The Right Side

Evil is indeed abroad in the world, and Satan continues to sow the seeds of distraction far and wide.

In a very real sense, our world is at war: good versus evil, sin versus righteousness, hope versus suffering, praise versus apathy.

As Christians, we must ensure that we place ourselves squarely on the right side of these conflicts: God’s side.

~ Freeman-Smith

A Shelter For His People

Some people hold on to the past; paralyzed to move on or live in the now.

Some people hold on to false ideologies or deceptive doctrines; never seeking or knowing real truth.

Some people hold on to relationships, possessions or pleasures; confusing those things as their hope or having the ability to fill their voids.

All of those things will never bring hope, truth, or lasting comfort.

They definitely won’t give you refuge or shelter from the storms of life.

The universe can’t give you anything or change anything. You can’t wish or work hard enough for it. Only The Creator of The Universe – God; The Great I Am, can do all that and a whole lot more.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

The lord will be a shelter for His people. ~Joel 3:16

The Only One I See

You were made to worship Me…

To loosen yourself from entanglements drawing you away from Me…

In a room full of people…May I be the only One you see…The only One you hear…I am jealous over you…will always be…

I only need You Jesus…You are my greatest treasure…In my darkest hours Your heart was revealed to me…I did not deserve the love You bestowed on me …Yet You thought I did…I was always welcome to sit with you…Everything about You exclaims love….

You dried my countless tears…Held me close when I could not breathe..Encounters with Your heart and love transformed me into the daughter You created me to be…

You have removed the chains holding me hostage…You are the reason that my heart is healed…My heart belongs to only You…

In a room full of people You are the only One I see…The only One I hear…The only One my heart longs for…

— Ebigale Wilson