Fighting The Darkness

I feel it

My chest is collapsing

And I can’t breathe

Yes…I pray

I read the Word

But don’t tell me I need to do it more

Cause I swear you don’t know me

And if you do

You understand what I’m going thru

This is me daily

I fight to stay alive

As I’m at war with my own mind

Constantly it hurts

It never stops bleeding

This wound is beyond infected

I need a medic

Someone better get help quick

Cause I’m about to need it

Some say it’s all in my head

Most say nothing

Cause they don’t know

My fear is everyone thinks alike

Nobody really cares

As I fall repeatedly off the cliff

I’m bruised not broken

My heart is shattered

I’m not about to quit tho

I’ll pick up these pieces

Mend myself best I can

I know He’ll have to do the rest

Mental illness doesn’t limit

My ability as a person

I’m stronger than you think

I’ll get there eventually

So don’t be nice to my face

Then curse me out the door

Cause He knows and sees

More than you think He doesn’t,

You’ll get no apology from me

I’ve done nothing wrong

Unless being honest is a sin

In the Bible, please show me

~ Bethany Anne