A Song From The Soul

is a song from the soul
what do I sing about today?
everything is so different than “normal”
i’ve worked so hard to convert my perspectives from death, into life
and I have changed
am i in a new forging fire?
what will my new “normal” become?
my brain wants to shift backward
fiery darts fly
butterflies flutter
i wet my shield with The Water of The Word
lessons of Faith on recall
have i learned them well enough to hold steady?
having done all to stand
the outcome is not in my hands
to remember
He is making all things new.

—Wendi Havens- Hildebrand


A glad heart makes a face happy, but heartache breaks the spirit. -Proverbs 15:13 (CJB)

Cheerful! Trying times we live in. Many cannot leave their homes. Businesses suffering. Stock Market plummeting. We have all read articles and watched videos in hopes of understanding what is happening. To be honest, I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know what is TRUTH about the virus that has shut down the world. Is this virus a conspiracy theory that the government is behind to clean up evil? Was this virus started by humans, or did it evolve from animals that humans ate? Will this all blow over soon, or last for months? I don’t know! Some days it is difficult to be cheerful.

What I do know is, we are called to be DIFFERENT. If we claim to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob we are supposed to act different. We are supposed to understand we are a CHOSEN people. We are supposed to LEAD THE WAY in our response to this situation. Unfortunately, as I read posts, most of my friends who follow Christ are freaking out more than my friends who do not believe God’s Word. My friends who are relaxed and soaking it all in are those who choose to have no care in the world. These friends are also the most cheerful.

Why do we carry a load? Why do we worry about tomorrow? Why do those of us who say we TRUST the Word of God respond with heaviness? As I read the posts I see people trying to figure out what God is saying. There are Words of prophecy that contradict each other. One “prophet” says one thing, another has a different word. As we try to “figure things out” we become so engrossed in hearing from God that we lose track of the JOY He brings.

Prophets are needed, don’t get me wrong. We need others to encourage us and correct us. We need the community to come together and work as a body for HIS purpose. However, we also need to be a LIGHT to those around us and LOVE those He sends our way. Too often we let what we think is HIS work get in the way of DOING. We become hearers, not doers.

I believe we need to laugh. I believe we need to focus on being cheerful. This is a challenge to myself. I know I do not do this often enough. Laughter brings health to our soul. If our soul is strong, than we are stronger. During these times we need inner strength. That comes from focusing on WHO God is FOR US and WHO God is in our life.

Today I challenge you to focus on the JOY in your life. Think about what is GOOD, TRUE and right. Rejoice in EVERYTHING that God has brought your way. Then let that JOY bring comfort to those around you.

Psalm 118:24 This is the day Adonai has made, a day for us to rejoice and be glad.

Love and blessings.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rose Horton


by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Pick Your Eyes Up

I’ve been having issues at home lately with my wi-fi.  Now with so many people working from home during this virus, my internet speed seems much slower than usual!  I run an online ministry, so needless to say I cannot afford to have dodgy internet speeds.

This morning I was meant to do an online teaching over Facebook live, and since I was already out-and-about I figured I’d record the live video from the top of a parking tower at a local shopping center. Not only is the wi-fi strong at this center, but I knew that if I were to record from the top of the tower, I’d also probably have less live interruptions from people and dogs barking (which is a normal thing at my house).

After 45 minutes on top of this tower, I felt like I had downloads from Heaven!  The downloads didn’t come because I was physically higher up, but because God literally changed my perspective while I was there.  I was positioned at a parking spot that overlooked the Brisbane CBD area, as well as the river, as well as some local apartment complexes and parks.  It was a stunning view, and the Lord spoke to me clearly about what I was looking at while up on that high place.

First of all, I could see farther and more clearly than if I had been a few levels down.  Even one more level down and I could not have seen the lovely ferries going back and forth across the Brisbane River.  I could have seen the tall, looming skyscrapers and probably even some of the heavy traffic on the main drive, but I would not have seen the river.

He then showed me a small group of people standing around at the bus stop near the bottom of the parking tower.  They were waiting on a bus, and many of them were anxiously looking at watches and phones every few moments.  If I was down below, even just two levels down, I would have been able to see these anxious people, but I wouldn’t have been able to see that their bus was actually stuck in traffic.  

On the top of the tower I was positioned to see the situation “on the ground,” so to speak, but I could also see the cause and effect of the situations as well as the solution.  In this case, the solution was a broken-down car that needed to be pushed out of the road so that the traffic could flow freely and the bus would be on time – yet the people at the bus stop could only see that their bus was running behind.  I could see everything happening because where I stood on the tall tower.

