With Everything Inside Of Me

We have featured this very popular song before but not this version.

This is the Hesler’s version of Raise A Hallelujah.

On the video link information it also shares how they came to write this amazing song.

With everything inside of me – I will raise a Hallelujah!


I’m A Mess

This weeks #SongSunday is an older song by Steffany Gretzinger – I’m A Mess.

The hook lyric is:

I’m a mess I’m a mess I’m a mess right now …don’t fix me up just spread me out …You fill me up to pour me out …I am undone!

I hadn’t heard this song before but a friend recently shared it with me.

It is encouraging to know that God can handle our raw emotions and our messes.

~ XXOO Michelle

Sing! Sing! Sing!

No Music No Life … I have to agree!

We must Sing Sing Sing! And Worship and Praise!

Today for #SongSunday I am adding an old quote I found tucked in my notes.

Tell us some of your favorite songs in the comments. ~ XXOO Michelle

“Any man can sing by day; but only he whose heart has been tuned by the gracious hand of Jehovah can sing in the darkness.

The things of earth may satisfy for the hours of prosperity; but only the peace of God can give gladness in the darkness of adversity.

God gives joy in sorrow; and when the sad one sings through his tears, then the Lord comes out to him with new and more tender assurances, so that by his very hymn he is made more gladsome.”

~Wm. M. Taylor