Human Intervention Was Not Necessary

She never stopped to invite You 

into her messes and failures

Too busy to play “God”

She tried many things

At the end of herself 

She turned to You

While everything she held onto 

slipped away

There was something different 

in the atmosphere

An unusual urgency to go on 

an adventure with You

Your voice the sound of many waters

called her out into the deep

Announcing that it was her time of Love

You entered into a covenant with her

When no one would touch her

You covered her nakedness

When no eye pitied her

You called her Your beloved 

When she was betrayed

You swore an oath to her 

When everyone left her

You were the glory in her midst 

When she was alone

Daughters lured into the wilderness

Our pain

Our brokenness 

Our failures

Our sin 

Qualified us

In the letting go of everything 

A deep untangling took place

Jesus became our deepest need

Human intervention was not necessary 

Pappa’s love was all we need

There is a place in Father where our 

spirits are awaken to only His voice

A sacred place stumbled upon 

those who laid it all down 

A place where we trade our rags 

and Father clothes us in a peace that surpasses all understanding

We can spend all eternity here

The One who won our hearts dwells here!

It took painful wildernesses journeys 

Of separation and seclusion 

Of stripping and stretching

Of dying and letting go

To know Love in all His facets

Consecrated ones dwell in this place 

where there is no limit in Him!

— Ebigale Wilson

Human intervention was not necessary

Back To The Beginning

Sometimes going “back to the beginning” is necessary. Sometimes starting over with the basics is required. Even Paul wrote about this:

I Corinthians 15:1-4 Now, brothers, I must remind you of the Good News which I proclaimed to you, and which you received, and on which you have taken your stand, 2 and by which you are being saved — provided you keep holding fast to the message I proclaimed to you. For if you don’t, your trust will have been in vain. 3 For among the first things I passed on to you was what I also received, namely this: the Messiah died for our sins, in accordance with what the Tanakh says; 4 and he was buried; and he was raised on the third day, in accordance with what the Tanakh says;

I know this seems so “milk.” I realize that you might wonder the necessity of these Words.

And yet, Paul made it quite clear to the Corinthians that they needed to understand that the Messiah died for sins. This is a teaching that should have been very basic. He also stated that the Tanakh (Old Testament Words) were written to make everything clear about the coming of the Messiah.

If Paul had to write these words to a fellowship that was “established,” how much more do we need to “return to the Good News?” I have watched fellowships become caught up in “dotting i’s” and “crossing t’s” and they forget their First Love. I have watched fellowships become “self righteous” and put others down that don’t “agree with them.” I believe that we have walked away from what God wants us to do…

The Good News is that Christ died for us. The Good News is that He was buried, but rose again on the third day. The Good News is the message we are supposed to “hold fast” too.

Friends, don’t let yourselves get caught in the acts of judging and legalism. God’s love is what draws all men to Him. If we walk in that LOVE we will share His love with those around us.

I realize that it is a fine line these days. How does one “speak the Truth” and not judge? How does one share what the Word of God says without coming across as a “know it all?” I struggle myself with these scenarios.

Humility is key. When we walk with His Spirit inside of us, people will be drawn to that. When we keep Him at the center of our hearts, He will keep the key points in our minds.

Take time today to remind yourself of your First Love. Go back to the beginning of your walk with Him and remember what you felt, than pass that along to those you love.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rose Horton

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

Maybe…Just Maybe…

Recently while on my sabbatical and painting I felt so much joy.

Such a deep overwhelming joy that I have not felt in years.

As soon as I said “I love painting and creating” I started to think of book edits and writing or cleaning out my closet or running the vacuum or many other things that I needed to do but I couldn’t pull myself away from the need … the draw…the deep desire to just want to be there painting.

Two years ago I felt such a strong pull to create art. You can see my album titled “Art” for what I have been doing. I just get artsy fartsy and slang paint. Album is on my Facebook Page Here

It’s just so much fun!

It’s my Happy Place!

It’s also become some amazing times in the Lord’s presence where I pray and worship and enter into His Secret Place.

I had some people comment to me lately how they thought it must be nice to just paint. Almost like it was a luxury that they couldn’t afford the time to do.

I felt a sting of condemnation at first and thought – maybe I should pack up my supplies and get busy doing all the other things ….

But then I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me with “What if this is what I have called you to do?”

My wrestling nature shot back …Really? I am amateur at best … I just find so much joy in it. It’s not a true calling or anything…. But wow it brings me so much joy….

But isn’t that just like the enemy – to use naysayers and skeptics to think that we should be doing something else – something more productive – something or anything ELSE but what brings us joy.

That doing what we love is tabu or being a slacker … that we should be doing so much MORE…

That’s such a Big Fat Lie!

Why would God call us to do things that don’t bring us joy and/or call us away from the things that do?


Maybe we have been “tangled up” in stuff we should not be any longer…..

Maybe this is a “New Season” and God is wanting to do a “New Thing”…

Maybe we are too comfortable with worry and stress we have forgotten to trust and rest…

Maybe this “burden is easy and light“ thing includes releasing the schedules and striving for a “surrendered and surprised” way of life…

Maybe we make it more difficult in trying to find out what God wants us to do …

Maybe what we think we should be doing is NOT what He wants us to be doing at all …

Maybe … just Maybe ….

What brings you great Joy is really His will and His way for us…


I think I will go slang some paint!

— XXOO Michelle Bollom