He Loves When You Pray

May you look around and notice all of the answers to prayer you enjoy because of prayers you prayed some time ago.

May the breakthroughs you’ve experienced and the open doors you’ve walked through compel you to pray with more fervency, specificity, and tenacity.

God loves your faith.

He loves your heart.

He loves it when you pray.

He’s very protective of you and won’t give you something that’s not good for you.

He makes you wait because He’s making you ready.

Trust your whole soul and story to Him.

And keep praying.

God is moving, even when you can’t see it.

One day, your faith will become sight.

A blessed, beautiful, and prayerful day to you!

~ Fenich Jerry



May God’s peace mark your day in every way.

May the Lord show you places in your life where you’ve let your guard down, let your thoughts wander, and let your peace slip away.

May Jesus help you shore up your life once again.

May you listen more closely to His voice and turn a deaf ear to the enemy.

May you refuse thoughts and indulgences that only weaken you.

Engage in all of the things that are good for your soul.

Jesus loves you and He wants what’s best for you.

Have a peace-saturated day today!

~ Fenich Jerry

No Time To Waste

Father takes us on journeys

Till our hearts run free

He deals with the crooked 

places in our heart

The hard and dry places

The places in need of

restoration and healing

Till we reflect His heart

We each have a story to tell

Some darker than others

When we run into Love

restoration and healing begins

Looking around me I see stories of overcoming of persistence and faith

Of sons and daughters 

who were emptied out

by painful journeys

Now many are containers 

of Papa’s presence

His restoration power

evident in their lives

Painful journeys could

not contain them

They were set alight by pain

We love Papa more than life

We saw how time after time

He moved on our behalf 

He deserves our lives 

laid down

He deserves our obedience 

and holiness

He deserves to be honoured

and praised

Our Papa whom through

our darkest journeys 

We came to deeply love

Many still in need of our Father

I see them every day

Lifeless eyes 

Pain evident on faces

Agony and hurt on their lips

Shackles of generational curses holding them hostage

We were anointed to speak 

a word in season to everyone

who is weary

To be sensitive to

people’s pain

To reach out and to release

Father’s presence

into every situation 

We were freed to free others

Father may our hearts beat 

in rhythm with Yours

May we be overcome by

anguish for each lost soul

What they need is only a word,

a prayer away

We hold the keys to 

someone’s freedom, 

restoration and healing

Even when we still need breakthrough in certain 

areas of our lives

Don’t let our circumstances keep us from doing Your will

Many are waiting on our arrival

We won’t allow our challenges

to keep us blind

You have trained and anointed us

to rebuild old ruins,

To repair ruined cities

The desolations of many generations

We represent journeys 

Of redemption and grace

Of the power of the Blood

And our Father’s amazing grace

Passing the baton to the

broken and lost

There’s no time to waste!

~ Ebigale Wilson

No Time To Waste

The Journey


Restoration Stories – Ngahuia Harvey

I was on the road to no where with no where to go no destiny nothing but baggage 🧳suit cases full of hurt ~ anger ~ manic depression ~ I was a drug addict for 19 years from 17-36 years old I was an IV user addicted to meth put my kids through hell in & out of court system as close as my eyes are together that’s how close I was from going to jail i said my final goodbyes to my kids that morning but grace turned it around (15 years prior I had already given my life to Jesus ) & ya know what I still went home & got high stuck a needle in my arm for the next 5 years in a toxic marriage finally built the courage up to leave after 19 years in abusive r/ship I went to a women’s shelter got high with a friend one night went back to my unit just so happened to open the Gideons bible to Psalm 18:19 “He also brought me out into a broad place; He DELIVERED me bc He DELIGHTED in me” I was so convicted & delivered & set free the very next day I’ve never touched needles or drugs to this day I have been clean for four years when they say the Word is alive well it sure is true that one verse leaped out in front of my eyes that night my baggage lost ~ confused ~ lonely ~ hurt ~ pain ~ broken ~ abandoned ~ forsaken ~ wounded ~ rejected ~ mistreated ~ all that stuff now God has set me free from all that I’m healed saved in Jesus name. I have so many things to thank my God for he still chased me down with his love even when he knew I was going to walk away from him for those years the kindness of God is amazing. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for peace, not evil, to give you a future & hope – never forget that”Jeremiah 29:11~ & this one has been on my heart all week Isaiah 46:4 ~ “and when you are old, I will still be there carrying you, when your limbs grow tired, your eyes weak, your hair is a silvery grey, I will carry you as I always have, I will carry you & save you”. Wow now I’m crying haha JOY. PRAISE GOD HE’S SO GOOD !! more than we could ever ever know. You can count on him those who have been forgiven much love much.

~ Ngahuia Harvey