Don’t Quit Warrior

I see the warrior you’re becoming. Keep leaning on the One who is holding your fragile yet fierce body. You were made in His image, so stop trying to be someone you’re not…be the best version of yourself you can live as. I know you’ve been told your whole life that you’re not worthy and you’re a burden, but the truth is you are a fierce warrior riding in on eagle’s wings that was created from nothing by the One who had your gifts and talents in mind when He birthed you into existence. His perfect timing brought your past experiences and pain here, in this very present moment, for a reason for a purpose you may not be able to understand right now. Just know He never makes mistakes, so if you’re exhausted from the battle you were just wounded from, know and believe He’s working it all out for your good. He will heal your land. You are fierce, brave warrior. Don’t quit. Continue fighting on account for every single beating heart, crying soul in need of His promises unfolding in your very being cause He is with you always, in peace and in chaos…this promise you can rely on.

~ Bethany Anne


Amazingly Real

No matter what you’re going through, may you remember that your identity is secure in Christ; it’s not up for grabs or changeable with popular opinion.

Jesus is sold on the idea of you and loves how He made you!

May you trust Him to guide, provide, correct, and redirect you along the way.

May you love people, but keep your hope in the Lord.

May you see with eyes of faith even when you can’t find a reason for hope.

Seasons come and seasons go, but God’s love for you is abundant, profound, and amazingly real, right here, right now.

Walk like you’re loved, because you are, beyond your wildest dreams.

Have a beautiful day!

~ Fenich Jerry

Guard Your Heart

The sound of her voice 

echoed through my mind 

“Guard your heart!”

She would say

“Guard your heart, Ebigale”

She wanted to make sure 

that I remember the power

behind these valuable words

That it finds its way through 

my mind, my heart,

my whole being

Oh how I would need these words on my journey to healing

The different stages of going

higher and deeper

Of letting go of what I thought

was important

Embracing only what Papa

allowed me to

Letting go of my dreams

my way of doing things

Till I stood empty handed,

naked, alone

Yet, I owned a peace

that surpassed all understanding 

I knew it was my time

for a visitation from heaven

To heal my brokenness

To discover how beautiful 

and precious I was

in the sight of my Father

To discover His plans and

purposes for me

I would not let anyone or anything stop me from the

most important visitation

Over the years her voice 

would pop up whenever 

I wanted to relive my past

Or when painful challenges

would stare me in the face

Or when it was hard

to forgive and let go

Her words quoted from scripture were like pearls to me

I had to guard my heart

I couldn’t let my past find 

its way back to my heart

You had me where You 

always longed for me to be

Alone, away from the crowd

I could sit for hours in

Your sweet presence

I could dance to the sound 

of Your love

I could cry my eyes out for 

all the mistakes I have made

Yet, I always found You

by my side

With arms wide open

Not a trace of the judgement 

I so many times expected

When I thought I had

lost it all 

When my heart was hurting

beyond repair

You resurrected every 

dream You had for me

I  have gained so much more

Than what I laid down!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Guard Your Heart

The Journey

Good Friday World

We live in a Good Friday world, a world filled with suffering, anguish, pain, sorrow, sin, and death.

Those things get played out around us every single day, sometimes even in our own lives.

That’s why the message of Easter is so important.

It reminds us that we are Easter People, and Alleluia is our song.

Easter reminds us that Good Friday doesn’t have the last word.

God has the last Word—and that Word is Hallelujah, He has risen!

Jesus rose from the dead with the promise of eternal life for all who follow Him.

Yes, the world wants us to live in Good Friday, but we are Easter People, and Alleluia is our song!

~Elizbeth Crews/Winning Words

You Will Overcome

May you step back from the things that frustrate you and consider what God might be saying to you here.

Is He asking you to lay down your arms and entrust your soul to Him?

Or is He asking you to raise your shield and stand in faith?

Either way, you’re not at the mercy of your circumstances, you have His mercy and He’ll keep you steady and sturdy in your faith.

Don’t take the bait of offense.

Look up and do what Jesus tells you to do!

You will overcome!

Blessings on your day today.

~ Fenich Jerry


May the Lord Himself establish you in His highest and best purposes for you.

May He open doors, move mountains, and bring provision in the very near future.

May He confirm your faith steps and energize your prayers.

He is mighty, He is good, and He cares about every detail of your life.

Dare to obey Him and do what He says.

He’s making a way where there is no way.

He loves you truly and deeply.

Trust Him today.

~ Fenich Jerry

Above All Else

May you–above all else–see yourself as someone Jesus loves.

May His affection for you heal you in the deepest ways and inspire you like nothing else ever has.

May His saving grace and enabling power compel you to dream with Him, believe in Him, and take crazy-faith-steps because of Him.

May every lesser voice and every lying circumstance fall by the wayside so that all you hear is His voice in your ear saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.’

Nobody’s opinion matters as much as God’s.

Nobody can save, heal, redeem, and refresh like Jesus.

Walk intimately with Him today.

His will for you is your best-case-scenario.

~ Fenich Jerry

Joy In The Journey

My house needs a little paint

And so does my face

My garage door has a hole

Which the neighborhood

cats adore

Free lodging is available 

whenever they need a place to stay

My microwave throws tantrums

And my washing machine needs prayer

My one couch is legless

And my kettle is headless

My bathroom needs

a few floor tiles

And the list of what I need 

goes on….

We have learned to laugh on 

this painful journey 

Our house with its “issues”

Is a safe place to many

Here we share Papa’s heart 

and love to others

We share our painful journeys

The processes we had to go through

Today we know

there was purpose in our pain

Papa is with us in the midst of 

our failures and messes

He carried us through

many dark nights 

He heals our hearts and He trains 

us daily to reflect His heart

He uses us to bring healing and deliverance to the broken hearted

We dwell in a space occupied 

by Love

Where fear is absent

Religion and perfectionism 

is out by the door

The enemy could not stop us

Our God is in control of our future

He is raising us up

to be fearless warriors

To step out, and fulfill His plans 

and purposes in the earth.

We won’t let our fear, shortcomings or our bank balances stop us

We have decided to look through

Papa’s lenses

And we will walk into every dream Papa has for us!

Papa wanted me to share a glimpse of my life. My journey has been hard and painful with a third party in my marriage, witchcraft, betrayal, and the list goes on. Myself and my two children are treated like outcast by my husbands family and friends, and Papa expects of me to keep quiet and to not defend myself.

We all have different journeys and I would not trade mine for all the money in the world. What I have learned and gleaned from my wilderness season is priceless. Papa healed my shattered heart and I have discovered my purpose in my biggest mistakes and pain. The shy, wounded girl, Papa replaced with a fearless, warrior daughter. 

Papa would say to you, like He said to me in a dream about a week ago “You don’t have to defend yourself, be still, Your God is fighting for you.”

Hold on to Papa, He is fighting for you, be still, rest in Him, He is busy behind the scenes where we cannot see. You have done all you can, the battle is God’s.

2 Chronicles 20:15 – This is what the Lord says to you: Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Joy In The Journey