The Facts Of Life

The “facts of life” are more than just the delicate conversations that parents must have with their adolescent children.  

These facts include life’s responsibilities, self control, eternal judgement, and our eternal destinations. These facts must not be one time conversations that parents have with their children.

These facts must be reviewed and practiced daily with all of those whom we love. For, if we are not careful, the illusions of life will crowd out the truths of life, and we will find ourselves stranded in the wilderness wondering what happened to the path of life that we were on.

The apostle Paul spoke freely to King Felix about “righteousness, self control, and the judgement to come” when being held for trial.

Oftentimes, these are not easy subjects to broach. And it may require much patience and discretion on our part to know when the time is right.

However, if we are faithful and prayerful, the time will come when we can have these conversations with all of those that we love.  

Love and prudent concern are the hallmarks of these discussions, and they must be prefaced with lots of acceptance, kindness, and tolerance.

Learning and teaching “the facts of life” can and should be the highest aim of disciples of Christ who are to “teach others to observe all that he commanded us.”  

The Father and Son have spent an eternity planning our inheritance, and they delight in seeing us following their lead and leading others to the “bread of life” and the “water of life.”  

There is no priority that supersedes this command to make disciples.

We are not to ignore our earthly responsibilities, but our earthly ambitions should be guided by and governed by our adherence to eternal principles. No one is going to bemoan on his judgement day that he spent too much time preparing for eternity.

~ Brad Heilhecker