The Call To Spiritual Warfare

You have called her to 

be Your fearless warrior daughter 

For years You have tried 

to lure her in

She ran circles saying 

“It’s not for me”

She couldn’t possibly invade darkness and overthrow the plans of the enemy

She couldn’t possibly learn how 

to war and to win

She couldn’t possibly stand in the gap and bleed for others 

It’s too much to ask of her!

Please don’t ask the 

impossible from me!

How will I fight?

How will I win?

Should I follow the crowd 

and run from the Call?

Dig new wells 

Run to the forefront

Leading and guiding generations 

to freedom

Where will Christianity end up 

if all of us deny the Call to Spiritual Warfare?

Darkness affecting our families, 

our communities, our churches

While we turn a blind eye 

More worried about what people might say

Then to pick up our swords 

no matter the cost

All across the earth 

God is raising up His warrior sons and daughters

Many previously ran from 

the Call

God lured them back by 

placing them right in the 

middle of the enemies camp

And so unknowingly our training started

God will bring us to a place 

Where we either give up and 

let the enemy cause havoc

Destroy our bloodlines

Let our families bleed

Generations never tasting 

liberty and blessings 

The obedient ones will surrender 

to His Call

Witchcraft and Jezebel derailing countless lives

While the church is silent

Quick to say “oh please 

don’t judge”

False religions at the order of 

the day

While we look the other way

Ask me about the affects of abortions when I have to pray for young girls tortured by demons after killing their baby’s 

How they weep bitterly

When Papa gives me a 

glimpse of the life they took

The relief on their faces

When Papa assures them 

of His forgiveness and love

Or when a young boy had a 

tattoo from a satanic shop

The demonic attacks through 

a door unknowingly opened

Derailing Papa’s purposes and 

plans for his life

Countless doors we open without knowing that we give satan and his demons legal right to keep us in bondage

Ask her about the power of 

prayer and the power of the blood

Ask her of the day she finally died, 

and said yes to the Call

Offering her life as a living sacrifice

To stand in the gap and bleed for the one’s still in chains, blinded 

by the enemy

She is His weapon of war

Through her laid down life

Papa will snatch many from the 

pit of hell

You are My battle-ax and 

weapons of war:  

For with you I will break the nation in pieces,

With you I will destroy kingdoms…….

And with you I will break in pieces governors and rulers

Jeremiah 51: 20-23

~ Ebigale Wilson

The Call To Spiritual Warfare

The Journey