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Only One Choice

Only one choice

One brave decision

She had it in her

He said she did not

Anxiety ruled her life 

Numb of all the lies

The shadows of his demons

Unanswered questions

The pain of abuse

Not seen by the onlookers

It left deep scars

Her face exposed her journey

Of dreams of happily ever after

That went up in flames

Of two broken people…

One braver than the other

Who gave her heart permission

To explore what he feared most

Her sanity 

Her healing

To breathe and live again…

Alone with no direction

Her scariest adventure 

She chose to choose herself…

— Ebigale Wilson




Presenting ourselves
Framed and flowery
Living our lives…
Concealing reality
Disguising the truth
We play our roles
Instead of releasing the tears
Hidden behind
Our pompous mask
We camouflage
We make believe
We camouflage
Remain deceived
Covering up
The flaws we loathe
Painting over
The scars and holes
In our minds
And in our souls
We camouflage
Our hearts and hopes
Existence in pretense
Land of denial
Betraying ourselves
Refusing to acknowledge
Deception disabling
Our very portrayal
Our reflection unable
To mirror
Any image to exemplify
Therefore, we camouflage
Salvaging the pain
We try to exclude
Ourselves from any truth
The vulnerability
We entertain
Decorating and adorning
Instead of offering
The beating heart
We hide within
The camouflage
Just who we are
With human frailties
Committing sin
Against ourselves
By always
To be someone else.

❤️Krystal Lynne

Reshare from Archives 2015

Friend And Savior

Shelter them tonight
May provision be hearty
Send angels to guard them
Assisting their way
Those boys are Yours Lord…
May no evil befall them
Let them feel Your presence
Every single day
This time
This journey
Changing their hearts
Positioning their future
In order for Your will
To be done in and through
Their precious lives
Be the mother and father
They long for
Be the friend
The Savior
That You are

❤️Krystal Lynne

Reshare from 2015 archives

Be Thankful

Just like the game of Scrabble, take the letters you have been handed in life and make a statement or word for yourself.

Put them together to spell out a winning word that creates an environment where you could easily collect points or value to bring you to a higher level of success.

Decide today that you will take everything……ALL your good and bad letters to formulate strong words that leads you to be a winner.

E B H A T F L N K U 

Be Thankful,

Kelley Allison

Reshare from 2016 Archives

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today.

We are “Thankful” for all of our followers!