Her Greatest Need

Her enemies were 

waiting for her downfall

They celebrated when 

she was in pain

They hoped she would disappear

Never to be heard of 

or seen again

The day she sent him packing

Many were her enemies

Jezebel has a network of 

puppets under her

She knew she couldn’t pause

While they were exposing themselves

She had to guard her heart

And what flowed from her mouth

They forgot she was the 

daughter of a King

Who’s not bothered by

interruptions challenges 

and sudden road blockades

Papa alone has her book of life

She is not moved by challenges

She is only moved by what 

Love speaks to her

Walking intimately with her Papa

Listening closely to His heart

She couldn’t but heal!

She couldn’t but grow!

She had to eventually bloom!

No time to waste on pitty parties

Nor time to shed tears

Through her lowest times

Her eyes were drawn above 

the storms and winds

Locking eyes with Papa

He became her greatest need

The depth of His love  

awoken the sleeping 

giant within

His love set her heart ablaze

She found her calling in the 

middle of her greatest test

She became fearless and bold

Only because she knows 

how madly and deeply 

Papa loves her

A life full of possibilities

Awaits her every day

She lives life to the fullest

Adventures with Papa she treasures

Together they explore and 

He trains her to war

His warrior daughter

Walking in His shadow

Is where you will find her

She grows in wisdom 

and in love 

She grows in character 

and grace

Her ear always close to 

His heart

Oh how she loves the voice 

of Love!

She knows the strength 

found in surrender

The power of His blood 

Bringing deliverance and healing to the broken and bruised

She loves to see them bloom

Going lower still each day

A tried and tested vessel 

in His hands

Not distracted by anyone

Bringing heaven down to earth

She loves to only do His will!

Her enemies waited for her downfall

They watched her every move 

She grew into the remnant 

bride of Christ

Before their very eyes

She goes wherever Papa 

leads her

Together they set many captives free!

Pain was sent to take her out

She used pain as 

her building blocks

Her enemies unknowingly became her cheerleaders

They’re still on the benches…

watching her

Stagnant, no growth…

She realised that God knows our potential, giftings and callings

Long before we do

Then a wilderness season awakens what was dormant

Only if we allow Him to!

~ Ebigale Wilson

Her Greatest Need

The Journey

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