Maybe…Just Maybe…

Recently while on my sabbatical and painting I felt so much joy.

Such a deep overwhelming joy that I have not felt in years.

As soon as I said “I love painting and creating” I started to think of book edits and writing or cleaning out my closet or running the vacuum or many other things that I needed to do but I couldn’t pull myself away from the need … the draw…the deep desire to just want to be there painting.

Two years ago I felt such a strong pull to create art. You can see my album titled “Art” for what I have been doing. I just get artsy fartsy and slang paint. Album is on my Facebook Page Here

It’s just so much fun!

It’s my Happy Place!

It’s also become some amazing times in the Lord’s presence where I pray and worship and enter into His Secret Place.

I had some people comment to me lately how they thought it must be nice to just paint. Almost like it was a luxury that they couldn’t afford the time to do.

I felt a sting of condemnation at first and thought – maybe I should pack up my supplies and get busy doing all the other things ….

But then I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me with “What if this is what I have called you to do?”

My wrestling nature shot back …Really? I am amateur at best … I just find so much joy in it. It’s not a true calling or anything…. But wow it brings me so much joy….

But isn’t that just like the enemy – to use naysayers and skeptics to think that we should be doing something else – something more productive – something or anything ELSE but what brings us joy.

That doing what we love is tabu or being a slacker … that we should be doing so much MORE…

That’s such a Big Fat Lie!

Why would God call us to do things that don’t bring us joy and/or call us away from the things that do?


Maybe we have been “tangled up” in stuff we should not be any longer…..

Maybe this is a “New Season” and God is wanting to do a “New Thing”…

Maybe we are too comfortable with worry and stress we have forgotten to trust and rest…

Maybe this “burden is easy and light“ thing includes releasing the schedules and striving for a “surrendered and surprised” way of life…

Maybe we make it more difficult in trying to find out what God wants us to do …

Maybe what we think we should be doing is NOT what He wants us to be doing at all …

Maybe … just Maybe ….

What brings you great Joy is really His will and His way for us…


I think I will go slang some paint!

— XXOO Michelle Bollom

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