The Journey Through

A journey through

hills and valleys

Many detours

Stop signs

Cul de sacs

Your hand in each of them

Painful seasons

Desperate days

Your light found its

Way through my confusion

My frustration

Endless questions

My constant pain

Your perfect love

resurrected my fractured heart

Chains fell to the ground

Free at last to be the daughter

You have created me to be

You paid a high price for my

heart to run free

I now tread on holy places

Beholding Your new

My Beloved

My only Constant

The Love of my life

The One my heart unknowingly yearned for

I am no longer a prodigal tied to my pain

Beloved came for me in my

midnight hour

Awakened my heart

Lit a fire in me

My identity

My joy

My fulfilment

I found in You…

— Ebigale Wilson