A Set-Apart Season 

Some choose it 

Some resist it 

Some make the best of it!

God has been speaking to me lately about A “Set-Apart Season”.

As I kept seeing and hearing that word I felt like I was somehow missing God’s Divine Download on this subject and wondering why He spoke the words – …some choose it, some resist it, some make the best of it. 

I began seeking Him deeper and got a vision of Butterflies. 

My daughter likes to plant milkweed plants and that attracts the caterpillars and they eat it up and store it and she plucks them fat little wormy guys up and sets them apart in her aquariums for them to do their magic. 

But despite the gold spun threaded cocoons and the beautiful butterfly emerging in brilliant colors – the vision that God kept taking me to was the time I witnessed the beautiful butterflies hatching or transforming and it was not a very pretty sight.  

They actually bleed- as they are thrusting in the cocoon to come out and the cocoon is pretty wrecked when all done but that butterfly finally emerges -but it’s wings are still wet and must dry before it can began to fly. 

So it just flaps its wings over and over – 

kind of a mundane boring motion but it can’t be rushed, they must be dry in order to fly. 

So forgive me as I am trying to relay this Divine Download to you on day 4 of suffering from a head cold and bronchitis… 

Try to follow me here…..
Let us go to simple definitions- that is usually how God helps me unpack….

Many view “Set Apart” negatively as being isolated, detached, secluded, or alone.

In Christian circles that term “Set Apart” means to usually go deeper with God to get clarity or direction.

The basic definition is:

Set Apart – set someone or something apart to make different and special.

In Jeremiah 1:5 we read that God meant “Set Apart” as chosen, handpicked, special, with a purpose.

“Before I created you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I set you apart; I made you a prophet to the nations.” 

So why was God saying to me…

Some choose it 

Some resist it 

Some make the best of it?

Why the butterfly vision? 

Let’s look at the many definitions to Set:
Set=to adjust

Set=to restore to a proper and normal state when dislocated or broken

Set=to concentrate on a purpose or goal 

Set=to cause to sit (wait) 

Some of us do choose a “Set-Apart Season”.  

We need a time of waiting on God, to give us clear direction. Sometimes it’s a time to remove the distractions of the world so we can be restored to our proper and normal state when broken or slightly dislocated.

Many of us resist a Set-Apart Season and are not too happy when we are forced into it by sickness, circumstances, divorce or even death.  

I was forced into a “Set-Apart Season” by my husband’s recent surgery. This week I was further thrust into a “Set-Apart Season” by being sick.  

Was I making the best of it? 

 No- sadly I was not.

It brought up how selfish I can be when having to care and wait and serve someone else 24/7. 
It brought up how much I complain about my pain and sickness instead of focusing on God’s promises. 
It had me resentful that I had to sit and wait and let my children serve me and not get my house cleaned up and organized for upcoming company. 

So back to the Download….

We can choose a “Set-Apart Season”, we can resist the “Set-Apart Season” that feels forced upon us, or we can make the best of the “Set-Apart Season” and wait and sit with God and allow Him to adjust and restore us. 

Think about what could be a “Set-Apart Season” in your life and if you will choose it, resist it or embrace it to allow God to make the best out of you through it. 
And now back to the butterfly- 

Don’t try to rush the process.  
We must feed on the Word, (like the milkweed) to prepare ourselves for the “Set-Apart Season”

We must trust God in the weaving of our cocoons but don’t get so comfortable with them that we resist the coming out part. Some butterflies die in the cocoon state and never emerge transformed. 

We will have to endure the thrashing and transformation process. Yes, we will bleed some. That is what it takes to forms us and restores us.

And we must not forget to wait and sit to dry our wings fully before we emerge and are able to fly again. 

How will you spend your “Set-Apart Season”? 
             ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 


A Call To Valor 

God is calling His women and men to Valor!

No longer are we to shrink back in fear or feel inadequate to lead the charge in battling the darkness that is erupting all around us. 

You do not have to be skilled in battle if you are trained in the things of God. 

We must know His promises (The Word) to combat the enemy’s lies.

We must agree believe and confess the word of God over our lives, circumstances and every situation that arises. 

