Manipulation Masquerades

Manipulation – It’s ugly – it’s rampant and many use it to abuse others. It’s in our homes, churches, workplace, communities….

And sometimes it’s hard to recognize it – it masquerades as love or flattery – not just control and guilt.

Be wise and recognize-Be who God made you to be!

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom

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Jesus Is The Gift

The Christmas hype is all but over,

with all that rushing about.

The presents have all been unwrapped

and soon Christmas will be all forgotten about.

The stores have packed all the Christmas

trees and tinsel away,

only to bring out next year again.

But if you live for the true purpose of Christmas with the One that was born of God.

Not a wrapped present under a tree,

but a babe in swaddling cloth.

For without the Son of God

there would be no Christmas at all.

Believe in the miracle of Christmas

and accept Him into your heart,

it doesn’t matter to Him when you start,

Then you would find you could have Christmas everyday because Jesus will never part.

Now wouldn’t that be just nice,

to give yourself the gift of Jesus,

the gift that keeps on giving,

He is the One and only perfect gift,

every single time.

He doesn’t cost you anything,

not a cent or one dime.

All He ask is that you put your faith

and trust in Him,

and He will be with you

at every moment in time.

~Karen Turner

December 2017

Jesus Is The Gift

Seasoned In Steadfast Love

“Has his steadfast love forever ceased? Are his promises at an end for all time?”~ Psalms 77:8 ESV

We are heading into a new season, a new beginning, a new year.

Seasons of incredible events along with life’s adverse circumstances will be inevitable. Experiences can help build us up or grow us. They can also hinder us, leaving no room for comfort or energy to lift our weary heart and head. 

Whether the present moment is painful or joyful, let us not be shaken and overtaken by what we can’t see or blinded from what is still to come. 

Let’s choose to be steadfast in the Holy Spirit, the one who creates movement in what is to come.

Be fervent in faith, acknowledging that God already knows the end of our beginning. Let’s stand in victory over every evil thing contrary to the work of the Lord.

God’s promises remain as a token of His love. They are available to us all. “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.”“I will ponder all your work, and meditate on your mighty deeds.” ~ Psalms 77:11-12 ESV

Baring His Beauty,

Tiffany Thomas

Distinguished By My love – True Sons And Daughters

You couldn’t understand

When your life came crashing down

Quickly, without warning

Your life was invaded

Brought to a standstill

Nothing left of what was

You were taken away

on an unknown journey

To discover His heart

To discover His love

Gasping for air

Tossing and turning

You had to retreat

from all things familiar

Many questions on your lips

Your mind a battle ground

Your life turned upside down

Never to be the same again

You following Him blindly

Broken and hurt

Rejected and abandoned

Jobless, homeless, through many losses

Yet, the sound of His voice

Made you realise

That what He has to offer

Was worth searching for

You didn’t know that it was

the best place to be

To be broken and taken apart

To be mended by the Potter Himself

His voice has become your hope

For it’s in our trials and pain

In the storms and fiery furnace

In hiding, and longing for answers

That Pappa becomes our deepest desire

He quiets our fears

Hides us under His wings

Till the storms pass

We become clay in the hand of our Master

So that only His will, will be done in our lives

Obedience unto death is when our lives begin

When we are on a journey of finding Him

Lost to the world and what it has to offer

I walked through many fires

Yet I never burned

Found myself in the midst of fierce storms

Yet I never drowned

Found myself on the battleground

Scared, alone, in pain

Yet I never retreated

I knew who was with me

He knew me by name

His love for me, stronger than death itself

He gave me His life, on a hill

far away

What He asked of me

Could never compare

To the price He was willing

to pay

He wants to reveal His true sons and daughters

He trained away from all eyes

The ones who paid the price

Away from the crowd

The ones who were mocked and persecuted

Because they were too deep

They didn’t care

They died to self, with no reputation

Only the scars of many battle’s won

He was worth every tear

He was worth the whispers

and pain

You will look back and look for your mockers, and see them no more

They will look back and see

My glory eminating from you

Your whole being

dripping with oil

It came with the pressing

It cost a great price

You stood firm during the trials and storms

Nothing could move you

No one could stop you

You persevered, though tired and scared

Through abandonment and fear

You never gave into, those who can only kill the body

Led by My Spirit alone

So that I could get the glory

Through your surrendered life

My true sons and daughters

are marked by My love

Obedience unto death

set them apart

They couldn’t care less for religion and rituals

Couldn’t care less for manipulation and wealth

Couldn’t care less for a stage or popularity

They are only about their Father’s business

They will be revealed in due time

Distinguished by My love flowing through them.

~ Ebigale Wilson

Distinguished By My love

True sons and daughters

The Journey

Pushed Out to Press In

No one wants to talk about it.  No one wants to hear about it.  Certainly, no one wants to take blame.  The harshness of reality is too much because it requires personal examination of places within that one has laboriously worked at keeping hidden for longer than it takes to forgive.

They say, “What comes around, goes around,” and while I don’t truly know about that, I do know that the Lord says that nothing hidden shall remain hidden.

Interestingly, it’s when the darkness comes into light that I’ve seen responses of denial, false accusations, excommunication, and rejection…all leading away from acknowledgment of TRUTH.  Again, no one wants to know the truth because then change must occur, and we all know that, for most, change is hard.  HARD.  It’s so much easier and simpler to remain complacent.  Neutral.  Idle.  Right where the enemy wants us.

It took me a long time to recognize that I was idle.  Let me rephrase because that isn’t exactly the truth.  I knew.  I knew long before I was pushed out that things were not as they seemed.  You see, loving someone who has an eye to see the hidden isn’t hard.  I was pretty good at that.  But, loving someone who has an eye to see the hidden AND the gall to call it out – well, that was more than my “Fa-la-la-la-la…let’s keep the peace, and all will be well” mindset could handle.

I now know that the Lord was showing me through the eyes of another that it was time to move.  My dependence on others – the many I loved and the place I called “home” – kept me from accepting what I knew to be truth.  It is never okay to allow injustice to occur without a fight, and time and time again, I forced my eyes closed to that before me because it was too HARD to watch.  I didn’t move, and God had no choice but to allow me to be pushed out.  Falsely accused.  Rejected.  By those I loved.  The place I called “home”.

The heartache, disappointment, anger, sorrow, confusion, and pain that ensued cannot be described.  The dividing line between love and hate grew hazy, and I no longer knew where I was.

I now know.  Love.  If there were no love, there would be no pain.  Truth.  If there were no truth, there would be no pain.

Over the course of the past year and a half, an evolvement has taken place.  The pain from love, and the pain from truth, have been transformed to joy.  For, if there were no love, there would be no joy.  If there were no truth, there would be no joy.

Getting here has not been easy – the method, the means – shall remain sacred between my Father and me.  While sometimes the ghosts of the past lurk as an innocent word, thought, or photo attempt to trigger the pain, and though no one wants to talk about it, hear about it, or take blame, I, fortunately, have learned to be intentional about pressing in to the One who shows me daily that He delights in me.

As I consider the past, embrace the present, and contemplate the future, I recognize that I had to be pushed out to press in.  That, my friends, makes it all worth it.

~ Stephanie R. Gable (12/17/2017)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. ~ Luke 8:17

Therefore, do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. ~ Matthew 10:26

I press [in] toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 3:14

So let us know, let us press [in] to know the Lord. ~ Hosea 6:3

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~ XXOO Michelle Bollom