All Of My Victories

As I breath more intensely

the smoke of lava bursts forth out of my nostrils,

My lungs have it hard!

Oh heart you have submitted your every beat to the sound of The Almighty’s Voice.

He utters what he has done

and my whole entire being obeys.

My mind has bowed,

I surrender again and again,

I am dying so rapidly.

I am losing myself in the midst of Love.

As I bleed I pray

for i was like the sight of a destruction,

The example of a mess with no hope.

But now the tables have changed for good

I am on top of the game,

My Father is the king of the entire arena

He arranges all of my victories by his favor.

I bruise and fall…..

The deeper i hit

The higher i soar,

My matters are handled

by The Lord of hosts.

~ Mhlanga Sikhosan

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