Be Real – Be Brave – Be You

I flaunt my crazy and imperfections proudly. You will always know where you stand and what you get with me.

Some people are so nicely shrunk wrapped hiding behind pretend and pretense their false self is on big bold display easily swaying others to believe they are happy and holy when they really aren’t.

You see, I lived most of my life that same way; made up and hiding from the real me.

I would much rather like to see the real and raw. The scars and scabs. The miss steps and out spoken ones. The rough around the edges trying to do life right or simply the best they can allowing His grace to cover when it’s not all roses and rainbows.

Those boldly and courageous enough to tear off that mask or wrapper covering up the real them; trying to appear they have it all together.

Those that let others see them sweat and cry and scream and get back up each day determined to allow His strength to work in their weaknesses.

Those are my people! Those are who I want to surround myself with.

I believe those are the ones Jesus loves to hang out with too.

Guess what…

Life is not this big race for the elite Christian to accomplish.

Those that speak eloquently and have it all figured out. Because honestly – they really don’t and won’t no matter how hard they pretend or try to convince you they do.

Get off the wheel – step out of the Chalked lines and lanes. You are not in a race or completion with anyone.

Don’t let others make you feel bad if your crazy shows or you flaunt your imperfections proudly from time to time.

God never asks us to be perfect or pretend.

Be real.

Be bold.

Be brave.

But please please please ….

Rip off that wrapper and be you!

The Real You!

~ XXOO Michelle

Image – Unsplash