scene and secret service quickly scooped him up. Because Texas Doesn’t Play!

I am not here to convince you in any way to change your views. I am not open to debate it- I am simply here to report what I saw first hand that the fake news media outlets will never report.

Trump supporters are all ages and races. Loving, kind, and giving people.

Wanting to protect our country is not because we are heartless and cruel-there is a process and it needs to be followed. You can’t give out to every country and not expect to have them give back. Don’t count on the spin doctors or talking heads to give you the news. Educate yourself.

We are not the ones holding onto rage and bitterness of a lost election as the other party is and hiring Mobs to protest and vandalize and spread violence because we are busy appreciating all the new Jobs!

Our economy is improving.

You shouldn’t want hand outs – you should take the hands up you are given and give back.

If you are so filled with hate and rage against the President or Republican Party or anyone that differs or has a different opinion than you – it’s heart check time folks. I pray you can release that mess. It will kill you!

I saw none of the violence and hate yesterday and I am very proud to say I support Our President and am proud to be an American.

Freedom in Christ is Free folks (I can help you with that freedom) but Freedoms in and for our Country comes at a very high price!

I support and appreciate our Presidents efforts to ensure and protect those Freedoms without taking a salary for doing it.

I want to Keep America Great too!

So, get out and vote and vote educated and not as someone holding onto bitterness and resentments.

And if you want to get all Cray Cray in the comments here – well – just remember …Texas Doesn’t Play!

I will block anyone acting up.

~XXOO Michelle Bollom