Many assignments from the 

pit of hell were sent to cage 

My daughters

The enemy worked overtime to keep My daughters in bondage

Only because he knows the yoke breaking assignments on their lives

But to his dismay these 

daughters arose and broke 

free from the different cages 

they were in.

I saw thousands upon thousands of cages in what looked like a huge, dark warehouse 

Daughters sitting like they were in a trance in small cages

Despair written over their faces

While satan walked among 

these cages

A big smirk on his face

Then without warning 

daughters started opening cages and stepping out

These daughters came to 

their senses and run to cages 

to free daughters that are

too scared to step out 

The enemy is furious, fuming, screaming, but no one is taking note of him

They’re all running in one direction, helping each other through a huge door where Light is pouring through and Love is calling them into a new season 

Father is saying, some of My daughters are already free in their hearts and minds. They surrendered to My processes, fought many personal battles and went through immense pain and training to become My vessels of honour.

It is time for My anointing to break the yokes placed on the downtrodden and hurting daughters. You will be My containers of love, healing, breakthrough and deliverance as you step out and take the wounded by the hand and transfer that which you have learned on your journeys to them.

Then there are the ones I saw in the vision, who are awakening to their identity in Me and breaking free from satan’s identity over them. They know that it is time for change, time to forgive and to step into a new season of healing, restoration, deep joy and My dreams for them.

I see these women completely broken, hurt beyond words, rejected to the core come before Papa, with tears streaming down their faces.

He starts to sing their new identity over them and as they drink in every word, claim it for them, they are transformed into His beautiful bride.

For I will do a quick work in my daughters when they surrender completely, so that they too will step out and bring other hurting daughters into My light.

~ Ebigale Wilson


The Journey

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