Meek not Milquetoast, Worshippers not Worms

Christians are not to be milquetoast creatures that submit to wickedness out of a fear of suffering.  Rather, we are to be strong in the power of Christ’s might, overcoming all evil with good deeds.  We are to stand up to evil, wherever we find it.  Our meekness comes into play when we must suffer for standing up humbly for God’s truth; for if we are valiant warriors for Christ, suffering will come with the territory.  The strong man is the one who can endure great suffering for love’s sake.  Our power is our resolute determination to act in a way that will bring great glory to Our Heavenly Father and great salvation to our fellow man.

Also, we are to be authentic worshippers of The Most High God, not groveling worms that have no experience of pleasing their Heavenly Father.  True Worshippers are overcomers who know how to rejoice in every circumstance, bring great glory and pleasure to Almighty God, and love deeply everyone in their world.  True Worship of God is a high honor and brings with it great peace and power.  Through Spirit and Word inspired worship, we are able to present our bodies to God to be vessels for him to work through as he brings his kingdom to earth.  Without the preserving witness of God’s love by God’s people in each generation, evil would be free to run amuck.  As we faithfully display God’s mercy and grace, all evil and wickedness must run and hide to avoid the steely gaze of Our Savior who is watching all and rendering to each one according to his deeds.

To restate the thesis:  we are to be meek not milquetoast, worshippers not worms.  It is only false religion that produces mindless, passionless, passive doormats. True religion creates heroes and heroines, prophets, and humble servants.  It is written: “The meek shall inherit the earth.”  Also, “Worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.”  Through our Spirit led holy devotion to Christ, we will reign on earth; we will behold our God; we will represent him well throughout our life, and we will enjoy face to face communion with him for all eternity.  

This reward awaits all who will abandon small mindedness and self-centered living.  Through our faith, we can be large hearted, others-centered servants who display passionately the Father’s heart, mind, and will.  This is a calling well worthy of our devotion and our time; this is a life that will shine for God!

— Brad Heilhecker

How To Handle Hurts

Feeling unheard and unappreciated, shunned and shushed…

The deep chasm seems too wide and divided to every be bridged again by common ground.

The endless need to always be right when everything is wrong.

Half-hearted attempts falling as flat as the air that has become thick and stagnant sucking the very life out of you.

What do you do when you have been hurt to the core?

You can rehearse the hurts or release them.

You can let those that mistreat you defeat you; OR you can gather yourself and your tears and take them to the Only One that can rightfully do anything with the dings that have assaulted your heart and soul.

The Only One that will remove the hardness from your heart and hopefully theirs too… and fully redeem and restore.

He keeps every tear you shed in a bottle.
Why does He capture them?

I believe it’s so He can turn those same tears into the refreshing and watering and deep cleansing our very heart and soul needs to fully forgive and release all the hurts.

Stand and let the Lord fight for you.

The Only One that never hurts or disappoints is God.

Exhale and free yourself from it all.

Then take a deep breathe in and inhale the freshness of a reset and restart to your heart.

Feel His Mighty Spirit that promises to be our strength when we feel weak fill up all those crevices that the dings of hurt created.

He is faithful! You Can Trust Him!

—XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

An Unbeatable Hand

Sunday night I had a moment when interceding and praying for many things that I kept saying over and over …
The Enemy Keeps Over Playing His Hand! I am mad and fed up with this Lord.”

Then instantly I heard the Lord speak to my heart; “I have The Royal Flush Michelle.”

I laughed and said “Ok Lord – I Trust You… but can we please flush all this foolery going on right now.”

As God usually does – He instructed me to get up and start writing down His download…..

I wrote down 👇🏻

The enemy does not have the winning hand.

It just seems like he is winning and overplaying his hand right now.

Oh’ he is good at deceiving – he has a staunch poker face.

But he is only bluffing…

The Lord’s “Royal Flush” is fixing to declare Game Over!

As I researched the next day to see what is a Royal Flush exactly … this is what I found 👇🏻

A Royal Flush is 5 cards in perfect alignment. — A,K,Q,J,10

A royal flush is an unbeatable hand.

In true God Wink fashion yesterday I happened to glance at the clock or my phone at 12:34, 1:23, 2:34, and 4:56.

So, I knew that this was God confirming His “Royal Flush Alignment” Download.

The simple takeaway folks ….

That’s how we win this battle of good vs evil people.

We align with God; His Word and His Ways.

We keep calling out that punk the enemy because he is only bluffing.
No matter what news he throws at you… he is only bluffing … he doesn’t have, nor will he ever have the winning hand.

God Wins!
And God always has the Royal Flush!

Pray this prayer with me peeps:👇🏻

Lord, we align with Your Truth.
We align our hearts to You
and Your Perfect Love.
We come out of agreement with unbelief, hate, offenses, lies and fear.
Lord, flush out the evil agendas in our land. Flip the tables.
Every riot shall now become a great revival.
Destroy all sick plots and schemes.
Every dark assignment must bow down now at Your feet.
Remove the hate.
Reduce Your people to love.
Shake and shift the atmosphere.
Reclaim and realign peoples hearts back to You. Supernaturally stop and block whatever is set to cause harm and disrupt Perfect Peace.
Force the enemy to show his cards so Your people will not buy his lies anymore.
We declare a Royal Flush has been laid down by You.
The winning hand is Always Yours.
We come into perfect alignment with You Lord.
We align all our choices to Your Word and Your Ways.
Forgive us.
Heal our land.
Heal our bodies and our minds.
Heal our hearts and our homes.
Heal our communities and our country.
In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

— XXOO Michelle Cosby Bollom

Align All You Kings & Queens to Jesus -🙌🏻

10= Creation, Authority of God, His Government on the earth, responsibility, obedience, power, strength, law, security, completeness