Listen And Hear

Our souls get weary and the noise around us gets loud. Sometimes it can be difficult to create a moment to be still

We live in a society that pushes for more. We define significance by moving and being productive.

In all of our business we must not forget Jesus is here. Jesus has something significant for us to hear. He longs for us to have silent moments with him. And maybe there is something to be gained by just being still.

Take time out today to be with Jesus.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.” Psalms‬ ‭62:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas


I am Ready To Perform My Word

Recently I had a dream where I was in a elevator that was falling from high in the sky. It was dark outside and the elevator was falling at a fast pace. I was inside the lift and so scared because I knew I was going to die at any moment.

All of a sudden the scene changes, from one of darkness and death to a new scene where I was flying supernaturally over a magnificent turquoise, blue sea. I could feel Papa holding on to me loosely. He let me move at a supernatural pace over the beautiful sea and beautiful green grass and flower patches.

Every time these beautiful patches of grass and flowers would appear, Papa would lower me to slide through it. I was in awe and experienced so much joy at that moment, because I knew I was safe and that Papa came through for me, at the right time.

I know that many can relate to this dream and that Papa wanted me to share it with you.

Many felt like I did in the first part of the dream over the past year, but especially the last three months. The enemy really turned up the heat in our lives and the attacks were taken to new levels and at times many felt that they were left alone to fend for themselves. Many literally felt the enemy choking the life out of them.

Many are waiting on Papa to perform His word, but instead it felt like the enemy did everything in his power to keep us distracted and in a place of confusion and no movement.

Yet Papa would want you to know that although you felt like you were going backwards and stuck, He was and still is at work behind the scenes on your behalf.

Many took a position of rest because of all the confusion and delays and that is exactly where Papa wanted you to be. All the lessons learned during your wilderness, the ups and downs, birthed something within you of eternal value. Every trial and painful experience had its purpose and soon everything will fall into place.

You might feel like you are ready to give up on Papa and His promises for you, but that is what the enemy wants you to think, that is why the attacks were endless. He knows the plans and purposes Papa has for you, that is why he will do everything in his power to get you to give up. He knows that you are closer to your breakthrough then you could ever imagine.

All of a sudden, at the right time Papa will come through for you. It will be the perfect time. Everything will fall into place and you will be in awe of how He used every setback and trial to work for your good. Papa had to take all of us on different journeys, different battles, different challenges to birth that which He needed to put on display through us. Nothing we went through was in vain, we will look back and see that everything worked for our good.

You might find yourself still in the first scene of my dream, spiralling downwards fast, with no hope in sight, but know that Papa will be true to His word. Rest in Him while He does what we cannot do. There’s many angelic activities behind the scenes, working on your behalf.

Your breakthrough will come suddenly and you will experience deep joy, because of the goodness and faithfulness of Papa. Hold on to every promise and keep your focus, you have come too far to give up now. He only has good plans for you!

Jeremiah 1:11-12: Moreover the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Jeremiah, what do you see?” And I said, “I see the branch of an almond tree”

Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word”

~ Ebigale Wilson

I am Ready To Perform My Word

The Journey

Trust Our Way Through


What comes to mind?



Or perfectionism and impossibility?

In the sermon on the mountain in The Gospel of Matthew, Jesus asks us to be perfect, even to the point where we have perfect love for our enemies. How is this even possible?

In the Old Testament, in 2nd Chronicles 16:9, it says, “The eyes of the Lord roam to and fro on the earth searching for them whose hearts are perfect towards him, so that he can show himself powerful on their behalf” – a great promise.

The apostle Peter wrote that “He has given us great and precious promises that we might be partakers of the divine nature.”

So, it is by faith in Our Father’s numerous promises that we attain to the perfection that Jesus asks of us.  

We can love deeply, pray fervently, and hope eternally all because we believe his promises and thereby are able to overcome our fears and doubts.

The apostle Paul wrote that “Our righteousness is by faith from first to last.”

Our growth in holiness and Godliness is absolutely dependent on our laying hold of individual promises that are relevant to our current challenges; “We walk by faith, not by sight.”  

Therein lies the struggle—our preference is to be able to see our way through when oftentimes we are asked to trust our way through the difficulties of life.  

And just as we begin believing for one thing, we are asked to trust God for the next thing until we are trusting God with every aspect of our life.  

The reward is a confident life of spiritual rest in which Our Heavenly Father richly provides for all of our needs as we yield our hearts completely into his loving care.

~ Brad Heilhecker

Dwell To Get Well

Deal. With. Every. Last. Lament

Lament means to mourn; a passionate expression of grief or sorrow.

Dwell means to live in, to pause, to think on.

We must dwell and deal with every sorrow and grief to become fully well. Don’t rush your healing process.

Remember to Dwell (Deal. With. Every. Last. Lament) To Get Well!

~ XXOO Michelle

A Place Of Safety

“GOD ’s name is a place of protection— good people can run there and be safe.” -Proverbs‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Refuge can be found in only one name. When we are struggling there is one place that we can be assured safety. It is the name above all names, our comforter and healer.

If you are having a difficult day, or maybe it’s been a difficult season, call out on the name of Jesus. He’s inviting you into a space that you can call home.

Baring His Beauty

Tiffany Thomas

He Spoke Life Over Me

He walked passed me

and He saw me

When no one saw me

Alone, struggling in my own blood

Fighting my own fights

He spoke life over me

I was not even aware of His love for me

I was not even aware of my need of a Saviour

Living a life of compromise

No safe place or someone I could call home

Searching for anything and anyone

To fill this big hole in my heart

I tried to fill it with alcohol, tattoos, piercings, sex, you name it…I’ve probably done it

My way of dealing with

this nagging emptiness

Which I could never give a name

Avoid facing my fears

Too much effort to deal with it

Easier to go with the flow

The list of my ‘painkillers’

grew longer and longer

Don’t most of us have our own?

Yet, it could never remove my pain


Still I would never admit to it

Pride kept me bound

Darkness my norm and the standard I lived by

I never knew that a life of freedom

was available to me

Till He passed by me

and spoke life over me

He said ‘Live’ to the desperate me

The ‘me’ living a life of lies

One encounter that would forever

transform me

One word was all I needed

To open my eyes to the rags

I was dressed in

For the first time

I knew I was worthy

‘Live’ meant that someone saw me

That I was not a mistake

That I was worthy of a love so great

He passed by me again and

it was my time for love

He washed off my blood

together with my past

Anointed me with oil

Covered my nakedness

that was visible to all

My past and my pain

He erased it all

He swore an oath and entered into

a covenant with me

A wayward child whose

Life story was now rewritten

with His precious blood

A covenant that would stand the tests of time

The processes of the journey

Different seasons and times

Through the highs and lows

The valleys and mountains

because I knew Who was with me

Transforming me daily to be more like Him

I was clothed in fine linen and covered with silk

Sandals of badger skin were put on my feet

Adorned with silver and gold

Put on display for everyone to see

That no one is beyond

His amazing grace

Different journeys

He can use us all

He perfects us daily by His grace

Our limps

Our struggles

Our shortcomings

Turned into testimonies

Changing atmospheres wherever we go

Touching hearts as we journey on

Spreading the Good News

that started it all.

~ Ebigale Wilson

He Spoke Life Over Me

The Journey