Do not any longer sit on the sidelines wringing your hands in worry or lie awake at night reasoning, paralyzed in what you can do. 

You have been Called To Valor! 

God needs mighty Generals to lead His armies that are vigilant and courageous to use and display His power and fire to burn up all evil assignments. 

His warriors are trained to combat fear and tormenting spirits with praise, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s time to take back our homes, our health, our communities, our churches, our workplaces from anything not of God. 

We must be as undaunted as David was when he faced Goliath. 

He didn’t care how big Goliath was- he was confident and unwavering in how big his God is.

A stone and a sling will slay any giant when you have the power of Christ working in you.

We must tap in to God’s power inside us and remove anything that hinders us from operating fully in the Spirit. We must no longer be held captive by our flesh or fear.

It is time to train in the things of God and to courageously flood the earth with the Light and Power of God. 

 You have been Called To Valor!             

                                                                                                   ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom
God recently gave me this prophetic word that I believe is a word for so many.  Please pray for me as I am working on all the details God has downloaded for a book.  Be Blessed! 

Keep Digging Your Well

We want instant water.  No work involved.   

We want drive through breakthroughs. Instant weight loss. Instant satisfaction. Instant success. Instant gratification. Instant growth and maturity.
      We want it all-

           Now Now Now!

But just like in the old days – to get to that refreshing, cleansing, healing water you had to have a reliable container free from holes and defects. You needed a strong sturdy rope without any worn or frayed spots. You needed to lower the bucket and rope down into the deep well and fetch that water and pull it back up with strong and steady arms.

Then and only then was the water retrieved and able to be received.

You may have had to spend years digging the well and laying every brick yourself, before you could taste that very first drink.

That first taste will be a little more refreshing, sweeter, and colder because you did the preparations first. You did all the ground work. You were faithful to inspect and correct the little things that would aid in being successful in fetching that water. Your sweat and tears dug every shovel full of dry hard dirt and laid every brick.

Why did you do it?


So not only you could have access to the Water
you so desperately needed to quench your thirst; but so that many many more can come drink from the well you built.  

Don’t despise the work needed to be done or the time it may take to finally be able to fetch the water that will quench your thirst.  

 Keep digging, keep laying, keep preparing.

                        Others need you!
They need the Living Water that only your well can provide.

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom


Surrendered Moments 

Are you drowning in a massive “To-Do” list? 

Are you finding yourself tired and worn out with not enough hours in the day? 

Has your mind been wracked with fear and worry? 

God will give you the grace and strength you need for each moment surrendered unto Him. 

Stop fighting the currents and working against the tides. Surrender each moment of doubt, worry, fear, and control to God, and allow Him to carry you safely where He needs you to go.        

        Things are never forced with God.  

               ~ XXOO Michelle Bollom 
I give the moments of my life over to You, Eternal One. Rescue me….~Psalm 31:15 The VOICE

Seize The Day 

Are you losing the battle with the clock?

Does it seem that there are not enough hours in the day?

Are you so overwhelmed that instead of doing what you know you should, you simply keep putting off things until tomorrow?

And maybe you have procrastinated so long you now find tomorrow was yesterday, last week, last month or even last year? 

God doesn’t want us to keep putting things off.  

He will give us the grace and strength we need for every moment surrendered unto Him.  

We are to obey and act on what He has called us to do. 

God calls us to live in the “Now” 

Because that is how the battle of time is won!
                        NOW = WON! 

So dust off those dreams, those projects, make that doctors appointment, make that call, write that letter, write that book, start that journey to better health, clean out those closets and junk drawers, both physically and spiritually.  

        Today is a new day with New Mercies! 


                      Seize the day! 

             ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Bonus today is this great quote by Krystal Lynne! 

Jesus said, ‘No procrastination. No backward looks. You can’t put God’s kingdom off till tomorrow. Seize the day.’” (Luke 9:62 MSG)

Deeper Things 

Don’t be afraid of the rising tide or fearful of going deeper. We must stop living a shaky and shallow existence. We must move into our purposes steadily and deeply. Begin to take steps of faith. Get your feet wet. With each step He calls you to take into the rising waters relax and feel the water lift you and effortlessly carry you along. With each obedient step you will rise above and will no longer be fighting the currents. Rest in the flow and rhythm of the Holy Spirit. You will not drown. Trust in the One calling you to deeper things.  

