The Beauty Of Balance

I’ve been seeking balance for the past 4 months as I’ve taken on more at work. Yesterday I realized that sustaining balance is a myth.

Now that I know that I periodically hit a balance in all that I do, I can take striving for balance off of my plate. I’m no longer praying for balance. Balance happens, in a moment, and for a moment. I’m not holding that weight over my head anymore. Balance is momentary, when I see it I am thankful, and I move on.

Instead of looking at balance and saying I have all of this going on and I need balance-step back and look from the other side.

What do I need that I don’t have? Sometimes it isn’t that you have too much going on or even that you have the wrong things going on… just that you have to reframe your mindset about it. What do I need to take off of my plate so that this thing, that I really want right now, will fit?

1-In order to feel balance you need to look at what you are missing. Ask yourself:

2-Who do I need to spend time with or reach out to?

3-What do I need to accomplish?

4-When are deadlines or important dates?

5-Where does balance happen? Am I confusing that with peace?

6-Why are these items that I have set as priorities? (Evaluate and reset as needed)

7-How will I keep focused to make sure that I get things I NEED done?

If you figure out a couple of the most important things that you NEED each day or week and be sure to include them, it doesn’t matter what else happens or doesn’t happen.

Life is not a balancing act.

It’s a circus and you’re a juggler.

So put a smile on your face, hop on your unicycle and perform.

~ Kim Weingart

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The Call

It is time for the set apart bride

to step out and show herself

Her season of hiding is over

Trained in obscurity

behind the veil

She has much to say!

She has much to do!

Much to impart!

Her mouth a container

of His oil!

The road she walked was

hard and alone

Many days spent on her knees

She could give up, but she never did

The wilderness created

for her demise

Papa used to train her to

be His skillful bride

She remember the shock

and gut-wrenching pain

When Papa summoned her

to the wilderness

Torn between her flesh and

the agonising pain

She could not say “no”

to His request

She could not settle for a

mediocre life

Religion could no longer

box her in

She wants to leave a legacy

of pleasing her King

Her love for Papa made

her hungry for more

She was made to go higher

and deeper with Him

In the shadow of Papa you

will find her

Drinking from the depths of

His heart

Many were summoned,

few answered the Call

She laid down her dreams

to follow His lead

It was never about her or

even her pain

It was about answering

the most important Call

The set apart ones who said yes

to the Call

Speak the same language

They mirror Papa’s heart

Dead to self, they no longer live

Forever ruined by Love

He knew beforehand the training

she needed to go through

Painful processes,

but she passed all the tests

Looking back over the journey

of becoming His bride

She is no longer the scared,

voiceless girl

The wilderness made her fearless

She discovered her purpose

in the midst of her mess

She discovered her strength

in the midst of every demon

coming for her

She discovered her identity

in Papa’s never ending

love for her

Different journeys we are on

One destination we will reach

In the middle of Papa’s heart

we will meet

We could and would never

say “no” to the Call.

~ Ebigale Wilson

“The Call”

The Journey

I Forgive You

I forgive you.

You carefully positioned your words to cut like a sword through the weakest parts of my armor. Slicing at my heart.

I forgive you.

You’ve taken shots at me. Ones you know will harm me. Hurt my family. Get in the way of my path with Him.

I forgive you.

You have tried to destroy my self worth. Made me question if I should be here. Made me wonder why I was put here.

I forgive you.

Knowingly or not, you’ve hurt me. I would never admit that to your face, but I want you to know that I forgive you. I love you. You are so much more than a few moments.

Now, I want to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me what it looks like to kneel in grace. Thank you for allowing me to grow from something that was meant for my harm.

Father, I pray over this sweet heart. Somewhere, this person has hurt and has decided that I’m a target. I pray that you forgive them, for they know not what they do. Bless them in ways that only you can. Help them to understand their worth in you. Wrap your arms around them and breathe life in them. Whisper your love in the craziest of ways and keep them so close to your heart. In Jesus name, Amen.

~ Corinna Sharp