Don’t Follow Your Lusts To The Grave

We want God’s direction and guidance, but too often we are not willing to deny ourselves anything or even wait for it. When we allow our own desires, impulses, or reasoning to direct and guide us, we are settling for second best.

We have allowed a “counterfeit comfort” to step in. We think that the counterfeit is more powerful than the Great Comforter; and that insults and grieves God.

We are filled with Christ’s Spirit and have the mind of Christ, so we should stop being led by our own cravings, impulses, and self–interests.

Lay down the counterfeit’s – there is only One Authentic Comforter, Leader, and Guide we need.

For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. ~ Romans 8:14 NIV

Yet, in a similar way, the people who slipped in among you are dreamers. They contaminate their bodies with sin, reject the Lord’s authority, and insult His glory. ~ Jude 1:8 GWT

“At the end of time, some will ridicule the faithful and follow their lusts to the grave.” ~Jude 1:18The Voice (VOICE)

What things do I need to lay down in order to be led by God?

—XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom #ThePursuitOfAPromise #BoldTruthsRawFaith