Beyond Worthy

i often wonder

if the reason other souls

don’t hear the truth i write

is cause the words i bleed

don’t allow their minds

to fully receive them…

i certainly have

much more to say,

but is it worth it to try

and bury darkness with light

when hardly anyone notices?

i feel so small

yet the words i write

go to such depths

not even my soul understands…

just cause i display it

doesn’t mean i fully know

what it is my heart desires;

i listen to pain,

so i can interpret it

in my own words…

not always going to be

exactly what you feel

cause we all bleed

wounds from our own past…

we try and force the pain out,

but it often stays

for longer a visit than we’d like;

don’t allow silence to win…

let yourself blink,

so you can find your soul

in unison with the words



bled out so you can receive

healing in this moment

cause you are beyond worthy

to receive it…

start believing that

cause you are beyond worthyđź’–

~ Bethany Anne