Every Wonder

“With ‘The Word’ there is

no rehearsal stage

You spoke and the wonder

of Your depth was revealed.

Now even through this era

You continue to be error free.

You have fed the earth with Your desires

Now through the image of Your being

Your will is expressed.

You have seen and You have executed,

The evidence is clear,

Your splendor exceeds all comprehension.

That’s why we have abondened fear

and followed the blueprints of your wisdom.

Even when the mountains are steep

And the valleys be dark

We know all is by the work of your hands

Each shadow and color submits to your plan.

Sovereign you have no rival

Every arrival must submit to Your honor.

In Christ we are redeemed

Our life spans are revived.

You preside over every wonder

Oh Lord let it be clear that your truth is absolute.

You are beautiful in every way

Every knee must kneel

This is the way to the core of Love.”

– Mhlanga Sikhosana