                         ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 
Written 1/17/16 

Double For Your Troubles 

Many people have had so many troubles this week.

Trouble of all kinds

Computer troubles

Car troubles

Marriage troubles

Health troubles

Finance troubles

Children troubles

House troubles

Work troubles 

Insurance troubles 

Those are just the few I have heard or read about from my friends and family, or my own family have experienced this week. 

Our Country has also had some pretty horrific troubles just this week. In the Orlando Florida area alone they had 3 big news stories that shocked many of us. 
1. Christina Grimme- the Voice finalist and singer gunned down after a concert.

2. The Pulse Nightclub massacre with the horrific act of terrorism by an individual killing 50 and wounding 50+. 

3. A small child at the Happiest Place On Earth, carried away by an alligator as his dad fought to free him and now they have to prepare for a funeral; not enjoy the rest of their vacation. 

I have been in deep prayer all week for many many people going through all sorts of troubles. 

Today as I was unpacking my groceries, I was washing a big bag of cherries. I noticed a double cherry and thought- Oh How Cute! Twins! 

Being an identical twin that also has boy/girl twins- I love Twinning! 

Twinning Is Winning! 
I decided to check to see if in fact there were two separate seeds- so I ate it and sure enough it did! 
As I finished washing the bag of cherries- I kept picking out Twin cherries again … And again…. And Again…..And Again…. 

Another 53 times I pulled out Double Cherries! 

I quickly felt my spirit stir and knew God was trying to speak to me. So I added up the total. I counted a total of 54 Double Cherries! (remember I ate one set!)  

So I doubled the 54 which is 108.  
I thought- what does those numbers represent? What is the significance Lord? 
I felt the Lord whisper Psalm 108.  

So, I looked it up…..

Psalm 108 

O God, my heart is ready to praise you! I will sing and rejoice before you. Say thank you to the Lord for being so good, for always being so loving and kind. Wake up, O harp and lyre! We will meet the dawn with song. I will praise you everywhere around the world, in every nation. For your loving-kindness is great beyond measure, high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches the skies. His glory is far more vast than the heavens. It towers above the earth. Hear the cry of your beloved child—come with mighty power and rescue me. God has given sacred promises; no wonder I exult! He has promised to give us all the land of Shechem and also Succoth Valley. “Gilead is mine to give to you,” he says, “and Manasseh as well; the land of Ephraim is the helmet on my head. Judah is my scepter. But Moab and Edom are despised; and I will shout in triumph over the Philistines.” Who but God can give me strength to conquer these fortified cities? Who else can lead me into Edom? Lord, have you thrown us away? Have you deserted our army? Oh, help us fight against our enemies, for men are useless allies. But with the help of God we shall do mighty acts of valor. For he treads down our foes. ~Psalm 108:1-13 

Right at the end is where God got my attention:
Oh, help us fight against our enemies, for men are useless allies. But with the help of God we shall do mighty acts of valor. For he treads down our foes. ~Psalm 108:1-13 

With the help of God we shall do mighty acts of valor! 

Yes! Yes! Indeed we can! 
We have been Called To Valor! (See that prior Prophetic Word Here

Christ First- Christ Centered is what I have been sharing with my kiddos, with my friends, and with my family lately. 

The help for All our troubles – for this countries troubles – the Nations troubles – the World’s troubles…. is Only God.  

Christ First- Christ Centered 

God needs us! We must answer the Call To Valor! 
God needs all of us to help Him reach the World! 
We must abide in Christ! 

Get synced up with Jesus! 

The Power of Christ in us; The Holy Spirit, is the Only Power To Empower us! 

Together– In Christ and in love is how we rid the World from all the evil and darkness erupting all around us. That is how we heal the horrific hurts and troubles we and so many others are facing. That is how our land is united and our lives are Restored! 

By the way….He is also the only God that Promises Double for our troubles! 

Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, Your inheritance in the land will be doubled and your joy go on forever. ~ Isaiah 61:7 MSG 

~ XXOO Michelle Bollom
#RestoredMinistries #ACallToValor #LiveRestored #MindBodySoul 

Flood Waters 

Murky and black, you can’t judge their depths. 

