Be here now

Be present to

What god inside of me would do :

Teach preach outreach >

Don’t just wish but

Get out there and

Catch the fish

And once they’re caught

They’re cleaned loved taught

To see they’re more than what they thought

To free their core

To see there’s more

Than just a key to heavens door

To do the stuff

Be smooth not rough

OR rough not smooth -?

(Depends on where you’re out of balance ) >

Create spiritual elegance

In an environment of risk

Yes that’s the womb : spiritual matrix –

A learning curve > not just a fix :

A Burning bush that calls you near

Unveils the reason you are here

Through daily scramble – navigate hours

A ramble through thorns – thistles -flowers

Ups and downs / success and failure

Equip you

to find your future

Uplifted view / upshifted gear

A brave new world and fresher air

Go >

See what’s really inside there

Battle past the outer layer

Find the child inside the man

Find the diamond in the mine

Find the pearl inside the shell

Ride the whirlwind transcend hell

Dance on demons waltz through seasons

Sing through rain

grow strong through pain

Find will (when down) to rise again

To persevere to stand. Endure >

To resist temptations allure

Create a structure so secure

That stormy skies /death /lies /heartaches

All failure folly and mistakes


The Snow White Christ emancipates

New worth awakes > scale TEN earthquakes :

The levee of your whole life breaks >

The snow globe shakes…..

~ Ben Daniels

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