You can easily pull the analogies and prophetic metaphors out so I won’t explain it further.  However, I wanted to share one part of this experience “up high” that really stuck with me.  I believe it will also stick with you, especially in this particular time of history.

God drew my attention to the fact that I was up high and could see so much.  He then reminded me of the watchmen on the walls, which are found all throughout scripture (see Isaiah 62:6; Ezekiel 3:17; Psalm 130; Habakkuk 2:1, just to name a few).  The watchmen are up high and can see the full landscape. 

They, just like me in that moment, could see the situation on the ground as well as the reasons for hold-ups, for the “traffic” and for all the noise.  They could also see the enemy’s camp and what he was up to.  

When we are up high and can see the landscape before us, the temptation is always to keep our focus on the enemy’s camp.  Yet the Lord has actually called us high for a reason, and our assignment goes beyond just eye-balling what the enemy is doing.  He also calls us to look to the horizon, to see the sun rising upon the earth.  

We get the honor of being up high and seeing not only what the enemy is doing, but especially what GOD is doing!  We don’t focus on the broken-down car or the traffic it causes – we focus on JESUS, who we are already seated with in Heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

We get to call forth the Light to drive away the darkness, and we get to remain high above the chaos below.

There will always be an invitation to go up higher.  This time period in history, however, needs us to actually accept that invitation.  The Lord has been reminding me to not be distracted by the darkness, but to keep my eyes on the horizon.

May we continue to keep our eyes up HIGH and on what God is doing, and not focused on the darkness.

May Jesus SHINE brighter than ever!

And if you’re having wi-fi issues, I suggest you find a tall parking tower.  I promise, God will meet you there (smile)!

~ Mandy Woodhouse

An Act Of Worship

Worthy are You my Lord
great is Your sacrifice
I’m undone before You
for I am just a man
Your love has no measure
my eternal King Jesus
whether I am poor or rich
at whatever state I’m in
I will kneel before You
and proclaim Your name
I will use my gifts
for Your glory my Lord
for all that I am
all that I have
everything I do
is an act of worship
unto You.

(C)Atelier Mirabilia 2020

Minister To Me

oh’ Spirit of the living God
write upon the tablets of my heart
flooding me with healing waters
take away the stony heart
brand me with a heart of flesh
hear the sound of my soul’s cry
there’s power in the spilling ink
crimson blood the seal of love
upon the wretchedness of my soul
what can wash away my sins
the blood of Jesus Christ my King
amazing grace I am redeemed
salvation’s come to Caleb’s house
behold all things are passed away
behold all things are become new
I will sing of Your unfailing love
the gift You have bestowed on me.

(C)Atelier Mirabilia 2020

Let Her Be

The sleeping giant has 

awaken from her deep 


Trained by the Best in 

the wilderness 

Everything she would need

Papa imparted to her

Her enemies trained her 

in different spheres

Spiritual warfare through 

the witchcraft that was 

sent to take her out

Inner healing through her journey 

through the wilderness 

In many different areas Papa

was training His remnant

We saw our dark season as punishment 

Papa knew that it would turn out to be our most fruitful season

For too long she was


For too long she gave 

people the power to control 

her life

For too long she excepted every 

negative label placed on her

She now knows her significance 

She tasted freedom

She will never go back

to being confined

She is here to make history 

To invade uncharted territories

To rule and to reign

To live every dream Papa 

has for her

She knows Papa’s gentle voice

It dripped like oil into her 

every waste place 

His voice called every 

dead place in alignment 

Like a caterpillar she 

fought through her issues

To become all that God 

has called her to be

She will not go back to 

a place she was controlled,

belittled, betrayed

She moves on the sound 

of Papa’s heartbeat

A pioneer, a forerunner, a demon slayer

Much creativity Papa

poured into her

For too long she lingered 

in the shadows

When she was created to 

step into the Light

Run with Papa’s heart to 

a broken world

You will no longer find her 

in the wilderness

You will find her in the 

presence of her Jesus

She paid a high price for 

the anointing on her life

Step out of the way

She has places to go

Do not try to contain her

She was created to be free

Many are waiting on her


She is tenacious, a fighter

Papa’s warrior daughter

She is ready to rebuild 

ruined cities 

To carry Papa’s heart 

wherever she treads

Bold and unashamedly 

she carries her cross

Don’t even try to put her 

back in a box

She was created to walk 

through the Red sea

Created to kill bears, lions 

and giants

Created to push back 

darkness and win

A faith giant

Father’s sceptre was 

extended to her

Leave her

Just let her be

She is finally who Papa 

created her to be!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Let Her Be

The Journey