Calm The Storm

He silenced the storm and stilled its waves,and they rejoiced as the sea grew calm.Then he brought them safely to their desired port. —Psalm 107:29-30

We all love the calm… We appreciate when the storms pass. We speak the words, “Peace, be still” often believing that storms need to end.

And yet, storms must happen. Storms are a part of life.

This verse from Psalm said, “Then he brought them safely to their desired port.”

Do you believe that HE will take care of you?

Do you believe that in the middle of the storm HE still has a plan for you?

Do you believe that HE will bring you “safely to port?”

Last week I wrote about the greatness of God. If we believe that HE is in control, than we MUST believe and have the FAITH and HOPE that HE will be with us in the midst of all that is happening around us.

I love that God’s promises are TRUE.

I love that God really does take care of us.

I know this is short. I know this is not “new” for many of you. And yet, we must always remind ourselves that HIS ways are best.

TRUST Him in the midst of the storm.

KNOW that HE is God and HE made you and will provide for you. REJOICE with HIM and give thanks!

Shabbat Shalom,

Rose Horton

Photo by Matt Hardy on Unsplash