He Is Enough

I’m telling you

you better pray

when she disappears

cause when she reappears,

she’s going to be fierce…

you’ll watch her bleed truth

in the midst of fears

lying to the victims of past;

she’ll carry truth

engraved upon her spirit,

making fear shrivel up and die…

her presence will feel greater

than usual

as she keeps Him close,

Jesus is in her heart,

so He can beat out the darkness

from the day

with His heartbeat

bringing the dead to life,

so His eternal life can be

the only option;



death won’t win this war…

no…He will forever separate

life and death in the end

as He separated

light from the darkness

in the beginning,

so justice will be done

as it was on the cross…

it is finished

then and now,

nothing can or will ever

change that;

His love is enough

as He broke His body

and poured out His blood

out for us

to cover every sin

ever committed

although the enemy

tries to convince us

that we somehow need

to prove our innocence

although we never could…

that’s why He gave His life

for us cause He has the power

to take His back,

we don’t,

and once He comes back,

the enemy will be destroyed


while we live in His kingdom

for all eternity.

He is Enough

~ Bethany Anne