 In our lives we aren’t always aware of the murky hidden and black things of our hearts.


Non-moving water always becomes stagnant.   

Nothing changes without change.  

The butterfly must break free from its safe cocoon in order to fly. The healing did not take place until the waters were stirred. The muscle doesn’t develop without resistance and movement. Endurance is only built by continuously enduring.


Water out of its banks destroys and erodes leaving behind a path of destruction and debris.  

When we are out of balance in an area we can spill over our banks and not be aware that our banks are being destroyed and eroded or what kind of debris we are carrying along with us.


Stirring clears the water to view into the depths to reveal hidden things. Downpours can be cleansing and aids in the stirring of the water. 

Stirring of the waters brings about healings and clears our view to see clearer into the depths of the deep waters of our lives.  

A stirring in our soul causes us to draw closer towards God for greater clarity and direction.


The flooding and overflow that has washed and eroded away our previous borders and banks (the things and priorities) of our lives are reestablishing new borders and banks.

  Those new banks and borders can actually help us to reorient more towards Christ and to what He has awaiting us. 


              ~XXOO Mchelle Bollom 


Release Your Seeds 

This morning after speaking with a friend and hearing about a need, I parted ways saying:

we will continue to pray for you.”

The Holy Spirit quickly spoke to me and said- “You have the seed to meet their need.” 

I thought, what? Our Van is back in the shop, I was given that seed, Oh Lord, I plan to use it for XYZ.  Lord, that will make them uncomfortable, …it isn’t even enough. What if something happens and we need it? 

Again God said- “you have the seed to meet their need.”

I stopped and did not argue anymore. I did not rationalize, I did not think of a million more excuses why or was it really God speaking or not. I chose the uncomfortable obedience.  

I then heard as I did what the Lord asked of me- “your obedience is worth far more than your sacrifice

So God had me thinking on this word for you-

We all have needs- but we all also have seeds.

       It’s time to release your seeds! 

What are some seeds we have? …





A ride

A word

A smile……

How many of us have houses full of items and someone is needing something that we have in our overflow? 

We are so quick to take to Goodwill but why do we find it uncomfortable to pass along our gently used items to someone in need that we know could use them? 

How many of us have way more than enough food that we could share a meal with a few? Or buy someone a meal? Or a bag of groceries? 

How many have an extra dollar or two or three or five or twenty or fifty they can pass along? 
What if we just denied ourselves and sacrificed that pedicure or manicure or a round of golf or one less meal eaten out or that expensive and way overpriced coffee for a day or two and meet someone else’s needs?  

How many have a few moments to stop, listen, pray, or to help comfort someone with a warm smile, hug, or encouraging word? 

What if – Instead of just hearing someone express a need, we were all stirred to be obedient to the Lord and to provide whatever seed we had to meet their needs?  

It doesn’t have to be hard… Or confusing or be some grand….extravagant…. gesture ….Or even made into a big deal at all. 

Simply when you hear of a need, provide the seed, whatever it is, to help meet that need.
You never know what seed someone else could be holding that will meet your needs one day. 

We all have the seeds to meet someone’s need!  

Release your seeds! 

                  ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Take That Step

Are you in a moment where you just don’t know what to do? Where to go? What way to go? What choice to make? Is doubt and fear and the naysayers in your ear keeping you from walking in the path you feel God has called you to? 

Quiet the noise around you and don’t follow the crowd- simply follow Christ.

The world will not get what God has asked of you. Many will think you are crazy, but if you truly recognize His voice and He is whispering- Come, this is the way- walk in it! 

You must take that step

 Even in uncomfortable obedience- you must move- walk -step into the paths and plans He has laid out before you.  

Will your feet get dirty- oh Yeah!  Will you have to roll up your pants- you betcha! But the amazing things He has awaiting for you will make you forget all about how busted up your feet are.  

Only when you follow His paths are you able to truly leave a trail, a legacy of good things for others to remember and follow.  

Just keep walking! He is the way- 

            He is the way maker of ALL things.  

            ~XXOO Michelle Bollom 

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” ~ Isaiah 30:21 NKJV