Rhythms That Awake

music is an escape

a way i can express

inner pain in a way

to relate to other souls

learning it’s ok to pray

with fingers locked on

rhythms that awake

light to smother the night

out of me,

in every way,

so i can be free

and start taming this beast

inside of me that rips

time from my mind

as i am in constant battle

to be strong,

to fight,

and eventually,


i know i will make it

i know i have what it takes

to win and help lead others

to what sets them free…

He will give me the strength,

i will soar and call out the good

in all i see and hear,

so we can all fly away to a place

where no cage will swallow us,

where we can fly above depth,

and start learning to trust Him,

so we can be free eternally one day

~ Bethany Anne