This Is Brave

oh, how the earth

swallows the blood

running from wounds of past

as you continue to fight…

how brave is the soul

dancing in the rain

that awakes the day

wrapped in the night sky…

oh, it is a sight to be seen;

we thrive in pain

that tries to bury

the cosmos inside us,

but we crush it beneath

our fierce bite…

we open the door,

walking out into the unknown

with an open mind,

a soul on fire

circling ’round the enemy

as we get in position

to pounce upon bones

attempting to wreck us

in the vast sea of death;

we are a force to be

reckoned with

cause we speak truth,

soak up the sunlight,

so we can shed it

in the depths

where others cringe

cause fear is real,

but since we’ve lived

in it for years,

we understand it and

aren’t turned by it…

no, we run towards it

chasing it out of the land

cause we’re not afraid;

we speak freedom…

a language not needing

translation to understand

the meaning behind this

fierce force driving

death out of us,

so we can all experience

this amazing life we are

to live;

let us not allow the pain

to silence us,

the fear to bury us…

stand your ground

and beat this heart of yours

in the present,

so the past can leave

and the future can await us;

be brave,

fierce soul…

don’t give up…

be a flickering flame

that becomes

an unstoppable fire

burning out the night,

so we can all birth

beauty from these ashes.

~Bethany Anne

This is Brave