Raindrops From Heaven 

Soaking is an intimate part of your relationship with God. It is a way of communicating and working out any confusion and problems that steal your joy and peace. 

    Soaking is the first step to opening the door for clarity. Clarity then opens the door for freedom to be released. When you accept the gift of Freedom it wipes out all interference that make it difficult to hear the voice of truth. When you yield to his voice and accept the truth your are giving God permission to take authority in your life. Soaking up His presence, as little raindrops of revelation sink into your heart of understanding and flow out of you. 

Grab a pen and journal to write down your thoughts and specific scriptures. Now that you know what soaking is all about let’s jump right in! 
Be still and know that He is Lord and position yourself with His Word to hear what He has to say to you today. (Psalm 46:10)

    During one of my late night soaking sessions last week I felt the Lord put Psalm 139 on my heart. At the time I was a little bit confused because I had no idea how this would fit into the circumstances I was facing. Well as I put my opinions aside and opened my ears to really listen, I heard the Holy Spirit say: the name you will give this internal battle your facing is “Victory’s Call.” If I was confused before I was really lost now. The more and more I yield to his voice the more clarity I began to receive.  

    Like most of us do at times I was facing a battle within myself. I felt forgotten, rejected, afraid, and lost, erased with no clear sense of direction. I felt as if God had taken his eyes off of me and had no idea I was struggling and couldn’t even hear me screaming for help. Like every battle we face It was more than I could handle. 

   I didn’t understand why God would name this battle “Victory’s Call ” if it felt like I was fighting for spiritual survival. But then the light hit me, and it hit me hard and fast and things were beginning to make sense. I began to write everything God was saying to me trying to not leave anything out. This is what I got. I wrote it down as fast it came to me in my journal. 

“Victory’s Call”
My son died on a cross for your sins and won the battle for any trial, problem, and sin you would face in this life. Jesus conquered it all on the cross for you and His is the VICTORY. When you were adopted into my family you gained access to this victory and now you can overcome it all because he made the way. VICTORY IS YOURS. You call all the shots, draw the lines, and set the limits to any power formed against you. Because of his great love you can overcome any trial/problem in this life. That’s the call Jesus made on the cross!!! He had ENOUGH and drew the line once and for all! You too can draw that line and walk in VICTORY. 

-Love God 

    It all began to make sense. I was fighting a battle that I already won. The solution was always within me! When we enter God’s family through Jesus He gives us full power over every trial, problem, and battle we face! This was the truth that was being drowned by the circumstance I was in. However, God reminded me that his power is made strong and perfect in my weakness. He restored my strength, by reminding me I could stand up to the enemy and yell ENOUGH. He gave me authority to draw the line to this internal battle once and for all. And so I did!!!

    But he didn’t stop there he gave me scripture to back up what he revealed to me. He gave Psalm 139! This psalm explains 4 important things we should all know.
1- God knows all about us vs: 1-6

2-we cannot hide from God vs: 7-12

3-God made us vs: 13-18

4- a prayer for every believer vs: 23-24

Psalm 139 is really mind blowing! It gives you true insight on Gods attributes, personal traits, feelings, and overall his omnipresence meaning (He is everywhere at the same time). So when I felt like He couldn’t see that I was struggling, I was wrong! He saw it all and and He was there with me through it all. And in the end He provided the solution. 

    God is good. He loves us and is more involved in our lives than we can imagine. He knows all the days of your life and nothing can fully measure to his loving thoughts about you. His eyes are always watching over you through joy and through trial. Victory is yours. 

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-Allie Flores