A Wilderness Detour

Day after day

You emptied me

Every idol

You cut loose

A much needed work

A sacred work 

Painful…to die daily

My selfish desires

You were never part of it

A Wilderness Detour 

Stripped me of my flesh

Nothing of this world

I long for 

Only Your approval 

In everything I do

Completely under Your control 

My plans and dreams 

I gladly exchanged 

To be known by You

My highest call

My only desire

Standing here

I reach for You

The edge of Your robe

Do not cut me loose

Find me faithful 

In a world where the lust

of the eyes lead many astray

In Your presence 

I live

I move 

I have my being 

If I do not have You 

I have nothing…

— Ebigale Wilson


#Beloved #ShulamiteDaughter



Mesmerized only by You

Hearts beating as One

Realms reserved for the desperate 

Who laid their lives down

Endless dark nights brought them here

A peculiar people

A special breed

Laid down lovers

Living sacrifices

Burning flames

Pillars of Light

Bride of Christ 

Sons and daughters 


Heaven and earth colliding 

Spirit man awakened 

Transitioning into Your new

Soon we will look like You…

— Ebigale Wilson