At The Appointed Time

A season of endless attacks

Many detours

Stop streets

Dark times

Painful memories

Daughters tired and weak

Many questions on our lips

Waiting for answers

Clinging to a God that feels

distant at times

Yet if I look closely

I can see the effects of

Papa’s love all around me

He has always been there

Even when the enemy tried 

to derail my future 

His hand was at work

in my life

Though my lenses are sometimes blurred

And all I can see is my pain

I know my God walks me through

the valley of the shadow of death 

He has been there

He relates with my pain

He quiets my heart with 

His whispers of love

Invade my cluttered mind 

with His presence

Leading me to waters of 

His perfect rest

Till my aching heart beats

to the sound of the promises

He sings over me

Though the enemy paints pictures

of my defeat

Though the fire is burning

seven times hotter

Though I can’t always see 

the future,

Papa declared over me

I will not give in!

I will not give up!

And allow the enemy to win

Pain won’t dictate my future

My hope is in my God

Who never slumbers or sleeps

Looking back over my life

I can testify of the goodness

and faithfulness of my God

Though seasons were hard 

and pain surreal

He carried me through

every trying times

Taking me higher and deeper

with Him

Knowing Papa intimately

makes the hard times bearable

There’s always something 

to glean during trying times

Looking through Papa’s eyes

we believe in the impossible.

At the appointed time

we will sing and do

the victory dance!


~ Ebigale Wilson

At The Appointed Time

The Journey