Lioness Arise

Beautiful she is like a brave 


Carrying the presence of 

the Lion of Judah wherever 

she treads

Her face glistens with His 


Her eyes reflect His love

With her tender hugs she 

transfers His love

Different women she comes into contact with each day

Each with a different limp

A different drug

A different pain

She walked a similar road

Filled with challenges, pain 

and fear

Till the day she was encountered 

by Love

Looking back her life was 

never the same


She heard His still small voice in the midst of her pain

“Please don’t let your pain numb you, you have children 

to raise in My ways, you have to help broken woman find their way back to Me”

These words would forever change the course of her life 

The enemy’s plan was for 

her to be so caught up in pain

That she forgot her calling

as a daughter of the King

We’re all on a journey of becoming

Don’t let fear derail your 


For the sake of the Call and generations to come

We must finish our races strong

Painful seasons we go 


It’s never to stop us,

but to grow us!

To awake the sleeping 

lioness within us!

You are stronger than you think!

She couldn’t say no, to go 

on adventures with her King

She made up her mind

She entered the ring!

Fearful at first..

The longer she stayed

The braver she became!

She grew

She healed

She never gave up!

Throwing in the towel, not an option when the Lion of Judah is your King

Today she passes on the 

baton of lionhearted faith

To every woman who is broken 

and knocked to the ground.

She now knows the enemy was after the seed she carried.

Warfare and painful times just awakens the lioness in her

She will never allow pain 

to be her guide

She will fulfil every dream 

Father has for her!

She will help broken daughters 

on their journeys to healing

She will pay it forward… 

Many fearless lionesses helped her to discover her roar!

Together we can do so 

much more!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Lioness Arise

The Journey