Sacred Moments

Recently I was praying for one of my spiritual daughters who came to me for prayer. My children joined in as they are friends and afterwards we were sharing our journeys concerning spiritual warfare. 

While we were talking Holy Spirit gave me a flashback of the beginning of my deep processes. I saw a quick flash in the Spirit of my mentor in the prophetic,  Prophet Jean praying over me. He reminded me of the times my leaders and mentors prayed over me and the sacredness of those moments.

Looking back at those times I felt so stuck, like I was not growing as I should and as if my pain was going to forever block what Father had for me. I thought that I was never going to discover my identity and mandate in Jesus.

Holy Spirit reminded me of the many times my mentors counselled, prayed, prophesied and did spiritual warfare over me. At times it felt like a ritual and even insignificant, but now that everything is falling into place, I see the unselfish acts and love of forerunners, visionaries and Kingdom builders who went through their own wilderness seasons, to make it easier for sons and daughters like me.

Sacrificing their valuable time to lead and guide me on my journey. Facing and fighting the enemy on my behalf many times and encouraging me to never give up.

Father is so gracious to connect us with people who have walked similar arduous journeys as we did. When we hear their testimonies it strengthens and encourages us to run our races to the end. When all I could see was my brokenness and all my fears and faults, they saw my future in Papa God and imparted their wisdom to me to not give up.

In this time where we are bombarded with so many distractions and attacks it is very important to still plug in with those that Father has assigned to walk with us through our journeys. We need their wisdom, guidance and prayers.

Personally I have always tried to bless those that have sowed into my life. I am where I am today, because of faithful men and women (mostly women for protocol reasons) who imparted what they have learned to me to make my journey easier. They have paid high prices for their Godly characters and the anointing on their lives. 

We have lost a lot of forerunners, kingdom builders and prayer warriors during this pandemic. May we honour, where honour is due, because of the times we live in and the sacrifices these men and women make for our Fathers Kingdom. I am not talking about, “so called leaders who use and abuse the name of God for their own selfish reasons”. I am talking about the Kingdom men and women who came out of their wildernesses with yoke breaking testimonies smelling like Jesus and who leave prints of His heart and character wherever they tread. 

— Ebigale Wilson